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What were The Baals, or Baalim, of Ancient Babylon... and, why are they so troubling for Israel today?

The original Old Testament Scriptures.
Contrary to popular opinion, the study of Old Testament Scripture is still highly-important to modern day believers. If : " Those who are ignorant of Secular History are doomed to repeat it "; then how much more so, those who are even more ignorant of Spiritual Matters? After all, even less conscious thought is directed toward one's own religion than politics - believe it, or not... and, such has been the case regarding numerous spiritual matters! Case in point, consider The Ba'als [ or Ba'alim ] of: " Spiritual Babylon.... "

According to Our Secular Dictionaries, we can read The Following Definition(s):

Ba'al n., pl. Ba'alim ( -im ), Ba'als [ LL. < Hebrew Ba'al ]:
" 1. Among The Ancient Semitic Peoples [ of: Babylon, Sumer, Chaldea, and Assyria ], originally, any number of Local Fertility and Sun Gods;  
  2. The Chief God Of Babylon - specifically the pagan god, which bears The Official Title Of: ' The Lord ', ' The Master ', or ' The Grand Architect ' - within The Babylonian Hierarchy [ or, Pantheon ] of Sun Gods.
            3. A false god; or idol. "

But, what do these secular definitions regarding: " The Ba'als " - really tell us? What do: Fertility and Sun Gods - have to do with Our Modern Day Spiritual Era? So what, if The Ancient Semitic Peoples [ also ] referred to their own pagan deity as: " The Lord "? We, ourselves, know who ' The Lord ' truly is... don't we? And there are very few of us, indeed, who actually worship: False Gods, or Man-Made Idols. So, what's The Real Problem?

The Sacred Name of: " Yahweh ".
When The Old Testament Scriptures were being translated into Latin and Greek - by The Jewish Scribes working within The Early Christian Church - the consensus among them was to substitute: Pagan Names and Well-Known Titles - for Yahweh's Sacred Name - within these early handwritten editions. Meanwhile, their own human logic was very simple:
  • The Scripture States: " You shall not treat the name of Yahweh The Mighty One as a vain [ or common ] thing, for The Mighty One will not hold him guiltless who mistreats [ or misuses ] His name. " - Exodus 20:7.
  • Many of ' These Rapidly Growing Believers ' are just Newly Converted Gentiles [ or, Pagans ] - who have little respect for that which is indeed Holy.
  • By substituting: The Pagan Names and Well-Known Titles of Ancient Babylon - the common people cannot misuse The Mighty One's True Name, as they so frequently do, for their own worthless idols.
  • Meanwhile, those who would already know The True Sacred Name could still utilize it within their own private prayers.
  • Thus, it was wrongly concluded: " Through Breaking The Third Commandment, ' We May More Faithfully Observe It. ' " A Truly Pharisaical Conclusion, if there ever was one....

Of course, like all other such Convoluted Logic, it suffered from several short-sighted failings... since, The Scriptures equally declare that:
  • The use, or even mention, of: Pagan Names and Deity Specific Titles is considered to be a gross sin by The Mighty One Of Israel! We are not to even allow these names to cross our own lips - in common conversation.
  • The Scriptural Promises Of Yahweh are based upon: Actively Utilizing, or Calling Upon His Name. After all, " He shall give no credit, to the name of any other. "
  • Which, of course, ultimately leads to: " A Form Of Faith [ Paganized Though It Is ], But Denies The Power Thereof [ By Leading Us To A Spiritually Worthless Form Of Worship ] " - since Yahweh, Himself, declares: " If You Ask Anything In My Own Name, It Shall Be Granted To You. "
  • Neither: " God ", " The Lord ", " The Lord God ", nor " The Lord God Almighty " - has any valid relationship to Yahweh [ The Mighty One Of Israel ]... they are, ' All Of Pagan Origin! '

Consequently, as fewer and fewer Christians were being properly educated into their own: Cultural and Historical Roots Of Judaism, the common usage of Yahweh's True Name rapidly disappeared from Its Traditionally Observant Churches... and, more importantly, they became increasingly powerless - due to their own unanswered prayers - in the eyes of a readily onlooking world.

YHWH means: " I Am The Eternal One "!
At the very same time, however, The Pagan Names and Well-Known Titles - once utilized by The Ancient Babylonians - came into greater and greater usage throughout Christendom! These titles included: " Gott [ The Title Of Odin - in German ] ", " Lord [ The Title Of Ba'al - in Babylonian ] ", and " Je-sus [ The Title Of Zeus - in Greek ] " - with: " The Lord " taking the preeminent usage. The Foundation for: " Spiritual Babylon " - had been functionally established; and: " The Leaven Began Rising, Throughout The Entire Lump. "

While The Name Of Yahweh was going into common disuse, His Sabbath Day was also - just as quickly - replaced by: " The Lord's Day [ The Venerable Day of The Sun ] " - by those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles of Babylon. " Consequently, ' The True Worship Of Yahweh ' was very quickly supplanted by an ever-increasing amount of Outright Paganism, within The Traditional Churches Of Europe... and over the vastness of time, Spiritual Babylon became even more ' Pagan ' than ' Christian '!

Only: " A Fool " - would worship The Sun!
Even with The Protestant Reformation, today's modern churches more closely resemble their own spiritual mother: " The Roman Catholic Church " - than anything of significant spiritual value... and The New Wine - this teaching of Ancient Babylonian Origin - is wholly unacceptable to Yahweh! Thus, Our Current Dilemma: " We have broken The Everlasting Covenant " - as spoken of, in All Of The Prophets....

Do you notice anything unusual, At All?
From A Spiritual Perspective, we've now gone full circle... there are millions of priests and ministers to The Ba'als [ or, The Ba'alim ] - and yet, very few who actually serve Yahweh [ The Mighty One Of Israel ]. Fortunately for us, however: " The Effective And Fervent Prayer Of A Righteous Man Avails Much ", while: " Even The Prayers Of The Wicked Are An Abomination Before Yahweh The Mighty One." Otherwise, we'd be in even-more trouble than we already now are!

As Yahshua, Himself, Plainly Stated:
" Many will say to Me in that day [ At The Time Of The Judgment ], ' Lord [ Ba'ali ], Lord [ Ba'ali ], have we not prophesied In Your Name, cast out demons In Your Name, and done many wonders In Your Name? '
And then I [ Yahweh-Hushua ] will declare to them, ' I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! ' " - Mathew 7:22-23.
{ *** NOTE: The usages of these: Pagan Names, Titles, and Terms - such as: Ba'al, Ba'ali, Ba'als, and Ba'alim - have been utilized only for strictly instructive and educational purposes upon this particular blogsite. As Yahshua Himself fully understood, there is no law against doing good... and even The Scriptures utilized them, for spiritually instructive purposes, with the injunction to not speak them aloud. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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