Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hit Song: " Rockn Roll Train " - by ACDC - is talking about The Churches Of Spiritual Babylon.

ACDC - musical cover art.
The Popular Hit Song: " Rock'n Roll Train " - by the legendary band AC/DC - isn't about: Rock'n Roll, or [ even ] Trains... in fact, it's a Hip Hop Prophecy about some Deeply Troubling Spiritual Issues - for many of us! In fact, the very first thing that you [ yourself ] should notice, is that the term: " Rock'n Roll Train " - cannot be found anywhere within this one simple song. Nor, even the term: " Rock'n Roll " - for that matter. What we do hear, being repeated quite frequently, are the very specific terms: " Runaway Train ", and " Running Right Off The Track "....

Don't believe me, then why not watch The Popular Music Video: " Rock'n Roll Train " - produced by AC/DC... and then afterward, we'll closely examine Those Very Prophetical Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Rockin Roll Train - by: AC/DC

Monday, February 27, 2012

Common Illuminati Or Satanic Symbology

A common Dictionary, or Index.
In the hopes of ' Educating My Own Readership ', I have created this: Index Of Common Illuminati And/Or Satanic Symbology. There is [ honestly ]  no possible way, that I can interpret every single: Nursery Rhyme, Song, Movie, Book, etc... that these Satanic People have already voluminously produced! However, I can - and [ factually ] will - update this list quite frequently from here on out... and, hopefully, it will assist you in Your Own Spiritual Studies.

You will honestly find that: Illuminati and Satanic Symbolism - is being commonly utilized all around you, every single day. In fact, much of it is being so commonly used as to be factually understood by most of us already. But, of course, there are numerous different levels of Perceptual Human Understanding; that most of us have never even honestly considered! However, they know it all quite well... after all, they're: " The Illuminated Ones " - whose own eyes have been Opened By Lucifer Himself....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the musical hit: " Bridge Over Troubled Water " - Simon and Garfunkel - have provided some very useful information.

Musical talent: Simon and Garfunkel.
In their Highly Popular Song: " Bridge Over Troubled Water " - Simon and Garfunkel have honestly provided us an excellent Hip Hop Prophecy; and some much needed Spiritual Confirmation to what others have equally told us. But, of course, The Scriptures Will Confirm It as well... if, in fact, You'll Truthfully Study Them. Indeed, we are now living: " In The Time Of The End ". But, don't just take my word for it, ' Start Reading Those Scriptures '!

In the meantime, why not listen to The Popular Hit: " Bridge Over Troubled Water " - produced by Simon and Garfunkel back in 1970... and listen very closely to those interesting lyrics, because we'll be studying them afterward.

America In Prophecy

Bridge Over Troubled Water - by: Simon and Garfunkel

The Very Popular Song: " Baker Street " - by singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty - is about The Rockn Roll Lifestyle....

Baker Street - by Gerry Rafferty.
The Popular Hit Song: " Baker Street " - by the musical legend Gerry Rafferty - is a Hip Hop Prophecy, that very sadly confirms The Tragic Lives Of Many Rock Stars. They're trapped into one certain lifestyle, that has factually destined them to Eternal Loneliness - in this particular life, and in the next! In fact, in this particular song, Gerry Rafferty is simply recounting his own Personal Life Experiences As A Rock Star... and, indeed, very honestly.

Don't believe it, then why not enjoy His Blockbuster Musical Hit: " Baker Street " - produced back in 1978. You might just learn something very important. But, if not, those Very Prophetical Lyrics are readily explained upon the very next page....

America In Prophecy

Baker Street - by: Gerry Rafferty

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the Hip Hop Prophecy: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - Nancy Sinatra was speaking for The Spirit Within Women Everywhere....

