Sunday, January 29, 2012

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fully admits, during CNN Interview, that she indeed Knows Something....

Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.
In one of the most interesting turn of political events recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked about: The 2012 Presidential Election and Newt Gingrich's Own Political Chances. Meanwhile, The Response That She Gave was both: Very Cryptic and Highly Revealing! In fact, it has fueled a tremendous amount of Political Speculation into precisely what she herself knows. Sadly, however, it has been spun into precisely ' The Wrong Political Trajectory ' by the major media.

Please take the time to watch The Following 41 Second Video Clip of: " Nancy Pelosi's Actual Interview "... and, Pay Special Attention to her: Exact Wording and Facial Expressions. Then we'll honestly discuss that Highly Interesting Dialog....

America In Prophecy

I Know Something - by: Nancy Pelosi

Hosea Chapter 10 scripturally documents The End Time Judgment Upon Israel.

Hosea Chapter 10 - verse 12.
In Hosea Chapter 10, we read about The End Time Judgment Upon Israel - known collectively as: " The Baptism By Fire ", or [ even ]: " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble ". Which, of course, applies specifically to The Houses Of: Judah [ The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ], Israel [ The Ten Tribes In America's Bible Belt ], and Joseph [ The Tribe Living Within Egypt ]... and, indirectly, with respect towards: The Wild Olive Branches [ Living Among Those Very Same Nations ]. All of whom shall then be regathered prior to: " The Much Greater Gathering " - that will come at The Sixth Seal Of Revelation.

Since each of these Old Testament Prophets lend us ever increasing insight into these Upcoming Historical Events, I feel that it is very important for us to properly study them... and, after all, The Mighty One himself wouldn't have faithfully provided them, if they didn't offer us Far Greater Spiritual Understanding! In that light, therefore, let's carefully examine Hosea Chapter 10 - The End Time Judgment Upon Israel....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mathew Chapter 7 provides us The Six Keys To Spiritual Success; and some very useful Principles To Live By.

The Six Keys To: Spiritual Success.
In Mathew Chapter 7, Yahweh-Hushua Himself gave us [ exactly ] ' Six Principles To Live By '... and, once properly understood, these can truthfully be The Keys To Our Spiritual Success... but sadly, however, few of us heed any of them! Why don't we take a look at These Principles To Live By - with an: Open, Honest, and Spiritually Led Mind? Or, as The Scriptures [ themselves ] would say:
" Doing so: In Spirit [ Open To Yahweh's Own Leading ] and In Truth [ And, Honestly Accepting Whatever We Might Find ]. "

- who knows, We Might Actually Learn Something Very Important?

The Six Principles To Live By:
  • Don't Waste Your Time Judging Others - Start Looking Inward.
  • Ask, Seek, And Knock - Question Absolutely Everything.
  • Never Follow The Crowd - They Are Usually Wrong.
  • Outward Action Indicates Inner Thought.
  • Seek The Father's Will - Rather Than Your Own.
  • Build Upon The Solid Foundation Of Scripture.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

In The Hip Hop Prophecy:Price Tag - by Jessie J. and B.o.B. - we find out, that The Money Never Really Mattered....

Jessie J. and B.o.B. - " Price Tag ".
The Popular Hit Song: " Price Tag " - by Jessie J. and B.o.B. - is a Hip Hop Prophecy, that once and for all truthfully admits: " Satan's Servants Aren't In It For The Money ", they just ' Want To Control You Like Marionettes ' on a string! After all, in their eyes, nothing could possibly be more satisfying than Making Slaves Out Of Others - due to their own Ongoing Stupidity? Having Fun While Serving Satan, is all that they truthfully care about....

If you don't believe me, then why not watch The Following 5 Minute Video: " Price Tag " - by Jessie J and B.o.B. - to see for yourself... and, as always, we'll look at those popular lyrics afterward....

America In Prophecy

Price Tag - by: Jessie J and B.o.B.

The Hip Hop Prophecy: Eye In The Sky - by The Alan Parsons Project - displayed certain Internal Dissention.

Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky.
The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Eye In The Sky " - by The Alan Parsons Project - is actually a very thinly veiled Communication From Lucifer himself. You see, there are many Among The Satanists, that already understand certain Highly-Important Prophecies from The Scriptures... and, virtually no one wanted to actually be: " The Last Prince Of Tyre "... considering, Its Eventual Consequences! But, as Satan himself knows, there is always someone willing to do anything; all they had to do was to truthfully look for him. Meanwhile, President Barrack Hussein Obama became ' The True Zealot ' that they'd long been searching for.

