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Zechariah Chapter 11 accurately describes: " The Desolation Of Latter Day Canaan ".

Zechariah The Prophet.
In Zechariah Chapter 11, we are given a most valuable glimpse of Our Own Current Events from the perspective of Zechariah The Prophet... and while, The Focus Of This Chapter is primarily upon The People Of: Latter Day Canaan [ The United States Of America ] and Israel [ The People Of Bible Belt ] - its actual and highly important message also pertains to The Entire Earth in general! Meanwhile, The True Key is to be clearly found within: " The Prophecy Of The Shepherds " - that begins with Verse 4.

Who, or what, are those ' Three Shepherds '? Well, that's actually simple... but, you're not going to like The Truthful Answer, that I'll honestly have to give you... after all, The Truth Is Never Popular! Therefore, without further commentary, let's examine these Prophetical Scriptures recounting: " The Desolation Of Latter Day Canaan "....

Zechariah Chapter 11, Says:
" Open your doors [ Greatly Weaken Your Own Nation ], O Lebanon [ You Powerful Aryan People ], That Fire May Devour Your Cedars [ For, I Have Pronounced Your Impending National Judgment ].
Wail, O Cyprus [ You Descendants Of Tyre ], for The Cedar [ Your Main Mast ] has fallen, And because The Mighty Trees [ Your: Great And Powerful Men ] are ruined [ Have All Been Led Greatly Astray ]. Wail, O Oaks Of Bashan [ You Children Of Og ], For The Thick Forest [ Your Great Military Bulwark ] has come down [ Has Been Expended Very Foolishly ].
There is The Sound Of Wailing Shepherds [ Who Have Now Lost Their Flocks ]! For Their Glory Is In Ruins [ Their Flocks Have Been Thoroughly Scattered ]. There is The Sound Of Roaring Lions [ The Nations Have Grown Angry With You ]! For The Pride Of The Jordan [ Your Own Spiritual Pasture ] is in ruins [ Has Not Been Cared For ].
Thus says Yahweh my Mighty One, ' Feed The Flock For Slaughter [ Because, That Is What Shall Now Happen ] ', Whose Owners [ Those Foolish Illuminated Ones ] slaughter them and feel no guilt [ For What They Have Intentionally Done ]; those who sell them [ The Traitors Then Living Among Them ] say: ' Blessed Be The Lord [ Praise Our Master Ba'al ], for I am rich [ Their Enemies Shall Reward Me ] '; and Their Shepherds [ Who Know Exactly What Is Going On ] do not pity them [ By Proclaiming This Necessary Truth ].
For I [ The Mighty One ] will no longer pity the inhabitants of the land [ Since, They Have Continually Refused To Acknowledge Me ], says The Mighty One. But Indeed [ I Shall Allow Them To Pass Under The Rod ], I will give everyone Into His Neighbor's Hand [ To Physically Afflict Them ] and Into The Hand Of His King [ For Their Own Spiritual Chastisement ]. They [ Their Foreign Enemies ] shall attack the land [ To Utterly Destroy It ], and I will not deliver them [ This Mighty Aryan Nation ] from their hand [ When These Future Events Happen ].
So I fed The Flock [ Within This Very Prideful Nation ] for slaughter [ Providing Them The Choicest Of Spiritual Foods ], in particular the poor of the flock [ Far More Than The Other Nations Surrounding It ]. I took for myself The Two Staffs [ Of My Own Everlasting Covenant ]: The One I Called Beauty [ Or: Mercy And Grace ], and The Other I Called Bonds [ Or: Love, Obedience, And Unity ]; and I fed the flock [ Abundantly, Upon Both Of These Things ].
I [ The Mighty One ] dismissed The Three Shepherds [ Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism ] in one month [ Over A 30 Year Period ]. My Soul [ The Holy Spirit ] loathed them [ Was Sorely Perplexed By Them ], and Their Soul [ The Spirit Of Falsehood ] also abhorred Me [ We Could No Longer Find Any Form Of Agreement ].
