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In the popular hit movie: " Forrest Gump" - by Robert Zemeckis - we witness The Life Of A Spiritual Marathon Runner....

Forrest Gump - movie poster.
The Popular 1994 Film: " Forrest Gump [ literally meaning, The Idiot Among The Forrest ] " - by the acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis - is, undoubtedly, a Prophetical Movie! In fact, it documents My Own Personal Life Experiences in an amazingly detailed, but Allegorical Form. When I first watched it, I was mesmerized by the very things That Forrest Kept Saying... since, I myself had Often Thought Them, but had never Actually Vocalized Them. And yet, until very recently, I hadn't realized that this story was Actually About Me.

I know, you're honestly thinking, that I'm just an: " Idiot Among The Forrest ", or [ perhaps ] the proverbial: " Fool On The Hill " - for, actually Thinking Such Things. But, that doesn't change the fact, That I Truthfully Do... and, I guess that's really My True Point! While, you're all [ just ]: Laughing, Mocking, and Jeering - at My Own Personal Expense - I'm the one who is factually paying for this blog site [ out of my own pocket ]... and, even, investing thousands of hours [ of my own valuable time ] in earnestly providing you ' These Necessary Truths '.

Why not take just a few moments to watch The Following 1994 Movie Preview of: " Forrest Gump " - by director Robert Zemeckis. So you can honestly see, what I'm talking about....

America In Prophecy

Forrest Gump - by: Robert Zemeckis

 The Idiot Within The Forrest

Forrest Gump - contemplating....
While most people assume that Forrest Gump is: Stupid, Addled, or Mentally Slow - he [ himself ] just keeps moving along through life at his own: Sure and Steady Pace. In fact, he's sort of like: " A Marathon Runner " - who never takes his own eyes off of His Personal Objective. Though he is obviously ' Not A Genius '... we couldn't exactly call him ' Mentally Retarded ' either... but, in fact, he is what he is; and that's Definitely Different! As Forrest, himself, would later tell us [ if we were, honestly, listening ]:
" For some reason... What I Was Doing, didn't seem to Make Sense To People.
- [ But, It Always Did To Me! ]

Forrest Is Somehow Quite Different

Forrest Gump - with President Nixon.
While The World All Around Him has seemingly come unglued: Half Of It Dancing To The Left, and The Other Half Stomping To The Right - he doesn't seem to get Emotionally Entangled by either of them. Essentially, he just keeps running Right Up The Middle - all by himself... where, The Traffic Is Undoubtedly Much Lighter. And, while both of these divergent groups hate him, Everyone Notices Him! In fact, that's what makes him: So Special, So Valuable, and So Entirely Unique... that, virtually everyone Wants Him To Join Their Own Team.

Forrest Gump - The War Rally.
What A Magnificent Piece Of Propaganda that, that would be - to [ honestly ] have ' Forrest Gump Endorsing Your Own Cause '! So much so, that both of them Make Numerous Attempts to factually accomplish it... but, Forrest's Own Nature runs contrary to such Truly Unimportant Things; and his own heart just isn't in it. He's, truthfully, not interested in any of their own: Little Red or Blue Pills. He just keeps running his own race - Driven By Something Entirely Different from all of these others. As Forrest [ himself ] would only later recall:
" You wouldn't believe it if I told you... But, I can run - Like The Wind Blows !
- [ Indeed, You Can Forrest.... ]
I never thought it would Take Me Anywhere... then, they put me on a thing called The All America Team.... "
- [ In Fact, You've Been The Real American - all along.... ]

Forrest Is Very Childlike

Forrest Gump - The Adult Child.
While everyone else has somehow: Forgotten What Their Parents Have Taught Them, Grown Increasingly Cynical And Jaded, and even Become Mean Spirited And Vicious Towards One Another - Forrest Gump [ himself ] isn't anything, at all, like that! In fact, almost every single statement that he makes starts with: " Well, My Momma Says ". Why, is that... do, you think?

