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Mathew Chapter 7 provides us The Six Keys To Spiritual Success; and some very useful Principles To Live By.

The Six Keys To: Spiritual Success.
In Mathew Chapter 7, Yahweh-Hushua Himself gave us [ exactly ] ' Six Principles To Live By '... and, once properly understood, these can truthfully be The Keys To Our Spiritual Success... but sadly, however, few of us heed any of them! Why don't we take a look at These Principles To Live By - with an: Open, Honest, and Spiritually Led Mind? Or, as The Scriptures [ themselves ] would say:
" Doing so: In Spirit [ Open To Yahweh's Own Leading ] and In Truth [ And, Honestly Accepting Whatever We Might Find ]. "

- who knows, We Might Actually Learn Something Very Important?

The Six Principles To Live By:
  • Don't Waste Your Time Judging Others - Start Looking Inward.
  • Ask, Seek, And Knock - Question Absolutely Everything.
  • Never Follow The Crowd - They Are Usually Wrong.
  • Outward Action Indicates Inner Thought.
  • Seek The Father's Will - Rather Than Your Own.
  • Build Upon The Solid Foundation Of Scripture.

I. Don't Waste Your Time Judging Others
" Judge not [ Do Not Condemn Others ], that you be not judged [ That You Are Not Then Condemned By Yahweh ].
For [ Yahweh Is The Only True Judge ] [ And ] with what judgment you judge [ Utilizing It As Your Own Standard Against Others ], you will be judged [ In The Very Same Manner ]; and with the same measure you use [ Whatever It Might Be ], it will be measured back to you [ In The Very Same Way ].
And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye [ It Doesn't Change Your Own Spiritual Predicament At All ], but do not consider the plank in your own eye [ In Openly Disobeying Me, By Doing So ]?
Or how can you say to your brother: ' Let me remove the speck from out of your eye ' [ That You Obviously Can't See ]; and look, a plank is in your own eye [ And Your Own Sin, That You Cannot See, Is Even Far Greater ]?
Hypocrite [ There Is No Greater Error Than This One ]! First [ Before Doing Anything Else ] remove the plank from your own eye [ By Walking Perfectly With Me ], and then you will see clearly [ Babylon Will No Longer Confuse You ] to remove the speck [ His Own Remaining Errors ] out of your brother's eye [ With True Spiritual Clarity ].
[ But ] Do not give what is holy [ My Own Spiritual Truths ] to the dogs [ Those Who Are Evil ]; nor, cast your pearls [ Your Hard Earned Spiritual Wisdom ] before swine [ Those Who Enjoy Living Within Their Own Muck ], lest they trample them under their feet [ By Utilizing Them Against Others ], and turn [ Back Towards You ] and tear you into pieces [ Using This Very Same Knowledge Against You ]. " - Mathew 7:1-6.

It All Looks Good - On The Buffet....
One Of Spiritual Babylon's Greatest Strengths, has been to pit you against one another for centuries... each organization: Providing You Some Of The Truth [ that, which you are already aware of, when you join with them ], While Flatly Denying You The Rest Of It [ the part, that you truthfully need to know most ], and Then Utilizing Those Blatant Divisions Among You - to prevent your own Spiritual Interactions.

While you can happily enjoy dining at ' Any Buffet You Desire To Choose ', there is no True Nutritional Benefit in ever [ actually ] doing so! In a lifetime, of sampling Their Own Carefully Pre-Selected Choices, you'll never gain enough to live by. Meanwhile, your own Condemnatory Judgment - of those others - has only hindered your own Spiritual Growth immensely. After all, The Scriptures have already told you:
" As Iron sharpens Iron, so a man sharpens the countenance [ The: True Knowledge, Principled Understanding, and Inner Wisdom ] of his friend [ The One, That He Openly Interacts With ]. " - Proverbs 27:17.
{ *** NOTE: Call me crazy for thinking it, but when The Scripture Clearly Says: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People... " - then I, myself, must automatically assume that: His People Must Be Found Living All Throughout It, and That He Isn't Talking To Just --> Fill In The Blank <-- . The Catholic Church isn't: " Spiritual Babylon ", but rather: " The Mother Of Spiritual Babylon "... All Of Organized Religion is: " Spiritual Babylon "... and, All Their False Teachings come from ' The Top Of The Very Same Pyramid '! *** }

