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The God of: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has a name; and it is Yahweh, The Mighty One.

The Sacred Name of The Mighty One.
While the majority of Judeo-Christian Believers have been taught to utilize the terms: " God ", " Lord ", and " Lord Almighty " - when speaking of, or addressing, The Mighty One; these particular titles, or names, actually belong to another! Does that statement surprise you? Well, it shouldn't....

According to The Scriptures, " Who is The Prince of this Earth? " I'm talking, of course, about The Evil One - who controls all of the: " Principalities and Powers... " and the: " Forces of Spiritual Darkness... " which currently govern our entire planet. Who is: " The Light Bearer of Occultic-Knowledge and of Paganism "? His own name is: " Lucifer, The Bright and Morning Star ", and/or: " Ba'al, The Lord "... and his Satanic Worshipers have always reverenced, his own celestial symbol of ' The Sun ' - through their keeping of: " The Venerable Day Of The Sun " and his other [ Sun-Related ] High Days of Worship!

Haven't you ever wondered why, when you call upon: " The Lord " - to address your own personal situations - your prayers continually go unanswered? Is it because there is no Mighty One capable of answering you - in your own personal hour of need? Or, is it because you've been tricked - into calling upon another, who is totally powerless to help you? The ' True Answer ' just might surprise you!

In Revelation Chapter 13, we read about: " The Mark Of The Beast "; and two other Identifying Characteristics - which might just be eye opening. Let's read this scripture for ourselves....

Revelation 13:15-18, Says:
" He [ The Second Beast, or Nation, of Revelation 13] was granted power [ political authority ] to give breath [ restore life ] to The Image Of The Beast [ Babylon The Great, or The European Union ], that The Image Of The Beast [  Babylon The Great ] should both speak [ declare its own political authorities ] and cause as many as would not worship The Image Of The Beast [ All Who Disobey Babylon ] to be killed.
And He [ Babylon The Great ] causes all [ forces everyone ], both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark upon Their Right Hand [ also, A Symbol Of Works ] or upon Their Foreheads [ also, A Symbol For Thoughts ],
and that No One [ anywhere, upon the entire earth ] may Buy [ purchase: food, clothing, or shelter ] or Sell [ provide: food, clothing, or shelter ] except:
  • One who has The Mark Of The Beast [ Takes The Implanted RFID Chip ],
  • Or The Name Of The Beast [ Serves Ba'al, The Lord, and Keeps His Holi-days ],
  • Or The Number Of His Name [ Serves Him Directly in one of His Numerous Occult Brotherhoods ].
Here Is Wisdom [ I Have Provided You A Clue ]. Let him who has understanding [ The Ones Who've Understood This Message ] calculate The Number Of The Beast [ Utilize This Knowledge To Fully Unveil All Of His Followers ], for it is The Number Of A Man [ One Specific Leader Among Many ]; His Number [ This Secret Ruler, Over All The Kings Of The Earth ] is 666 [ No Matter How You May Calculate It ]. " - Revelation 13:15-18.

While the entire world is concerning itself with The Mark Of The Beast, very few of them are aware of: The Name Of The Beast [ The Churches of Spiritual Babylon ], or The Number Of His Name [ The Secret Occult Brotherhoods ] - that are working, side by side, to Religiously and Politically control them!

But then, according to The Scriptures: " Babylon is the original land of confusion. " In fact, some might call it: " The Matrix ", or even: " The World, Being Pulled Over Our Eyes..."  like the movie character, Morpheus, who symbolized: " The Pagan God of: False Visions, Dreams, and Illusions " - in a movie, with that very same name! But, back to my original topic... for, I have seriously digressed.

The Mighty One of Israel has a name which is both: Powerful and Mighty... and it isn't to be treated with: Negligence, Disrespect, or Contempt - as are those pagan terms of: " God ", " The Lord ", and " The Lord God Almighty ". It is to be spoken, and yes, even called upon: In Reverence, In Respect, and In Humility - for it is, The Name of The Holy One [ Our Creator ]... and His Name is: " Yahweh "!

Thus, It Was Written In Exodus:
" You shall not take The Name of Yahweh Your Mighty One in vain [ forget to use it, treat it as a common thing, or call upon it falsely ], for Yahweh will not hold him guiltless who takes His Name in vain [ who does these things ]. " - Exodus 20:7.

