Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Wild Olive Branches Of Israel are just as important as Abraham's Own Genetic Descendants!

Our Human DNA is very important!
This Message is meant for ' All Of Those Wild Olive Branches Of Israel ' scattered across North America. Whether you live in: The United States of America, Canada, or [ even ] Mexico - if you are ' A True Believer ' In: Yahweh The Mighty One and Yahshua His Son - then, this message is for you... for Yahweh, Himself, loves each and every one of you! Before I begin, however, please read A Recent Email that I received earlier today; and which truly rent my own heart terrifically....
Thank you so much for being a watchman unto the rest of us who have been " Lost ", or better put " A Part Of Spiritual Babylon ". I can't thank you enough for what you have provided me, and others I'm sure.
I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now that lead me away from Roman Catholicism and into learning the true nature of YHWH and Yahshua. As I learned more and more through websites and scripture, I realized more and more just how perverted Catholic doctrine is. Catholicism and its daughters have strayed so far from what scriptures state! Your website has " Sealed The Deal " for me you could say. Your websites were and are a great way to wrap up my new beginnings in having an honest relationship with YHWH. It's so sad to see my family not wanting to change their beliefs as well. They do see that The Catholic Church has not always been the best ( its massive wealth, the crusades, pedophilia ) but still overwhelmingly support it. I'm not too surprised by their choice, since we are from the very Catholic country of Croatia - although we have been living in the States for over a decade now and specifically in The Pacific Northwest.
If you have made it this far in my reflection, I'm hoping you can give me some direction. I feel as if I have been an honestly good person trying to do my best; ever since I was a child, to this very day. I feel as though it still might not be enough for YHWH. I honestly try and search for a deeper relationship with him by studying his Word and researching websites like yours, but I can never help thinking, Am I Really Pleasing Him? I'm not sure if I will be considered An Israelite by Him in the grand scheme of things. Especially as our world comes to a close for most people and to new beginnings for a lot of us like yourself ( living in the newly established kingdom lead by Yahshua in Israel ).
Again, I'm not sure, if you even understand where I'm coming from. If you do, any kind of feedback would be appreciated - more than you'll ever know!
{ *** NOTE: Please understand that I do not publish every email that I receive... and, in fact, this is the very first one that I ever have published. Moreover, I addressed his own spiritual concerns directly; and I have only published this email with his own express permission. }

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The United States of America was: " The Great Political Experiment "; but [ exactly ] whose experiment was it?

A sketch of The Liberty Bell.
As many historians have noted, The United States of America was indeed: " The Great Experiment Of All Time ". But, whose experiment was it, really? Was it the product of: Europe's Imperialist Nations, The Freemasons Who Assisted In Building It, The Immigrants Searching For Religious Freedom, or [ even ] Yahweh Himself? To whom do we owe The True Credit... and why, is it [ now ] coming completely unravelled? These are All Excellent Questions, to which The Scriptures themselves can give us The True Answers... because, America can be found, in The Biblical Prophecies!

While there are many who would clearly argue otherwise, their knowledge of The Prophetical Scriptures isn't nearly as strong as their own human credentials so boldly and often proclaim. In fact, many of them are merely: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " - as Yahweh Himself has so clearly proclaimed them! Remember, you were warned by Yahshua, that: " Ravenous Wolves " - were already among you... do you think, that He [ Yahweh-Himself ] was lying?  

 The Pope - Wears The Triple Crown....
" The Mother Of Harlots " - as spoken of by The Prophet John, in The Book Of Revelation - fully controls All Of Her Own Daughters; and A Whole Lot Of Other Entirely Different Religions [ aka: " All Of The Abominations Of The Earth " ], as well.... Thus, she has a very great and vested interest in keeping you spiritually ignorant to all of her ongoing activities! Wouldn't, you, say so? Of course, she does.... But, on to the subject at hand. The Great American Experiment was Yahweh's Own Doing; and I'm going to prove it entirely from The Scriptures themselves.

Monday, September 26, 2011

There are many different ways to assist The Watchmen Of Yahweh.

