Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Best Survival Strategy has always been: " Worship In Spirit And In Truth " - while, truthfully, Motivated By Love!

A Doomsday Shelter - inside view.
While much of the world is relatively oblivious To What Is Now Coming, there are a very large number of people That Sense The True Dangers Ahead... and, indeed, many of them are Now Scrambling To Prepare For It. In fact, many have begun: Acquiring Real Money, Stockpiling Food Products, Buying Much-Needed Weapons, and/or Building Doomsday Shelters... and, invariably: " Self-Sufficiency " - has become The Buzzword Of The Day! But, is that [ really ] The Best Overall Survival Strategy?

Ironically, The Majority Of These Survival Strategies will only assure The Exact Opposite Outcome - since, Our Upcoming Battles will be primarily of A Spiritually Oriented Nature. After all, what's coming is merely The Result Of Our Own Spiritual Failure, to [ honestly ] complete The True Reformation; and  the ultimate overall severity of: " Our Baptism By Fire " - which is also known as: " The Time Of Jacob's Own Trouble " - will revolve [ entirely ] around Our Ability To Display Yahweh's Own Love!

The Prophet Hosea, Wrote:
" Sow for yourselves Righteousness [ True Obedience To Yahweh ], Reap in Mercy [ And Receive Abundant Compassion ]; Break up your Fallow Ground [ Open Your Hearts To The Spirit Of Yahweh ], For It Is time To Seek The Mighty One [ By Cultivating His Ways, Rather Than Your Own ] - Until: He Comes [ To Set You Completely Free ] and Rains Righteousness Upon You [ As The Result Of Right Action ].
You have plowed Wickedness [ Up To This Particular Point ]; And you have reaped Iniquity [ Because, That Is Its Fruit ]. You have eaten The Fruit Of Lies [ Your Own Spiritual Delusions ], Because you trusted in Your Own Way [ Rather Than Following Me ] And In The Multitude Of Your Mighty Men [ Basing Your Security Upon: Sheer And Brutal Force ].
Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], Tumult Shall Arise Among Your People [ As The Inescapable Result Of Your Own Wrong Actions ], And All Your Fortresses [ Your Own Powerful Nations Of: America, Israel, and Egypt ] Shall Be Plundered [ As Punishment For These Things ].... " - Hosea 10:12-14.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nursery Rhymes are The Foundational Structures upon which The Matrix [ itself ] is ultimately built!

Nursery Rhymes: The Assembly Code.
If: The Music That We Listen To, The Books That We Read, and The Movies That We Watch - as: Mesmerized Adults - are The High Level Programming Languages of The Matrix... then: The Nursery Rhymes That We Sing, The Fables That We Read, and The Fairy Tales That We Listen To - as: Hypnotized Children - are The Primitive Assembly Codes, upon which It Has All Been Fundamentally Based. After all, everything must have A Structural Foundation; and so it goes with The Matrix itself!

Does this Psychological Concept - regarding Nursery Rhymes - surprise you? It shouldn't, after all The Human Mind is the most complex computer ever devised by anyone... and, The Occult Practice Of Sorcery is [ merely ]: " The Subtle Art Of Human Programming " - by utilizing all of the Interactive Resources readily available to them. Consequently, There Is No Great Mystery behind these [ self described ]: " Illuminated Ones "... they're all [ just ] Computer Programmers... and, their own Cleverly Devised Matrix is based fully upon Their Ever-Growing Control Over All Available Information!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Harry Potter movies are all Prophetical Allegories, regarding one: Long Prophesied and Very Real Person!

Harry Potter is A Prophetical Allegory.
In: The Illuminated and Allegorical Vision - which is The Life Of Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling has demonstrated to us many of ' The Spiritual Issues ' fully surrounding us. Meanwhile, Its Amazing Worldwide Popularity is plainly due to the: Underlying and Hidden Meanings Involved! You see, all movies with Hidden Spiritual Meaning are inherently attention getting... in fact, We'll Watch Them Over And Over - upon the very tips of our own seats, with magnificently exuberant expectation - until, We Finally Do Get Them. That's, just, our Human Nature In Action.

