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Isaiah Chapter 3 - End Time Judgment upon: Judah and Israel.

A Very Dark Day is now coming upon the world....
In Isaiah Chapter 3, we read about ' The Upcoming Judgment Upon The Whole House Of Jacob ' - which we know as The Prelude To The Fourth Seal Of Revelation, but the world will most certainly call: " The Causation Of World War III ". The Scriptures relate that, " Yahweh's End Time Judgment shall begin within His own house [ The Physical Children Of The Covenant ] "... and, it most certainly will - for, " From whom much has been given, much is required "! Even now, ' The Time Of Jacob's Trouble ' has already begun....

{ *** NOTE: Before we begin this study of The Scriptures, it is important to note that the term: " Jerusalem " - has been used by the prophets to interchangeably mean either: The Holy City, The House Of Israel, and/or Both Of Them. The only way to know for sure, which meaning is being currently applied, is to compare all of the prophecies upon any one given event. In this particular prophecy the term fully applies to both, since it is a prophecy containing multiple levels of true meaning. }

The Physical Afflictions which are now coming upon The Houses of: Judah, Israel, Joseph, and The Wild Olive Branches - will also directly affect ' The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem ', as it shall be physically invaded and occupied by The European Union [ at one point ] for a period of 40 Tumultuous Days... and many living within Jerusalem shall inevitably perish. But, this is only The Mighty One's process of cleansing His own land - according to these very same scriptures. If you truly belong to Yahweh, then you will have nothing to fear!

Isaiah Chapter 3, Begins:
" For behold [ Take Notice ], The Mighty One [ Yahweh ], The Mighty One Of Heaven, Takes away from Jerusalem [ The House Of Israel ] and from Judah [ All The Jews Everywhere ] The stock and the store [ Every Means Of Self-Reliance ], The whole supply of bread and the whole supply of water [ I Shall Afflict All Of You With Scarcity ];
The mighty man and the man of war [ I Shall Afflict You With Weakness ], The judge [ You Shall Suffer Persecution ] and the prophet [ And Spiritual Blindness ], And the diviner [ Your Oracles Shall Fail You ] and the elder [ And Your Leaders Will Mislead You ];
The captain of fifty [ Your Military Commanders Cannot Prevent It ] and the honorable man [ And Your Politicians Will Be Helpless ], The counselor [ Your Wise Men Will Fail You ] and the skillful artisan  [ And Your Technology Will Not Assist You ], And the expert enchanter [ And All Of Your Illusions Will Fail You ]. " - Isaiah 3:1-3.
It is important for us to fully understand, that Yahweh never intended us to be primarily: Self-Motivated, Self-Reliant, and Self-Sufficient... for, by doing so, we have placed ' Our Own-Selves ' into the position rightly occupied by Yahweh Himself! In essence, we have become our own idols; and are worshiping ourselves before Him. Nor, will such Rampant Spiritual Wickedness go without punishment and ample correction. Therefore, The End Time Judgment upon: Judah and Israel - referenced in Isaiah Chapter 3 - shouldn't honestly surprise us.

He's gonna wake us up, if it kills us in the process by doing so! However, those who are already listening won't be as seriously afflicted as the others. Why? Because, they are already in the process of correcting themselves; and that's all that He wants! Let's continue....

Isaiah Chapter 3, Describes These Early Symptoms:
" I will give children [ The Foolish And Spiritually Immature ] to be their princes [ To Have Authority Over Them ], And babes [ Those Who Cannot Even Walk ] shall rule over them [ Will Enforce Their Own Personal Decrees ].
The people will be oppressed [ From Every Conceivable Direction ], Every one by another [ Others Shall Dictate Their Terms ] and every one by his neighbor [ And Their Own Neighbors Will Thoroughly Enslave Them ]; The child will be insolent toward the elder [ None Of Them Shall Regard The Value Of Wisdom ], and the base toward the honorable [ The Immoral Shall Mock The Upright ]. " - Isaiah 3:4-5.

Call me crazy, but this is the most accurate description of Our Present Day And Age, that I have ever seen written anywhere; and it was written by: " The Son of Amoz " - over 2500 years ago! Wow.... Folks, ' The Truth ' is stranger than fiction. Please, Wake Up!

Isaiah Chapter 3, Shows How Bad It's Gonna Get:
" When a man takes hold of his brother In the house of his father, saying, ' You have clothing; You be our ruler, And let these ruins be under your hand ', In that day he will protest, saying, ' I cannot cure your ills, For in my house is neither food nor clothing; Do not make me a ruler of this people. ' " - Isaiah 3:6-7.

Brothers and Sisters, The Worldwide Financial Collapse - aka: " Third Seal Of Revelation " - has only yet begun! How do we know this? Look at all the people, still foolishly running for all of those Political Offices. In That Day, " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble " - there won't be anyone, even willing, to run... and yet, I can fully assure you, it isn't that far away. By The Spring Of 2012, we will finally be there! But, let's continue....

