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There are many different ways to assist The Watchmen Of Yahweh.

Entrecard Credits, or Money By Paypal.
Thanks to Modern Technology and ' The True Freedom Of The Internet', there are literally thousands of ways to actually assist The Watchmen Of Yahweh... and very few of them, any longer, require money. Isn't that Great News? Personally, I think so... because, like so many of you, I'm also currently unemployed; and my own resources are also stretched to the breaking point... and yet, it is within my own personal power to assist others, Upon The Internet, without spending [ even ] one: Very Thin and Hyper-Inflating Dime! Halleleu-iah  [ Praise Be Unto Yahweh ].
{ *** NOTICE: I carefully inserted a not so subtle hint to buy: Silver, or Gold - very quickly - if you can! Read Revelation Chapter 6 verses 5 through 6 - " The Third Seal. " An International Currency Collapse will very soon result... and you can't: " Take your Gold and Silver with you " - as truthfully referenced in Isaiah 60:9 - if you don't have any! But, don't worry about it - if you can't - for Yahweh always does provide. }

Anyway, let's start with: Your Least Cumbersome and Obviously Cheapest Options - in assisting Yahweh's Own True Watchmen [ No Matter Whom You Believe Them To Be ].

I. Cheapest And Easiest Options For Assisting A Watchman:
1.) Pray For Him.
Yes, Pray for him! Pray that Yahweh will keep him humble... Pray that Yahweh will carefully guard his lips... Pray that Yahweh will carefully control his fingertips... Pray that his thoughts will remain pure... and Pray that he'll never place his trust in anyone, or anything else, - particularly [ including ] himself... and most importantly of all, pray for all of these things in the name of: " Yahweh The Mighty One "! Believe it, or not, Prayer is a very powerful thing - when done properly.
2. ) Leave A Comment.
You would be surprised to know how much that Your Comments [ honestly ] assist them! While praise is always good for the soul, it helps in others ways as well. For instance, it shows his helpmate that others really are listening and benefiting from all of his time-consuming efforts... and, Your Own Commentary often results in further clarification for yourselves and others. All of which, strengthens his ongoing ministry!
3.) Link Love.
By adding his link to your own: Blogroll, or Website - through ' Link Love ' - it provides a means for others to also find: His Proper and Scriptural Based Messages. Meanwhile, it also offers the added benefit of Increasing His All-Important SEO Rankings! Every little bit helps. Remember: " The Widow's Mite "? I'm certain that she would happily approve.
4.) Stumbling, Digging, Or Face-Booking His Blogsite.
Once again, this provides the means for others - just like you - to also find ' The Truth ' as properly understood from within The Sacred Scriptures. Every time you: Stumble, Digg, Face-Book, or [ even ] Tweet About His Blogsite - you are: Strengthening and Amplifying His Voice! Now, isn't that simple?
5.) Click On An Advertisement - If You're Honestly Interested.
I'm not saying to purchase anything, if you [ honestly ] don't want to. Nor, am I saying to click on things, just for the fun of it [ that would be dishonest ]. But, if you are sincerely interested in something, then why not click on it - then - while you're still on his blogsite? After all, even a few pennies, in Advertising Revenue, eventually does add up!
6.) Send Him Some Entrecard Credits - If You Have Them.
He can use them to: Better Advertise and To Promote All Of His Writings! You earn them by doing nothing more than ' Surfing The Internet '; and what could be easier, or [ even ] cheaper than that? Chances are - If He's A True Watchman - he's going to spend virtually every single penny On Advertising Anyway! At least, that's what I would do....

None Of These Things Cost You Anything, other than your own personal time... and if you are: Unemployed, Financially Troubled, or [ Dare-I-Even-Say-It ] Poor - you'll stand without any true excuses, in The Time Of The Judgment. For, you could have actively assisted him - had you [ truly ] wanted to... but, you [ quite honestly ] didn't! Enough said about that....

II. Other Possible Options For Assisting A Watchman:
1.) Buy A Recommended Book, Or Product, Through Amazon.
Every single purchase made by Amazon's Informational Affiliates results in a very small percentage of every single transaction going to them. Ten Cents Here and Twenty Cents There - can, in fact, add up - when dozens of people are making their own inevitable purchases. This is The Sponsorship Model utilized in the past by: " Free Television ". You do remember that, don't you? Or, have you had: Cable and Direct Television - for far too long? Never fear, however, those days are fixing to be over. The World Economy is now crashing....
2.) Make A Donation Through PayPal
Chances are it won't be tax-deductible, however, since ' Yahweh's True Watchmen ' aren't any part of: " Spiritual Babylon "! The world's governments don't give Tax-Free Status to just anyone... but, only to those, who are forwarding their own: Political and Spiritual Agendas. Moreover, That Watchman himself will have to pay taxes - on every penny, that you'll give to him. Because, that's how the current system is truthfully set up.

If none of these options is actually suitable, then feel free to be as creative as you possibly can be! Neither: Yahweh, nor His True Watchmen honestly care how you are going to assist them. After all, it is Yahweh - The Mighty One - that you are factually assisting - In Doing His Work. Believe me, He'll Know, if you're sincerely trying....

In Mathew Chapter 10, Yahshua Stated:
" He who receives You [ My Servants ] receives Me [ The Salvation Of Yahweh ], and he who receives Me [ The Only Son Of The Mighty One ] receives Him [ Yahweh ] who sent Me.
He who receives A Prophet [ My Father's True Watchman ] in the name of a prophet [ For His Own Sake ] shall receive a prophet's reward [ As If, He Too Were Also A Prophet ]. And he who receives A Righteous Man [ A Faithful Servant ] in the name of a righteous man [ For His Own Sake ] shall receive a righteous man's reward [ As If, He Too Were Also Righteous ].
And whoever gives One Of These Little Ones [ A Child-Like And Trusting Believer ] only a cup of cold water [ The Very Least That Can Be Done ] in the name of a disciple [ For The Sake Of My New Testament Writings ], assuredly I say to you [ You Can Count Upon This Fact ], he shall by no means lose his reward [ For Doing Such Notable Things ]. " - Mathew 10:40-42.

{ *** NOTE: By the way, If A Watchman is [ only ] after your money, then he isn't ' A True Watchman ' - at all! The primary focus of All Watchmen will always be, in providing, The True Messages Of Yahweh.}

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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