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The 2011 Biblical Prophecies and their ultimate connection to The United States of America.

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While many people are now certain that we are currently living in: " The End Times " - very few of them can truly prove it themselves from The Scriptures... and, of those who can, even fewer can tell you [ precisely ] where we are in His Ongoing Prophetic Timeline. To the majority of us, it's often little more than a gut feeling, or even a glimpse of personal intuition. And yet, for a select few of us, the clarity of our God-given focus is often quite overwhelming. As is my case, with the unfolding Biblical Prophecies Of 2011.

The Events Of 2011 - which were prophesied thousands of years ago - have irrefutably confirmed the identity of The United States of America, within the sacred pages of Yahweh's Biblical Scriptures... because, All Of These Prophecies revolve around one prophesied nation: " The Latter Day Nation of Canaan [ or Tyre ] ". The question of: " Where is America found in The Scriptures? " - has been answered by The Mighty One, Himself... and very few Americans, will appreciate this answer. That's because, Canaan [ or Tyre ] is headed for its own destruction - according to The Bible.

But, what are these Prophesied Events Of 2011... and precisely how, are they related to Canaan [ or Tyre ]? Let's examine them from The Scriptures; and vividly witness Their Corresponding Events.

These 2011 Biblical Prophecies Were:
  1. Political Trouble for The Kingdom(s) Of Egypt.
  2. The Mississippi River Overflows In The Heartland.
  3. The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami - America Is Forced To Evacuate.
  4. The Devastation In America's Bible Belt.
  5. The End Of The American Space Program. 
  6. Natural Disasters Of: Drought, Floods, Fires, Storms, and Hail - Devastating America.
     { ***NOTE: I haven't included all of the links, due to not having written all of these articles yet. However, as I add them, I will soon provide the necessary links.}

    2011 - The Middle East

    So, what do The Troubles In The Middle East have do with ' Latter Day Canaan [ or Tyre ] '? The End Time Proclamations made against ' The Kingdom(s) of Egypt ' - aka: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia and The Entire Arabian Peninsula - are bound together with those made against ' Latter Day Canaan [ or Tyre ] '. See, for yourself....

    In Isaiah Chapter 23, It Reads:
    " When the report comes to Egypt, They also will be in agony at the report of Tyre. Cross over to Tarshish [ Your Mainland, To The West ]; Wail, you inhabitants of the coastland! " - Isaiah 23:5.
    Why are they crossing over to ' Their Mainland '? Because, their military stronghold of Japan has been devastated by: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Flooding, Fires, and Rising Levels Of Radiation. And why are ' They Wailing '? Because, they have lost their linchpin in Southeast Asia and in The Pacific.

    In Isaiah Chapter 27, It Says:
    " And it shall come to pass, in that day [ The Time Of Tyre's Judgment ], That The Mighty One will thresh, From the channel of The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ] to The Brook Of Egypt [ The Nile ]; And you will be gathered one by one, O you children of Israel.
    So it shall be in that day [ The Time Of Tyre's Trouble ]. That The Great Trumpet will be blown [ My Messengers Will Shout It ]; And they will come [ The Children Of Israel ], who are about to perish in that land of Assyria [ Latter Day Canaan And Tyre ], And they who are outcasts [ The House Of Joseph ] in the land of Egypt, And shall worship The Mighty One in the holy mount [ Mount Zion ] at Jerusalem. " - Isaiah 27:12-13.

    Once again, we see the troubles of Tyre and Egypt are clearly coinciding in These End Time Prophesies. In fact, Tyre and Egypt share a common bond in that both of them possess their own tribes, which fully comprise The Children Of Israel. The Ten Lost Tribes are in The Wilderness Of Canaan; and The House Of Joseph [ Ephraim and Manasseh ] is living within Egypt... and, in the next couple of years, they will both be simultaneously regathered!

    2011 - The Mississippi Flood

    Some people might ask, " Why do The Scriptures mention The Mississippi Flood before The Earthquake In Japan? " After all, The Flood comes in verse 10 and The Earthquake in verse 11.  Didn't The Flood come after The Earthquake? No, it didn't! While The Great Mississippi Flood of 2011 is still going on, and will be continuing even into The Fall; it began almost a full month before The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami....

    In Isaiah Chapter 23, We Read:
    " Overflow through your land like The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ], O daughter of Tarshish [ The Ancient Sea Traders Of Tyre ]; There is no more strength [ I have broken your backbone ]." - Isaiah 23:10.

