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An in depth analysis of the song entitled: " Bye Bye American Pie " - by: Don McLean, May Day Music, and Yahweh Tunes Incorporated.

Don McLean - American Pie ( 1972 ). 
In the spring of 1972, Don McLean's elegiac poem and prophetical dirge entitled: " Bye Bye American Pie " - entered the collective consciousness; and even today still remains an interesting source of philosophical debate among musicphiles.

A cultural event at the peak of its popularity, it climbed to the top of the Billboard 100 charts in only a few weeks; remained there for a significant part of that summer; and sold more than 3 million copies. 

The fact that this was no ordinary song is non-debatable. For one thing, the length of this song was 8 Minutes And 33 Seconds - making it ( both ): The Longest Song Ever Recorded Up To That Time and The Longest Song Ever To Hit Number One. And, for another, it possessed certain peculiarities which set it apart from all other songs of that time.

" Heaven Knows We All Belong Way Down Below ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' In An Era Of Music As Social Commentary, Like The 60's And 70's, This Song Stood Out From The Rest '... since, it didn't call for a change of societal direction; but, rather, it merely lamented the facts such as they were; and spoke ( quite clearly ) of The Inevitable Judgment To Follow

Nor, did it help to ameliorate one's own conscience that the album was produced by Mayday Music [ The International Sign Of Distress ] and released by Yahweh Tunes Incorporated [ The True Name Of Our Own Biblical God ]... given, the thematic elements that were ( so consistently ) then being provided in this song! 

In fact, its almost as if it were very clearly telling us that: " Everything Written In This Song Is Also Found Referenced In The Old Testament Of That Bible "... which, of course, It Quite Honestly Is....

Contrary To Popular Opinion, There Is Not One Single Reference To Buddy Holly, Anywhere In This 8 Minute Song....

Indeed: " That Rain Is Already Now Falling.... "
It, indeed, speaks upon A Very Large Number Of Subjects... including: The United States Of America, Its Own National Government, Their Individual States, The Wealthy Class In AmericaThe Churches In America, The Mississippi RiverThe Four Superpowers Involved In The Cold War, The Communist Nations Of Eastern Europe And Asia, The International War On Terror, The Breaking Down Of American SocietyThe Music Industry, The Filmmakers In Hollywood, The International Space Station, Satan, and ( even ) Donald McLean Himself... but, contrary to any other attempts at later misdirection, it never once speaks of Charles Hardin Holly.

And, whether you now comprehend it or not, ' The Key To This Song Is ( Quite Honestly ) Found Right There In The Intro '....
" A Long, Long Time Ago; 
[ When I, Myself, Was Just A Very Young Child... ]

I Can Still Remember How That Music Used To Make Me Smile. 

[ Since, I Didn't Understand Where All Of That Music Was Coming From! ]

And, I Knew If I Had My Chance; 

[ Oh, Dear God, Please Let Me Be A Musician;

That I Could Make Those People Dance; 

[ Because, There Can Be Nothing Better Than Cheering Up Others.

And, Maybe They'd Be Happy For A While.... 
[ And, So I Practiced And Practiced Some More. ]
But, February Made Me Shiver
[ But, The Real Trouble Started Early On In My Own Musical Career;

With Every Paper I'd Deliver
[ Because, My Own Dreams Were Very Much Troubled.

Bad News On The Doorstep... 
[ I Was Tasked With Singing About My Own Nation's Doom.

I Couldn't Take One More Step
[ How Could I Do Such A Truly Awful Task? ]
I Can't Remember, If I Cried
[ Was It Tears Of Sadness; Or A Really Cold Sweat...

When I Read About His Widowed Bride;

[ When God Showed These Visions To Me?

But, Something Touched Me Deep Inside... 

[ And Yet, I Couldn't Honestly Ignore This Message;

The Day The Music Died

[ Because, The Truth Would One Day Bear Out. ] "

You see, dear brothers and sisters, Donald McLean [ which means: " The True World Ruler Is A Son Of: Humility, Contrition, And Sorrow " ] dreamed of nothing more than being a musician from childhood... and, as so many of us so blissfully are, ' He Was Totally Unaware Of Where All Of Those Songs Had Largely Been Coming From '

Don McLean wasn't yet: " Dragging The Line ".
In fact, like most of us, he was certain that all of those other songwriters just made up whatever they wanted to; and yet, when he first started out in the industry, and tried doing just that, his own results were lackadaisical at best [ in fact, it just wasn't working ]

Meanwhile, on the other hand, were all of those extremely dark: Visions and Dreams - that had ( most certainly ) been plaguing him; and desperately crying to be let out. Caught between: " The Proverbial Rock And That Hard Place " - he then finally walked, The Pathway Of Balaam Before Him [ receiving payment from others, while dutifully pronouncing God's Own Judgment upon that nation being referenced ]!

