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Ephesians Chapter 4 - explains The True Unity Of Faith, that is so fully expected from us by Yahweh Himself.

A Father and His Child - instruction along the way.
After my very last article, entitled: " The American Bible Belt will not always be A Disappointing Vineyard to Yahweh " - I thought that, The Message Of Ephesians Chapter 4 would be very appropriate! After all, that particular posting ended with our: " Spiritual Atonement " - in which we shall finally be ' Of One United Mentality [ Spiritually speaking ] '... and, along this very same line, Ephesians Chapter 4 is all about: " The Eventual Unity Of Our Faith ".

The fact, that: The Old and New Testaments are Substantially In Agreement shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone... they are, in fact, ' The Two Prophetical Testaments ' to: " Yahweh's One Everlasting Covenant With Abraham "... and, while Spiritual Babylon cannot perceive this Important Scriptural Truth, Yahweh's Own People are not without His Own Holy Spirit to faithfully instruct them. Consequently, we have all realized this fact for quite some time. Perfection is quite naturally symmetrical... and everything about Yahweh, The Mighty One, is clearly perfect!

For instance, everything within The Scriptures actually happens twice....
  • The Feasts Of Yahweh are symbolic of: Yahshua's Two Comings, His Two Habitations With Mankind, The Two Atonements, The Two Baptisms, The Two Rains Of His Holy Spirit, The Two Judgments, and The Two Earthly Kingdoms.
  • The Temple In Jerusalem is: Commanded By Yahweh Twice, Built By Israel Twice, and Physically Destroyed Twice - as Yahweh Himself commanded it to be.
  • Israel Itself is: Gathered From The Gentiles Twice, Led Into The Wilderness Twice, Rebels Against Him Twice, Smitten By Him Twice, Spiritually Healed By Him Twice, and Led Into The Promised Land Twice.
  • The Nations Of The Earth are: Allowed To Grow Corrupt Twice, Judged By Him Twice, and Destroyed By Him Twice - Before and After - The Flood.
  • Even Yahweh Himself has ' Two Actual Existences ' in the form of: The Physical Macroverse Itself [ " I Am All That Exists " ], and The Human Incarnation Of Yahshua His Self-Proclaimed Son [ " The Body, Which I Have Made For Myself " ].

As The Scriptures declare, within the writings of Solomon:
" That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there anything of which it may be said, ' See, this is New ? ' It has already been in ancient times before us,
[ However ] There is no remembrance of former things [ Because We Have Been Spiritually Blinded ], Nor will there be any remembrance of things that are to come [ After I, Solomon, Die ] By those who will come after [ Me ]. " - Ecclesiastes 1:9-11.

While I might seem to be digressing from The Subject At Hand [ Ephesians Chapter 4: The Unity Of Our Faith ], I assure you that I am going somewhere with all of this allusion To The Ongoing Symmetry Of Our Existence! The point that I'm trying to make is, that: " Yahweh Knows, Exactly, What He Himself Has Been Doing... " everything has been: Carefully Crafted and Calculatingly Scripted long before anyone, or anything, was ever created - in the first place... and with such an attention to all of the details, He Will Get The Desired Results that He [ Himself ] has been so fully expecting! You might as well, Just Wake Up.... Why would anyone, even, fight against it?

In Ephesians Chapter 4, We Read About True Unity:
" I, therefore, the prisoner of The Mighty One [ Having Fully Surrendered My Own Life To Him ], beseech you to have a walk worthy of the calling with which you were called [ In Spirit And In Truth ],
[ Being Defined As, Walking] with all lowliness [ Of Humility Before Yahweh ] and gentleness [ To Our Fellow Human Beings ], with long-suffering [ Towards Others ], bearing with one another in love [ As Yahweh, Himself, Also Bears With Us ],
endeavoring to keep [ Fully Preserve ] The Unity Of The Spirit [ According To Yahweh's Own Commandments ] In The Bond Of Peace [ For They Teach Us, To Properly Love One Another ].
There is One Body [ Of Which We Are All Parts ] and One Spirit [ That Speaks To Us All, If We'll Truly Listen ], just as you were called In One Hope [ The Promises Of Yahweh, Set Before Us ] of your calling [ Which His Own Spirit Has Convicted You Of ];
One Teacher [ Yahshua, The Messiah ], One Faith [ The Plan For Our Redemption ], One Baptism [ The Holy Spirit Living Within Us ];
One Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ] and One Father Of All [ He, Who Begot Everyone ], who is above all [ Even, Yahshua His Son ], and through all [ His Own Spirit Is Connected To Everything That Exists ], and in you all [ And Communicates With Us Directly, When We Listen ]. " - Ephesians 4:1-6.

This is, indeed, The Singular Nature of: Yahweh and His One Covenant With All Of Mankind! But any such covenant, fully requires: Two Witnesses [ to establish it factually ], Two Testaments [ to display it actually unfolding ], and Two Chastisements [ to establish its readily-apparent and ongoing consistency ].... True Unity requires: Parallelism and Symmetry... and that is ' The Valuable Lesson ' that we find within Ephesians Chapter 4.