Don't believe me, then why not watch The Following 5 Minute Video, entitled: " Eye In The Sky " - by: Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons; and see whether, I have [ indeed ] correctly interpreted this Hip Hop Prophecy. As always, we'll study those interesting song lyrics afterwards....

America In Prophecy

Eye In The Sky - by: Alan Parsons.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hip Hop Prophecy: A Matter Of Trust - by Billy Joel - honestly, says it all!

Billy Joel - A Matter Of Trust.
Like many of the popular songs by Billy Joel, the legendary hit song: " A Matter Of Trust " - is actually a Hip Hop Prophecy! In fact, the entire song is about Our Ongoing Spiritual Relationship With Yahweh; and there's a great deal of Highly-Useful Information encoded within it... for those, that are Spiritually-Minded, it's: " A Virtual Treasure Trove Of Such Powerful Information ". Sadly, however, most of us actually aren't....

If you don't believe in Hip Hop Prophecy, then why not watch This Short 5 Minute Video, simply entitled: " A Matter Of Trust " - by the musical legend Billy Joel; and then, we'll just take a look at those lyrics....

America In Prophecy

A Matter Of Trust - by: Billy Joel.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The popular hit song: Crowd Control - by Phish - is a Hip Hop Prophecy displaying their own growing impatience.

Phish - " Crowd Control ".
Unlike the previous Hip Hop Prophecies that I have covered: " Crowd Control " - by Phish - merely represents The Growing Impatience By Satanists to get this factual show on the road. After all, these [ self-proclaimed ]: " Illuminated Ones " - have been waiting a long time, for this party to factually begin... and, they cannot understand why Their Satanic Leaders are now dragging their own political feet! Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, I shall be providing you a great number of these Musical Evidences. So, please be patient with me....

If you don't believe, what I'm now telling you, then why not listen to The Popular Hit: " Crowd Control "; and then just decide for yourself. Bear in mind, the songwriters - themselves - are unlikely to admit it... particularly, since they are now so close to completing their own Satanic Agenda. As always, we'll study those Prophetical Lyrics [ very closely ] afterward.

America In Prophecy

Crowd Control - by: Phish.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Like His disciples, many of us still want to know: " Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? "

Yahshua Loves His Children.
In the middle of Yahshua's Earthly Ministry, the disciples came, and asked Him a [ seemingly ] simple question: " Who Is Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? ". In fact, by now, we should all know this particular story - which is quite readily found in Mathew Chapter 18. But, do we ' Truly Understand ' this Timely Message, as He fully-intended that we should? Considering, what we've done to our own children, I personally don't think so! But, why don't you tell me?

In the meantime, however, let's just take a good hard look at these passages from The Scripture. After all, we should all be aspiring towards Personal Greatness; and this [ seemingly ] simple question is, indeed, quite relevant to all of us....
" Who Is Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? "

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Didnt Start The Fire, by Billy Joel, is more than just an excuse; its actually A Hip Hop Prophecy.

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire.
While The Popular Hit Song: " We Didn't Start The Fire " - by the musical artist Billy Joel - may [ merely ] sound like ' A Lousy Excuse ' to many of us; it's actually A Very Accurate Hip Hop Prophecy. In fact, " We didn't, Start The Fire " - Satan did... and, you can [ truthfully ] read about it in Revelation Chapter 12. But, does that absolve us, from Our Own Human Responsibilities in so blindedly assisting him? I don't, honestly, think so; and believe it, or not, neither does Yahweh... and, that's why: Our Own Chastening Is Now Coming! After all, just like The Scriptures themselves say: " You Reap, Whatever You Sow "; and when you [ truthfully ]: " Sow To The Wind ", you'll [ eventually ]: " Reap The Whirlwind "....

Not, so sure about that? Then why not listen to The Hip Hop Prophecy: " We Didn't Start The Fire " - by Billy Joel - before we discuss those Prophetical Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

We Didn't Start The Fire - by: Billy Joel.

The Hip Hop Prophecy: Pressure - by Billy Joel - is one of the most eye opening ones available!

