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Micah Chapter 7: The Spiritual Condition Of Israel, immediately prior to Their Restoration.

You are, ' The Sheep Of His Pasture '.
In Micah Chapter 7, we read about ' The True Spiritual Condition Of Israel ' immediately prior to: " The Baptism By Fire "... and it isn't a very pleasant picture. Moreover, the condition of earth's other inhabitants is seemingly much worse... and yet, in this darkest of all hours, Yahweh is [ even now ] effecting A Great Spiritual Change! For, He is gathering His Like-Minded Ones and preparing them to do battle against these forces of great spiritual darkness....

The world has increasingly become ' Black and White ' - as: " Their knowledge has greatly increased ";  and His Holy Spirit is now hovering over The Waters Of Humanity's Great Ocean. Meanwhile, far out to sea, a storm is now brewing; and the foundations of many will be sorely tested when it finally arrives. While millions have clearly seen it coming and even somewhat prepared, few of them suspect Its True Intensity.

While tens of thousands have boarded up their own Spiritual Windows and battened down their Physical Hatches, far fewer have looked towards Their Own True Foundations. Meanwhile, there are many whose houses have been built upon: " The Sand " - as so clearly spoken of by Yahshua - in Mathew Chapter 7:24-27. Wherein, Religious Confusion is ' The Sand '; and Spiritual Babylon is the worldwide system ' So Amply Providing It '! Meanwhile, Micah Chapter 7 offers us considerable insight - into this ever growing spiritual dilemma....

Micah Chapter 7, Begins:
" Woe is me [ For I Have Been Woefully Under-Prepared ]!  For I am like those who gather summer fruits [ Long After The Harvest Has Been Already Completed ], Like those who glean vintage grapes [ When The Raisins Are Few ]; There is no cluster to eat [ For It Is Already Much Too Late ] Of the first-ripe fruit which my soul desires [ And That Which Remains Isn't Of Any Great Value ].
The Faithful Man [ Who Truly Serves Yahweh ] has perished from the earth [ And Has Been Replaced By Those Evil Shepherds Of Babylon ], And there is no one upright among men [ No, They All Desire To Deceive Me ].
They All lie in wait for blood [ Seeking My Life ]; Every man hunts his brother with a net [ Their Traps Are Now All Around Me ]. That they may successfully do evil with both hands [ It Is Now All Evil, All Of The Time ] -
The Prince asks for gifts [ The Politician Pursues His Own Pocketbook ], The Judge seeks a bribe [ There Is No Justice For Anyone ], And The Great Man utters his evil desire [ Seeking The Entire Earth As His Own Human Plantation ]; So They Scheme Together [ They All Conspire Against Us ].
The Best Of Them is like a brier [ That Tear At Your Clothes ]The Most Upright is sharper than a thorn hedge [ Which Cuts Deeply Into The Flesh ]; The Day Of Your Watchman and Your Punishment Comes [ For You Have Not Left Us Completely Alone ]; Now shall be their perplexity [ Spoken Of By The Prophets ].
Do not trust in a friend [ For They Shall Lie To You ]; Do not put your confidence in a companion [ For They Cannot Be Trusted ]; Guard the doors of your mouth [ Lest You Cause Others To Stumble ] From her who lies in your bosom [ For Your Own Heart Is Yet Another Deceiver ].
For son dishonors father, Daughter rises against her mother, And Daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; A man's enemies are the men of his own house [ Who Can We Honestly Trust In? ].
Therefore [ Understanding These Things ], I will look to The Mighty One [ For My Own Guidance ]; I will wait for The Mighty One of my salvation [ Who Shall Deliver Me From All Of This Evil ]; My Mighty One will hear me [ When I Cry Out, In His True Name ]. " - Micah Chapter 7:1-7.