Entrecard Credits, or Money By Paypal.
Thanks to Modern Technology and ' The True Freedom Of The Internet', there are literally thousands of ways to actually assist The Watchmen Of Yahweh... and very few of them, any longer, require money. Isn't that Great News? Personally, I think so... because, like so many of you, I'm also currently unemployed; and my own resources are also stretched to the breaking point... and yet, it is within my own personal power to assist others, Upon The Internet, without spending [ even ] one: Very Thin and Hyper-Inflating Dime! Halleleu-iah  [ Praise Be Unto Yahweh ].
{ *** NOTICE: I carefully inserted a not so subtle hint to buy: Silver, or Gold - very quickly - if you can! Read Revelation Chapter 6 verses 5 through 6 - " The Third Seal. " An International Currency Collapse will very soon result... and you can't: " Take your Gold and Silver with you " - as truthfully referenced in Isaiah 60:9 - if you don't have any! But, don't worry about it - if you can't - for Yahweh always does provide. }

Anyway, let's start with: Your Least Cumbersome and Obviously Cheapest Options - in assisting Yahweh's Own True Watchmen [ No Matter Whom You Believe Them To Be ].

Sunday, September 25, 2011

1 Thessalonians 5 - An exhortation against complacency - In The Time Of: Peace and Safety.

Barack Obama - spokesman for peace.
Among the: Biblical Signposts and Scriptural Mile-markers of End Time Prophecy, " The Worldwide Message Of Peace And Safety " is one of the greatest! Why do I, conceptually, say that? Because, it signals that: The Beginning Of Sorrows is [ now ] already over, and The Time Of Sudden Destruction is [ now ] imminent. For this is the prophesied time, when: " All Of Babylon's Plans Begin To Unravel... ", " The Woodcutters Will Finally Heft The Axe At The Base Of Its Trees... ", and: " Then The Rest Of The Trees Of His Forest, Will Be So Few In Number, That A Child May Write Them. " You see, 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 heralds The Judgment Now Coming Upon The Nations.

But, don't take my word for it, Read The Scriptures Themselves! After all, 2 Peter 1:20-21 clearly says:
" No prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of Yahweh spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." - in 2 Peter 1:20-21.

And, in that very same spirit, Watch The Following Short Video; and we'll then consider the actual writings of 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5....

America In Prophecy

The Worldwide Message of: " Peace and Safety " - has already gone out!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

World War II was The Second Seal Of Revelation; and you had better wake up!

American bombing of Nagasaki in 1945.
If you found: The First Seal Of Revelation Chapter 6 to be startlingly accurate in its prophetical description of World War I - you're going to be truly astounded by the prophetical details surrounding The Second Seal, which our historians have so aptly named World War II. Not only is it mentioned in Mathew Chapter 24 - like, The First War - but certain other historical events, that occurred within it, were also referenced in the following places:  
Bear in mind, that the scripture says: " No prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of Yahweh spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." - in 2 Peter 1:20-21. But, what does this actually mean?

If the scriptures provide for: A Specific and Sequential Series Of Prophetical Occurrences, then they must Factually Occur as written... and no amount of finagling or gerrymandering of the scriptures to suit our own personal needs, or sensibilities, is acceptable! Either: Yahweh Nailed It, or He Didn't... but, you must [ honestly ] decide for yourself. In light of this fact, let's now consider Those Scriptures....

Friday, September 23, 2011

If The Watchman is called: " A Voice Of One, Calling From The Wilderness " - then why are most people just following the crowd?

The Watchman blowing His Shofar.
Throughout The Biblical Scriptures, Yahweh's True Watchmen have always been called: " The Voice Of One [ A Singular Voice ], calling from The Wilderness [ Coming From The: Unschooled, Unlettered, Untrained, and Un-Endorsed Masses ]... " but, here we are in the twenty-first century, still looking towards: " Spiritual Babylon " - for our very next instructions; as if they somehow have gotten any better at Delineating His Words! Why is that? Haven't we learned anything yet? If The Traditional Clergy - those: " Ravenous Wolves " - have always gotten it wrong in the past, why do we still continue to listen to them - without checking from The Scriptures for ourselves?

We really are just as dumb as: " The Sheep " - that Yahweh has consistently called us! And yet, He doesn't want us to remain that way. It is written: " Be Ye Wise As Serpents [ The Children Of The Devil ]; But Also Harmless As Doves [ While Practicing Only Goodness ]... " and who was this written for, if not for His Own Children [ Those Sheep ]? It certainly wasn't for: " The Goats [ Those Servants Of Bahomet, Or The Ba'alim ] ". Can you not see this?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Parables Of Yahshua - Who are The Wheat and The Tares?