Billy Joel - Glass Houses/Pressure
Among the various musical recordings of Billy Joel, the: Popular Hit and Hip Hop Prophecy entitled: " Pressure " - is one of the least noticed. Sadly, however, that shouldn't have been the case... because, The Message Being Given Is Tremendously Important! But, of course, very few people have their own ' Spiritual Eyes Truly Open '... and, consequently, many of them shall very soon perish.

If you don't believe me, then why not take a minute to listen to The 5 Minute Hit: " Pressure " - by Billy Joel; and then we can, actually, study those seemingly cryptic lyrics. After all, Hip Hop Prophecies can truthfully be very revealing....

America In Prophecy

Pressure - by: Billy Joel.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Parable Of The Two Sons, in Mathew Chapter 21, offers us great insight into The Kingdom Of Yahweh!

Yahshua's Parables: " The Two Sons ".
In Mathew Chapter 21, we read The Parable Of: " The Two Sons " - being spoken by Yahshua Himself... and, while it's not very long, it packs a tremendous amount of Spiritually Discerned Meaning into those five little verses. Of course, Yahshua was ' A True Master Of Conveying Great Knowledge ' - while factually utilizing: The Shortest and Most Simplistic Language Expressable! After all, The Scriptures clearly state: " Where There Is Much Speaking, Sin Is Never Very Far Away "; and [ indeed ] Yahshua lived ' A Life Of Perfection '....

In this Parable Of Yahshua: " The Two Sons " - actually represent Two Different Groups Of People. Whether we, personally, decide ' To Classify Them ' as:
  • Israel and Judah.
  • The Prodigal and The Good Son.
  • The Silver and The Gold.
  • The Black and White Cummin.
  • Or [ even ]: The Wild and Natural Olive Branches

This Highly Important Parable is clearly talking about: " The Two Witnesses Of Yahweh "... and, consequently, it bears a great deal of Spiritual Study! In this particular posting - upon The Parable Of The Two Sons - I intend to explain this One Single Message, to the very best of my own spiritual ability. Hopefully, you'll gain something useful in the process....

Friday, January 13, 2012

V For Vendetta is a Prophetical Movie about the Soon Coming English Revolution - in The Fall Of 2012.

V For Vendetta movie poster.
In The Popular Hit Movie: " V For Vendetta " - we follow the life story of its fictitious Main Character: " V "...  a ' Guy Fawkes Instigator ' ... that, fully embodies: The Hearts and Minds - of Many Living Within England [ aka, Sidon ]. A nation, that has long stood by and allowed others to: Manipulate and Control Them - against Their Own Best Interests - all in the name of: " The European Union [ aka, Babylon The Great ] ". Knowing all the while, that ' The Papacy Actually Hates Them '. After all, throughout our entire human history, Sidon has never Truly Been A Part Of Babylon!

Meanwhile, In The Summer/Fall Of 2011, we have already witnessed: Their Very First and Tentative Baby Steps - toward The True English Revolution, that will soon [ honestly ] Begin In The Fall Of 2012 - just as, The Scriptures have long before prophesied it. While the names have been changed, To Protect The Guilty: " V For Vendetta " - is [ indeed ] A Prophetical Movie! If you don't believe me, then just watch This Short Video Clip excerpted from The Blockbuster Movie: " V For Vendetta "; and we'll gladly discuss those scriptures afterwards....
{ *** NOTE: You'll have to follow the above referenced link, since Youtube now has Video Embedding Disabled - for this particular " V For Vendetta " video. Could it be, that The English Government is already becoming somewhat worried? }

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Luke 17:26 - As It Was In The Days Of Noah, so it shall be at The End Of The Age!

Yahweh has moved to Hollywood?
The Scripture very clearly says: " As It Was In The Days Of Noah, So It Shall Be At The End Of The Age... "; but, ' What Does This Statement Factually Mean '? Could the writers of scripture be speaking: Literally, or [ just ] Metaphorically? After all, The Scripture does, very noticeably, state that: " At The Time Of The End, The Enemy Shall Come In Like A Flood Against Yahweh's Own People [ Isaiah 59:19 ] "... does, it not?

Therefore, could it literally mean that:
  • The World Will Be Just As Wicked - ' In The Last Days '?
  • There Will Only Be One Prophet Among All Of You - A Seeming ' Latter Day Noah '?
  • And, Those Who Don't Listen To Him Will Be Factually Destroyed - ' In That Latter Day Flood '?