Dear brothers and sisters, we can no longer place our trust in anyone-else's hands... particularly: " The Churches Of Spiritual Babylon ", and: " The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " - working their own evil schemes within them! There were only Seven Churches; but we are now living with The Eighth Spiritual Era... The Lukewarm Church Of Laodicea has already been: " Spewed Out Of The Mouth Of Yahweh ". I can only pray that you will more-clearly understand this important topic....

As this ' End Time Passage ' very honestly relates, we are now living within: " The Day Of Your Watchman "... and Yahweh only resorts to His prophets, when ' The Shepherds Of Israel ' have become [ once again ] wholly corrupted. It is not The Scriptures that we need to fear; but rather, those who will corrupt them for their own personal gain; but, our world is currently filled with them! Therefore, place your trust exclusively in The Words Of Yahweh Himself [ Through His Sacred Scriptures ]... and, " If it be agreeable, then, Pay Him His Due "!

{ *** NOTE: If you belong to any: Church, Synagogue, Temple, Fellowship, or Religious Organization -  then you still don't get it... " Spiritual Babylon " - is the combined amalgamation of all of them! Moreover, we have been commanded to: " Come out of Babylon, My People, Lest you share in her plagues.... "}

Micah Chapter 7, Continues:
" Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; When I Fall [ I Stumble, For Lack Of Knowledge ], I Will Arise [ I Will: Study, Grow, Learn, And Then Correct Myself ]; When I Sit In Darkness [ Because Others Have Lied To Me ], The Mighty One Will Be A Light To Me [ For He Alone Shall Provide Me The Truth ].
I will bear the indignation of The Mighty One, Because I have sinned against Him [ Good Fathers Chastise Their Children ], Until He [ Yahshua ] pleads my case [ Up In The Heavens ] And executes justice for me [ Upon The Earth ]; He will bring me forth [ With His Own Spirit Leading Me ] to the light [ The Full Knowledge Of Truth ], And I will see His righteousness [ For What It Truly Represents ].
Then she who is my enemy [ Spiritual Babylon And The Mother Of Harlots ] will see [ The Truth, For What It Truly Is ], And shame will cover her who said to me, ' Where is this Yahweh, Your Mighty One? ' My eyes will see her [ In The Time Of Her Own Destruction ]; Now she will be trampled down [ By Her Own Spiritual Followers ], Like mire in the streets [ For They Shall No Longer Regard Her ].
In The Day [ Of The Promised Restoration ] when your walls are to built [ Once Again In The Promised Land ], In That Day [ At The Time Of The End ] the decree shall go far and wide [ For Your Watchman Shall Obediently Proclaim It ].
In That Day [ The Time Of The Prophesied Regathering ] they shall come to you [ As Long Ago Prophesied ] From Assyria [ The Aryan Peoples ] and The Fortified Cities [ The Great Cities Of Earth ], From The Fortress [ Of Latter Day Tyre ] to The River [ The Nile Of Egypt ], From Sea [ The Great Pacific Ocean ] to Sea [ The Great Atlantic Ocean ], And from Mountain [ The Mighty Himalayas ] to Mountain [ The Mighty Andes ].
Yet The Land [ The Promised Land ] shall be desolate [ Will Be Once Again Devastated ] Because of those who dwell in it [ Those Kabbalist Jews And Ruined Figs ], And for the fruit of their deeds [ Their Own Spiritual Treachery And Utter Disobedience ]. " - Micah Chapter 7:8-13.
{ *** NOTE: The current inhabitants of ' The Modern Day Political Nation Of Israel ' are not all Kabbalists and Ruined Figs. In fact, many of them are Truly Devout and Sincere Followers of both: Yahweh [ The Father ] and Yahshua [ His Son ]. Thus, ' The True Remnant Of Them ' shall not be cut off! But, " The Rotten Figs " will be forcefully removed - prior to The House Of Israel's returning. }

What we see, in this particular passage of Micah Chapter 7, is a proper understanding of our own relationship to The Heavenly Father. He Loves Us [ All ] Tremendously! But, like our human fathers, He expects us to both: Physically and Spiritually Progress - into: " The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua [ Our Elder Brother and Shining Example ] ". Nor, is His Ongoing Chastisement overly egregious - if we, also, love Him. For, He does so [ only ] to our direct benefit....