Could it be, that ' Forrest Never Lost His Own Childlike Wonderment ' at it all? Or, that perhaps that ' He, Self-Admittedly, Doesn't Know All Of The Answers '... unlike the rest of them, of course, Who [ Seemingly ] Know Everything - while, somehow Still Disagreeing With One Another; and Often Quite Violently? In fact, Forrest Gump Keeps Running Right Up The Middle! Just like, he so succinctly put it:
" They kept saying: ' Run, Forrest, Run.... ' So, I did... I run, All The Way, plumb across America! "
- [ Numerous Times, Coast To Coast, and All 48 States: " The Life Of A Long Distance Truckdriver ". ]

Forrest Believes In Miracles

Forrest Gump - A Millionaire?
Even after everything, That Those Numerous Others Have Put Him Through, he never gives up upon any of them! You see, brothers and sisters, Forrest Gump truly believes in miracles. He's not stupid... he knows, that they don't actually love him - like, He [ Himself ] Honestly Loves Them... but, you see, none of that factually matters; because He Truthfully Does Love Them! And, isn't Love - of its own self - actually: " The Most Powerful Miracle Of All "? In fact, it's The Missing Ingredient, that Spiritual Babylon cannot [ possibly ] ever teach you!

What is it that Forrest Gump, himself once, said?  Oh, I know....
" Now, My Momma Was Always Telling Me, How Miracles Happen Everyday.... Some People Don't Think So ---> But, THEY DO! "
- [ Yes, Indeed, Forrest - They Factually Do. ]

Forrest Understands Love

Forrest Gump truly loves Jenny....
Indeed, Forrest Gump understands that ' True Love ' isn't just: A Momentary and Fleeting Feeling - like most of us are [ honestly ] Guilty Of - but rather, A Consistent State Of Mind, that is on constant display through his own: Ongoing and Considerate Actions - despite, how he himself is being reciprocally treated! Nor, does he ever chase after, that Which Isn't Rightfully His....

So, who's Jenny? She fully embodies those Completely Licentious Churches Of Israel, that have been portrayed as: " Trinity " [ in The Matrix ] ", " Princess Leia [ in Star Wars ] ", " Neytiri [ in Avatar ] ", and [ even ] " Leeloo [ in The Fifth Element ] " - among numerous others. The simple fact is, that: Jenny Doesn't Seem To Understand His Own Love; and She's Utterly Incapable Of Returning It! She still believes, that ' Love Is An Emotion '... even, after Constantly Witnessing It Otherwise. But, he understands; and that's why he [ himself ] says:
" Now, I'm not A Smart Man... but, I do know What Love Is! "
- [ Because, He Himself Loves Jenny... Even when, She Constantly Leaves Him. ]

Forest Believes In Destiny

Forrest and Momma - The Death Bed Scene.
That's right, folks, Forrest Gump truly believes in overall Human Destiny! There's just something about it, That Seems Completely Right, to him. He can't put his own fingers upon it, since it's [ just ] Out Of His Own Spiritual Reach; but, hidden deep down inside of him, it's simply there. It's not, merely, A Hunch... but, rather: A Substantial, Rock Solid, and Gut Wrenching Intuition - into exactly How This Macroverse Works... and, though he can't entirely prove it, It Is None-The-Less True!

That's why, when Momma was actually upon her own death bed, Forrest simply asks:
" What's My Destiny, Momma? "
 and Momma responds:
" Well, you're gonna have to Figure That Out - for yourself. "
- [ Don't Worry Momma... I Already Did  -You Can Rest Now.... ]