Meanwhile, Yahweh [ The Mighty One ] has made Many Valuable Promises regarding His Name. For Instance:
  • " Everyone who calls upon His Name [ The Name Of Yahweh ] will be saved. "
  • " If you ask anything in My Name [ That Of Yahweh ] it shall be given unto you. "
  • " My Name [ Yahweh ] is a strong castle in times of trouble. "
  • " But to you, who fear My Name [ That Of Yahweh ], The Sun of Righteousness [ The Light of Understanding ] shall arise with healing in His wings [ and you shall obtain a spiritual healing ]; And you shall go out [ and teach this message ] And grow fat like stall-fed calves [ and no one shall be able to harm you ]. "

And Even Yahshua Stated:
" I didn't come in My Own Name [ That Of The Archangel ], but in The Name Of My Father [ But as, Yahweh-Hushua, which literally means: ' Yahweh Is Our Salvation ' ]. "

And why did He do so? To glorify Yahweh, Our Father in Heaven! Do you still remember, The Model Prayer, that He gave to us? Think really hard....

In Mathew Chapter 6, It Says:
" Our Father In Heaven [ O, Yahweh, The Mighty One ], Hallowed be Your Name [ That Of Yahweh ].
Your Kingdom [ May Yahweh's Kingdom ] come [ Be Firmly Established ]. Your Will [ May The Will Of Yahweh ] be done on earth [ Down Here ] as it is in heaven [ Up There ].
Give us [ Myself, Yahshua, Included ] this day Our Daily Bread [ Our Spiritual Nourishment ]. And forgive us Our Debts [ Our Own Human Failings ], As we forgive Our Debtors [ those who also fail us ].
And do not lead us into temptation [ keep us far away from it ], But deliver us from The Evil One [ who seeks to constantly deceive us ]. For Yours Is The Kingdom and The Power and The Glory [ For I Serve Only You, ' Yahweh ' ] forever. Amen. " - Mathew 6:9-13.

Please enjoy the following, 6 Minute Musical Video by Hillsong....

America In Prophecy

He Is Yahweh - By Hillsong - A Youtube Video.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. The current flag of Israel is the white and blue one on top. Why does your site assign the rebel flag to Israel?


  2. @ Joyce,

    You asked: "The current flag of Israel is the white and blue one on top. Why does your site assign the rebel flag to Israel?"

    The ' Blue And White Flag ' represents The Politically Created Nation Of Modern Day Israel [ a man-made creation consisting of only Jews ].

    While ' The Stars And Bars ' represents The Politically Created Nation Of The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel [ living within Latter Day Tyre ].

    Neither, of which, is actually The Whole House Of Israel!

    The Everlasting Promise that Yahweh made to: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - encompasses The Entire House Of Israel. All Twelve Tribes [ and a certain number of: " Wild Olive Branches " ] shall, eventually, dwell there!

    Read The Following Postings:

    - Who Are The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel?

    - Who are The Fishermen and Hunters of Jeremiah 16:16?

    - How did The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel end up in The United States of America?

  3. I believe a correction is in order because you are wrong also. The flag you show on this page is most commonly referred to as the "Confederate Battle Flag" which originated as the "Second Confederate Navy Jack". It is also referred to as the "Jacob-Israel Banner" by some.

    The "Stars and Bars" was the flag of the Confederate States of America and is something different entirely.

  4. I stand corrected.... You are, in fact, correct!

    It's also called: "The Saint Andrew's Cross." The original: "Stars and Bars" - quickly went into disuse shortly after the first few battles, since it looked so similar to The United States Flag, as to generate deadly confusion upon the battlefield.

    To most Southern Americans, however: "The Confederate Battle Flag", aka: "The Cross of Saint Andrew", aka: "The Jacob-Israel Banner" - is quite commonly referred to as: "The Stars and Bars", since it still contained The Original Stars and Two Physical Bars - which then formed The Cross of Saint Andrew.

    And yes Vulcan420, I am fully aware that the two bars were changed from Red to Blue.... since, Red Bars don't work on an all red background. The all red background was just another change to differentiate The Confederate Battle Lines from that of The Union.

  5. I am glad we could educate "most southern Americans" on the subject here because the rationale that a flag is THE "stars and bars" just because it has some stars and a couple of bars in its design is, well, borne of ignorance and factually incorrect.

    The "stars and bars" you correctly refer to as being confused in battle was, in fact, the national flag of the Confederate States of America, and while it did go through some changes, it was not replaced by the Confederate battle flag as the national flag - only as the flag on the battle field in order to avoid confusion. Hence the name "battle flag".

