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The Parable Of The Two Sons, in Mathew Chapter 21, offers us great insight into The Kingdom Of Yahweh!

Yahshua's Parables: " The Two Sons ".
In Mathew Chapter 21, we read The Parable Of: " The Two Sons " - being spoken by Yahshua Himself... and, while it's not very long, it packs a tremendous amount of Spiritually Discerned Meaning into those five little verses. Of course, Yahshua was ' A True Master Of Conveying Great Knowledge ' - while factually utilizing: The Shortest and Most Simplistic Language Expressable! After all, The Scriptures clearly state: " Where There Is Much Speaking, Sin Is Never Very Far Away "; and [ indeed ] Yahshua lived ' A Life Of Perfection '....

In this Parable Of Yahshua: " The Two Sons " - actually represent Two Different Groups Of People. Whether we, personally, decide ' To Classify Them ' as:
  • Israel and Judah.
  • The Prodigal and The Good Son.
  • The Silver and The Gold.
  • The Black and White Cummin.
  • Or [ even ]: The Wild and Natural Olive Branches

This Highly Important Parable is clearly talking about: " The Two Witnesses Of Yahweh "... and, consequently, it bears a great deal of Spiritual Study! In this particular posting - upon The Parable Of The Two Sons - I intend to explain this One Single Message, to the very best of my own spiritual ability. Hopefully, you'll gain something useful in the process....

The Parable Of The Two Sons

Mathew Chapter 21, Says:
" But, what do YOU think?
{ *** NOTE: He's asking YOU - The Listener: Whoever, Wherever, and Whenever You Are - to seriously ponder This Highly-Important Question! *** }
A Man [ Yahweh, Himself ] had Two Sons [ -> Insert Your Own Personal Choice Here <- ], And He [ The Mighty One ] came to The First Son [ The Prodigal One ] and said: ' Son, go, work today in My Vineyard [ Do The Tasks That I Ask Of You ]. '
He [ This First Son ] answered [ His Own Heavenly Father ] and said: ' I will not ' [ Because, He Thought That, Other Things Were More Important ], but afterward He [ The First Son ] regretted it [ Since, There Were: Unexpected And Adverse Consequences ] and went [ After Having Learned His Own Spiritual Lessons ].
Then He [ The Mighty One ] came to The Second Son [ The, So-Called, Obedient One ] and said likewise [ Asking Him Too, To Work In His Vineyard ]. And He [ The Second Son ] answered and said: ' I Go, Sir ' [ As You Have Commanded Me ], but He [ This Second Son Never Actually Went ].
{ *** NOTE: Now, here comes The Actual Question, that He is asking of YOU! *** }
Which of These Two Sons [ The First, Or The Second ] did The Will Of His Father [ Who Is Watching Them Both, From Within Heaven ]?
{ *** NOTE: While the answer that follows is also highly important, YOUR Own Answer is even more so... because, it will factually determine your own personal direction in life. Just, keep, that in mind! *** }
They [ His Listeners At That Time ] said to Him [ Yahshua, Their Own Teacher ]: ' The First Son ', and Yahshua then said to Them [ Those Who Had Openly Spoken ] ' Assuredly I say to You [ You Can Truthfully Bank, Upon This Absolute Fact ] Tax Collectors [ Previous Extortionists ] and Harlots [ Those Who Have Prostituted Themselves ] shall enter The Kingdom Of Yahweh before You [ For, Those Are The First Sons ].
For John [ My Own Prophet ] came to You [ As My Own Chosen Ones ] in The Way Of Righteousness [ Doing Everything Fully Required Of Him ], and You [ My Golden Ones ] did not believe Him [ Thus, Losing Your Own Exalted Position ]; but Tax Collectors and Harlots believed Him [ Gaining The True Primacy Over You ]; and when You Saw It [ Now, As That Second Son ], You [ Disobedient Ones ] did not afterward relent [ As You Clearly Should Have ] and believe Him [ As The Scriptures Have Already Warned You ]. " - Mathew 21:28-32.

The Principles Being Set Forward, within this parable, are perfectly clear. The Mighty One has certain expectations from His Own Children - as to: Who Should Be First and Who Should Come Next... but, He [ lovingly ] allows for us, to make Our Own Choices in these matters. We might actually be born into either: Judah, or Israel - but, that doesn't necessarily define who we ultimately are. In fact, The Wild Olive Branches have been [ factually ] born into neither; and yet, many of them will be: " Even Greater In His Kingdom "! Ultimately, we all have The Freedom Of Choice.

The Vineyard Of Yahweh.
Thus, The Parable of: " The Two Sons " - clearly illustrates that our own positions are neither: Fixed, nor Arbitrary... but, in fact, The Mighty One Himself has never been fixated upon: Rank, or Positioning - like we have been. Rather, His Own Personal Concerns are ' Strictly Parental '! Whether we come: First, Second, or [ even ] Dead Last - is entirely irrelevant to Him... as long as, we will inevitably come. That's, what [ truthfully ] matters to Him....

Meanwhile, those who should have been: " The Very First Sons " - through Their Own Non-Belief, actually became: " Second "... but, Having Properly Witnessed These Events, they [ then ] refused to relent... and, consequently, They Lost Their Own Claims To Being Either! Therefore, if The Natural Olive Branches themselves can be readily cast aside, what does that ' Truly Say About The Wild Olive Branches? ' The Highly Foolish Doctrine of: " Once Saved, Always Saved " - is, clearly, based upon nothing.

Like many other Parables Of Yahshua, we find that The True Key isn't actually found in the simple belief that: " Our Own Father Exists ", or [ even ] that " He Might Die For Our Sins "...but, rather, Will We Make The Effort To Properly Obey Him? Sure, if we come up short, we [ indeed ] have ' A Truly Loving Intercessor ' in Yahshua Himself; but, only if we're: Honestly and Earnestly Trying....

True Worship - is based upon Love!
That, dear brothers and sisters, is what has been defined in The Scriptures as: " Worship In Spirit And In Truth ". The Two Sons, found in Mathew Chapter 21, are actually The Two Archetypes, that any one of us can [ truthfully ] belong to... whether: Jew or Gentile, and: Israelite or Greek... after all, We're All The Children Of Yahweh! Meanwhile, The True Irony, is that those ' Who Will Most Often Argue Otherwise ' are [ usually ] Neither....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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