We also see, ' His Original Plan For Salvation ' fully unfolding in our own Upcoming Historical Events. While North America and The Kingdom Of Egypt are being destroyed, He shall also be winnowing and regathering: " The Holy Remnant Of Israel ". Meanwhile, He shall also be purifying: " The Holy Remnant Of Judah " - within, The Modern Day Political Nation Of Israel - as scripturally promised.

Micah Chapter 7, Then Concludes:
" Shepherd Your People [ O Yahweh ] with Your Staff [ Your Chosen Watchman ], The Flock Of Your Heritage [ Your Remnant Of Israel ], Who dwell solitarily In The Wilderness [ The New World ], In the midst of Carmel [ The Mountain Ranges Of Canaan ]; Let Them Feed [ Strengthen Themselves Spiritually ] in Bashan [ Amidst The Battle ] and Gilead [ And Life Giving Water ], As in Days Of Old [ When They First Feared You ].
As in The Days [ So Long Ago ] when you came out of The Land Of Egypt [ With My Own Outstretched Arm ] I [ The Mighty One ] will show them [ My Ten Lost Tribes ] marvelous things [ In That Day ].
The Nations [ Of The Entire World ] shall see [ When I Do These Marvelous Things ] and be ashamed of all their might [ For Mine, Shall Be Far Greater ]; They shall put their hand over their mouth [ In My Presence, Lest I Strike Them ]; Their ears shall be deaf [ When I Roar ].
They shall lick the dust like a serpent [ As They Prostrate Themselves Before Me ]; They shall crawl from their holes like snakes from the earth [ In Order To Flee From Me ]. They shall be afraid of Yahweh Our Mighty One [ Refusing To Continue The Battle ], And shall fear because of You [ My Beloved Yahhudiim ].
Who is A Mighty One like You, Pardoning iniquity And passing over the transgression of The Remnant Of His Heritage? He [ The Mighty One ] does not retain His anger forever, Because He [ Yahweh ] delights in mercy.
He will again have compassion upon us [ Once The Winnowing Has Been Fully Completed ], And will subdue our iniquities [ By Affecting A True Change Within Us ], You will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea [ In The Day That You Do This ].
You will give truth to The House Of Jacob [ Your Own Spiritual Children ] And mercy to The Descendants Of Abraham [ The Whole House Of The Covenant ], Which You have sworn to Our Fathers [ Who Came Before Us ] From Days Of Old [ A Very Long Time Ago ]. " - Micah Chapter 7:14-20.
Meanwhile, This Final Message, in Micah Chapter 7, is specifically directed towards those: " Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel " - living within: " The Wilderness Of Canaan "... not, The House Of Judah - living within The Modern Day Political Nation Of Israel... and not, The House Of Joseph - living within The Kingdom(s) Of Egypt. This entire message is about: " America In Prophecy "... and very soon, you too will understand these things, quite personally!

You see, brothers and sisters, Yahweh knows who His Own Children are? While Babylon's Historians and Theological Scholars are searching all over the world's map, in their own fruitless efforts, The Spirit Of Yahweh has clearly shown these things to His Own Watchman! Why did He choose me? I can't honestly tell you... but, He did... and, that is the basis of My Own Credentials. Not, just another piece of highly-regarded paper - from one of many: " Babylonian Theological Seminaries ".

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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  1. Love your blog. Keep the good work up. We have to never give up talking about the truth. I just heard Andrew re Eugenics on Future Quake. So happy to know that someone else is listening. As a matter of fact I'm working on all of their archives. They are incredible. I also like L.A. Marzoulli.


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