Because, such obvious Biblical Statements, could certainly indicate this... and, even more so, when we consider that: " Yahweh Himself Never Changes ", " His Word Never Changes ", and " His: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes [ Themselves ] Never Change "... and, in fact, even His Plan For Human Salvation has been repeatedly called: " The Everlasting Covenant " - throughout All Of The Scriptures. Perhaps, we should [ just ]: " Start Thinking Outside Of Those Boxes " - that The Babylonian Churches have, quite honestly, placed us within - before they [ themselves ]: Begin Shutting Them and Covering Us Up With The Dirt? I'm just saying, it only makes sense to me....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Revelation Chapter 18 explains The Fall Of Babylon in preparation for The True Kingdom Of Yahweh.

The Mother Of Harlots.
In Revelation Chapter 18, we read about: " The Fall Of Babylon The Great [ The Matrix ] " - that long manipulated: " Land Of Confusion " - continually being perpetuated by Satan: " The Grand Architect ", and The Immoral Woman: " The Mother Of Harlots ". Meanwhile, of course, this is only happening because: " The Oracle [ or, The Protestant Reformation ] " - has, finally, been exposed as just another part of: " The One True Program " - which is collectively referred to as Babylon The Great. Oh yes, brothers and sisters, The Church Of Laodicea has already been: " Spewed Out Of The Mouth Of Yahweh " - a long time ago! We are now, factually, Living Within The Last Days....

Even now, Babylon The Great is reeling uncontrollably; and, " All Of Its Foundations Have Become Increasingly Unstable " - just as, The Scriptures have warned us, that it eventually would. The Real Question isn't whether The Matrix will topple; but [ merely ] when? And, that's because we're now living within: Its Sixth, and Very Last Manifestation! In fact, NEO: " The Prophesied One " - is already here. The one, of whom it was truthfully written:
" Your Own Unique Combination Of: Personal Characteristics, Emotional Nature, Natural Inquisitiveness, and Accumulated Life Experiences - Have Inescapably Produced You.... "
- From, The Prophetical Movie: The Matrix.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Do The Holy Scriptures ever mention The Matrix, by that particular name?

The Matrix - It's, In There...!
While we have clearly established that, The Popular Hit Movie: " The Matrix " - clearly references The End Time Prophetical Scriptures... and, noticeably, with respect to The Impending Destruction Of Zion... the most interesting question still remains: Do The Prophetical Scriptures [ themselves ] ever mention The Matrix? If we're already living within The Matrix; and Satan is [ indeed ] The Grand Architect; then surely The Prophetical Scriptures must make some sort of reference to it.  After all, it's only logical that it would, since The Scriptures clearly state:
" Yahweh The Mighty One does nothing; unless He first reveals the matter, to His servants the prophets. " - Amos 3:7.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A quick reference to The Illuminati Symbolism found within The Matrix movie.

The Matrix Codec....
Having finally written down my own philosophical understanding of The Hit Movie: " The Matrix " - in a previous posting - I thought that, a proper explanation of its Illuminati Inspired Symbolism might factually be in order. After all, Encrypted Messages are always easier to decipher - when its recipients [ actually ] possess The True Cryptographic Keys... and, like all prophecies, The Matrix Allegory has been thoroughly encoded within a: Carefully and Cleverly Prefabricated Story - in order to readily disseminate it to another hopefully unnoticed.

{ *** NOTE: Once you have read these definitions, see the article entitled: " Who [ or what ] Is Neo - The Prophesied One - from The Hit Movie: The Matrix? " - that carefully scrutinizes The Architect Scene from within The Movie Matrix. I will, hopefully, get to explain still other scenes in the future... but, I have other things to write upon first. }

Friday, January 6, 2012

Who [ or what ] Is Neo - The Prophesied One - from The Hit Movie: The Matrix?

NEO is A Product Of The Matrix....
In The Popular Hit Movie: " The Matrix " - we follow the life story of its Main Character: " NEO "... ' The Prophesied One '... the long expected: " Mathematical And Genetic Anomaly " - that was inescapably inevitable - In Rising Up Against The Matrix [ itself ]. The one that: " The Grand Architect " - had already made his own preparations for. But, ' Who Is NEO '... and, do The Biblical Scriptures - themselves - factually, offer us: A Hint or, A Clue? That, dear brothers and sisters, is A Very Interesting Question... and, The Answer - of course - is [ indeed ] YES!

If you don't believe me, then just watch This Video Clip excerpted from The Blockbuster Movie: " The Matrix "....