Nancy Sinatra: " Boots Are For Walking ".
The Popular Hit Song: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - released by Nancy Sinatra in 1966 -  is a Hip Hop Prophecy warning: The North American and Western European Male that, in fact: " The Times, They Are A Changin "... and, even more importantly, it's - also - very clearly, Telling Us Why! But, of course, who was then actually listening? Certainly, not us. There are always More Important Things To Do - than just staying home with your own personal family....

Don't believe it, then why not watch Nancy Sinatra's own popular hit song: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - before we study Those Very Prophetical Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Boots Are Made For Walking - by: Nancy Sinatra

The Fool On The Hill - by The Beatles - is a Hip Hop Prophecy about The True Watchman.

" Fool On The Hill " - by The Beatles.
While The Popular Hit Song: " Fool On The Hill " - by The Beatles - may seem like A Silly and Lighthearted Poke at The Numerous Churches Of Babylon; this very real Hip Hop Prophecy was personally Directed At Me [ Jeshurun ]. Nor, has this been the only one To Factually Do So! In fact, many of these Hip Hop Prophecies have [ truthfully ] made reference of Me, though you might not have noticed it. As do: Many Of Their Own Movies; and The Biblical Scriptures As Well....

Don't believe me, then why not watch The Popular Music Video: " Fool On The Hill " - by The Beatles - before, we examine those: Very Clever and [ indeed ] Prophetical Song Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Fool On The Hill - by: The Beatles

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Popular Song: " Rain Is Falling " - by [ ELO ] Electric Light Orchestra - is a Hip Hop Prophecy about The Actual Lateness Of The Hour.

Electric Light Orchestra - band logo.
The Popular Song: " Rain Is Falling " - by Electric Light Orchestra [ ELO ] - is actually about: The Latter Rain Of The Holy Spirit and The Mighty One Who Has Sent It... but, it's also ' A Wake Up Call ' - for those still living within Babylon. In this particular Hip Hop Prophecy, the musical artist Jeffrey Lynne is trying to open our eyes to What's Now Going On All Around Us. In fact, while: " The Brides Have Been Sleeping " - The Midnight Cry has already rung out... and, there are now: " Very Few With Oil In Their Own Lamps "... just as, The Scriptures have warned us!

Don't believe it, then why not listen to the Popular Song: " Rain Is Falling " - by Electric Light Orchestra - to see whether, or not, I've correctly interpreted this particular Hip Hop Prophecy. As always, the lyrics [ themselves ] will still follow - upon the very next page....

America In Prophecy

Rain Is Falling - by: Electric Light Orchestra [ ELO ]

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zechariah 10 is all about The Blessings upon: Judah, Israel, and Joseph....

The Book Of Zechariah.
In Zechariah 10, we can read about The End Time Blessings for: Judah, Israel, and Joseph; and of their own Long Promised Restoration that soon follows... but, it begins with: A Commandment and A Very Clear Statement... thus, making it abundantly obvious, that The Mighty One's Blessings are [ as always ] fully predicated upon their Ongoing Spiritual Obedience! After all, it's just as The Scriptures themselves have openly stated:
" Two Cannot [ Conceivably ] Walk Together [ As One Singular Party ], Unless They Be In [ Functional ] Agreement. "
If we truly desire The Blessings Of Yahweh, then we must [ also ] equally desire To Obediently Obtain Them. We can never hope to obtain them, otherwise! In fact, The True Choice has always been ours....

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hit Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - is a Hip Hop Prophecy honestly revealing Satan's Own True Plans!

Kreator - " Enemy Of God " - album.
In The Popular Hit Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - we have been provided a Hip Hop Prophecy that completely exposes Lucifer's Own Satanic Agenda... and, everything about it is Pure Evil! Whether you: Listen To The Music, Watch Its Video Elements, or [ even ] Study Its Lyrics - you cannot help, but get The Satanic Message that it is factually portraying. In fact, it is so deeply disturbing, that I don't even recommend that you honestly watch it... after all, reading the lyrics is bad enough in itself. But, I have truthfully included it, just in case you [ yourself ] cannot believe in The Factual Existence Of Pure Evil.