    Some of you may notice a subscript after the word ' River ' within your own Bibles... and down below a reference to: The Nile, or even The Euphrates. In some translations, it could even read The Amazon. However, we can be sure that The River [ being mentioned here ] is, in fact, The Mississippi. How? Because The Scriptures describe it as having exactly: " Seven Headwaters ".

    In Isaiah Chapter 11: It Says:
    " With His Mighty Wind He will shake His fist over The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ], And strike it in The Seven Streams [ Or, Headwaters ], And make men cross over dry shod [ By Drying It Up ]. There will be a highway for The Remnant Of His People [ Those Ten Tribes Of Israel ] who will be left from that land of Assyria [ Latter Day Canaan And Tyre ], As it was for Israel [ When They Were Previously Gathered ] In the day that he came up from the land of Egypt. " - Isaiah 11:15-16.
    The reference here to Egypt - in the past tense - clearly shows that He isn't discussing any of its rivers, thus completely ruling out The Nile. But, what about: The Amazon, or Euphrates? Do either of them possess ' Seven Headwaters '? No, they don't... but, The Mississippi does! They are the: Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Illinois Rivers - that form the complete headwater and massive tributary network known as: " The Mississippi River System ".

    But, in what way can The Mississippi River System be called ' America's Backbone '? Well, at we can read this little snippet:
    " Today, the Jefferson-Mississippi-Missouri River System is used primarily for industrial transportation, carrying agricultural and manufactured goods, iron, steel, and mine products from one end of the country to the other. The Mississippi River and the Missouri River, the two major stretches of the system, see 460 million short tons (420 million metric tons) and 3.25 million short tons (3.2 million metric tons) of freight transported every year. Large barges pushed by tugboats are the most common way of getting things around. "
    Which, of course, is in addition to the even more obvious fact that The Mississippi River Flood Plain [ or Delta ] provides for the vast majority of America's Necessary Food Resources - which, as I type, have been underwater for five straight months of The 2011 Growing Season. Where will America's Food come from this Winter? Something, which the mainstream media hasn't even begun to question.... Considering, our desperate agricultural situation, I wonder why? The Growing Season is now almost completely over.

    2011 - The Japanese Earthquake

    So, what does ' The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami ' have to do with ' Latter Day Canaan [ or Tyre ] '? The Island Nation Of Japan is America's strongest ally in The Pacific. Since World War II, its Numerous Seaports and Military Bases have provided a tremendous Logistical Advantage to America's military forces - for any potential conflict in the region... and without Japan, we are decidedly weaker.

    In Isaiah 23, We Read:
    " He stretched out His hand over the sea [ Across From That Nation Of Tyre ], He shook the kingdoms [ The Twelve Kingdoms, Or Empire Of Japan ]; The Mighty One has given a commandment against Canaan [ The United States Of America ] To destroy Its Strongholds [ Its Ports And Safe Havens ].
    And He [ Yahweh ] said, ' You will rejoice no more [ In Your Great Strength ], O you oppressed virgin daughter of Sidon [ The United Kingdon Of England ]. Arise, cross over To The West [ Your Own Homeland ]; There also you will have no rest [ For, I Have A Plan To Destroy You ]. " - Isaiah 23:11-12.

    You see, any proclamation against The United States of America must also include its Staunchest Supporters and Military Allies. The trouble for Japan stemmed from their ongoing political relationship to America. Without The Empire of Japan to: Supply, Repair, and Protect Her Fleet - America's western shores are now largely unprotected from potential Asian Aggression.

    In Isaiah 23, We Also Read:
    " Wail [ Cry Very Loudly ], you ships of Tarshish [ Latter Day Tyre ]! For your strength is laid waste. " - Isaiah 23:14.

    This unexpected development has left The American Navy tremendously perplexed! They were far too dependent upon The Empire Of Japan to readily adapt, or quickly replace it. The sheer number of its: Naval Seaports, Air Facilities, and Military Bases - made it highly unlikely that we'd ever be denied access to them, even if many were destroyed by America's enemies. Meanwhile, our previous presidents have already given away our other Strategic Assets within The Surrounding Pacific... even The Panama Canal, is no longer under any American authority.