Harry Potter - Army Cmdr Of Yahweh.
Meanwhile, in The Blockbuster Theatrical Hit: " Harry Potter " - Ms. Rowling struck a vast goldmine, while simultaneously ushering in Lucifer's Eventual Destruction. Why, do I say this? Because, It's Honestly True... and, very soon, You'll Understand It, too. In fact, she's already give you Many Of The Pieces To The Spiritual Puzzle - in one form or another.

Don't believe me? Then just watch The Following Composition entitled: " Harry Potter: Through The Years "; and, we'll examine that Allegorical Symbolism....

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ Through The Years ] - by: J. K. Rowling

Friday, March 16, 2012

According to Daniel Chapter 12, Michael Shall Stand Up at The Time Of The End... but, what does this mean?

Jacob Sully - is: " Israel's Keen Eye ".
If The Archangel Michael himself could [ truthfully ]: Come To The Earth As An Imperfect Man [ having had all of his own previous knowledge and memories erased ], Humbly Lived Among You [ without access to any other externally available knowledge ], and Still Come To The Proper Spiritual Conclusions [ based entirely upon the gross over-abundance of spiritual information that is equally available to anyone ]... then, what real excuse can you - yourselves - make In The Day Of Your Own Judgment?

Cal El - The True Voice Of God.
How much more so, therefore, when The Archangel - known as Cal El: " The Voice Of God [ Who Himself Wields The Sword Of Truth ] " - has already, even now, Unlocked These Ongoing Mysteries before you? One can no longer truthfully argue, that: " These Books Are All Closed "; since Michael himself has already opened them! Have you never read, what Daniel The Prophet so long ago wrote:
" At That Time [ The Time Of The End ], Michael [ The Archangel Himself ] Shall Stand Up [ While Already Living Among You ], The Great Prince [ The One Long Ago Appointed By Yahweh ] who stands watch [ Continuously Down Through The Ages ] over the sons of your people [ The True People Of: Israel and Judah ];
And [ Following This Factual Occurrence ] At That Time [ In The Earth's Final Days ] Your People Shall Be Delivered [ From Their Unwarranted Service To Lucifer ], Everyone who is found written in the book [ The Mighty One's Own Book Of Life ]. " - Daniel 12:1-3. 
That's why, those [ self-described ] Illuminated Ones provided you The Popular Movie: " Michael " - all the way back in 1996... as well as, so many, numerous others!

America In Prophecy

Michael [ 1996 ] - by: Nora Ephron

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Final Message from Jeshurun: " Let, The Stumbling Begin.... "

Let, The Watchman now stumble....
Dear Father In Heaven, they will not listen to Me. I have tried everything, to: Wake Them Up, and Warn Them Of What's [ Now Certainly ] Coming! I have shown them The Scriptures... I have shown them The Matrix... I have shown them The Satanist's Own Writings... and, I have Proven All Of These Things Historically. Yet. they firmly believe, that I am [ merely ] yet another: " Fool On The Hill ". What more can I do, Father? My own children now currently Despise Me For It... and, even My Own New Wife is Threatening To Leave Me....

Xavier leaves The Thought Amplifier.
There is Absolutely No Point In Witnessing to any of these people, They All Refuse To Listen To Me... and, I am now going to Focus Upon My Own Life for awhile, which is In Sad Need Of Repair! When the time comes, Let Them Come To Me and Then Inquire Of Me For Themselves. They all know, where I factually am... In, The Birthplace Of Your Own Children. I can, faithfully, do no more; until ' You Yourself Have Prepared Them To Listen To Me '.

