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Welcome to America In Prophecy. The place, where I - Francis R. Barbour - not only, Ask The Question: "Is The United States found in End Time Biblical Prophecy?"; but, I also dare to prove it [ for myself] - from The Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures!

While you may not agree, with my own: Biblical, Historical, and Spiritual Conclusions, the effort will undoubtedly broaden your mind... and isn't that, in itself, a good thing? The scripture clearly states: "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." - in Proverbs 27: 17. And, it is my own personal intention - through your own personal friendship - to sharpen as many, as I conceivably can....

As His Watchman, I can do no less.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Truth About America is that: " It Can No Longer Be Salvaged " - since, there is no longer Any Majority Of Americans with which to fight for, rebuild, maintain, and protect it!

The Border Wall Controversy is tearing us apart.
While The Majority Of Republicans are now so focused upon obtaining: " A Border Wall Between Mexico And America "; and The Majority Of Democrats are just as focused upon: " Keeping Our Own Borders Open To Anyone Who Ever May Come "; it has become increasingly apparent to anyone with eyes that can assuredly now see, That Absolutely No-One In America Has A Clue As To What's Honestly Important.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, while you might not know it ' America Has Already Existed Over 243 Years Without Any Barriers To Illegal Immigration And Most Of Its Success Can Be Attributed To Those Who So Fortunately Came Here Over The Course Of That Time '... of course, during a few of those years The Majority Of Americans Shared: A Common Understanding Of Spiritual Morality, Some Sense Of Shared Brotherhood, And A Very Healthy Dose Of Common Sense.

That's: " The True Mark Of A Classical Liberal "....
While they didn't always agree upon matters of politics, religion, or ( really ) very much else - they did, in fact agree upon the importance of: Freedom Of Speech ( no matter how offensive, or politically incorrect, that it might be at the time ), Freedom Of Religion ( no matter how it might offend others to practice it in public ), The Right To Assembly ( either for, or against, any issue at all ) and Civil Discourse Between All Parties Of A Public Debate ( no matter how, seemingly, irrelevant the issue ).

Prior to the last half of the twentieth century, ' It Was Once Actually A Common Practice To Openly Talk About Both Religion And Politics; And They Most Frequently Did So In The Very Same Conversation '... since, all that they did was An Expression Of Their Own Personal Brand Of Faith.
{ ***NOTE: In fact, even The Notable Atheists Of That Time - while quietly snickering at such publicly displayed things - actually recognized the real importance of our own common religion; in providing a true sense of morality to all of those civilized masses! }

What does: " Our Own American History " - reveal?
In fact, back in their own day The Book Of Proverbs was utilized by all of their own schools; and either taught directly during the courses of the day, or posted in various locations where students might ostensibly notice them, as they filed into all of those tightly packed classrooms.

Since, they themselves understood The True Value in Proverbs Chapter 14, wherein it ( quite honestly ) states: " Righteousness Assuredly: ExaltsStrengthens, And Builds Up A Great Nation; But Wickedness Destroys Its Own Much-Needed Foundation "... and indeed, Proverbs Chapter 13 wherein it ( factually ) states: " A Good Man Leaves An Inheritance To His Own Children’s Children, But The Wealth Of The Wicked Is Stored Up For The Righteous To Whom God Shall Then Give It "!
{ ***NOTE: Just as He ( in fact ) did, once before: ' When Those Children Of Israel Previously Left Egypt '! }

Sunday, January 6, 2019

An in depth analysis of the song entitled: " Bye Bye American Pie " - by: Don McLean, May Day Music, and Yahweh Tunes Incorporated.

Don McLean - American Pie ( 1972 ). 
In the spring of 1972, Don McLean's elegiac poem and prophetical dirge entitled: " Bye Bye American Pie " - entered the collective consciousness; and even today still remains an interesting source of philosophical debate among musicphiles.

A cultural event at the peak of its popularity, it climbed to the top of the Billboard 100 charts in only a few weeks; remained there for a significant part of that summer; and sold more than 3 million copies. 

The fact that this was no ordinary song is non-debatable. For one thing, the length of this song was 8 Minutes And 33 Seconds - making it ( both ): The Longest Song Ever Recorded Up To That Time and The Longest Song Ever To Hit Number One. And, for another, it possessed certain peculiarities which set it apart from all other songs of that time.

" Heaven Knows We All Belong Way Down Below ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' In An Era Of Music As Social Commentary, Like The 60's And 70's, This Song Stood Out From The Rest '... since, it didn't call for a change of societal direction; but, rather, it merely lamented the facts such as they were; and spoke ( quite clearly ) of The Inevitable Judgment To Follow

Nor, did it help to ameliorate one's own conscience that the album was produced by Mayday Music [ The International Sign Of Distress ] and released by Yahweh Tunes Incorporated [ The True Name Of Our Own Biblical God ]... given, the thematic elements that were ( so consistently ) then being provided in this song! 

In fact, its almost as if it were very clearly telling us that: " Everything Written In This Song Is Also Found Referenced In The Old Testament Of That Bible "... which, of course, It Quite Honestly Is....

Saturday, November 17, 2018

What does it mean when it says: " A Man's Heart Plans His Own Way; But The Lord Directs All Of His Steps " - in, Proverbs Chapter 16?