    More importantly, however, even if other nations were inclined to politically assist us: America is now financially bankrupt; and there is very little time, in which to physically replace them. The New Reality is beginning to hit us... and many in The United States Navy are more than a little perplexed by it all. But, just wait until we need them... then, let ' The Wailing ' begin! Are you beginning to see, what I'm actually saying?

    2011 - Storms In The Bible Belt

    But, if Yahweh is striking The United States of America, then why would He afflict those in ' The Bible Belt '? After all, aren't The People Of America's Bible Belt some of the most: Godly, Moral, and Ethical - among us? Indeed, it's true! But, then again, even they're tremendously tarnished. However, there is far more going on - within ' The Bible Belt ' - than meets the human eye. These people are Yahweh's: " Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel "; and He is now removing ' The Dross ' from: " His Silver " - in preparation for doing: " A New Thing.... "

    In Isaiah Chapter 27, We Read:
    " In that day [ The Time Of Tyre's Final Destruction ] sing to her [ My Daughter Israel ], ' A vineyard of red wine [ For She Is Quite Beautiful To Look Upon ]! I, The Mighty One, keep it [ Protect Her ], I water it every moment [ And I Care For Her ]; Lest any hurt it [ Ensuring Her New Spiritual Growth ], I keep it night and day [ O Yes, I Continually Watch Over It ].
    Fury is not in Me [ I Have Not Dealt With Her Angrily ]. Who would set briers and thorns Against Me in battle [ All Of Your Weapons Couldn't Scratch Me ]? I would go through them [ They Can Not Harm Me At All ], I would burn them together [ Their Weapons And All Who Wield Them ].
    Or let him [ My Adversary ] take hold of My strength [ Join With Me Spiritually ], That he [ My Adversary ] may make peace with Me [ Come, Let Us Reason Together ]; And he [ My Adversary ] shall make peace with Me [ For, I Am Continually Merciful ]. '
    Those who come [ The Ones Who Will Listen ] He shall cause to take root in Jacob [ My Daughter Israel ]; Israel shall blossom and bud [ And Many Shall Be Joined To Their House ], And they shall fill the face of the world [ When I Am Through With Them ] with much fruit [ For, That Is My Plan ].
    Has He struck Israel [ The Bible Belt ] as He struck those who struck Him [ By: Perverting This Message And Killing His Children ]? Or has he [ My Son Israel ] been slain according to the slaughter [ the utter ferocity and severity ] of those who were slain by Him [ In The Rest Of Canaan ]?
    In measure [ in proportion ], by sending it away [ by rebuilding Your High Places ], You contended with it [ you fought against My Intentional Rebuke ]. He [ The Mighty One ] removes it [ these wicked buildings dedicated to Baal Worship ] by His Rough Wind - In The Day Of The Eastward Wind [ Those Storms, Which I Myself Have Sent To You ].
    Therefore, by this [ Their Own Human Actions ] the iniquity of Jacob [ The Bible Belt ] will be covered [ Will Be Cleansed ]; And this is all the fruit of taking away his sin [ Israel shall do the following, as I have commanded him ]:
    When he [ Israel, My Son ] makes all the stones of the altar [ His Personal High Places ] Like chalk stones that are beaten to dust [ totally destroys them ], When wooden images [ Those High Places ] and incense altars [ Their Pulpits ] do not stand up [ I Shall Accept Him ]. " - Isaiah 27:2-9.

    You see, folks, something else entirely is going on.... Yahweh is cleansing His People in preparation for their returning to: " The Promised Land ". And, in order to do that, Israel [ His People Of Bible Belt ] must first: " Come out of Spiritual Babylon.... " There's, simply, no other way! Those Tornadoes which struck ' The Bible Belt ' - recently - devastated The State Of Alabama. Which is truly quite interesting, from a biblical standpoint; since ' Ala ' means: " The Exalted ", and ' Bama ' means: " High Place " - in Hebrew [ *** See: Ezekiel 20:29 ]. A mere coincidence? Perhaps... but, considering all of the others, probably not!

    2011 - The Remaining Prophecies

    Of the other 2011 Prophesies, what can be said? My posting is already too long.... Have we had more ' Natural Disasters ' this year, than at any other time American History? Sure we have, and their still going on! Just watch Television, listen to the Radio, or even read your Paper... The Truth is out there, even if you have to go to The Internet. Meanwhile, even as I type this, The Space Shuttle Atlantis has just touched down in Florida....

    Ahava and Shalom.

    May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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