After all, what child doesn't test his own parents - At Least Twice - to establish his own: Ongoing and Physical Boundaries? And what parent - no matter how inept we might be - is ever surprised by This Ongoing Symmetrical Nature Of Human Behavior? And, don't forget, that Yahweh declares Himself to be: " Our Heavenly Father... " should we, therefore, expect anything different from Him? He does want Unity, after all....

You see, Brothers and Sisters, True Spiritual Unity - between parent and child - is fully based upon: Consistent Parallelism and Reinforced Symmetry! That's how all of us achieve discipline in our own physical children... and that's how Yahweh, The Mighty One, is guiding us into: " The Spiritual Bonds Of His Everlasting Covenant "! It's just that simple... and moreover, even ' A Little Child ' can fully understand this.

That's why Yahshua, Himself, so clearly stated:
" Assuredly, I say to you [ Here Is The Mighty One's Own Secret ], Unless You Are Converted [ Through His Own Spirit Dwelling Within You ] And Become [ Mentally And Spiritually ] As Little Children [ That Desire Their Own Father's Approval ], you will by no means enter The Kingdom Of Heaven [ For There Is No Other Way, To Do It ].
Therefore [ I Tell You This Secret ], whoever humbles himself [ Like I Have Told You ] as This Little Child [ Standing Before Me Today ] is The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven [ For That Is How The Father Judges Amongst His Own Children ].
And whoever receives One Little Child Like This [ By: Loving, Assisting, And Accepting Him ] In My Name [ That Of Yahshua ] Receives Me [ For I And My Brothers Are One ]. " - Mathew 18:3-5.

Blessed Are The Children who ' Truly Understand ' this All Important Message... and hopefully, Dear Reader, you're one of them! Yahweh created All Of Us to be His Own Family... One Family, with One Family Nature, and with One Family Head - Yahweh, ' The Father Of All Of Us '! Meanwhile, Ephesians Chapter 4 is all about: Our Family Unity and Our Individual Familial Integrity....

Ephesians Chapter 4, Displays Our Own Individual Identities:
" But to each one of us [ Individually ] grace [ Individual Freedom And Necessary Forgiveness ] was given [ To Us All ] - according to the measure of The Messiah's Gift [ In His Dying For Us ].
Therefore [ That Is Why ], He says [ The Following ]: ' When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive, And gave gifts to men.
( Now this, ' He Ascended ' - what does it mean, but that He also first descended into the lower parts of the earth [ During His Own Period Of Death ]?
He who descended is also the One who ascended [ To The True Sanctuary Of Yahweh ] far above all the heavens [ Where Our Father Truly Dwells ], that He might fulfill all things [ Of A Priestly Nature, Before Yahweh ]. )
And He [ Yahshua ] Himself gave some to be: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers - for the edifying of the body of The Messiah, until we all come to The Unity Of The Faith and to The Knowledge Of The Son Of Yahweh, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of The Messiah;
that we should no longer be children [ That Are Ignorantly Unaware ], tossed to and fro [ By Spiritual Babylon ] and carried about with every wind of doctrine [ That She Can Conceivably Devise ], by the trickery of men [ Through Altering His Words ], in the cunning craftiness [ Or Cold And Calculating Way ] by which they lie in wait [ For You To Seek Them Out ] to deceive [ And To Once Again Confuse You ];
 But, Speaking The Truth In Love [ As I Am Now Doing ], we may grow up in all things [ Through The Spiritual Principles Employed ] into Him who is The Head - Our Messiah - from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, and causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love. " - Ephesians 4:7-16.

While Babylon [ both: Political and Spiritual ] evaluates things respective to their own Perceived Individual Advantages - such as their: Exalted Position, Measure Of Authority, Projection Of Power, and Societal Privilege - The Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ] is more concerned with their: Apparent Usefulness, Valuable Utility, Actual Form, and Physical Function. Moreover, He does so - respective towards ' The Collective Body '. Thus, anything that is more concerned with itself than providing a valuable service for the others dependent upon it, is A Form Of Cancer to the entire body - as a whole! Cancer, therefore, is defined as: " Disunity In Action ".

And All Forms Of Cancer - whether called: Malignant, or Benign - truly effect The Health, Welfare, and Function of the bodies inhabited by them. Just because The Surgery Itself is considered to be more dangerous than Their Cancerous Effects, doesn't make a so-called ' Benign Cancer ' anymore acceptable to the rest of the body... for, it is highly disruptive to all proper functioning. Nor will Yahweh, The Mighty One, continue to tolerate ' These Selfish-Ones ' forever! Consequently, there shall be: " A True Judgment "... for, as Ephesians Chapter 4 is now telling us, The Mighty One is looking for ' True Unity! '

