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The Wild Olive Branches Of Israel are just as important as Abraham's Own Genetic Descendants!

Our Human DNA is very important!
This Message is meant for ' All Of Those Wild Olive Branches Of Israel ' scattered across North America. Whether you live in: The United States of America, Canada, or [ even ] Mexico - if you are ' A True Believer ' In: Yahweh The Mighty One and Yahshua His Son - then, this message is for you... for Yahweh, Himself, loves each and every one of you! Before I begin, however, please read A Recent Email that I received earlier today; and which truly rent my own heart terrifically....
Thank you so much for being a watchman unto the rest of us who have been " Lost ", or better put " A Part Of Spiritual Babylon ". I can't thank you enough for what you have provided me, and others I'm sure.
I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now that lead me away from Roman Catholicism and into learning the true nature of YHWH and Yahshua. As I learned more and more through websites and scripture, I realized more and more just how perverted Catholic doctrine is. Catholicism and its daughters have strayed so far from what scriptures state! Your website has " Sealed The Deal " for me you could say. Your websites were and are a great way to wrap up my new beginnings in having an honest relationship with YHWH. It's so sad to see my family not wanting to change their beliefs as well. They do see that The Catholic Church has not always been the best ( its massive wealth, the crusades, pedophilia ) but still overwhelmingly support it. I'm not too surprised by their choice, since we are from the very Catholic country of Croatia - although we have been living in the States for over a decade now and specifically in The Pacific Northwest.
If you have made it this far in my reflection, I'm hoping you can give me some direction. I feel as if I have been an honestly good person trying to do my best; ever since I was a child, to this very day. I feel as though it still might not be enough for YHWH. I honestly try and search for a deeper relationship with him by studying his Word and researching websites like yours, but I can never help thinking, Am I Really Pleasing Him? I'm not sure if I will be considered An Israelite by Him in the grand scheme of things. Especially as our world comes to a close for most people and to new beginnings for a lot of us like yourself ( living in the newly established kingdom lead by Yahshua in Israel ).
Again, I'm not sure, if you even understand where I'm coming from. If you do, any kind of feedback would be appreciated - more than you'll ever know!
{ *** NOTE: Please understand that I do not publish every email that I receive... and, in fact, this is the very first one that I ever have published. Moreover, I addressed his own spiritual concerns directly; and I have only published this email with his own express permission. }

The Underlying and Fundamental Issues involved in this email are simple ones to scripturally address; but, due to the various ' False-Teachings Of Babylon ', they are often very difficult for its adherents to overcome. While Babylon teaches that there are: " Two Separate Covenants " - One For The Genetic Descendants Of Israel and Another For The Christians - this is entirely untrue.... Yahweh made only: " One Everlasting Covenant For All Of Israel [ Made With Abraham ] "... moreover, there are [ actually ] ' Four Specific Parties To This Everlasting Covenant! '

The Four Parties To This Covenant Are:
  1. The House Of Judah [ His Royal Priesthood and Standard Bearers ].
  2. The House Of Israel [ The Ten Lost Tribes Living In North America ].
  3. The House Of Joseph [ The Two Half-Tribes Of Ephraim and Manasseh Living In Egypt ].
  4. The Wild Olive Branches [ That Shall Be Grafted Into Abraham's Root And Are Now Living Worldwide ]

One of the biggest problems with many believers is that they [ themselves ] do not truly understand ' The Special Relationship Between: Yahweh And Jacob's Genetic Descendants '.  Often, they incorrectly believe that Yahweh is [ indeed ]: " A Respecter Of Persons " - when the scriptures clearly declare that: " He [ The Mighty One ] is not a respecter of persons. " After all, the entire issue seems very confusing - when Yahweh calls The Descendants Of Jacob: " My People, Whom I Truly Do Love ". Please, let me explain... for, it is actually quite simple.

Every Human Being possesses ' Genetic DNA ' - which determines his/her: Eye Color, Hair Color, and Facial Features, etc.... But, what you don't know is that Our Own Human Children inherit far more genetically encoded information, than just these purely physical adaptations. But, each of us possesses ' A Spiritual Gene Set ', as well. If Our Own Human Parents are spiritually-minded, then we ourselves will inherit their genes... and if Our Own Human Parents are naturally-minded and self-centered, then we will inherit those genes, also!