    I would be very interested to see some bibliographic info that supports your assertion that the confederate battle flag, regardless of what anyone prefers to call it, is the "current flag of Israel". Thanks.

  6. Actually, Vulcan420,

    It isn't 'The Majority Of Southerners' who are the ignorant ones.... The ignorant ones are those that harp upon the smallest of insignificant technicalities - in order to: Placate their own needs for an unjustified feeling of superiority, Supposedly refute that which they themselves clearly don't understand, or Just to change The True Subject at hand.

    If any nation alters its own national symbols, over the course of history, what external authority has any right to challenge them in doing so? The same goes for the actual terms that they utilize in describing them....

    For instance, The United States itself has had more than 30 different National Flags over its own history... all of them, actually were: "The American Flag" - of that given era... and each of them has been commonly referred to as: "The Union Jack". With 'The Union' referring to our American Union, and 'Jack' being a naval terminology that simply means flag, or standard. After all, to those living there - in their respective times - it truly was!

    Even though only one of them was technically The Union Jack, who honestly cares? Such technical 'Book Knowledge' is functionally irrelevant to those who are factually living in The Real World.

    The most widely accepted of all the national flags within The Bible Belt is: "The Confederate Battle Flag" - a modified version of The Stars and Bars, most commonly used during the war... and ever since. Thus, the people who actually live here have - as always - properly decided the issue.

    As for Bibliographical Information about The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, I would turn your attention back to The Bible itself. Since the vast majority of: "Biblical Theologians and Religious Scholars" - self-admittedly don't have any clue as to what happened to them... while, The Scriptures are exceptionally clear to those who honestly read them.

    The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel live in: "Latter Day Canaan [The United States]...", "Eastward of The Great River [The Mississippi]", "Southward of The Dividing Line [The Mason Dixon Line]", and "Upon The Coastlands [The Atlantic Seaboard]." While The House of Joseph [Ephraim and Manasseh] lives within Egypt.

    While our humanly educated scholars continually propose numerous divergent theories about it, All Of The Old Testament Prophets are in agreement that they live in 'The Wilderness of Canaan' and Egypt.

  7. @Vulcan420,


    I would also draw your attention back to something that you, yourself, have previously stated.

    You said: "It is also referred to as the "Jacob-Israel Banner" by some."

    "The Jacob-Israel Banner", really? Why do they call it that? Don't you think, that there might be some justifiable reason? I'm just saying, "It certainly bears looking into then, doesn't it?".... After all, we are discussing The House of Israel - within The Overall House of Jacob, aren't we?

  8. I agree with you that many southerners hold allegiance to the confederate battle flag rather than their actual state flags or the national flag of the United States. To elucidate a bit further on what I previously mentioned in this discussion is that the KKK are the only ones I found who call the confederate battle flag the Jacob-Israel Banner.

    So, to put this to rest, because you accept the confederate battle flag as your national flag (as do most southerners in your opinion) and you have determined that the tribes of Israel are to be assembled in the south eastern U.S. then the confederate battle flag (what most southerners have come to call the "stars and bars") is the true flag of Israel.

    I am glad we could put this in clear, concise terms rather than read through a bunch of articles to get at the gist of it. Now how hard was that?

  9. @ Vulcan420....

    I believe that I've been very patient with you - up to this point.... However, since the above referenced article is: " The God of: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has a name; and it is Yahweh, The Mighty One " - I am now ending this discussion, once and for all.

    If you [honestly] believe that anything upon this site has been inspired by The KKK, then it is quite obvious that you're not an actual reader of this site. The fact that you obviously set me up - with your own reference to " The Jacob-Israel Banner " - in order to be so insulting, shows your own true nature for what it is.

    The fact that, " You personally hate all Southerners - for some unexplained reason " has nothing to do with this site; or The Scriptural Information being truthfully provided here.

  10. I don't hate southerners, in fact I identify with a good number of them since I have lived down south for a considerable part of my life, even though, like you, I was not originally from the south.

    I believe you had, in one of your comments, stated that people should do some research, which I did. I only mentioned the info I was able to come up with regarding the flags because I, myself, have often displayed the confederate battle flag in one form or another on everything from T-shirts to Automotive doo-dads and when I saw it listed here as the "Current Flag of Israel" I couldn't help but be curious. I found it an interesting topic and did actually learn something myself in the process. As for the KKK, I didn't mean to besmirch your reputation but I could not help but wonder that maybe there is, indeed, some convergence of views here.

    Thanks for compelling me forward to delve deeper into this topic via your encouraging comments. I look forward to reading more of your articles.


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