Human DNA is Yahweh's Genetic and Spiritual Seed....
Do you ever wonder, why Yahweh and His Word [ Yahshua ] have consistently utilized the very same terms - such as: " Virgins ", " Harlots ", or " Whores " for earth's spiritual bodies or churches; and terms like: " Children ", " Prodigals ", or [ even ] " Genetic Seed " - when talking about us... and, why does Yahweh call Himself: " Our Father "? There are 287 Clear References to the term: " Seed " - alone in the scriptures. Have you ever wondered why? Yahweh does nothing by accident!

Considering The Parables spoken and taught by Yahshua, these highly-specific Biblical References and Terms are lent a far more profound Spiritual Significance. For instance, just consider: " The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares ".

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

America In Prophecy - A pictorial representation of Isaiah Chapter 18.

The following posting is fairly self-explanatory. I only hope, that you'll see what it's truly telling you!
- The Watchman.

Isaiah Chapter 18              

" Woe to the land overshadowed with buzzing wings.... "

Blue Angels flying over Virginia Beach, Virginia....

" Which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia [ Africa ], and which sends its ambassadors by sea.... "

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Message From The Watchman.

America's Tombstone - 2016 AD.
I have noticed An Interesting Trend among my subscribers. When I write something, which many agree with, my Feedburner Subscriptions start to increase... but, when I write something, the least bit critical of anyone or anything, my Feedburner Subscriptions drop like a rock! Why is this? Name any: Watchman, or Prophet Of Yahweh - that spoke pleasant things to: " His Lackadaisical Flocks ", or " Their Ravenous Shepherds "... can you name, even one?

Should I lie to you, like those others? Or, offer you Yet Another Message of: " Peace And Safety "; while:  " Speaking Only Smooth Things "? Of what value is that, when ' The Truth ' isn't in it? If Yahweh Himself has decided: " To Strike and To Heal You " - who am I, to argue with Him? For that matter, Who Are You - that He, The Mighty One, should respect You? The Scriptures says, that: " Yahweh The Mighty One is no respecter of persons. " Neither: The Prophet, The Watchman, The Priest, The Shepherd, nor The Common Man - is exempt from His searching! If you only knew His True Nature, You too might understand.

Isaiah Chapter 3 - End Time Judgment upon: Judah and Israel.

A Very Dark Day is now coming upon the world....
In Isaiah Chapter 3, we read about ' The Upcoming Judgment Upon The Whole House Of Jacob ' - which we know as The Prelude To The Fourth Seal Of Revelation, but the world will most certainly call: " The Causation Of World War III ". The Scriptures relate that, " Yahweh's End Time Judgment shall begin within His own house [ The Physical Children Of The Covenant ] "... and, it most certainly will - for, " From whom much has been given, much is required "! Even now, ' The Time Of Jacob's Trouble ' has already begun....

{ *** NOTE: Before we begin this study of The Scriptures, it is important to note that the term: " Jerusalem " - has been used by the prophets to interchangeably mean either: The Holy City, The House Of Israel, and/or Both Of Them. The only way to know for sure, which meaning is being currently applied, is to compare all of the prophecies upon any one given event. In this particular prophecy the term fully applies to both, since it is a prophecy containing multiple levels of true meaning. }

The Physical Afflictions which are now coming upon The Houses of: Judah, Israel, Joseph, and The Wild Olive Branches - will also directly affect ' The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem ', as it shall be physically invaded and occupied by The European Union [ at one point ] for a period of 40 Tumultuous Days... and many living within Jerusalem shall inevitably perish. But, this is only The Mighty One's process of cleansing His own land - according to these very same scriptures. If you truly belong to Yahweh, then you will have nothing to fear!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The much-needed message of: What is True Worship, or Worship In Spirit And In Truth?

There shall be: " Wolves In Sheep's Clothing.... "
The message for today is True Worship... for, we have been honestly commanded to: " Worship The Mighty One In Spirit And In Truth "! But, what is True Worship? What is truly meant by: " Worship In Spirit And In Truth "... and how can we accomplish this seemingly-impossible task, while living in The Latter Days of earth's history, with Growing Darkness Now All Around Us? After all, there is far more to it, than just showing up in our churches upon the weekend!

