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Cats In The Cradle, by Harry Chapin, was A Hip Hop Prophecy with a very timely message from The Spirit Of Yahweh!

Cat's In The Cradle - album cover.
While The 1974 Classic Folk Song: " Cat's In The Cradle " - by the legendary Harry Chapin - may not be ' Hip Hop ' [ by any stretch of the term ]; it is most definitely A Musical Prophecy... and, although some people might perceive a problem with my chosen terminology; the study of Hip Hop Prophecy is focused far more: Upon The Messages Involved, than The Musical Genre being utilized. In any case, The Spiritual Message within this one - was a very timely one indeed! After all, The Holy Spirit has been lovingly reminding you of ' The End Time Message ' from Malachi Chapter 4....

Don't believe me, then why not watch The 4 Minute Musical Video: " Cat's In The Cradle " - by Harry Chapin, circa 1974 - and see for yourself, whether it's a Hip Hop Prophecy, or not? The answer might just surprise you....

America In Prophecy

Cat's In The Cradle - by: Harry Chapin

Cat's In The Cradle - Lyrics Written By: Harry Chapin

{ *** NOTE: Since I couldn't readily find the song lyrics to Cat's In The Cradle; and since most people actually know them quite well anyway; I decided to just skip them for the moment and write my own article. I hope, that you honestly won't mind! I'll post them: " Whenever, I Can Find The Time " - to get back to this particular article.... ;@) }

While most people understand The General Meaning of this particular song, by musical legend Harry Chapin, I will [ in fact ] take the time to laboriously explain it. This particular Hip Hop Prophecy is a social commentary upon The Extreme Importance Of Human Relationships... particularly, amongst The Nuclear Family. There is no greater human calling than Parental Responsibility! Our entire civilization is completely dependent upon The Foundational Strength Of Our Own Familial Units. Let's face it, folks... it's the most basic structure, upon which everything else hinges....

Folk Legend: Harry Chapin.
Meanwhile, at the time that Cat's In The Cradle was then climbing the musical charts, Our Own Modern Societies were already suffering greatly from Rampant Materialism. The west's typical: Husband and Father - was most frequently: Working Around 60 Hours A Week, or Out Enjoying The Fruit Of His Labor, and Too Physically Exhausted For Anything Else.... Consequently, everything was falling upon the shoulders of our nation's [ mostly ]: " Stay At Home Mothers "! It's no wonder, that these overworked mothers were looking for their own situational changes. The End Result, of course, is now obvious to all of us....

In The 1970's, we subsequently witnessed: A Virtual Explosion In Feminism, A Mass Exodus From The Home, and The Sudden Decline Of Our Own Human Families... and, as their own parents lost interest in them, Our Well-Behaved Children became [ increasingly ]: Disobedient, Disrespectful, and Belligerent - toward those ' Older Strangers ' now still living with them! Meanwhile, Our Own Clever Solution was to just address the symptoms - by simply: Coddling, Placating, and/or [ then ] Spoiling Them... and, this in turn, led to their own Ever Growing Disrespect for all other forms of Social Authority.

But, Back In 1974, we still didn't know these things yet... The Negative Societal Implications were still a very long way off... and, at that particular juncture in our own human history, Harry Chapin was being led - by The Spirit Of Yahweh - to write us this one specific song! A Hip Hop Prophecy simply entitled: " Cat's In The Cradle " - based upon our own collectively understood Nursery Rhymes. How very: Fitting and [ indeed ] Prophetical....

The Song: Cat's In The Cradle

Cat's In The Cradle - circa, 1880.
Contrary to popular opinion, The Son in this folk song doesn't just represent our own children. It also represents Our Own Families, as a whole. The Father - who is far too busy with: Work and Other Activities - is setting the example for everyone else within Our Own Crumbling Homes. By expending such efforts in chasing after Their Material Wealth - symbolically represented by: " The Silver Spoon " - they have set The Standards for everyone else to honestly live up to. First, Their Own Wives... and, then later, Those Ever-Observant Children.

Meanwhile: " Little Boy Blue " - stands for their own: Sons, and Daughters; who have no one left to: Love, Nurture, Educate, and Guide Them... and, it's no wonder that they're feeling: " Quite Blue " - considering The Very Low Value that their own parents have [ honestly ] come to perceive in them! Children aren't stupid, folks. They know what The True Deal is... it's: " All About The Money ", and: " What It Can Truthfully Buy You "! In fact, they have learned really quick... and, within less than two generations, Our Own Nations Are Now Crumbling - because of it....

In Malachi Chapter 4, we read ' This Very Same Message ' - without all of the musical distractions. Not so surprisingly, however, it's An End Time Message To The People Of Earth!
" Behold [ Pay Attention ], I will send you Eli'Yah [ My Own Chosen Messenger ] the prophet [ The Watchman Who Faithfully Serves Me ] Before the coming of The Great And Dreadful Day Of The Mighty One [ Prior To The Time Of My Own Judgment ].
And he will turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To Their Children [ Reminding You Of Your Own: Sacred Trust And Familial Obligations ], And The Hearts Of The Children To Their Fathers [ Reminding Them Of The Fifth Commandment ], Lest I come and strike The Earth with a curse [ I, Then, Utterly Afflict It ]. " - Malachi 4:5-6.

Is this Coincidental? Perhaps... but, probably not. After all, we're not just talking about America here... after all, The Entire Planet is now suffering, from These Very Same Ailments! Come on, folks: Start Waking Up and Take A Good Look Around You. Like all Hip Hop Prophecies: " Cat's In The Cradle " - was provided to its author, by The Spiritual Realm... and, in this particular instance, ' That Spirit ' just happened to belong to Yahweh Himself!
{ *** NOTE: While you may not actually perceive it, Most Song Writers fully understand where their own song lyrics are coming from! Many Of Them, work exclusively for Satan... and A Few Of Them, work only for Yahweh... but, The Overall Majority Of Them, don't [ honestly ] care who they work for - As Long As The Music Is Selling. After all, it's The Lifestyle, that many of them are just simply looking for.... *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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