Gandolf has his own demons to fight.
In the meantime, Dear Father Yahweh, I have not forgotten You! But, I have: A House To Finish Rebuilding, Employment To Find, Trees To Plant, A Garden To Tend To, and A Family That Needs My Own Personal Love... and, apparently, Israel Doesn't Need Me - as much as, My Own Family Honestly Does. After all, they have their own: " Sun Gods " - to longingly and lovingly follow after... while, Gandolf Fights His Own [ Personal ] Balrog - and thus, turning from: " The Grey " and into: " The White ".

Let's face it Father, if they had truthfully wanted Me, then they would have [ truthfully ] Supported Me in Your Own Spiritual Efforts! They would have [ factually ]:
  • Provided Me Some Encouraging Comments...
  • Engaged Me In Useful Conversations...
  • Linked To My Own Prophetical Writings...
  • Sent Me Entrecard Credits To Advertise It...
  • Or, Even Supported Me Financially [ so that, I could factually afford to continue ]....
The Idiot Among The Forrest....
They, honestly, don't want to hear Your Own End Time Messages. What more can I, truthfully, do? This battle is [ now ] Entirely In Your Own Hands. If they truly are: " Your Own People " - Then Deal With Them... in fact, ' Chastise Them Very Severely '... but, not Dear Father without tempering it, ' In Your Own Undying Love '... and, ' Displaying Your Own Ongoing Mercies '... for, they are not entirely evil; but rather, They Have Been Thoroughly Misguided!

Your own Avatar, Jacob The Keen Eye.
And, Dear Father.... It is [ now ] time to: " Deal With All Of Those Evil Shepherds ". May they [ themselves ] receive from You, that which They Truly Deserve. Give unto them, Their Own Rightful Payment Due: " With their own Spiritual Cups: Filled Up, Packed Down, In Full, and Complete Measure ". Let, Those Prophets Of Ba'al, fully understand, that: A True Prophet Is Now [ Once Again ] Walking Among Them.... May, that long prophesied: " Fire From Heaven " - be, The Sign Of Elijah's Own Physical Presence! And, If I'm Wrong, then Let It Happen To Me....

Cal El surrendering His Own Powers.
This is: My Final Message For Now, and [ indeed ] My Own Heartfelt Prayer! Though, every man be a liar, May Your Own Words Be Proven True....

Your Faithful Servant, Jeshurun. Amein.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Popular Movie: Dune - by Frank Herbert and David Lynch - is just one of many Prophetical Allegories....

Dune - a movie poster.
The 1984 Blockbuster Hit: " Dune " - written by Frank Herbert and directed by David Lynch -  is an End Time Prophetical Movie about the: Long-Prophesied and True Mahdi... provided, specifically, for: " The Fremen [ or, The Freed Men Of Yahweh ] " - no matter who, they might factually be - whether: Arab, Israelite, Jew, Gentile, or whomever!

However, in this particular Spiritual Allegory of: " Dune " - its actual message has been specifically geared towards The Arabic People - by The Spirit Of Yahweh Himself.... Don't believe me, then watch The Following 1984 Trailer for: " Dune " - by David Lynch... and, then we'll start closely examining this highly interesting Spiritual Allegory....

America In Prophecy

Dune - by: Frank Herbert and David Lynch

Those Mysterious Animal Deaths are not All That Mysterious, in fact Hosea Chapter 4 - clearly documents them over 3000 Years Ago!

Mysterious Animal Deaths.
Since 2011, The Same Year That America's Judgments Began, there have been numerous occurrences of: " Mysterious Animal Deaths " - reported from all over our entire planet! But, there isn't any ' Real Mystery ' as to what has been happening. In Hosea Chapter 4, we can factually read about These Ongoing Events - as they were so very clearly written about, Well Over 3000 Years Ago.

The Hunger Games....
Not so surprisingly, however, we could also just watch: " The Hunger Games ", " Soylent Green ", and " Logan's Run "; or numerous other related Illuminati Movies  - which all [ equally reference ] What's Most Certainly Now Coming - each, in their own allegorical forms. Since, Lucifer [ himself ] Knows The Scriptures; and [ indeed ] he loves to factually brag about it!