Having just woken up from a fitful night of sleeping in which I [ myself ] had wrestled with Yahweh, I received a telephone call from A Local Meeting Place Of Worship... and it was from someone seeking information, upon how their own spiritual congregation could better serve: Yahweh [ The Mighty One ] and Yahshua [ His Son ]. *** Bear in mind, that he didn't utilize either of these True Names, since he'd never actually heard them before - at his own, all knowing church... but, that's an entirely different story!

I had only awakened perhaps ten minutes beforehand; and, there I was, simply dumbstruck. Here I am Yahweh's Own Watchman shouting from the rooftops - via The Worldwide Internet - and seeing somewhat limited results... while, Yahweh is working True Miracles all around me! Throughout my own life, I continue to see the tremendous outpouring of His: Magnificent and Beneficient Love... and, I am now at the point where nothing, any longer, surprises me.

Meanwhile, The Answer That I Gave Him is highly-relevant to All Of Yahweh's Flocks - wherever you might be living. It is relevant to: The House Of Judah [ living within, The Modern Nation Of Israel ], The Ten Lost Tribes [ living within, America's Bible Belt ], The House Of Joseph [ living within, The Kingdom Of Egypt ], and Those Wild Olive Branches [ scattered all over the earth ]... and somewhere, amidst These Four Physical Branches, are you!

It Has Been Written:
  • " Turn Back To My Scriptures. "
  • " Search Them Daily, To See Whether It Is So. "
  • " Test All Things And Hold Fast To That Which Is Good. "
  • " Flee Those Evil Shepherds. "
  • " Start Eating The Meat Of The Word, No Longer Relying Upon Just Milk. "
  • " Come Out Of Babylon, My People. "
  • " Take Care Of The Widows And Orphans. "
  • " Protect The Poor And The Down Trodden. "
  • " Stand Up For True Justice. "
  • " Stand In The Gaps. "
  • " Shore Up The Breeches In My Walls. "
  • " Be Holy, As I Am Holy. "
  • And Finally, " Wake Up, For You Have Been Sleeping Far Too Long! "

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ezekiel 34: A final judgment against The Irresponsible Shepherds of Israel.

Robert Tilton - one of many False Shepherds.
In Ezekiel Chapter 34, we read ' A Parallel Prophecy ' to Jeremiah Chapter 23 - which speaks about: " The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles of Spiritual Babylon ." However, this specific prophecy has been directed to: " The Irresponsible Shepherds Of Israel " - who should have already known better. After all, they were separated from The Formidable Authority Of Babylon - by The Mighty One's own outstretched arm - over 235 years ago! But, rather than tending to their own spiritual flocks - after coming to: " The Wilderness Of Canaan " - they utilized them for their own material gains....

Such things shouldn't have ever happened; but, they did... and as Yahweh's Own Watchman, I have been commanded to fully report it! Just as The Prophet Ezekiel did, so long before me....
{ *** NOTE: If you are a: Pastor, Preacher, Reverend, or Minister - I'd start looking for a new job... because, your own days in the ministry are numbered! If this offends you, then good, it ought to... after all, you've offended Yahweh, The Mighty One... and it's not me that's saying it - it's Him! }

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Micah Chapter 7: The Spiritual Condition Of Israel, immediately prior to Their Restoration.

You are, ' The Sheep Of His Pasture '.
In Micah Chapter 7, we read about ' The True Spiritual Condition Of Israel ' immediately prior to: " The Baptism By Fire "... and it isn't a very pleasant picture. Moreover, the condition of earth's other inhabitants is seemingly much worse... and yet, in this darkest of all hours, Yahweh is [ even now ] effecting A Great Spiritual Change! For, He is gathering His Like-Minded Ones and preparing them to do battle against these forces of great spiritual darkness....

The world has increasingly become ' Black and White ' - as: " Their knowledge has greatly increased ";  and His Holy Spirit is now hovering over The Waters Of Humanity's Great Ocean. Meanwhile, far out to sea, a storm is now brewing; and the foundations of many will be sorely tested when it finally arrives. While millions have clearly seen it coming and even somewhat prepared, few of them suspect Its True Intensity.