II. Ask, Seek, And Knock
"Ask [ Of Yahweh Himself ], and it will be given to you [ Because, He Doesn't Want You Spiritually Ignorant ]; Seek [ From Within His Scriptures ], and you will find [ Because, That's Where The Whole Truth Is Found ]; Knock [ Upon His Own Door ], and it will be opened to you [ Because, Yahshua Has Fully Opened The Most Holy Place To You ].
For everyone who Asks [ Of The Holy Spirit ] receives [ The Knowledge He Asks For ], and he who Seeks [ Within The Holy Scriptures ] finds [ Whatever He Is Looking For ], and to him who Knocks [ Upon Yahweh's Own Door ] it will be opened [ The Scriptures Have All Promised This One True Fact ].
Or, what man is there among you [ The Evil-Hearted Ones ] who, if his son Asks For Bread [ Nutritional Food ], will give him A Stone [ That Which Cannot Properly Feed Him ]?
Or, if he Asks For A Fish [ The Protein Necessary For Growth ], will he [ The Evil-Hearted One ] give him A Serpent [ That Might Bite And Kill Him ]?
If You [ Evil-Hearted Ones ] then, Being Evil [ And, Not Understanding True Love ], know how to give Good Gifts [ That Are Actually Beneficial ] to your children [ Whom You Most Frequently Neglect ], how much more will Your Father [ Yahweh, Himself ] who is in heaven [ Far Above You ] give Good Things [ That Which Is Most Useful ] to those Who Ask Him [ Instead Of Those Evil Shepherds ]!
Therefore [ Understanding These Facts ], whatever you want man to do to you [ Treat You Kindly, Be Honest And Truthful, Etc.... ], do also to them [ By Following The Example Of Our Father In Heaven ], for this is The Law And The Prophets [ As, I Know Them To Be ]. " - Mathew 7:7-12.

Ask Him & Read His Words.
As you can see, The Principles Of: " Asking, Seeking, and Knocking " - have absolutely nothing to do with ' Those Shepherds Of Spiritual Babylon '... but, rather, The Mighty One Himself! Why not try: Asking Him... Studying His Words... and, Knocking At His Door? You might just be surprised what you can learn.... The Scripture truthfully says: " You have not, because you ask not! [ James 4:2 ] " Doesn't it? You tell me....

III. Never Follow The Crowd
" Enter by The Narrow Gate [ That Seldom Sees Any Use ]; for wide is the gate and broad is the way That Leads To Destruction [ All Gates Are Designed To Accommodate Their Own Personal Traffic ], and there are many who go in by it [ After All, It's Easy To: Find, Locate, And Notice ].
Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way Which Leads To Life [ It Frequently Goes Totally Unnoticed ], and there are few who find it [ Since Most People, Don't Really Look That Hard, At Anything ]. " - Mathew 7:13-14.

While This Particular Principle may seem counter-intuitive, it has actually proven to be ' Entirely Correct Throughout Our Entire Human History '... The Majority is almost always wrong! The majorities: Laughed At Noah, Followed After Babylon, Threw Joseph In The Well, Argued With Moses, Rebelled Against The Prophets, Rejected Yahshua, Followed After The Popes, Burned Others At The Stake, and [ even ] Democratically Elected Hitler. What else can be said? Don't fool yourself, The Truth has never been popular.

IV. Outward Action Indicates Inner Thought
" Beware of False Prophets [ Lying Deceivers ], who come to you In Sheep's Clothing [ Claiming To Speak For Me ], but inwardly they are Ravenous Wolves [ Actually Seeking To Destroy You ].
You will know them [ Exactly Who They Are ] by their fruits [ Their Own Outward Actions ]. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles [ No, They Don't ]?
Even so [ In The Very Same Way ], every Good Tree [ In The Vineyard ] bears Good Fruit [ From The Sap Flowing Through It ], but a Bad Tree [ No Matter Where It Is Found ] bears Bad Fruit [ For The Very Same Reason ].
A Good Tree [ Filled By My Own Spirit ] cannot bear Bad Fruit [ From Some Other Spirit ], nor can A Bad Tree [ Filled By Evil Spirits ] bear Good Fruit [ That Goes Against Their Own Nature ].
Every Tree [ Every Person ] that does not bear Good Fruit [ Proper Outward Action ] is cut down [ Eventually Dies ] and is thrown into the fire [ On The Day Of Judgment ].
Therefore [ Knowing These Things ], By Their Fruits [ Their Outward Actions ] You Will Know Them [ Quite Readily ]. " - Mathew 7:15-20.