While The Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - isn't entirely considered mainstream music yet; The Ones Who Follow This Genre Of Satanic Music already number in the tens of millions; and their own messages are very clear for anyone listening. If you want to watch their own music video, it's included... if not, then These Highly-Disturbing Lyrics are thoroughly explained upon the very next page.

America In Prophecy

Enemy Of God - by: Kreator

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Black Magic Woman " - by Carlos Santana - is all about The Mother Of Harlots.

Ultimate Santana - Black Magic Woman.
In The Popular Hit Song: " Black Magic Woman " - by Santana - we are being provided a Hip Hop Prophecy about the growing spiritual influence, and political power, of Modern Day Satanism... the very real product of Its Mother's Own Spiritual Cultivation! In fact, That Great City Of Confusion is now bearing Its Own Fruitful Crop.

Don't believe it, then why not listen to The Popular Hit: " Black Magic Woman " - by the legendary musician Carlos Santana - in preparation for studying its own lyrics. You might just be surprised by what you'll [ honestly ] learn....

America In Prophecy

Black Magic Woman - by: Santana

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Hit Song: " Waterfall " - by ELO - is actually The Message Being Scattered, to those who will factually listen....

Electric Light Orchestra - group photo.
The Popular Hit Song: " Waterfall " - by Electric Light Orchestra [ ELO ] - is a Hip Hop Prophecy from The Spirit Of Yahweh Himself... and, it provides us ' The Latter Day Message ' repeatedly spoken of by All Of His Own Prophets! And, while it is given In The Form Of A Parable, the true meaning isn't hidden very deeply. In fact, It's Almost Blatantly Obvious, if you're not totally caught up in their own excellent music.

But then again, it wasn't intended for: The Biblical Scholars who've never been able to honestly discover it; nor The Clergy who have entirely refused to preach it; nor [ even ] Those Long Deadened Churches who have become Our Own Modern Day Spiritual Pharisees. It was intended for ' You ', the people who'll actually listen To Its True Message!

Don't believe me, then why not listen to their Hit Song: " Waterfall " - before, we study those lyrics... and, maybe then, you'll know why they have called themselves the: " Electric Light Orchestra "....

America In Prophecy

Waterfall - by: Electric Light Orchestra [ ELO ]

In the Hip Hop Prophecy: " One Summer Dream " - ELO faithfully provides us Two True Messages From Yahweh.

ELO - " Face The Music ".
In The Popular Hit Song and Hip Hop Prophecy: " One Summer Dream " - by the Electric Light Orchestra - we have been given Two Very Important Spiritual Messages. The first one, is that: " Yahweh Has Already Abandoned The World's Fallen Churches And Synagogues "... and the second one, is that: " He, Himself, Still Loves Us Very Dearly... " and, while the majority of you won't ever believe it, These Messages Are Both Completely Scriptural!

In fact, that's the actual reason for His Own End Time Message:
" Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues.... " - Revelation 18:4.
Don't believe me, then why not listen to The Hit Song: " One Summer Dream " - by Electric Light Orchestra [ ELO ] - before we examine those Highly Unusual Song Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

One Summer Dream - by: Electric Light Orchestra

In the Hip Hop Prophecy: " Fire On High " - by Electric Light Orchestra - we receive a very important Spiritual Message!

ELO Leader - Jeffrey Lynne.
The Popular Hit Song: " Fire On High " - by Electric Light Orchestra - is far more, than it seems on first glance. In fact, it is A Hip Hop Prophecy produced for The Eventual Glorification Of Yahweh - from the 1975 Album: " Face The Music " - in which every single song serves that very same purpose! In fact, all of these songs are specifically designed to impart certain: Highly-Important and Spiritual Messages - to their subconscious listeners - over the due course of this one Truly Interesting Album....