While tens of thousands have boarded up their own Spiritual Windows and battened down their Physical Hatches, far fewer have looked towards Their Own True Foundations. Meanwhile, there are many whose houses have been built upon: " The Sand " - as so clearly spoken of by Yahshua - in Mathew Chapter 7:24-27. Wherein, Religious Confusion is ' The Sand '; and Spiritual Babylon is the worldwide system ' So Amply Providing It '! Meanwhile, Micah Chapter 7 offers us considerable insight - into this ever growing spiritual dilemma....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35: Three Messages In One... A Warning, A Proclamation, and A Reminder.

Edom is the capital of The Canaanite Wilderness.
The Prophecies of Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35 are actually ' Three Messages In One '! The First Message, is: " A Warning To All The Nations Of The Earth " - about the troubles which are now coming - upon all of them... The Second Message, is: " A Specific Proclamation Against The United States Of America " - whereupon the world's armies will very soon be trampling in vengeance... and The Third Message, is: " A Reminder To The Remnant Of Israel " - regarding ' The Imminent Threshing Of His Spiritual Grain. ' With: " Edom " - being The Latter Day Tribe - controlling The National Capital Of These End Time Canaanites.

{ *** NOTE: Due to the combined length of these two chapters - in The Book Of Isaiah - I shall keep my own commentary to a bare minimum. After all, once you know who these nations are, Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35 are fairly self-explanatory anyway. }

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yahshua and The Feast Of Tabernacles - the spiritual connection of Yahweh's Own Holy Days to our modern understanding.

The Tent Of Meeting within Ancient Israel.
Having watched this very well produced video upon: " The Feast Of Tabernacles ", also known as: " The Feast Of Booths " - I decided to share it with my readers as a useful introduction to This Very Important Holy Day!  However, I do have a small problem with it, since it leaves out ' The Most Important Reason Of All ' for celebrating This Holy Day - which was established by Yahweh Himself. The symbology of this: Appointed and Sacred Feast was for the primary purpose of directing our attention to Yahshua [ His Son ]: " The Mighty One Who Has Already and Will Once Again Dwell With Us! "

While keeping this in mind, please enjoy The Following Video upon ' The Feast Of Tabernacles.... '
America In Prophecy

The Feast Of Tabernacles - produced by Mark Harris.

Hosea Chapter 2 provides two more much-needed Messages For Israel....

The Ishtar Gate - at a museum in Germany.
The Prophet Hosea wrote extensively about: " The Latter Days ", and " Israel's Restoration To The Promised Land "; and there is much, that we can learn from his writings. Like most of Yahweh's Prophets, however, his writings are fairly controversial - once properly understood. Since The Book Of Hosea has fairly long chapters - particularly, Hosea Chapter 2 - I shall keep my own personal commentary to a minimum.

{ ***NOTE: Bear in mind, that all of those who truly follow ' The Teachings Of Yahshua ' are the entirety of Spiritual Israel [ " The Wild Olive Branches " ]... while Genetic Israel consists only of: " The Ten Lost Tribes " [ living within The Wilderness Of Canaan ], and " The House Of Joseph " [ which still lives in Egypt ]. However, these passages in Hosea Chapter 2 are clearly directed to: " All Of Israel ". }

Thursday, September 8, 2011

World War I was The First Seal Of Revelation - whether you believe it, or not....

World War I was The First Seal Of Revelation.
While many ' End Time Prophecy ' sites have accurately understood The Significance Of Israel's Re-Establishment within: " The Promised Land [ *** SEE: The Parable of The Fig Tree - Mathew 24:32-35. ] ", none of them have properly understood the prophetical reference : " You Know That Summer Is Near. " This Biblical Signpost or Mile-Marker clearly tells us that certain ' Springtime Events ' have already faithfully occurred... and among these Earlier Prophetical Events, was The First Seal Of Revelation - that we [ ourselves ] still commonly refer to as: " World War I. "

In Revelation Chapter 6, We Read:
" Now I saw when The Lamb [ Yahshua ] opened One Of The Seals [ This First Seal Of Revelation ]; and I heard One Of The Four Living Creatures [ Who Reside Before The Throne Of Yahweh ] saying with a voice like thunder, ' Come and See. '
And I [ John ] looked, and behold [ I Saw ], A White Horse [ The Lipizanner Stallion ]. And he who sat upon it Held A Bow [ A Far Ranging Weapon ]; and A Crown [ The Symbol Of Authority ] was Given To Him [ By Others Who Determined To Do So ], and he rode out Conquering [ Many Other Nations ] and To Conquer [ With The Intention Of Expanding His Own Empire ]. " - Revelation 6:1-2.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Biblicist - In Review. How well do they compare to America In Prophecy?