Thus, he subsequently began That Very First Chorus ( which states ):
So Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!
[ Whatever Will Happen, Will Happen.... ]
Drove My Chevy To The Levee,
[ And, I Did My Own Best To Verify All Of These Things, ]

But The Levee Was Dry;
[ But, In Fact, I Am No Scholar Of Scripture. ]
And Them Good Old Boys Were Drinking Whiskey And Rye,
[ This Vision Is Truly What I Saw; ]

They Were Singing: ' This Will Be The Day That I Die.... '
[ And, The Message Was Indeed Quite Certain; ]

This Will Be The Day That I Die
[ And, Even, My Own Death Will Occur At That Time.... ]
{ ***NOTE: One of the most interesting facets of this song is the fact that, while This Same Exact Chorus is repeated 7 Times In Total [ God's Own Seal And The Number Of Completion ], the meaning is subtly different each time; due to the specific context of that verse being sung before it. }

Verse 1 - A Message For: The True Prophet, His Own Lovely Bride, And All Of Those Others Just Then Looking On....

" Come With Me Now " - The Answer is there.
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' Yahweh Doesn't Orchestrate Any Destructive Events Without Providing A Safe, Nurturing, And Educational Environment For Those Whom He Has Chosen As His Own Faithful People '... and, indeed: " When He Does A New Thing, He Tells You Of It Clearly In Advance " - just as, All Of Those Scriptures Have Already Now Told You!

But, of course, you have really got to: " Think Outside Of That Box " - if, you are ever going to learn ( quite truthfully ) to keep up....

A Message To: The True Prophet
Did You Write The Book Of Love?
Are You The Prophet That Was Promised By God? ]

And, Do You Have Faith In God Above?
Is Your Own Faith Truly That Strong... ]

If The Bible Tells You So....
And, Do You Really Believe Everything That Is Found In That Book? ]
Now, Do You Believe In Rock And Roll?
Do You Understand That True Musical Connection... ]

Can Music Save Your Mortal Soul
How We Have Merely Sung What We Have Been Shown? ]

And, Can You Teach Me How To Dance Real Slow....
Because, These Events Are Now Getting Close! ]
To His Own Lovely Bride
Well, I Know That You're In Love With Him
The Prince Of The Covenant That God Has So Long Ago Promised; ]

Because, I Saw You Dancing In The Gym... 
Since, I Was Shown All Of These Up Coming Events. ]

You Both Kicked Off Your Shoes
In Fact, Your Own Courtship Was Quite Enjoyable To Witness... ]

Man, I Dig Those Rhythm And Blues
How You Both Came Together, To Take Those Very Next Steps. ]
And To Those Others Just Then Looking On
I Was A Lonely Teenage Broncing Buck;
But, The One Whose Own Eyes I Was Then Seeing Through; ]

With A Pink Carnation And A Pickup Truck;
Didn't Listen To The Wisdom That He Was Then Hearing; ]

But, I Knew I Was Out Of Luck....
Until It Was Already Far Too Late For Him Personally. ]

The Day The Music Died
And, Those Events Had Caught Him Totally Unaware. ]

Verse 2 - Some Prophetical History; Leading Up To All Of These Pivotal Events....

Because: " That Mountain Is Indeed High "!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' If You Don't Know When To Start Looking, Then It Is Always Quite Easy To Miss Whatever It Is That You're Looking For '... so, some prophecies have always been given to provide us That Necessary Timeline!

And, amazingly, each and every one of these things has now come to pass; since, 1972....
Now, For Ten Years We've Been On Our Own
Unilaterally Waging A One Nation War Upon Terror... ]

And Moss Grows Fat On A Rolling Stone
And, Old Glory Was Tarnished By All Of These Embarrassing Events. ]
But, That's Not How It Used To Be... 
America Used To Be A Force For Freedom And Good; ]

When The Jester Sang For The King And Queen, 
When She Worked For Both: God And His Church. ]

In A Coat He Borrowed From James Dean
And, It Was Just Like In The Movies Of That Day; ]

And In A Voice That Came From You And Me.... 
Since, All Of Us Spoke Up For What's Right! ]
Oh, And While The King Was Looking Down
Even God, Himself, Took Notice Of Us Then... ]

The Jester Stole His Thorny Crown... 
But, Then They Kicked Him Out Of Our Town. ]

The Courtroom Was Adjourned; 
The Judge, Himself, Then Turned His Own Back; ]

No Verdict Was Returned! 
And, He Said: " Let Them Reap All That They've Sown "! ]
And, While Lenin Read A Book On Marx
As The Communists Embraced Modern Corporate Socio-Economic Theory; ] 