Don't believe me, then why not listen to this primarily Instrumental Creation: " Fire On High " - by Electric Light Orchestra - both: Forward and Backwards. Meanwhile, The Forward Version is directly below; while, A Shortened Backward Version directly follows its analyzed lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Fire On High [ Normal Version ] - by: ELO

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zechariah Chapter 11 accurately describes: " The Desolation Of Latter Day Canaan ".

Zechariah The Prophet.
In Zechariah Chapter 11, we are given a most valuable glimpse of Our Own Current Events from the perspective of Zechariah The Prophet... and while, The Focus Of This Chapter is primarily upon The People Of: Latter Day Canaan [ The United States Of America ] and Israel [ The People Of Bible Belt ] - its actual and highly important message also pertains to The Entire Earth in general! Meanwhile, The True Key is to be clearly found within: " The Prophecy Of The Shepherds " - that begins with Verse 4.

Who, or what, are those ' Three Shepherds '? Well, that's actually simple... but, you're not going to like The Truthful Answer, that I'll honestly have to give you... after all, The Truth Is Never Popular! Therefore, without further commentary, let's examine these Prophetical Scriptures recounting: " The Desolation Of Latter Day Canaan "....

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Evil Woman " - by The Electric Light Orchestra - tells us a very interesting story!

ELO Lead: Jeffrey Lynne.
The Musical Hit: " Evil Woman " - by Electric Light Orchestra - is, indeed, a highly significant Hip Hop Prophecy! After all, it documents the life story of one of those prophesied: " Thirty Pieces Of Silver " - while it is [ equally ] a song taunting: " Spiritual Babylon " - that he himself had previously worked for. This True Story, of course, is referencing ' The Real Life Experiences ' of: Legendary Musician, Composer, Song Writer, and [ now ] Record Producer - Jeffrey Lynne - who, himself, founded ELO in 1970. 

Don't believe me, then why not listen to The Hit Song: " Evil Woman " - by Electric Light Orchestra; and see for yourself. The Answer might just surprise you....

America In Prophecy

Evil Woman - by: Electric Light Orchestra

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the Hip Hop Prophecy: " Low Down " - The Rolling Stones are asking Lucifer for some necessary Spiritual Guidance.

Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones Concert.
The Popular Musical Hit: " Low Down " - by The Rolling Stones - is a very unusual Hip Hop Prophecy... after all, it isn't everyday that we witness ' An Illuminated One ' admitting his own Spiritual Blindness! And yet, as The Storm Clouds Are Now Gathering, there are many within The Entertainment Industry, that are indeed Growing Nervous. Why, do you ask? Because, Satan Is Keeping His Own Cards: " Very Close To His Chest "; and, that doesn't really sit well, When The Rain Man Is Definitely Going Negative.

If you don't believe me, then why not watch The Following Video: " Low Down "... and, listen closely to those words! This Hip Hop Prophecy isn't anything like, all of those others. After all, in this one The Rolling Stones Are Beginning To Sweat....

America In Prophecy

Low Down - by: The Rolling Stones

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Us And Them, by Pink Floyd, is A Hip Hop Prophecy about: Satan's Goats and Their Sheep.

Pink Floyd - Us And Them.
The Popular Hit Song: " Us And Them " - by Pink Floyd - is a Hip Hop Prophecy, that honestly dares to tell us ' The Unvarnished Truth ' about a great number of Spiritually Discerned Things... but, The Music [ itself ] is merely A Beautiful Distraction! After all, the reason that you like it so much, is simply because Your Own Conscious Mind can't seem to ever fully figure it out... and, that's The True Hypnotic Power of all of their Illuminated Messages. But, hey folks, It Indeed Sells Albums!

 Don't believe it, then why not watch The Following Video: " Us And Them " - by Pink Floyd... and see, what I'm talking about! Meanwhile, ' The Correct Explanation ' for this Hip Hop Prophecy will be gladly provided afterward....

