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The prophet Hosea records God's Love For Israel in chapter 11.

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Jacob and Rachael at the well.
In Hosea Chapter 11, we read of: " Yahweh's Continuing Love For Israel ". While the middle children of Jacob have frequently strayed from: His Presence and His Commandments - God has never given up upon them. Even now, while The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel are still [ very much ]: Lost, Blind, and Dwelling In The Wilderness, His holy spirit is actively working within them to produce its long prophesied crop of Spiritual ' Wheat '.

It is truly the love, that a man will sincerely display, to the wife of his own personal choice.... Not so surprisingly, Yahweh [ God ] frequently and lovingly pleads with Israel's Ten Tribes utilizing just those same spiritual terms! Throughout The New and Old Testaments, He describes them as His very own ' Bride '; and reasons with them, as man will reason with his own fiance` or wife. And then there's the reference to: " The Wedding Feast " - which shall occur at Yahshua's Eventual Return.

No folks, none of this is by accident! God [ The Father ] has a plan for those Ten Tribes Of Israel; and even now, He's working diligently towards its eventual completion. Before Yahshua Returns, He will have fully prepared ' His Son's Bride ' for their future, which truly lies ahead. That's the kind of ' Love ', that the prophet Hosea is writing about in Chapter 11. Let's examine these prophetical scriptures....

Hosea Chapter 11, Begins:
" When Israel [ The House Of Jacob ] was a child [ still physically small ], I loved him [ more than other people ], And out of Egypt [ The Land Of Sin ] I called My son [ I adopted them ].
As they [ The Egyptians ] called to them [ To Return To Egypt ]; So they went from them [ as I directed them to do ], [ But ] They sacrificed to The Baals [ The Sun Gods Of Babylon ], and burned incense to carved images [ even though, I told them not to do this ].
I taught Ephraim to walk [ in the straight pathways], Taking them by their arms [ like any good father would do ]; But they did not know [or minimally comprehend ] that I healed them [ that it was My Instructions, which raised them up and established them ].
I drew them with gentle cords [ My Law Of Liberty and Self-Regulation ], With bands of love [ My Judgments and Statutes to assist them ], And I was to them as those who take the yoke from their neck [ I Established True Political And Spiritual Freedom ], I stooped and fed them [ putting forth the loving effort of a parent ]." - Hosea 11:1-4.

The United States Constitution.
You see, folks: The True Purpose Behind God's Laws was to create ' A Spiritual Nation ' very similar to, but even greater than, the one we're now currently destroying - through our own Excessive Wickedness... and by presenting the entire world: " A Living Example Of His Goodness " - He fully intended to convert them as well. But, Israel rebelled against Him; and defiled [ or abominably tarnished ] His name - within the sight of all the other nations... and this Continuous Rebellion had to be punished!

Yahweh [ Father God ] is worthy of our respect; but Israel had openly disrespected Him. What else, could He do? But, let's continue....

Hosea Chapter 11, Continues:
" He shall not return to Egypt [ to learn this next lesson ]; But The Assyrian [ The Aryan People ] shall be his king [ for, they are a frightful and terrible people ], Because they refused to repent [ from all of their wickedness ].
And the sword shall slash in his cities [ for the Assyrians are all very warlike ], Devour his districts [ whenever they rebel ], And consume them [ each time that they rise themselves up ], Because of their own counsels [ for, they shall not diligently teach the Assyrians My True Pathways ].
My people are bent upon backsliding from Me [ they refuse to approach unto My throne ]. Though they call to The Most High [ weekly and daily in their prayers ], None at all [ and, most particularly, their shepherds ] exalt Him [ display The Scriptural Truth, through their own human actions ]." - Hosea 11:5-7.

A much-needed spanking.
Thus, The Captivity Of Israel was their necessary prescription to heal them of their Stubborn Rebelliousness. By turning them over to The Assyrians: " A Fierce People, Terrible From Their Beginnings Onward " - Yahweh [ God ] provided them with both Curses and Blessings. For, here was a nation that would: Accept no rebellion, Allow no treachery, and Tolerate no disobedience... The House Of Israel would learn some much-needed respect, even if it killed them during the process!

Hosea Chapter 11, Then Finishes:
" How can I give you up [ to Egypt ], O Ephraim? How can I hand you over [ to Assyria ], O Israel? How can I make you like Admah? How can I set you like Zeboiim? My heart churns within Me [ at the very prospect ]; My sympathy is stirred [ when I think upon it ].
I will not execute the fierceness of My anger [ I will protect you, even, while there ]; I will not again destroy Ephraim [ as I did at the first ]. For I am God, and not man, The Holy One in your midst [ whose presence shall always be with you ]; And I will not enter your cities with terror.
They shall walk after The Mighty One [ after He chastises them ]. He will roar like a lion [ His Baptism By Fire ]. When He roars [ and after He has finally done this ], Then His Sons [ The Sons Of Jacob ] shall come trembling from The West [ The Lands Of Egypt and Canaan ]; They [ The House Of Joseph ] shall come trembling like a bird from Egypt, And [ The House Of Israel ] like a dove from that land of Assyria [ Latter Day Canaan ]. And I will let them dwell in their houses [ within My Promised Land ], says The Mighty One. " - Hosea 11:8-11.

The ' End Time Nations ' of Earth.
Unlike The House Of Judah, that sojourned with ' The Peoples Of Babylon ' - thus ending up, largely, in Europe - The House Of Israel was given unto The Assyrians; and then taken with them to The Wilderness [ or, New World ]. The European Union [ or, Babylon The Great ] is to the ' North ' of Israel; while America [ Latter Day Canaan ] is to its ' West '... and very soon now, Yahweh [ God ]: " Shall roar like a lion [ in North America ]"; and those Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel shall finally go home!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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