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In the Hip Hop Prophecy: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - Nancy Sinatra was speaking for The Spirit Within Women Everywhere....

Nancy Sinatra: " Boots Are For Walking ".
The Popular Hit Song: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - released by Nancy Sinatra in 1966 -  is a Hip Hop Prophecy warning: The North American and Western European Male that, in fact: " The Times, They Are A Changin "... and, even more importantly, it's - also - very clearly, Telling Us Why! But, of course, who was then actually listening? Certainly, not us. There are always More Important Things To Do - than just staying home with your own personal family....

Don't believe it, then why not watch Nancy Sinatra's own popular hit song: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - before we study Those Very Prophetical Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

Boots Are Made For Walking - by: Nancy Sinatra

These Boots Are Made For Walking 
- Lyrics By: Lee Hazlewood.

You keep saying [ You Keep Making False Promises ]
you got something for me [ That You Have No Real Intention Of Keeping ]
Something you call love [ You Say, That You're My Own True Mate ]
but confess [ But, Honestly, Why Not Just Be Truthful ]
You've been a'messin' [ You've Been Continually Ignoring Me ]
where you shouldn't 've been a'messin' [ While Running All Around ]
And now someone else [ And Now It's Readily Apparent ]
is getting all your best [ That, I'm Only A Distraction To You ]
Well [ But, I Don't Have To Just Sit Here And Take It ]
These Boots Are made For Walking [ I Can Step Out On You, Too ],
and that's just what they'll do [ And I'm Telling You, That I Will ]
One Of These Days [ Within Just One Single Generation ]
These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You [ I'll Finally Make My Own Move ]

You keep lyin' [ We're Not, Really, That Stupid ]
when you oughta be truthin' [ We Can Tell, When You're Lying ]
You keep losing [ In Fact, We're Actually Quite Clever ]
when you oughta not bet [ You Haven't Even Noticed, What We're Already Up To ]
You keep samin' [ You Think Things Aren't Changing ]
when you oughta be a'changin' [ But, We're Already Learning From You ]
What's right is right [ Have You Forgotten, That Marriage Is A Partnership ]
but you ain't been right yet [ Or, Did You Ever - Truthfully - Know ]
These Boots Are made For Walking [ We Can Do Anything, That You Do ],
and that's just what they'll do [ And, Pretty Soon We Will ]
One Of These Days [ Within Just One Single Generation ]
These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You [ We'll Finally Make Our Own Move ]

You keep playing [ You're Playing With Fire, O Dear Husband ]
where you shouldn't be playing [ And That, Isn't Really Too Smart ]
And you keep thinking [ But, You Aren't Thinking About Consequences ]
that you'll never get burnt [ Fools, Like You, Always Get Burnt ]
( HAH ) [ It's All, Actually, Quite Funny ]

Well [ Since ]
I've just found me [ I've Already Got My Own Plans ]
A Brand New Box Of Matches [ Lucifer Will, Also, Help Us Women Too ]
( YEAH ) [ You Fools, He Doesn't Care Who We Are ]

And what He Knows [ And, He's Got An Awful Lot Of Knowledge ]
you ain't had time to learn [ Beside Those Things That You've Learned ]
These Boots Are made For Walking [ He's Told Us, We No Longer Need You ]
and that's just what they'll do [ And, Pretty Soon We'll - Also - Start Leaving ]
One Of These Days [ Within Just One Single Generation ]
These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You [ We'll Finally Make Our Own Move ]

Are you ready boots [ Pay Attention Ladies ]? 
Start Walking [ Let's Give Them All Hell ]!

The ever sensational: Nancy Sinatra.
As you can see, brothers and sisters, Nancy Sinatra wasn't just singing a song... her own [ surprisingly ] Popular Hit: " Boots Are Made For Walking " - was actually a Hip Hop Prophecy in the beginning stages of it's own obvious fulfillment! Bear in mind, the actual date of this smashing musical success. After all, it was factually being released in 1966 - when most women were still baking all of those wonderful cookies. Does that, ring a bell? Well, it ought to... just look what happened, Within Only One Generation Later!

In fact, The Women's Liberation Movement was only just starting... and, the very talented Nancy Sinatra was [ just then ] speaking out for women everywhere. Just, the merest coincidence? I don't believe so... but, what do you [ honestly ] think? After all, that's what's really important! But, why not [ truthfully ] ponder The Following Information - before answering....

Just, A Sample Quotation:
The 1970's marked a period of time when the sisters of the United Sates joined together to protest the injustices that were, and in some instances, still are ingrained into the American Society. While The Movement actually began in the late 1960's, membership and unity seemed to have increased drastically in the early 1970's. For example, the membership in NOW ( National Organization for Women ), one of the largest and most mainstream organizations of the Women's Movement, increased it's numbers from 1,200 in 1967 to 48,000 in 1970 ( Douglas 165 ). These large numbers of women, divided into many subgroups, from the mainstream organization NOW to more radical groups like Witch ( Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy From Hell ), fought to improve many facets of society like job inequalities, public offices, childcare, abortion, the economic system, independence, the media, gender stereotypes, and sexist oppression.

But, of course, our wives weren't the only ones watching... in fact, Our Children Were Too!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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