America In Prophecy

Us And Them - by: Pink Floyd

The Popular Hit: Time - by Pink Floyd - is a very significant Hip Hop Prophecy!

Pink Floyd: " Time " - a record label.
In The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Time " - by Pink Floyd - we are being provided some Very Deep and Spiritual Truths; in such a way, as to fully ensure, that we'll totally ignore them. It's A Hypnotic Lullaby, that has been painstakingly: Written, Harmonized, and Scripted - to fully achieve This Specific Effect... and, in fact, one can truly marvel at Pink Floyd's Own Musical Talents! While they have provided your subconscious mind ' Access To Absolutely Everything ', they have substantially left your conscious mind ' Nothing At All To Grasp ', while you're being thoroughly enraptured by their own Instrumental Music.

Don't believe it... then why not watch The Popular Hit Song: " Time " - by Pink Floyd? Meanwhile, listen closely to those Highly-Interesting Lyrics, because we'll be studying them again afterward....

America In Prophecy

Time - by: Pink Floyd

Friday, February 10, 2012

The spoken and conversational messages on The Dark Side Of The Moon are all part of its prophetical tapestry.

Pink Floyd's: Dark Side Of The Moon.
As a predominantly instrumental album, Pink Floyd's: " Dark Side Of The Moon " - includes Several Spoken and Conversational Messages, that have been carefully scripted and provided to its listeners. While they are not truthfully song lyrics, they do contribute substantially to The Overall Message Of The Album... and, as such, they are thereby A Valuable Part Of These Hip Hop Prophecies!

These Short Messages [ Include ]:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Song Eclipse, from The Dark Side Of The Moon album by Pink Floyd, is a Hip Hop Prophecy about: The Matrix and Its Own Grand Architect!

Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon.
The Highly Popular Album: " Dark Side Of The Moon " - by Pink Floyd - contains numerous Hip Hop Prophecies of various lengths. Just because an album is mostly instrumentals, doesn't alter The Overall Nature of its own Spiritually Directed Lyrics! Meanwhile, The Song: " Eclipse " - that speaks of ' The Fast Approaching Solar Eclipse ' - truthfully explains The Multidimensional Nature Of: " The Matrix Surrounding All Of Us ", and of: " The Grand Architect That Factually Controls It ". The fact that: This 1973 Musical Album, predates The 1999 Thriller Movie - is irrelevant; since The Very Same Spirit actually provided them both.

Don't believe me, then why not watch their Popular Music Video: " Eclipse " - from The Dark Side Of The Moon; while paying very close attention to those seemingly simple lyrics. Afterward, of course, we'll study them as always.

America In Prophecy

Eclipse [ Dark Side Of The Moon ] - by: Pink Floyd

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Does Lucifer Communicate Through Music... and, why would The Illuminati follow his own leading?

Why would Satan utilize Music?
A little over a month ago, a reader of mine brought up Some Very Good Questions, that I fully intend to address within this posting. The First Of Which: " If Lucifer And His Fallen Angels Are Real, Then Why Would They Choose To Communicate Through Music? "... and, along that same vein, The Second Of Which: " Why Would Their Own Followers Do The Very Same Thing? ". After all, the logical reasoning goes, don't they Risk Possible Detection, by doing so? 

And, indeed, it goes without saying, that they do... but, what of it? Let's just be honest with ourselves....
  • How Many People Are Actually Listening Critically?
  • If They Don't, They Won't Notice The Messages!
  • If They Do, What Can They Actually Prove?
  • And Who Would Honestly Believe Them?
  • The Messages Are Always Given Far In Advance Of Actual Events!
  • Where's The Cause And Effect Relationship, Then?
  • It's Just More Conspiracy Theories - Created By Whackos!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Most Tasteless End Time Advertisement Award must go to Chevy Silverado for their Super Bowl Ad: " Looks Like We Made It "!