America In Prophecy

The Architect Scene - from: The Matrix.

Jumpin Jack Flash, by The Rolling Stones, is a Hip Hop Prophecy - with a very important purpose!

Rolling Stones - Jumpin Jack Flash.
The Popular Hit Song: " Jumpin Jack Flash " - written by: Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards ( in 1968 ) - is a Hip Hop Prophecy, that is full of: Extremely Dark and Hidden Meaning. Of course, it had to be, since it [ actually ] is ' The Musical Anthem Of Satan's Own Illuminated Ones '! Do you remember that Old Nursery Rhyme: " Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, Jack Jump Over The Candlestick... "? Well, dear brothers and sisters, Jack was the name of ' A Goat ' - whose own eyes were always open... but, never completely.... In fact, he'd merely taken: " The Second Pill, Being Offered To Him, From Within The Matrix itself ".

Don't believe me? Then, why not enjoy the once popular Hit Song: " Jumpin Jack Flash " - by The World Famous Rolling Stones; and we can, then, study the lyrics of this Hip Hop Prophecy in much greater detail....

America In Prophecy

Jumpin Jack Flash - by: The Rolling Stones.

{ *** NOTE: The hit songs: Jumpin Jack Flash and Bye Bye American Pie - are both referring to the very same people. Indeed: " The Illuminated Ones [ or, Illuminati ] " - have been ' Jumping The Candlestick ' for a very long time.... However, they will eventually notice [ Far Too Late ], that: " Fire Is Satan's Only Friend " - just as Don Mclean has already [ unknowingly ] warned them! }

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knowing The Satanic Handsigns can factually assist you in spotting those Devil Worshipers.

The Foolishly: " Sleeping Bride "
While The Mighty One's Brides have been: " Fast Asleep, For Well Over A Century "; The Forces Of Spiritual Darkness have, indeed, been quite busy. They've been: Studying The Scriptures, Wrestling For Political Control, Manipulating Our Major Media, Indoctrinating Our Children, Leading Our Churches, and Preparing For The Upcoming Battle. After all, The Satanists truly believe in their own god; since, they're [ also ] the ones that have been ' Doctoring All Of The Scientific Evidences ' - that, Irrefutably Prove The Scriptures!

Consequently, As These Brides Are Now Beginning To Awaken, they're finding that something is terribly wrong with the entire world, that is fully surrounding them... and, they can't [ quite ] put their fingers on it. Therefore, let's be extremely blunt: " The Satanists Already Control The Entire Planet "! What, you don't believe me? Then, just watch The Following 12 Minute Video, entitled: " Signs Of Satan " - by DaveE9th.

America In Prophecy

Signs Of Satan - by: DaveE9th.

{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, that I can vouch for this particular video, having watched it myself; but, I cannot vouch for any of DaveE9th's other: Videos, Teachings, or Doctrines. Based simply upon this video, Dave is still part of Sun Worshiping Babylon - despite his own formative awareness, of certain political aspects. }

They Don't Care About Us, by King Of Pop Michael Jackson, is a highly truthful Hip Hop Prophecy....

 Michael Jackson - king of pop.
The Popular Hit Song: " They Don't Care About Us " - by Michael Jackson - is both: [ one part ] Hip Hop Prophecy and [ another part ] Social Statement... that, was long time overdue in being openly stated! After years of working for The Illuminati Controlled Recording Industry, Michael Jackson finally Woke Up - right before they killed him - and Chose The Right Side, after all. In 1996, Jackson [ finally ] came out of retirement, to release this Very Controversial New Song... and, The Recording Industry went absolutely ballistic. The War Drums had truthfully begun....

Take a moment, to enjoy his Popular Hit Song: " They Don't Care About Us "; and then, let's examine those lyrics....

America In Prophecy

They Don't Care About Us - by: Michael Jackson.

Money, by Pink Floyd, is a Hip Hop Prophecy that offers us excellent insight into Illuminati Mind Control Techniques.

Pink Floyd - an album cover.
While people have always been: Selfish, Greedy and Covetous - a little positive encouragement, along those particular lines, undoubtedly goes a long way! In The Popular Hit Song: " Money " - released by Pink Floyd in 1973 - we witness a classic example of Illuminati Mind Control Techniques. In fact, this one particular Hip Hop Prophecy is factually responsible for Untold Psychological Damage to our own modern societies! I can't emphasize this any more, than I already have....

