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Although everything upon ' America In Prophecy ' is navigable using easily locatable text links, I have added this blog map just in case you somehow get lost. Hopefully, you'll find it as useful as everyone online seems to claim that it will be. In either case, it's here if you need it... and I have attempted to add in some increased functionality, as well. The United States Of America's End Time Events are highly important to, currently, well over 300 Million Americans - among, so many, others who live outside our nation.

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    *** NOTE: While The United States of America is my primary focus, there are many other nations that are referenced in The Biblical Scriptures... and all of them are important to the people who live there. Consequently, I won't dwell entirely upon spiritual topics only relevant to America. For instance, both: Canada and Mexico - share the very same continent... and it would be extremely negligent of me, to not also warn them to what is coming, as well.

    The Entire North American Continent will be invaded by Europe... and none of these ' North American Nations ' will be spared in the end. Nor, should Canada expect any real assistance from The British. Because, England has its own prophesies to deal with.... Europe isn't their friend either! After all, who is it that continually stands up for America? And that, dear friends, is an increasingly unpopular position - if there ever was one....

    When it comes to ' Babylon ', The Vatican has always been in charge of the hen house... and Germany has always been the power behind their throne. Think about it, folks... has there ever been an: English, or French, Roman Empire? I don't think so.... And where do you honestly think that Adolf Hitler got that much-needed money to rebuild Germany after: World War I, and The Great Depression? It certainly wasn't: The United States, Russia, England, or France! Leastwise, not directly or openly....

    Ahava and Shalom.

    May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!
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