The Quartet Practiced In The Park; 
America, Europe, Russia, And China Prepared For The Very Next War. ]

And, We Sang Dirges In The Dark... 
And, The Music Industry Warned Of What Soon Would Be Coming; ]

The Day The Music Died
As, Even Then, The Voice Of God Was Speaking Through Us.... ]

" Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue ".
For, ten years America was on its own and waging its own self declared: " War Upon Terror " - while, its own ( self described ) allies were offering up far more criticism than material assistance... and, during this time, we indeed began witnessing: Pre-Emptive Warfare [ which violates the principles of peace ]The Patriot Act [ which violates our own human rights ], Indefinite Detentions [ without any recourse to due process ], Unauthorized Searches And Seizures [ without anyone's actual permission ], and Illegal Governmental Wiretapping [ without any court orders allowing them to do so- all, in the name of American National Security.

Indeed, everyone was: " Coming To America ".
And, indeed: " That's Not How It Used To Be... When The Jester Sang For The King And Queen " - now, is it?

Because, whether you now comprehend it or not, ' Back In Those Days, Everyone Spoke Up For What Has Always Been Right '!

Meanwhile, Lenin [ those communist countries of Europe and Asia ] did, indeed, Read A Book On Marx [ modern corporate socio-economic theory ]... The Quartet [ of: America, Russia, Europe, and China ] did, indeed, Practice In The Park [ went through their own various war games upon a massive planetary scale ]... and, They All Sang Dirges [ lamenting all of those changes lading up to this mess ] In The Dark [ without any actual realization of what they were then doing ]....

And, when everyone wakes up to that very real fact, ' What Do You Think Is Going To Happen To All Of That Wonderful Music '?

Or, to simply put it another way: " How Long Before All Of Those Radios Actually Stop Broadcasting "?

Verse 3 - As America Begins To Now Rip Itself Completely Apart; What Can We Now Expect From These Upcoming And Future Events....

You don't have to be: " Chained To That Rhythm '.
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' Our Upcoming And Future Events Have Been Provided For As Well '... since, it is amidst this particular backdrop that The True Prophet And His Own Lovely Bride Begin Dancing In The Gym - as, that very first verse has already now warned you!

After all, God Doesn't Do Anything Without A Much Greater Purpose Now Already In Mind....
Helter Skelter In A Summer Swelter
[ Civil War Began In A Blistering Hot And Dry Summer; ]

The Birds Flew Off To A Fallout Shelter. 
The Rich Went Into Their Own Previously Prepared Underground Bunkers. ]
Eight Miles High, And Falling Fast, 
That American Space Station Came Down Through The Troposphere; ]

It Landed Foul Upon The Grass. 
And, Indeed, Killed Many As It Came Down Crashing Upon Land! ]
The Players Tried For A Forward Pass; 
But, Even Then, America Refused To Give Up... ]

With, The Jester On The Sidelines, In A Cast.... 
With Hollywood, Itself, Already Now Broken. ]
Now, The Halftime Air Was Sweet Perfume; 
With Each Region In America, Joining Together To Form Several New Nations; ]

While, The Sergeants Played A Marching Tune
As That War For Freedom From Tyranny Now Earnestly Began; ]

We All Got Up To Dance... 
[ There Were Now Five Brand New Nations To Push Back And Replace The Old One... ]
Oh, But We Never Got The Chance! 
And Yet, Sadly, That Wasn't Meant To Be. ]

Because, As The Players Tried To Take The Field, 
With Our Federal Government Now Completely Resting On The Ropes; ]

The Marching Band Refused To Yield. 
They Called Upon Their Own Treacherous Allies In Europe And Asia To Assist Them.... ]
Do You Recall, What Was Revealed... 
By The One Who Told You All Of These Things? ]

The Day The Music Died
That God, Himself, Was Behind All Of These Interesting Historical Events! ]

Verse 4 - And, In Case You Are Truthfully Curious; Why America Was Then Being Destroyed....