Then I [ The Mighty One ] said, ' I Will No Longer Feed You [ To Those False Shepherds ]. Let what is dying [ Despite My Own Best Efforts ] die [ As It Will Inevitably Do ], and what is now perishing [ Those: Sun-Worshipers And Kabbalists ] perish [ For They Are Wholly Unchangeable ]. Let those that are left [ Living Within Their Own: False Churches And Errant Synagogues ] eat each-others' flesh [ In The Time, That Is Now Coming ]. '
And I [ The Mighty One ] took My Staff Beauty [ Mercy And Grace ], and cut it in two, that I Might Break The Covenant [ Salvation Through Yahshua ] Which I Made With All Of The Peoples [ Upon The Cross ].
So it was broken upon that day [ Just As I, Myself, Had Promised It Would Be ]. Thus, The Poor Of The Flock [ The Truly Humbled Ones ], Who Were Watching Me [ Rather Than Following Those Shepherds ], Knew That It [ This Particular Message ] Was [ Indeed ] The Word Of The Mighty One [ As Clearly Provided, From Within My Own Scriptures ].
Then I [ The Mighty One ] said to Them [ Those Three Shepherds Of Babylon ], ' If it is agreeable to you, Give Me My Wages [ For Having Served You Faithfully In The Past ]; and if not, then refrain [ For I Shall Forcefully Compel No One ]. ' So They [ These Three Servants Of Babylon ] weighed out for My Wages [ In Past Service ] Thirty Pieces Of Silver [ Thirty: Wise And Talented Men ]
And The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] said to me [ Zechariah ], ' Throw it to The Potter [ The Holy Spirit ] ' - that princely price they set upon Me. So I took The Thirty Pieces Of Silver [ These: Wise And Talented Men ] and threw them into The House Of The Mighty One [ That They Might Do His Own Bidding ] For The Potter [ Who Fashions The Hearts Of All Men ].
Then I [ The Mighty One ] cut in two My Other Staff Bonds [ Love, Obedience, And Unity ], that I might break The Brotherhood Between Judah And Israel [ Setting Them Against One Another ].
And The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] said to me [ Zechariah ], ' Next, take for yourself The Implements Of A Foolish Shepherd.
For indeed, I [ Yahweh ] shall raise up a shepherd [ A Foolish Ruler ] in that land [ The United States Of America ] who will not care for those who are cut off, nor seek the young, nor heal those that are broken, nor feed those that still stand [ The Very Last Prince Of Tyre ]. But [ Instead Of These Things ], he will eat the flesh of the fat [ Among The Wicked Ones ] and tear their hooves in pieces [ Accelerating Their Own Political Demise ].
Woe to The Worthless Shepherd [ Who Serves Only Himself ], And who leaves the flock [ When This Day Of Punishment Comes ]! A sword shall be against his arm [ His Own Followers Shall Seek His Life ], And against his right eye [ My Own Spirit Shall Not Factually Assist Him ]; His arm shall completely wither [ He Shall Be Utterly Powerless To Defend Himself ], And his right eye [ The Spiritually Discerning One ] shall be totally blinded [ Without Any True Scriptural Perception ]. " - Zechariah 11:1-17.

As you can see, brothers and sisters, There Are Two Distinct Messages Found In Zechariah Chapter 11... one, particularly, for: The United States Of America... and, the other, for: Yahweh's Own Children Worldwide! After all, The Judgment that is now starting here: "  Within Israel's Own House " - will soon begin flowing outward To Fully Engulf The Entire World [ Where, The Rest Of You Now Are ]; and, that's what is fully meant by:
" The Axe, Lies At The Base Of The Trees.... "

Meanwhile, those long prophesied: " Thirty Pieces Of Silver " -  that He Received in exchange for those: " Worthless Churches Of Babylon " - have been using Lucifer's Own Illuminati Subliminal Techniques against him... for, The Everlasting Benefit Of Yahweh! After all, it's all about: " Coming Out Of Babylon "... and then, Into His Own Spiritual Light.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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