Ephesians Chapter 4, Explains Our Need For Transformation:
" This I say, therefore [ To all Of You ], and testify in The Mighty One [ Through Yahweh's Own Spirit ], that you should no longer walk [ In The Way You Conduct Yourselves ] as the rest of The Gentiles [ Those Non-Comprehending Ones ] walk, in the futility of their mind [ Since, They Have Rejected Yahweh's Own Spirit ],
having their understanding darkened [ Through Short-Term Thinking ], being alienated from The Life Of Yahweh [ Through Their Own Human Dissipation ], because of the ignorance that is in them [ By Rejecting The True Knowledge ], and because of the hardening of their heart  [ Through Repetitious Wrong-Actions ];
who [ Themselves ], being past feeling [ The Pangs Of Spiritual Conscience ], have given themselves over to licentiousness [ Momentary Self Satisfaction And Self Fulfillment ], to work all uncleanness [ Every Debased Behavior ] with greediness [ With A Drug Induced Compulsion ].
But you [ His Believing Ones ] have not so learned Messiah [ The Teachings Of Our Messiah ], if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him [ If You Are Truly His ], as The Truth is in Yahshua [ For, Yahshua Taught Us Correctly, When He Stated ]:
that you [ The True Believer ] put off [ Effect A Real Change ], concerning your former conduct [ In Being So Naturally Minded ], The Old Man [ Whom You Are No Longer ] which grows corrupt [ Increasingly Debases Itself ] according to the deceitful lusts [ Within Your Own Human Hearts ], and be renewed in the spirit of your mind [ Through Taking Upon Yourself A New Nature ],
and that you [ The True Believer ] put on [ May Now Mentally Become ] The New Man [ That The Mighty One Expects You To Become ] which was created according to Yahweh [ In His Spirit And Based Upon His Truth ], in righteousness and true holiness [ In Spirit And In Truth ]. " - Ephesians 4:17-24.

As we can clearly see, from Ephesians Chapter 4, the ' True Unity Of Our Faith ' is based upon: Each Individual Believer working together cooperatively in order to accomplish the proper tasks of The Collective Spiritual Body. No one person - acting alone, in a vacuum - can accomplish Any Of His Spiritual Tasks... and no one person - regardless of our own human misperceptions - is [ in any way ] greater than any other. We are, what we are, and nothing more!

By living In Harmony with one another, we are effectively creating True Unity Upon The Earth... but, Harmony is the obvious result of each one of us Living In Parallel with respect towards one another. Nor, is Harmony in anywise Asymmetrical! We have ' A Vertical Relationship ' with The Mighty One... and ' A Horizontal Relationship ' to All Other Parallel Beings....

Ephesians Chapter 4, Warns Us To Not Grieve His Spirit:
" Therefore [ Knowing All Of These Things ], putting away lying [ Is Very Important ], each one speak The Truth with his neighbor [ For That Is Frankly Required ], for we are members of one another [ The Individual Parts Of The Very Same Body ].
Be angry [ Hey, It's Going To Happen ], and do not sin [ But Endeavor Mightily To Forgive Others ]: do not let the sun go down on your wrath [ Try To Fix It, Before The Day Is Even Over ], nor give place to the devil [ For He Shall Use This Against You, In The Future ].
Let him who stole [ In Times Past ] steal no longer [ Since He Has Now Been Renewed By Yahweh's Own Spirit ], rather [ Instead ]  let him labor [ Like The Rest Of Us ], working with his hands what is good [ Providing Even More Utility And Function To Others ], that he may have something [ Of True Value ] to give him who has need  [ Whether: By Exchange Of Payment, Or Altruistic Charity ].
Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth [ For You Shall Be Judged, By Your Own Words ], but what is good for necessary edification [ That Is Entirely Acceptable ], that it may impart grace to the hearers [ Since Others Truly Benefit From It ].
And do not grieve The Holy Spirit Of Yahweh [ Lest, He Leave You Entirely Alone ], by whom you were sealed for The Day Of Redemption [ When All Of Our Accounts Shall Be Finally Settled Up ].
Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you [ For All Of This Hinders You ], with all malice [ Towards That Detestable Part Of Your Own Human Nature ].
And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, just as The Mighty One in The Messiah also forgave you. " - Ephesians 4:25-32. 

You see, Brothers and Sisters, Ephesians Chapter 4 is all about ' The Unity Of Our Faith '. In fact, there is nothing in Ephesians Chapter 4 - but, the proper explanation of Our Internal Relationships, with one towards another... and that's what has been missing, from: " Spiritual Babylon ", " Her Seven Spiritual Daughters "" Her Highly-Numerous Grandchildren ", and " All Of Her Other Corrupted Abominations "! None of them can comprehend this: Highly-Important and Missing Ingredient....

But, sadly, The Houses Of: Judah [ living in Modern Day Israel ], Israel [ living in The Bible Belt ], and Joseph [ living in Egypt ] - do not ' Truly Understand It ' either! Consequently, " The Baptism By Fire " - has become The Necessary Process - to burn away the toughened outer husks, from our very own Spiritual Seeds. Some crops have to be burned, in order to accomplish this very important task... and we, just, happen to be one of them.... Humans just [ factually ] think better, while living under a great deal of physical pressure!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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