A slightly modified graphic from ' The '
While once again examining Our SEO Rankings, I stumbled across The - which has been listed by Ask Custom Search for the very same search terms as ' America In Prophecy. ' Consequently, I couldn't help but to see what they themselves had to say about: " The United States Of America In End Time Prophecy. " Meanwhile, The Following Snippet is An Exact Quotation from their own personally available information.... 

" Is America In Bible Prophecy? 
by Thomas Ice

No one disputes the fact that America has a unique history during which it became, and continues to be a preeminent feature in global affairs. The recent war in Iraq is but one example. In a quarter of a millennium it has become a nation unlike any other nation in the history of the world. In some respects, it rivals nations with much longer histories. Yet the Bible is remarkably silent when speaking about the role of America in Bible prophecy. Dr. Tim LaHaye writes, "One of the hardest things for American prophecy students to accept is that the United States is not clearly mentioned in Bible prophecy, yet our nation is the only superpower in the world today." [1]

Dr. LaHaye has put his finger upon the source that likely generates the often ask question, "How does America fit into Bible prophecy?" Rarely, if ever, does anyone ask, "How does Mexico, or Canada, or Chile fit into Bible prophecy?" The United States has a strong Christian heritage and is currently the world's only superpower. Since many Christians believe that we are near the end of the age, it is hard to envision a prophetic scenario which excludes America- the world's most influential nation. Yet, other nations are the focus of biblical prophecy. 

America Will Be Included With The Nations
There are no specific references to the United States in Bible prophecy. However, there are biblical statements about what the nations in general will be doing during the tribulation period. Passages like Haggai 2:6-7, Isaiah 66:18-20, and Zechariah 12:2-3 speak of all the nations involved in end-time events. These kinds of references clearly will include the United States in their fulfillment, but they do not teach us anything specifically about America in prophecy. "

- A Direct Quotation, from The - one of many Highly-Ranked Online Information Sources

Monday, September 5, 2011

What were The Baals, or Baalim, of Ancient Babylon... and, why are they so troubling for Israel today?

The original Old Testament Scriptures.
Contrary to popular opinion, the study of Old Testament Scripture is still highly-important to modern day believers. If : " Those who are ignorant of Secular History are doomed to repeat it "; then how much more so, those who are even more ignorant of Spiritual Matters? After all, even less conscious thought is directed toward one's own religion than politics - believe it, or not... and, such has been the case regarding numerous spiritual matters! Case in point, consider The Ba'als [ or Ba'alim ] of: " Spiritual Babylon.... "

According to Our Secular Dictionaries, we can read The Following Definition(s):

Ba'al n., pl. Ba'alim ( -im ), Ba'als [ LL. < Hebrew Ba'al ]:
" 1. Among The Ancient Semitic Peoples [ of: Babylon, Sumer, Chaldea, and Assyria ], originally, any number of Local Fertility and Sun Gods;  
  2. The Chief God Of Babylon - specifically the pagan god, which bears The Official Title Of: ' The Lord ', ' The Master ', or ' The Grand Architect ' - within The Babylonian Hierarchy [ or, Pantheon ] of Sun Gods.
            3. A false god; or idol. "

But, what do these secular definitions regarding: " The Ba'als " - really tell us? What do: Fertility and Sun Gods - have to do with Our Modern Day Spiritual Era? So what, if The Ancient Semitic Peoples [ also ] referred to their own pagan deity as: " The Lord "? We, ourselves, know who ' The Lord ' truly is... don't we? And there are very few of us, indeed, who actually worship: False Gods, or Man-Made Idols. So, what's The Real Problem?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

All Of The Prophets wrote about: Latter Day Events and End Time Prophecy. So, why do we continually ignore them?

