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Revelation Chapter 18 explains The Fall Of Babylon in preparation for The True Kingdom Of Yahweh.

The Mother Of Harlots.
In Revelation Chapter 18, we read about: " The Fall Of Babylon The Great [ The Matrix ] " - that long manipulated: " Land Of Confusion " - continually being perpetuated by Satan: " The Grand Architect ", and The Immoral Woman: " The Mother Of Harlots ". Meanwhile, of course, this is only happening because: " The Oracle [ or, The Protestant Reformation ] " - has, finally, been exposed as just another part of: " The One True Program " - which is collectively referred to as Babylon The Great. Oh yes, brothers and sisters, The Church Of Laodicea has already been: " Spewed Out Of The Mouth Of Yahweh " - a long time ago! We are now, factually, Living Within The Last Days....

Even now, Babylon The Great is reeling uncontrollably; and, " All Of Its Foundations Have Become Increasingly Unstable " - just as, The Scriptures have warned us, that it eventually would. The Real Question isn't whether The Matrix will topple; but [ merely ] when? And, that's because we're now living within: Its Sixth, and Very Last Manifestation! In fact, NEO: " The Prophesied One " - is already here. The one, of whom it was truthfully written:
" Your Own Unique Combination Of: Personal Characteristics, Emotional Nature, Natural Inquisitiveness, and Accumulated Life Experiences - Have Inescapably Produced You.... "
- From, The Prophetical Movie: The Matrix.
Revelation Chapter 18, Says:
" After These Things [ The Beginning Of Sorrows - Found In: Mathew 24/Revelation 6 ], I saw another angel coming down from heaven [ A True Messenger From Yahweh ], having great authority [ Possessing The Full Knowledge Of His Truth ], And the earth was illuminated with his glory [ As He Gave You This Truthful Message From Yahweh ].
And he cried mightily [ To All That Would, Honestly, Listen ], with a loud voice [ Coming From His God-Given Authority ], saying:
' Babylon The Great [ The Matrix ] is fallen [ It Is Now Time To Wake Up ], is fallen [ Yes, Open Your Own Eyes ], and has become A Habitation Of Demons [ Satan Controls All Of Your Religious Systems ], A Prison For Every Foul Spirit [ His Own Fallen Angels Are Now Manipulating You ], And A Cage For Every Unclean And Hated Bird [ Those Numerous Servants Of Satan Are All Caught Up Within It ]!
For All The Nations [ Every Nation Upon Earth ] have drunk of The Wine [ Her False And Satanic Teachings ] Of The Wrath [ That Shall Finally Reveal Her ] Of Her Fornication [ As The One, Who Controls All Of The Others ]; The Kings Of The Earth [ The Rulers Of All Of These Nations ] have Committed Fornication With Her [ By Promoting Her Own Satanic Agendas ]; and The Merchants [ Those Manipulative Corporate Freemasons ] Have Become Rich [ By Robbing Everyone Else ] through The Abundance Of Her Luxury [ Utilizing Her Own Hidden Knowledge ]. '
And I heard another voice from heaven [ The Holy Spirit From Yahweh ] saying:
' Come Out Of Her [ Remove Yourselves From Her Bodily Presences - All Of Them ], My People [ My True Spiritual Children ], Lest You Share In Her Sins [ That She Will Very Soon Commit Worldwide ], And Lest You Receive Of Her Plagues [ That He Will Be Very Swift, In Sending Upon Her ].
For Her Sins [ In Serving Satan, From The Very Beginning ] Have Reached Up To Heaven [ He Will Not Tolerate It, Any Longer ], and The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Himself ] Has Remembered Her Iniquities [ Over These Many Thousands Of Years ]. ' " - Revelation 18:1-5.

You will notice, brothers and sisters, that The True Messenger Is An Angel; and not [ just ] one single person. Meanwhile, The Angel Of Yahweh is speaking ' Very Loudly ', denoting that he himself is widely scattering: " The True Message " - to all that will faithfully listen; and utilizing All Of The Human Resources fully available to him... and, even, quite notably: The Secular, or Non-Spiritually-Minded Ones - as well! And, thereby, greatly assisting The End Time Watchman - known simply as: " Jeshurun ". Moreover, The Holy Spirit Of Yahweh is [ also ] endorsing this ' True Message From Yahweh '!