Don't believe me, about: These Mysterious Animal Deaths and The Food Shortages That Are Now Coming? Then why not read more. Hosea Chapter 4 begins upon the very next page....

Friday, March 9, 2012

In the popular hit movie: " Forrest Gump" - by Robert Zemeckis - we witness The Life Of A Spiritual Marathon Runner....

Forrest Gump - movie poster.
The Popular 1994 Film: " Forrest Gump [ literally meaning, The Idiot Among The Forrest ] " - by the acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis - is, undoubtedly, a Prophetical Movie! In fact, it documents My Own Personal Life Experiences in an amazingly detailed, but Allegorical Form. When I first watched it, I was mesmerized by the very things That Forrest Kept Saying... since, I myself had Often Thought Them, but had never Actually Vocalized Them. And yet, until very recently, I hadn't realized that this story was Actually About Me.

I know, you're honestly thinking, that I'm just an: " Idiot Among The Forrest ", or [ perhaps ] the proverbial: " Fool On The Hill " - for, actually Thinking Such Things. But, that doesn't change the fact, That I Truthfully Do... and, I guess that's really My True Point! While, you're all [ just ]: Laughing, Mocking, and Jeering - at My Own Personal Expense - I'm the one who is factually paying for this blog site [ out of my own pocket ]... and, even, investing thousands of hours [ of my own valuable time ] in earnestly providing you ' These Necessary Truths '.

Why not take just a few moments to watch The Following 1994 Movie Preview of: " Forrest Gump " - by director Robert Zemeckis. So you can honestly see, what I'm talking about....

America In Prophecy

Forrest Gump - by: Robert Zemeckis

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the blockbuster movie: " Avatar " - by James Cameron - we learn about The True Nature Of Yahweh.

A movie poster from: " Avatar ".
The Blockbuster Movie: " Avatar " - written and directed by James Cameron - is a Prophetical Movie and Spiritual Allegory that has been exceptionally well illustrated! Upon the pristine world of The Na'vi, every single living creature serves their own: Highly-Unique and Symbiotic Purpose... and, while The Na'vi are the dominant life forms created by Eywa [ or Yahweh - The Mighty One ] to guide and protect it, The Spirit Of Eywa [ His Own Holy Spirit ] actually: Permeates, Inhabits, and Subtly Influences Everything - upon their own entire world.

Just take a moment to watch this Three Minute Preview of: " Avatar " - by acclaimed director James Cameron - to see, what I'm talking about. You'll, definitely, be glad that you did....

America In Prophecy

The Movie Avatar - by: James Cameron

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why not let The True Spirit Of Yahweh lead you into All Truth? After all, He is not going to drag you....

The Bible was meant to be read....
The Scripture tells us that: " When The Spirit Of Yahweh Comes, He Shall Lead Us Into All Truth ". Amazingly, however, there are [ actually ] very few of us following The True Spirit Of Yahweh! How do I know this? It's, honestly, quite simple. You cannot be led by anyone, until you are first truthfully willing to: Open Your Own Mind and Factually Be Led! Meanwhile, the vast majority of Self-Proclaimed Believers are truthfully even more ' Closed-Minded ' than those: Pagans and Satanists....

It has always seemed very strange to me, that this is actually The True Case. Personally, I have always been open-minded about all of these Spiritual Matters! In fact, that's how I learned almost everything that I currently know... and, I can't even imagine living my own life otherwise. If I had merely waited upon those lackadaisical churches of: " Spiritual Babylon " - I doubt, that I would know Much Of Anything Truly Important. But, of course, I'm not your average believer. Nothing will [ honestly ] satisfy me, but The Entire Truth!

What are The Midichlorians from the hit movie: " Star Wars "... and, what does that mean for us?