Isaiah Chapter 3, Tells Us Why This Is All Happening:
" For Jerusalem [ The House Of Israel ] stumbled [ Has Failed In The Reformation ], And Judah is fallen [ Has Rejected My Son ], Because their tongue [ The Words Of Their Mouth ] and their doings [ And Their True Actions ] are against The Mighty One [ Are Diametrically Opposed To His Spirit ], To provoke the eyes of His glory [ And He Is Forced To Look Down Upon Them ].
The look upon their countenance [ The Guilt In Their Eyes ] witnesses against them [ Testifies To Their Ongoing Wickedness ], And they declare their sin as Sodom [ They Parade It In Their Streets ]; They do not hide it [ For They Have Absolutely No Shame ], Woe to their soul [ I Can No Longer Ignore It ]! For they have brought evil upon themselves [ By Breaking My Everlasting Covenant ].
Say to The Righteous [ My True Followers ] that it shall be well with them [ They Have Little To Fear ], For they shall eat the fruit of their doings [ My Judgment Shall Be Highly Selective ].
[ But ] Woe to The Wicked [ The Evil Ones ]! It shall be ill with him [ His Own Life Is On The Line ], For the reward of his hands [ The Wages Of His Sin ] shall be given him [ And In In Full Measure Poured Out ].
[ And ] As for My People [ The Ones Who Do Not Yet Understand ], children [ The Foolish Ones ] are their oppressors [ Shall Crush Them ], And women [ Those Spiritual Harlots ] rule over them [ Since, They Refuse To Leave Babylon ].
O My People [ When Shall You Finally Awaken ]! Those who lead you [ The: Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles ] cause you to err [ Are Leading You To Your Own Destruction ], And destroy the way of your paths [ And Concealing The Ways Back ]. " - Isaiah 3:8-12.

So why is all of this happening? These Spiritual Houses have broken: " The Everlasting Covenant " - as established with Abraham... and none of them, has completed His Work!

For instance:
  • The House Of Judah [ The Jews ] have rejected: His Messiah, His Spiritual Instruction, and His Admonition To Love Others.  
  • The House Of Israel [ The Ten Lost Tribes ] have rejected: His Commandments, His Judgments, and His Statutes - while failing to complete The Reformation as His Spirit has commanded.
  • The House Of Joseph [ Ephraim and Manasseh ] have placed their trust in the power of Egypt; and followed the detestable teachings of Babylon.
  • And The Wild Olive Branches [ The Majority Of Christians ] are now more Pagan, than Christ-Like.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Earth's Current Inhabitants are utterly ignorant - due to their ongoing Spiritual Failures. Consequently, in all fairness, ' The Judgment Upon The Nations ' must [ first ] begin with those: " Of His Own House " - as the scriptures have so thoroughly recorded it! After all, Yahweh is A Mighty One of True Judgment. But, let's now complete this study....

Isaiah Chapter 3, Then Concludes:
" The Mighty One stands up to plead [ Yahweh Gets Personally Involved ], And stands to judge the people [ And Strikes The Earth In His Anger ].
 The Mighty One will enter into judgment With the elders of His people [ The Spiritual Leaders Of Israel ] and His princes [ The Political Kings Of The Earth ]: For you have eaten up the vineyard [ For You have Destroyed The Earth ]; And the plunder of the poor is in your houses [ And You Have Taken Everything Unto Yourselves ].
What do you mean by crushing My people [ Persecuting All Of My Witnesses ] And grinding the faces of the poor [ And Afflicting Those Who Are Your Own Equals ]? Says Yahweh The Mighty One of Heaven.
Moreover The Mighty One says: ' Because the daughters [ The Churches ] of Zion [ My Mountain ] are haughty [ Are Insolent ], And walk with outstretched necks [ Looking Down Upon Others ] and wanton eyes [ While Encouraging Fornication ], Walking and mincing as they go [ Playing The Harlot ], Making a jingling with their feet [ And Drawing All Attention To Themselves ].
Therefore [ Because Of This ], The Mighty One will strike with a scab The crown of the head of the daughters of Zion [ He Shall Make Them Repugnant In The Eyes Of All Others ], And The Mighty One will uncover their secret parts [ He Will Expose All Of Their: Lies And Deceptions ].
In that day [ The Time Of His Spiritual Cleansing ], The Mighty One will take away the finery: The jingling anklets, the scarves, and the crescents; The pendants, the bracelets, and the veils; The headdresses, the leg ornaments, and the headbands; The perfume boxes, the charms, and the rings; The nose jewels, the festal apparel, and the mantles; The outer garments, the purses, and the mirrors; The fine linen, the turbans, and the robes [ Leaving Them Nothing Of Value ].
And so it shall be [ Thus It Shall Happen ]: Instead of a sweet smell [ Which Attracts Them A Following ] there will be a stench [ Driving Them All Away ]; Instead of a sash [ For Purely Decorative Purposes ], a rope [ To Hold Up Their Clothes ]; Instead of well-set hair [ Which Contributes Greatly To Their Appearance ], baldness [ That Is Disturbing To Look Upon ]; Instead of a rich robe [ To Complete Her Fanciful Adornment ], a girding of sackcloth [ To Conceal Her Utter Nakedness ]; And branding [ Prominent Physical Scars ] instead of beauty [ Her Currently Ravishing Looks ].
Your men shall fall by the sword [ In The Battle That Is Now Coming ], And your mighty in the war [ That Will Inevitably Ensue ].
Her gates will lament and mourn [ When Her Followers Stop Coming ], And she [ Spiritual Babylon ] being desolate [ Utterly Forgotten By Everyone ] shall sit upon the ground [ In Her Own Ruins ]. " - Isaiah 3:13-26.

If you think it won't happen, then I would advise you to actually start looking around! The Falling Away has already begun... The Worldwide Prevalence Of Church Burnings is geometrically increasing... and, Physical Attacks Upon Her Clergy are now greatly increasing. Doesn't any of this sound somewhat familiar? The entire earth is now spiritually drunk upon ' The Wine ' of her thoroughly out-poured: " Spiritual Abominations "; and the results are now beginning all around us.

Moreover, these ' End Time Judgments ' upon: Judah and Israel won't stop until Yahweh has thoroughly humbled and corrected His Children! As soon a they: Finally Wake Up, Clearly Understand, and Repent Of Their Ways - He'll start the next phase.... Let's all hope, that it doesn't take too long.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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