Don't believe me, then why not watch Pink Floyd's own 5 Minute Video: " Money "; and then, we'll look at this Hip Hop Prophecy's very interesting lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Money - by: Pink Floyd.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Is The Time, by Billy Joel, is a deeply moving Hip Hop Prophecy - To You - From Yahweh Himself!

Billy Joel - A Deeply Spiritual Man.
In The Popular Hit Song: " This Is The Time " - by Billy Joel - we can witness ' A Moving Conversation Between Yahweh And His Own Child Billy '. However, there is far more to this fantastic Hip Hop Prophecy, than just that... because, He's [ also ] speaking to you! Can't you [ yourself ] not hear Him? I, certainly, can.... Indeed, He loves all of us... and, because of that, He has provided us ' This Latter Day Message '!

Enjoy the following 5 Minute Video, entitled: " This Is The Time " - by Billy Joel - without forgetting that: " Yahweh, Truly, Loves You Dearly ". Then, we can study those Truly Beautiful Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

This Is The Time - by: Billy Joel.

The 1978 Hip Hop Prophecy, My Life, provided us: A Very Important and Spiritual Message!

Billy Joel - It's My Life.
In the wildly popular Hip Hop Prophecy: " My Life " - by Billy Joel - we can [ honestly ] witness both: A Narrative, and A Two Party Conversation - between: Billy Joel and The Mighty One. But surprisingly, however... you would probably guess wrongly, in determining exactly who's who... because, these Two Individual  Parties, are not, who you might think. After all, there's a reason - that when scholars have faithfully documented our own lives - they've always referred to it, as: " His-Story "!

Meanwhile, The Popular Hit Song: " My Life " - by Billy Joel - is [ indeed ] ' An Eye Opener ' among all of our numerous Hip Hop Prophecies... because, it clearly documents The Withdrawal Of His Holy Own Spirit - from the churches of Spiritual Babylon! Just watch the short video, and then we'll look at Those Very Interesting Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

My Life - by: Billy Joel.

The Hit Song: Electric Avenue - by Eddy Grant - is a classic Hip Hop Prophecy - from 1982....

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue.
The Popular Hit Song: " Electric Avenue " - by Eddie Grant - is actually: [ one part ] Social Commentary and [ another part ] Hip Hop Prophecy. When it was released in 1982, it quickly achieved a coveted International Notoriety; and soared to #2 Position on the pop charts - within: The United States and England. And, while ostensibly referring to The 1981 Brixton Riots, it was [ honestly ] speaking to a much larger worldwide audience! It's True Subject Matter is actually ' The Faulty Promise Of Our Modern Technology '.

After enjoying The Music Of: " Electric Avenue " - by Eddie Grant - why not examine those [ seemingly ] Mysterious Lyrics? Who knows, you might - just - learn something from them....

America In Prophecy

Electric Avenue - by: Eddie Grant.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Born To Die, by Lana Del Rey, is The Hip Hop Prophecy that commemorates The Coming Destruction Of America.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die.
In The Popular Hit Song: " Born To Die " - by Lana Del Rey [ Lioness To The King ] - we witness the extremely sad and disheartening portrayal of A Satanic High Priestess preparing to undergo Her Own Physical Sacrifice... as [ merely ] one of Satan's Fully-Intended Victims... and,  in fact, her video clearly documents who the rest of these victims are - from beginning to end.

Lana Del Rey - Anti-Christian icon
All of that Iconic American Symbolism, spread throughout this one video, is there for a very good reason folks... You Had Better Wake Up! It's now the appointed time to fulfill Don Mclean's own Hip Hop Prophecy - [ cleverly entitled ]: " Bye Bye American Pie " - from back in 1972.

If you don't want to believe it, then just watch Lana Del Rey's own video: " Born To Die " - for yourself; and pay close attention to The Satanic Symbolism being so effectively employed. Then, we'll examine those Truly Disturbing Song Lyrics, upon the following page....

America In Prophecy

Born To Die - by: Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey is The Lioness - to The King of Hip Hop Prophecies....

Lana Del Rey - Lioness To The King.
When it comes to Hip Hop Prophecy, one has to be truly impressed by the pop star Lana Del Rey [ originally born: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant - which meant: " God Is My Vow - Atop The Shepherd's Ridge I Have Found Favor " ]. After all, the sheer volume of Hip Hop Prophecies, that she herself has produced in such a short lifespan, is simply incredible. But of course, according to Her Own Satanic Theology, she was: " Born To Die ", as the one true: " China Doll ", in our impending: " Summertime Of Sadness " - that is even now being: Carefully Scripted and Calculatingly Choreographed by: Lucifer and His Own Satanic Followers.