Smokers are genetically predisposed to produce smokers... Alcoholics will most-frequently produce even more alcoholics... and The Children Of Abusers - even, if taken from the home at their time of birth - will most-frequently become abusers themselves. While somewhat disturbing for us to truly comprehend, this is now ' A Scientifically Proven Fact '! In essence, we literally do: " Inherit The Sins Of Our Fathers - to the third and even fourth generations... " and this is what The Scriptures have always been teaching.

Have you ever noticed anything unusual about: The Patriarchs and The Prophets? They have [ almost-always ] been from ' One Specific Genetic Lineage '!

The Early Patriarchs And Prophets:
  • Adam begot Seth.
  • Seth begot Enosh.
  • Enosh begot Cainan.
  • Cainan begot Mahalaleel.
  • Mahalaleel begot Jared.
  • Jared begot Enoch [ The Prophet ].
  • Enoch begot Methuselah.
  • Mathuselah begot Lamech.
  • Lamech begot Noah [ The Prophet ]. 
  • Noah begot Shem [ The First Semite ].
  • Shem begot Arphaxad.
  • Arphaxad begot Salah.
  • Salah begot Eber.
  • Eber begot Peleg.
  • Peleg begot Reu.
  • Reu begot Serug.
  • Serug begot Nahor.
  • Nahor begot Terah.
  • Terah begot Abram [ Abraham, The Hebrew Patriarch ]
  • Abraham begot Isaac.
  • Isaac begot Jacob [ Named Israel By Yahweh Himself ]

Didn't these Early Patriarchs have other children? Certainly. But, most of them fell by the wayside; and their own genetic codes became still further corrupted - with each successive generation that was then being born! When we resist sin within our own lives, this is factually recorded as ' A Form Of Spiritual Immunity ' that passes on to Our Eventual Descendants... and, when we succumb to our own sins, it becomes even easier for each successive generation to invariably do so!

So what does this have to do with ' The Genetic Descendants Of Israel '? They are naturally prone to seeking out A True Spiritual Connection To Yahweh; and thus, The Most Spiritual Ones Among Us - though they [ themselves ] don't even know their own genetic heritage - are, in fact [ most-often ], ' True Israelites '!

However, Yahweh wants All Of His Spiritual People to inherit: " His Everlasting Covenant Made With Abraham "; and He isn't judging us by our own physical genes... for: " He Is No Respecter Of Persons. " The Wild Olive Branches Of Israel are just as important to Yahweh The Mighty One as Abraham's Own Physical Descendants... and, how could it be otherwise, since it is so clearly written that: " He would that none should perish; but that all would come to an acceptance of Him. "!

That being said, Isaiah Chapter 27 [ when speaking of: " The Wilderness Of Latter Day Canaan " ] clearly states:
" Those who come [ The Wild Olive Branches Of North America ], He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] shall cause to take root in Jacob [ By Grafting Them In Among The Others ]; Israel [ His Ten Lost Tribes ] shall blossom and bud [ With All Of These Spiritual Newcomers ], And fill the face of the world [ His Kingdom Upon The New Earth ] with much fruit [ By Our Right Understanding And Proper Living ]. " - Isaiah 27:6.

If The Holy Spirit is directing you To Come, then come... for, The Holy Spirit is His Own Spiritual Connection To You... and, that is why The Mighty One clearly says: " Do Not Boast Against Any Of The Other Branches Of Israel " - for all of us are [ in fact ] equal - Under His Law!
{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, however, that there shall still be the issue of: " The Wedding Garment " - as having been spoken of by Yahshua, The Messiah.... See, Mathew Chapter 22:1-14.}

So, when The Scriptures declare that, The House Of Israel is now living: " Eastward Of The Mighty River " and " Southward Of The Dividing Line ", within " The Latter Day Wilderness Of Canaan " - should we [ really ] be surprised that, The Entire World Refers To This Very Same Place As: " The Bible Belt "? No, we shouldn't! Not really....

Does this mean that they're currently perfect? No, it doesn't... but, they soon will be, since the long prophesied: " Baptism By Fire " - will be [ very quickly ] removing all of ' Their Non-Spiritual Dross '!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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