The Axe, Lies At The Base Of The Trees

The Axe At The Base Of The Trees....
Brothers and sisters, The Scriptures truthfully declare that: " You Are The Axe ", " Yahweh, Himself, Is The Woodsman ", and " The Earth's Nations Are The Trees "... and, very soon now: " He Will Begin Chopping Them All Down [ In His Own Baptism By Fire ] "! Let's read about ' What Is Very Soon In Now Coming ', for ourselves....

Revelation Chapter 18, Then Continues:
" Render To Her [ Babylon The Great, The Matrix, That Now Fully Controls You ] just as She Rendered To You [ In All That She, Herself, Did ], and Repay Her Double According To Her Works [ Factually, Do Twice As Much To Her ]; In The Cup [ Of Her Own Spiritual Abominations ] Which She Herself Has Mixed [ That: Total Chaos And Unwarranted Lawlessness ], Mix For Her Double [ Give It Back To Her - Twice As Much ].
In The Very Same Measure [ The Very Same Way ] That She Glorified Herself [ By Tearing Down All Others ] And Lived Luxuriously [ By, Factually, Doing So ], In The Very Same Measure [ Just As She, Herself, Has Honestly Taught You ] Give Her Torment  And Sorrow [ As Yahweh, Has Truthfully Commanded You ]; for She [ This: Great And Evil Monstrosity ] says in her heart [ That City Of Rome ]:
' I Sit As Queen [ I Am Now, Fully In Control Of The Earth ], And Am No Widow [ I Have, Honestly, Gotten Away With It ], And Will Not See Sorrow [ For, What I Have Finally Accomplished ]. '
Therefore [ I Can, Now, Fully Assure You ], Her Plagues [ This Impending Period Of Destruction ] Will Come In One Day [ One Single 24 Hour Period ] - Her Own: Death, Mourning, And Famine [ When, The Woodsman Swings His Own Great Axe ]. And She [ That Great Nation Of Babylon ] will be utterly burned with fire [ By The Whole Forest Surrounding Her ], for strong is Yahweh, The Mighty One, who judges Her [ Do Not Foolishly Doubt This ]. " - Revelation 18:6-8

The Baptism By Fire Is Coming!
While Babylon The Great has not yet reached its: " High-Water Mark " - by sending forth its own political forces in its long-prophesied: " Flooding Of Satanic Destruction " - it has [ indeed ], Already Fallen! For, ' The Truth ' is [ now ] already out there... and, The Children Of Yahweh will begin repeating it, to everyone who'll reasonably listen. While Satan still continues To Play Chess - his own: " Forces Of Great Spiritual Darkness " - have already begun factually deserting him; and Those Very Few Remaining shall, themselves, [ one day soon ] Turn Totally Against Him!

In The Meantime, however, we have: " Our Own Baptism By Fire, To Get Through "... and, " If you're ' Still Part Of Babylon ', you had better [ Very Quickly ] Get Out Of It "... and: " Make Your Own Path, Straight For The Mighty One "! That's, The True End Time Message of Jeshurun....

{ *** NOTE: While The Scriptures declare that: " We Are The Axe " - it is talking of Humanity In General; and not, The Children Of Yahweh. We [ ourselves ] are not to get involved in these increasingly unstable Assemblies Of Violence! We are to prepare for ' Our Own Return To Israel '. For, it was very plainly written:
" Be Ye Wise As Serpents [ In Fully Understanding These Ongoing Events ]; But, As Harmless As Doves [ By Avoiding Them Completely ]! " - Mathew 10:16.
There will come A Time To Fight; I can, truthfully, assure you... but, not yet. So: Heed The Instructions Of Yahweh, Put On The Wedding Garment, and Begin Moving To The Bible Belt. Those long prophesied: " Ships Of Tarshish - Isaiah 60:9 " - will be coming very soon now... and, while Israel has always been: " A Hardheaded And Stubborn People " - this is ' One Hurricane Warning ', that I would advise you to heed! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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