End Of The World - Chevy Silverado.
In The Increasingly Stiff Competition for: " Most Tasteless End Time Commercialization Of 2012 " - Chevy Silverado has definitely taken the early lead, in what is now turning out to be ' A Bumper Crop Year '! In its recent Superbowl Advertisement - set to the tune of: " Looks Like We Made It " - we witness A Post Apocalyptic United States devoid of all human, or animal, life... with the obvious notable exception of a few sparsely scattered Chevy Silverado Owners. Meanwhile, of course, their friend ' Dave ' - who drove A Ford - somehow, didn't quite seem to make it....

America In Prophecy

2012/End Of Days - by: Chevy Silverado

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 1964 Hit: House Of Rising Sun - by The Animals - is A Timeless Hip Hop Prophecy, that should have never been!

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun.
There are actually many Hip Hop Prophecies, that stretch back into our musical antiquity; but have been adapted, and then re-adapted, over numerous generations... and, such is the case, with The Hip Hop Prophecy: " House Of The Rising Sun " - by The Animals - from 1964! Even its oldest known recording, by Texas Alexander in 1927, was a relatively recent rendition - for a song dating back to, at least as far as, 16th Century England.

Thus, completely rendering its own references specifically to ' New Orleans ' - where There Is No Such Establishment - as being totally irrelevant. In fact, The House Of The Rising Sun doesn't refer to any specific: Tavern, Bar, Brothel, or Gambling Establishment - but rather, to: " The Throne Of Lucifer Himself "... who has continually controlled all of them, over the ages! In this musical album: The Animals Are Declaring Their Own Allegiance To Satan; while cautioning The World's Mothers: " To Seek Better For Their Own Young "....

Don't believe me, then why not watch The Following 1964 Video [ entitled ]: " House Of The Rising Sun " - by The Animals. Then we'll look at those: Very Old, but Still-Timely Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

House Of The Rising Sun - by: The Animals

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cats In The Cradle, by Harry Chapin, was A Hip Hop Prophecy with a very timely message from The Spirit Of Yahweh!

Cat's In The Cradle - album cover.
While The 1974 Classic Folk Song: " Cat's In The Cradle " - by the legendary Harry Chapin - may not be ' Hip Hop ' [ by any stretch of the term ]; it is most definitely A Musical Prophecy... and, although some people might perceive a problem with my chosen terminology; the study of Hip Hop Prophecy is focused far more: Upon The Messages Involved, than The Musical Genre being utilized. In any case, The Spiritual Message within this one - was a very timely one indeed! After all, The Holy Spirit has been lovingly reminding you of ' The End Time Message ' from Malachi Chapter 4....

Don't believe me, then why not watch The 4 Minute Musical Video: " Cat's In The Cradle " - by Harry Chapin, circa 1974 - and see for yourself, whether it's a Hip Hop Prophecy, or not? The answer might just surprise you....

America In Prophecy

Cat's In The Cradle - by: Harry Chapin

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Biblical Sabbath is An Eternal Memorial to the act of creation.

The Fourth Commandment.
While The Majority Of Self-Proclaimed Believers continue to observe ' Sunday Worship Services ',  there are a growing number who have come to realize: " The Abomination Of Desolation " - for what it actually is... A Counterfeit Day Of Worship having been intentionally created by Spiritual Babylon. But, for the sake of you who haven't [ honestly ] woken up yet, let me explain what they've figured out, that you yourselves haven't. After all, The True Answer To This Question is highly important - even if it only represents one small step forward spiritually!

For those having personally studied The Scriptures, there are certain: Highly Obvious and Logical Principles - that provide them with this Key Scriptural Understanding. Among these are:
  • The Word Of Yahweh Never Changes
  • The Sabbath Is An Eternal Sign For All Generations
  • Yahshua, Himself, Is The Mighty One
  • The Sabbath Is Being Kept Far Into The Future