' End Time Prophecy ' in The Old Testament .
When studying ' End Time Prophecy ' it is important to understand that All Of The Prophets equally Wrote About and Referenced these: " Latter Day Events ". The New Testament didn't do away with any part of The Old Testament Scriptures... nor, in particular, their long-foreordained prophecies! That's why the scripture plainly says: " The Mighty One does nothing, without first revealing these matters to His servant(s) the prophet(s). "

The End Time Prophecies of both testaments are all: Equally Binding, Definitely Interlinked, and Frequently Concurrent - with respect towards one another. Even the prophet Enoch, wrote of these ' Latter Day Events. ' Meanwhile, the reasons for this, are simply that:
  • All Of The Prophets were looking forward towards: " The Future Fulfillment Of Yahweh's: Blessing, Covenant, and Promise ".
  • There Has Been Only: " One Everlasting Covenant " - made with all of humanity... It was created for: All People, and All Time!
  • There Has Been Only: " One Plan For Salvation " - offered to mankind - which was fully ratified by The Blood Of Yahshua.
  • And Yahweh's Stated Purpose Has Always Been To Make: " One End For All Sinful Behavior " - which shall complete our own transgressions for All Of Eternity."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is President Barack Obama, The Last Prince of Tyre, spoken of by Ezekiel the prophet?

Pres. Barack H. Obama.
Is President Barack Obama: " The Last Prince Of Tyre " - that is so clearly mentioned in Ezekiel Chapter 28... or, will there be yet another one after The Presidential Election Of 2012? If The United States of America is: " The Prophesied Wilderness Of Canaan " and " Its Physical Destruction Is Truly Imminent " - then ' The Last Prince Of Tyre ' should be very easy to spot politically... after all, it is written within The Bible that: " His Heart Is Lifted Up "; and he even mocks God! Let's read The Scriptures, examine The Facts, and see what we find....

Ezekiel Chapter 28, Says:
" The word of The Mighty One came to me again, saying, ' Son of man, say to The Prince Of Tyre, Thus says Yahweh The Mighty One:
Because your heart is lifted up [ In Your Haughtiness, You Judge Me ], And you say, ' I am a god [ I Am All Powerful ], I sit in the seat of gods [ Ruling Over A Great Nation ], In the midst of the seas [ Between The Two Great Oceans ], ' Yet you are a man [ But, You Are Only Mortal ], and not a god [ Who Perishes Like The Grass ], Though you set your heart as the heart of a god [ By Judging Me ]
( Behold, you are wiser than Daniel [ There Is Much At Your Own Disposal ]! There is no secret that can be hidden from you [ Your Own: Spies, Satellites, Cameras, And Drones - Are Everywhere ]!
With your wisdom and your understanding [ These Mechanisms Of Your Own Power ] You have gained riches for yourself [ Acquired The Wealth Of Many Nations ], And gathered Gold and Silver into your treasuries [ In Place Of Worthless Slips Of Paper ];
By your great wisdom in trade [ In, Foolishly, Doing Such Things ] you have increased your riches [ Even More Than Those Before You ], And your heart is lifted up [ To Arrogantly Attack Me ] because of your riches [ That You Have Heaped Up, For Yourself ] ),
Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], thus says Yahweh The Mighty One:
Because you have set your heart as the heart of a god [ In: Mocking And Judging Me ],
Behold therefore [ Because Of These Actions ], I will bring strangers [ Foreign Nations And Their Great Armies ] against you, The most terrible of the nations [ The Mightiest Of Them All ]; And they shall draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom [ They Shall Punish You For Your Treachery ], And defile your splendor [ They Shall Trample You Down ].
They shall throw you down into The Pit [ The Grave ], And you shall die The Death Of The Slain [ Run Through By The Sword ] In the midst of the seas [ Those Oceans Will Not Help You ].
Will you still say [ After, You Behold This ] before him who slays you [ That Particular Soldier ], ' I am a god '? [ No, You Shall Not ] But you shall be a man [ Pleading For Your Life ], and not a god [ One Who Has Been Humbled ], In the hand of him who slays you [ You Shall See The Error Of Your Way ].
You shall die The Death Of The Uncircumcised [ From Which, There Is No Resurrection To Life ] By the hands of aliens [ The Soldiers Of Yet Another Nation ]; For I have spoken [ And, I Do Not Change ] says Yahweh The Mighty One. ' - Ezekiel 28:1-10.