It has never been any form of: " Superstition "!
You see, folks... whether you now comprehend it or not, ' The American People Have Long Ago Since Forgotten Their Own Spiritual Roots And Indeed That Which Made Them Great As A Nation '... after all, there were so many things to now do; and there was so little time take it all in; that those more important matters just had to give way!
Oh, And There We Were All In One Place; 
[ No Matter, Our Own: Social Class, Education, Or ( Indeed ) Spiritual Upbringing ]

A Generation Lost In Space
We Had Long Ago Been Distracted By Foolishness From Everything That Matters ]

With No Time Left To Start Again! 
And, A Civilized Society Cannot Be Restored Overnight! ]
So Come On, Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick; 
So, Wake Up Your Own Particular Family ]

Jack Flash Sat On A Candlestick... 
Because, It's All Coming To Pass Just As So Long Ago Prophesied ]

Because, Fire Is The Devil's Only Friend. 
And, God Can No Longer Keep Blessing A Rebellious Nation! ]
Oh, And As I Watched Him Up On The Stage; 
Systematically Destroying Our Own Once Great Nation ]

My Hands Were Clenched In Fists Of Rage
Because, There Was Nothing That Anyone Could Do ]

No Angel Born In Hell... 
His Own Servants Were Now In Charge Of Everything Within Our Own Nation ]

Could Break That Satan's Spell. 
And, They Could Not Go Against Their Own Evil Master ]
And, As The Flames Climbed High Into The Night; 
[ With Everything Now Going Up In Flames ]

To Light The Sacrificial Rite; 
In Preparation For That Much Greater Sacrifice To Come ]

I Saw Satan Laughing With Delight... 
Because, All Of His Own Plans Were Now Coming To Fruition ]

The Day The Music Died
Even As Our Own City Walls Came Crumbling To The Ground ]

Verse 5 - So, Where Were Our Own Churches To Now Save Us From All Of These Horrible Events....

Indeed, folks: " This Is Now Gonna Hurt "!
Meanwhile, of course, ' So Very Few People Think Of Those Churches And What They Are Quite Honestly Teaching ' - until, when a true disaster strikes home - so, that: " Those Wolves Are Now Running The Whole Hen House ".

And, indeed, Those Sun-Worshiping Spiritual Organizations are now so strong and thoroughly entrenched that there is certainly no time left to ( quite honestly ) change any of them!

Well, I Met A Girl Who Sang The Blues;
[ An Entertainer By Her Own Chosen Profession ] 

And I Asked Her For Some Happy News;
[ Since, That Was Her Own Purpose In Life ]

But, She Just Smiled And Turned Away.... 
But, There Was Nothing That She Could Honestly Say. ]
I Went Down To The Sacred Store
Because, You Can Always Buy A Prosperity Gospel At A Church! ]

Where I'd Heard The Music Years Before; 
And, While They Have Always Provided It In The Past; ]

But, The Man There Said The Music Wouldn't Play! 
The People Would No Longer Now Listen To All Of Their Lying. ]
And In The Streets, The Children Screamed... 
Indeed, There Was No Longer Any Hope In Sight; ]

The Lovers Cried; And The Poets Dreamed... 
And, Everyone Thought Back Upon What They Had Previously Heard. ]

But, Not A Word Was Spoken; 
Because, To Utter It Was To Confirm What They Already Knew; ]

The Church Bells All Were Broken! 
Those Satanists Had Been Controlling And Manipulating All Of Those Churches. ]
And, The Three Men I Admire Most; 
At Least, They - Themselves - Had Always Been Truthful; ]

The Father, Son And The Holy Ghost
And, Indeed, We All Now Knew That They Were Quite Real; ]

They Caught The Last Train For The Coast... 
As They Left, With Their Own Children In Tow; ]

The Day The Music Died. 
Because, America Was To Be Utterly Destroyed! ]

The Inevitable Conclusion - That We May Now Garner From This Song....

Perhaps, it's now ( finally ) time to: " Let Go "?
In fact, considering my own understanding of it, The Very Last Chorus Now Says It All!
So Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!
Indeed, Yahweh Is The One Who Has Spoken.... ]
Drove My Chevy To The Levee; 
And, I Witnessed All Of These Things. ]

But, The Levee Was Dry. 
In Fact, He Even Controls The Mississippi River Itself! ]
And Them Good Old Boys Were Drinking Whiskey And Rye,
This Vision Is Truly What I Saw; ]

They Were Singing: ' This Will Be The Day That I Die.... '
And, The Message Is Indeed Quite Certain. ]

This Will Be The Day That I Die
And, Even, My Own Death Shall Occur At That Time.... ]

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!
{ ***NOTE: During the entire discussion of this song, ' I Didn't Notice Anything About A Plane Crash Or Even One Solitary Reference To Buddy Holly '... but, what about you? Perhaps, we should now examine it again.... Oh, and if you do find it, then please show me where. Because, I've already read it through a few thousand times.
Meanwhile, as for Donald McLean himself, the only explanation ever given for this song was ( quite simply ): " It means, I don't ever have to work again, if I don't want to. You will find many interpretations of my lyrics, but none of them by me... Sorry, to leave you all on your own like this, but long ago I realized that songwriters should make their statements and move on, while maintaining a dignified silence. " - which, considering the stated subject matter, is ( indeed ) A Very Curious Response. }


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