The Force Unleashed - in battle.
In The Prophetical Movie: " Star Wars " - by the ever popular writer/director George Lucas - we first hear about the [ seemingly ] Fantastical Concepts of: " The Force " and " Midichlorians ". But, exactly what are these Spirit Driven Movies attempting to teach us? What is The Force, which the scriptures - themselves - commonly refer to as: " The Holy Spirit [ or, The Ruache HaKodesh ] "... and, what are The Midichlorians that form the very structural basis for Its Truly Magical Abilities? After all, it's now blatantly obvious, that They Both Do Factually Exist!

Let's just start, at the beginning, with Two Very Short Movie Clips taken from: " The Star Wars Saga " - by George Lucas... and then, we can move on to: The Scientific and Conceptual Understandings more fully behind: The Force and Its Midichlorians....

America In Prophecy

What Are The Midichlorians? - from: Star Wars

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Popular Movie: " Sin City " - by Frank Miller - is Their Own Satanic Vision of the approaching Kingdom Of Lucifer.

Frank Miller's Sin City.
The Popular Movie: " Sin City " - by satanic cartoonist Frank Miller - is the most graphic depiction possible of ' Hell On Earth '! In this visionary tale of a fictitious American town [ named ]: " Basin City " - we can see the kind of unrestrained lifestyle that These Satanists: Actively Promote, Fully Advocate, and [ even ] Expectantly Look Forward To - both: In The Underworld and [ later ] Upon The Earth. In fact, to call it: " A Darwinian Nightmare " - would be to utilize far too tame of language. Every single person inhabiting its local environs is inherently Evil... and, there are no other words to describe them.

Don't believe it, then why not watch this Short Theatrical Preview for: " Sin City " - their own Satanic Prototype for: " The Greatest Place To Live Ever ". If there's any decency left within you, then you might not agree.... 

America In Prophecy

Sin City - by: Frank Miller

{ *** NOTE: This: Movie Trailer and Its Following Article - have been included for your own Spiritual Edification into exactly who we are up against. If you are easily offended, then don't watch this particular trailer! The Scriptures clearly say: " Be Ye As Wise As Serpents " - in understanding your own adversaries... and that's, The Reason Why It Was Included. }

According to AC/DC, Black Money Rules In Sin City; and, Hell, they even wrote a song about it.

AC/DC Sin City - album cover.
The Popular Hit Song: " Sin City " - recorded by AC/DC in 1978 - is merely one of their highly numerous Hip Hop Prophecies in providing their own Service To Lucifer. Unlike so many others, this particular Australian Rock Band rarely disguises Their Own True Allegiance... after all: Their Music Is Loud, The Lyrics Often Get Drowned Out, Their Fan Base Is Mesmerized, and They Just Want To Party. It doesn't require very much to spellbind The Already Simple Minded!

As their own album cover clearly relates: " Black Money Rules In Sin City "... and their own Highly Numerous Fan Base, fully represents millions of souls for The Kingdom Of Lucifer. In fact, they've got their own: " Black Money "... and, loads of it, too! If you don't believe me, then why not watch their own 5 Minute Video for: " Sin City " - just to see. Afterward, we'll look at those lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Sin City - by: AC/DC

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The popular 1997 movie: " The Fifth Element " - is A Prophetical Movie about The True Power Of Love!

The Fifth Element - poster.
The Popular 1997 Movie: " The Fifth Element " - by French Director Luc Besson - is indeed A Prophetical Movie... for, it: Teaches Us The Purpose Of Life, Provides Us The True Spiritual Keys, and Instructs Us In What To Do Next! But, of course, your own eyes would have to be open to The True Messages Involved - in order to truthfully perceive it... and, such is the case with all of these Spiritual Messages.

But, before we continue, please watch This Climactic Video Clip from the movie: " The Fifth Element " - starring: Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich - so that you'll honestly know what we're talking about....

America In Prophecy

The Fifth Element - by: Luc Besson