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A Prophetical Review of: " " - just another mouthpiece for Seventh Day Adventism.

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While searching under the terms: " America In Prophecy "  - at Yahoo Search - I recently came across ' America-In-Prophecy.Com '. Like many Seventh Day Adventist Informational Sources, it does factually contain some: Very Limited and New Testament Information - upon the actual topic of America In Prophecy! Therefore, I would [ honestly ] rank them far higher than the previous sources having been substantially reviewed.

However, The Prophetical Information that they themselves factually possess is severely limited... and [ even ] crippled by the fact, that they refuse to access the resources so substantially provided within The Old Testament Prophecies - regarding Our End Times Period. In other words:
While they know that The United States of America is: " The Second Beast Of Revelation, that factually serves The Harlot Of Babylon... [ The False Prophet Nation ] " - They don't have any real prophetical clue:
  1. As To Its True Significance Within The Prophetical Scriptures.
  2. About The Peoples Who Currently Live Here.
  3. What Is Now Coming Upon America.
  4. Or The Prophetical Results Thereof....

Consequently, this particular Internet Information Source focuses more upon America's Own Historical References, rather than any: Highly-Specific And Much-Needed Prophetical Information - clearly unique to The Sacred Scriptures themselves!

Which, of course, isn't really that surprising; since, The Seventh Day Adventists themselves - by their own clear admission -  rejected the leading of ' His Own Holy Spirit ' [ In The Late 1880's ]. I am speaking, of course, about: " The 1888 Message Of Sanctification And Holiness [ which was: Rejected, Voted Down, and even Outwardly Banned From Accurate Publication: by their own General Conference Of Seventh Day Adventists - in that same year ] "
{ *** NOTE:  The topic of The 1888 Message is one, which I have gone into [ in considerable detail ] once before, at The Truth About God; and, upon which, I plan on digging into [ far deeper ] here at America In Prophecy - very soon! So, please stay tuned.... }

And why was: " The 1888 Message " - so flatly rejected? Because, In 1888, The Jesuits Of Rome had finally infiltrated the top of their organization; and taken the direct control of their church - like: " All Of Rome's Other Daughters " - both: Before and After Them! In fact, Laodicea was [ already ] completely dead - by the start of: World War I....Since All Of Them were: " Neither Cold, Nor Hot " - " Yahweh Had [ Finally ] Spewed Them Out Of His Mouth [ And They No Longer Could Speak For Him ] " - just as it was fully prophesied to one day eventually happen!

The Seven Church Eras [ of Revelation Chapters 1 through 3 ] were followed by Chapter 4 Verse 1, which clearly states:
" After these things I looked, and behold [ I Saw It ], a door standing open [ No Priesthood Any Longer Stands Between You ] in heaven [ That All Might Freely Come, Who Factually Choose To ].  " - Revelation 4:1.

And yet, The World still continued to follow These Harlots Of Babylon - as if absolutely nothing had ever changed! And that is why: Yahweh Himself loudly proclaimed: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues.... " - but, you still will not: Wake Up and Listen... and, Consequently, you are now fully unprepared for what is coming... indeed, you [ factually ] shall: " Share In Her Plagues " - to ' The Very Degree, Upon Which, You Are Not Listening '....

Meanwhile, You Already Have A Watchman - but you hear him not! Why? Because, he tells you things that are not very pleasant, or smooth... because, he refuses to say that: " ' Peace And Safety ' has finally come upon us... " and your own hearts are hardened to ' The Truth ' - from His Scriptures. Thus: " You Shall Suffer Your Own Personal Afflictions ", " You Shall Suffer True Hardships And Real Physical Hunger ", and " You Shall Be Hard-Pressed From Every Side " - as His Own Word has so fully assured you... for The Holy Spirit shall give birth to His Prophesied True People!

If it fully requires: Great Physical Pain and Tremendous Human Suffering - By His Own Spiritual Flock - then so be it! It has been written, By All Of The Prophets, that: " He [ Yahweh ] Shall Strike Them And Heal Them [ Whenever, And However, It Is Truly Necessary To Do So ]. " As His Watchman, I can only tell you ' The Truth '... His Striking has already begun... and By Next Year [ The Summer Of 2012 ], you shall - most assuredly - begin to see it in earnest!

 Meanwhile, At America In Prophecy, I Offer You:

Finally, I hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed this particular review of: America-In-Prophecy.Com - The Seventh Day Adventist information source.

{ *** NOTE: Since they do not possess A Blog Feed, or Feedburner Feed, I cannot add them to our blogroll - as previously promised. If and when this fact changes, I shall once again [ happily ] review them for their own inclusion! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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