Forrest Is Special - After All

Forrest Gump - offering chocolates.
While The Rest Of You were either: Spiritually Asleep, or [ merely ] Caught Up In Your Own Lives - Forrest Gump Just Kept Running! After all, he'd been Running His Whole Life; and he didn't know what else to do.... In fact, when he Finally Crossed The Finish Line, it [ actually ] startled him. Since, He Couldn't Honestly Believe, That It Was Over... and, damned, if he wasn't [ actually ] The Very First One There. It really was him... Forrest Gump was Jeshurun The Prophet!
  " Momma always said: ' Life is like A Box Of Chocolates... You never know, What You're Gonna Get... '. "
- [ No Momma, You Sure Don't!]
Isaiah Chapter 49, Plainly Says:
" Listen, O Coastlands [ O American Bible Belt ], to Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Final Prophet ], And ' Take Heed, You Peoples From Afar ' [ Wherever You, Factually, Are ]! The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] has called Me from the womb [ At This, Precise, Appointed Time ]; from The Matrix Of My Mother [ All Of Her: Illusions, Allegories, And Dreams ] He has made mention of My Name [
My Own Avatars Have Now Included:
Francis Rudolf Barbour
{ The Freeman - The Famous Educated One - Of High And Noble Birth }
Neo { The Prophesied One }
Forrest Gump { The Idiot Amidst The Forrest }
Fool On The Hill { He Who Sees The Sun Going Down }
Harry Potter { Army Commander Of The Potter }
Luke Skywalker { The Heavenly Light And Traveler }
Gandolf { The Wand Holder From Heaven }
Francis Moses { Francis The Savior }
Del Spooner { The One Who Spoon Feeds The Masses }
Michael { Who Is Like God }
Cal El { The Voice Of God }
Korben Dallas { The Peace Offering Of Love }
Charles F. Xavier { Freeman Francis The Savior }
Jacob Sully { Israel's Keen Eye }
Paul Atreides { The Small One Who Points The Way }
The Alethiometer { The Magical Compass Of Truth }
Col. Robert NeVille
{ The Army Commander And Famous One, Who Forges The New City }

Douglas Quaid { Black And White Son - The Army Commander }
Jeshurun { The Truthful One } ]
And He has made My Mouth [ My Own Personal Writings ] like a sharp sword [ For This Very Day ]; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me [ So That, Babylon Couldn't Stop Me ], And made Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Prophesied Watchman ] a polished shaft [ To Strike Deeply Into Her Own Heart ]; In His Quiver [ His Vast Arsenal ] He has hidden Me [ Until The Day Of This Upcoming Battle ]. " - Isaiah 49:1-2.

Forrest Gump Is, Indeed, Jeshurun

 And, it's just like The Narrator Says:
 " The World will never seem the same again... once you've finally seen it, Through The Eyes Of Forrest Gump! "

But, Forrest Can't Run... Your Race

As much as Forrest Gump honestly loves Jenny - with every cell in his own spiritual body - he can not run Her Own Race for her! In fact, Yahweh Himself has flatly forbidden it. He can: Lead Her, Guide Her, and Instruct Her - but, before he can [ truthfully ] assist her otherwise, she has to be: " His Own Girl ". It's just The Rules Of The Game....

Jor El [ Your Mighty One ] told Cal El [ Your Own Leader ]:
" It Is Forbidden To Interfere In Human History. "
Gandolf [ The Prophet ] wasn't allowed to provide The Elves Of Middle Earth anything other than: His Own Knowledge and Technical Assistance - until their own regathering was finally completed. He can only protect those who are Actually Standing With Him!

Charles Xavier [ Leader To The X-Men ] simply: Ran The Academy and Offered Them Direction - until the day of Their Own Final Battle.

And, as Yahshua Himself already clearly explained it:
" O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were not willing!
See! Your house is left to you desolate; and assuredly, I say to you, you shall not see Me [ So Much, For That: Doctrine Of A Rapture ] until the time comes when you say: ' Blessed is He [ My Own End Time Prophet ] who comes In The Name Of The Mighty One! ' " - Luke 13:34-35.

For The Hidden Message found within the movie of: " Forrest Gump " - click here ---> " The Hidden Message Within Forrest Gump ".
{ *** By The Way: I have complete and utter confidence In All Of You - My Own: Dearest Brothers and Sisters! Frankly, if the idiot ' Forrest Gump ' could figure it out, then it ought to be: " A Cake Walk " - for all of you.... After all, you've got A Prophet, that [ quite honestly ]: Your Own Parents and I - did not. *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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