They're Not, Being Very Christlike....
Let's just be honest folks, when:
  • Someone Wants To Kill You - For Your Own Personal Beliefs...
  • They Want To Arrest You - For Owning A Copy Of The Scriptures...
  • They Would Rather Torture You - Than Just Simply Ignore You...
  • Etc....
- it says, a lot more about them, than you... Those Fruits Are Completely Satanic! And, when preachers: " Start Dancing Upon Money " and [ even ]: " Threaten To Murder Their Flocks "- they don't work for The Mighty One. Enough said? I think so....

V. Seek The Father's Will 
" Not everyone who says to Me, ' Lord [ Baali ], Lord [ Baali ] ', shall enter The Kingdom Of Heaven [ At The Time Of The End ], But He Who Does The Will Of My Father In Heaven [ Rather Than His Own Will ].
Many will say to Me in that day [ The Day Of Judgment ], ' Lord [ Baali ], Lord [ Baali ] have we not prophesied in your name [ Spoken To Others For Your Glory ], have, Cast out demons in your name [ Healed Others For Your Glory ], And done many wonders in your name [ And Taken It Upon Ourselves, To Do Your Own Work, For You ]?
And then I [ Yahweh-Hushua ] will declare to them [ Quite Truthfully ], ' I never knew you [ You Didn't Obey Me ]; depart from Me [ Go Into The Outer Darkness Prepared For You ], you who practice lawlessness [ In Serving Your Own Personal Delusions ]! ' " - Mathew 7:21-23.

For generations, most people have just been doing: What others have told them to do, or Whatever they themselves felt must be done; but, has anyone ever stopped to honestly consider ' The Expressed Will Of Our Own Heavenly Father '? How does He Feel about: Our Own Prophetical Speculations, Our Own Pagan Traditions, and Our Own Spiritual Teachings? After all, The Key Here shall ultimately be: " Doing The Will Of Our Father In Heaven "... and, ' Teaching Spiritual Confusion ' has never been His Will... for, it clearly says: " He's Not The God Of Confusion "!

VI. Build Upon The Solid Foundation Of Scripture
" Therefore [ Considering These Five Other Principles ], whoever hears These Sayings Of Mine [ Found In Mathew Chapter 7 ], and does them [ Puts Them Into Honest Practice ], I will liken him [ This Open-Minded One ] to a wise man [ Who Perceives Much That Is Important ] who built his house [ Or, Spiritual Fortress ] Upon The Rock [ For The Scriptures, Alone, Are Rock Solid ]:
And The Rain Descended [ At The Appointed Time ], The Floods Came [ As I Warned You In Advance ], and The Winds Blew [ That The Scriptures Long Before Prophesied ] and Beat Upon That House [ That Was Solidly Constructed ]; and it did not fall [ When All Of This Finally Occurred ], for it was founded upon The Rock [ The Scriptures Themselves ].
Now everyone who hears These Sayings Of Mine [ Found In Mathew Chapter 7 ], and does not do them [ But, Merely Ignores Them Foolishly ], will be like a foolish man [ Who Never Noticed Anything Important ] who built his house [ Or, Spiritual Illusion ] Upon The Sand [ It Had No True Foundation, At All ]:
And The Rain Descended [ At The Appointed Time ], The Floods Came [ As I Warned You In Advance ], and The Winds Blew [ That The Scriptures Long Before Prophesied ] and Beat Upon That House [ That Was So Poorly Constructed ]; and it fell [ When All Of This Finally Occurred ]. And Great Was Its Fall [ Since, The Storm Was Our Father's Own Judgment ]. " - Mathew 7:24-27.

Brothers and sisters, you will notice several interesting things about these Two Entirely Different Persons:
  • They Both Heard These Sayings Of Yahshua - They're Both Self-Professed Followers. 
  • They Both Ended Up In The Very Same Storm - They're Both Ultimately Being Judged.
  • They Both Reap The Prophesied Results - Based Upon Their Own Personal Actions.
- which one of these, shall you be? As always, The Answer has been left - entirely - up to you! Yahweh Himself never uses force ' To Impose His Will Upon Others '... in fact, that has always been: " The Other Guy ".

The Six Keys To Spiritual Success

Meanwhile, these highly valuable ' Six Keys To Spiritual Success ' have been freely given to you, by our very loving creator... because, as His Scriptures will clearly tell you: " He Would That None Should Perish; And That All Might Come To Repentance ". They are [ factually ] ' His Principles To Live By '... and, there is very little time left in which to Truthfully Apply Them!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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