Lana Del Rey - An Anti-Christian Icon.
Indeed, the aptly named ' Lana Del Rey ' has truly become: " The Lioness To The King " - if we consider that The King being clearly referenced within her own name is [ truthfully ]: " El Diablo ". Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey successfully utilizes her Stunningly Good Looks and Uninhibited Sexuality to readily distract her listeners from both: The Satanic Symbolism, and The Underlying Meanings - of her lyrics.  After all, it's very important to These Satanists, that their fully-intended victims don't wake up to Their Own Hidden Messages - until their carefully scripted events are already within The Process Of Actual Completion... and, consequently, they obtain Their Maximum Possible Effect!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Eyes Without A Face, by Billy Idol, is a very dark: Hip Hop Prophecy and Satanic Love Song.

Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face.
The Popular Hit Song: " Eyes Without A Face " - by Billy Idol - isn't as much A Hip Hop Prophecy, as it is a somewhat disturbing ' Satanic Love Song '. However, the symbolism that Billy Idol has utilized, throughout this highly popular love song, is of an extremely good educational value to The More Spiritually-Minded Believer. Consequently, I have included this particular song to my own Hip Hop Prophecy collection, for the benefit of my own personal readers.

As always, I have included the lyrics to Eyes Without A Face upon the very next page. But, here's that short Billy Idol video - for those of you, who wish to watch it....

America In Prophecy

Eyes Without A Face - by: Billy Idol.

Land Down Under, by Men At Work, is both: A Hip Hop Prophecy and A True Warning [ to the people of Australia ].

Men At Work - Greatest Hits album.
The Hit Song: " Land Down Under " - recorded by Men At Work in 1981 - was one of the most popular Hip Hop Prophecies of all time. In fact, for The Nation Of Australia, it has become almost ' A National Anthem '! And yet, I wonder, if they will [ honestly ] enjoy it as much, after having learned Its True Meaning? Because, this one doesn't end very well....

However, before we explore Those Seriously Troubling Lyrics, why not take a moment to simply watch the video. Therefore, without further fanfare, let me present you: " Land Down Under " - by Men At Work.

America In Prophecy

Land Down Under - by: Men At Work.

Coming To America, by Neil Diamond, is another excellent Hip Hop Prophecy - by a highly spiritual performer.

Neil Diamond - Coming To America?
While Most Americans wouldn't even consider this particular song to be a potential Hip Hop Prophecy, " They're Coming To America " - by Neil Diamond - most certainly was, just that. The Real Question that everyone should be asking themselves is: " Who were ' They ', that he was actually singing about "? I know, exactly who they factually were... but, do you know who they were?

Why not, listen to the following Hip Hop Prophecy, entitled simply: " Coming To America " - released in 1980, by the ever popular singer/songwriter Neil Diamond... and then, we'll examine those [ seemingly simple ] song lyrics.

America In Prophecy

They're Coming To America
- by: Neil Diamond.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

River Of Dreams, by Billy Joel, is the most spiritually uplifting Hip Hop Prophecy, that I ever heard!

The Piano Man - Billy Joel - Live!
When it comes to Hip Hop Prophecies, no one surpasses The Musical Talents of: " The Piano Man " - Billy Joel! For, one thing, he's A Deeply Spiritual Man... and, for another, he wears his own heart upon his open shirt-sleeve. Virtually, his entire Spiritual Existence has been faithfully recorded, for His Own Listeners To Observe. For instance, his Popular Hit Song: " River Of Dreams " - that describes his own personal life from: An American Music Legend, to A Future Israelite Immigrant - in the time of ' Our Long-Prophesied Return '.

What, you didn't know that Billy Joel wasn't one them? Not all Popular Musicians are actually Satanists... and, The Holy Spirit always prefers to do business with our own guys; even, when they are still: " Prodigals " - at the time. Meanwhile, enjoy his Popular Hit Song: " River Of Dreams ". After all, it's truly uplifting to hear....

America In Prophecy

River Of Dreams - by: Billy Joel.

{ *** NOTE: As always, The Song Lyrics of: " River Of Dreams "; and Their Correct Interpretation are found upon the very next page. }