Proverbs 16 [ verse 9 ]....
In Proverbs Chapter 16 [ verse 9 ] the scripture ( very clearly ) states: " A Man's Heart Plans His Own Way [ Indicating His Own Free Will At All Times ]; But The Lord Directs All Of His Steps [ While Pointing Out, That It Is God Who Draws His Attention To All Of Those Ponderable Choices ] ".

After all, if you would then go back and read verse 4, you would also know that: " The Lord Has Made All For Himself [ To Display His Own Glory ]; Yeah Even The Wicked For His Day Of Destruction [ When Everything, Then, Shall Finally Be Settled ] ".

For instance:

And, in The Book Of Joel Chapter 2 [ Rather Than Billy's Own Song Lyrics ], we can ( quite honestly ) read all of the following:
" And, it shall come to pass afterward, that I Will Pour Out My Own Spirit Upon All Flesh [ Whether Or Not They Are Believers In Me ]Your Sons and Your Daughters shall ProphesyYour Old Men shall Dream Dreamsand Your Young Men shall See Visions.

And, also, Upon My Menservants And Upon My Maidservants 
I Will Pour Out My Own Spirit In Those Days [ For They, Too, Shall Need To Know Far More ].
And, I will show wonders in The Heavens [ Even Before They, Actually, Occur ]; and in The Earth there shall be: Blood [ Indiscriminate And Nationwide Killings ], Fire [ To Uproot Those Spiritually Complacent Ones ], and Pillars Of Smoke [ To Demonstrate My True Foreknowledge And Absolute Authority ].

The Sun 
[ Whom You Now, Quite Honestly, Worship ] shall be Turned Into Darkness [ To Display Your Own Utter Foolishness ]and The Moon [ Whom You Now, Quite Honestly, Ignore ] into Blood [ As A Sign Of What Is Now Very Soon In Coming ]before The Coming Of The Great And Awesome Day Of The Lord

And, it shall come to pass that, Whoever Calls Upon The Name Of The Lord [ Should They Be Wise Enough To Now Even Know It ] Shall Be Saved

For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, as The Lord has said, Among The Remnant Whom The Lord Calls. " - Joel 2:28-32.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God; and is profitable for: Doctrine, Reproof, Correction and Instruction In Righteousness - so that, the man of God may be complete; and thoroughly equipped for every good work.

All Scripture includes The Old Testament!
2nd Timothy 3:16-17 is one of the most important scriptures that may be found in The Entire Christian Bible; and yet, there are so very few of us who ( quite honestly ) now ponder Its True And Relevant Meaning.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The Term All Scripture Refers To Every Solitary Passage Found Within All Of Those Pages Of That Bible '... and, indeed, our own spiritual habit of carefully selecting among them has now led to all of the very problems that we suffer!

For instance, in Isaiah Chapter 1 [ verses 18-20 ], it ( very clearly ) says:
" ' Come Now, And Let Us Reason Together [ Let Us Now Think These Things Through Quite Logically ], ' says The Lord' Though your sins are like scarlet [ In So Many Other Areas Of Your Own Personal Life ]they shall be as white as snow [ In Your Own Dealings With Me ]though they are red like crimson [ In Your Own Stumbling Walk, Over And Over Again ]they shall be as wool [ Since, I Shall Provide For Your Own Personal Forgiveness And Healing ].
If You Are Willing And Obedient [ In Earnestly Attempting To Live By All That I Will Teach You ], You Shall Eat The Good Of The Land [ Just As Any Child Is Carefully Watched Over By His Own Loving Parent ]But If You Refuse And Rebel [ And Display Yourselves To Others As Having No Part In My Household ]You Shall Be Devoured By The Sword [ Since, I Do Not Spare The Habitation Of My Enemies ] '; for The Mouth Of The Lord has spoken it. ' " - Isaiah 1:18-20.

What is the meaning of: " Bye Bye American Pie "?
And indeed, whether you now know it or not, ' The Principles Set Forth Within This Scriptural Passage Have Not Changed Even One Little Bit In All Of Those Thousands Of Years '!

In fact, if anything, Our Own American History Has Prominently Illustrated The Very Point That He's Making....

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' America Was Greatest And Enjoyed The Goodness Of It's Land; When Their Own People Were Willing And Obedient To God '... and, whether you now comprehend it or not, it had nothing to do with: Our Leadership In Washington, The Treaties That They Signed, The Allies That They Chose, The Military Technology That They Developed, or ( even ) Those Borders That They Most Often Quite Frankly Neglected.

In fact, you shall all very soon understand that: " We Cannot Make America Great Again By Adopting All Of Those Political And Spiritual Positions That Are Completely Antithetical To All Of Our Own Ancestors "! Since, whether you believe it or not, We Are Already Now Passing Under His Own Rod....

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What is ( quite honestly ) meant by: " The Way Of Cain ", " The Error Of Balaam ", and " The Rebellion Of Korah " - in, The Book Of Jude?

The Book Of Jude - is all about Spiritual Apostasy.
In The Book Of Jude we can read all about The Rapid Rise Of Spiritual Apostasy Within The Very Early Church... and, indeed, it is really no wonder that Modern Day Christianity has now strayed so far from The One True Path.

In fact, there are Three Very Specific Reasons that are broadly provided as being largely behind all of it; and these are presented for your own personal consideration as: " The Way Cain [ who trusted in his own understanding ] ", " The Error Of Balaam [ who saw an opportunity for financial profit in everything ] ", and " The Rebellion Of Korah [ who would say or do anything to obtain his own base of power ] ".