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The Elijah Message of Malachi Chapter 4 for All Israel.

The Book of Malachi, the prophet.
The writings of The Prophet Malachi are frequently overlooked, by students of ' End Time Prophecy '... and yet, every single verse of its four short chapters was written for those living in this: " Latter Day Time Period ". What a great tragedy, that Yahweh's Own People have long forgotten the valued spiritual injunction:
" All Scripture is given by the inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for: Doctrine, Reproof, Correction, and Instruction In Righteousness, that The Man Of Yahweh may be complete, and thoroughly equipped for every good work. " - 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

Moreover, while billions of Judeo-Christian Believers can strain a gnat from The New Testament, they give virtually no thought at all to The Old Testament - from which Yahshua and His Apostles constantly quoted... and to which, This New Testament Verse [ 2 Timothy 3:16-17 ] specifically referred! One must remember, that The New Testament hadn't even been compiled, when ' The Second Epistle To Timothy ' was then being written. It is for this reason alone, that The Scriptures solemnly state: " My People Perish, For The Lack Of Knowledge. "

As A Watchmen To Israel [ living with America's Bible Belt ], it is my necessary duty to point out what those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " - can't, or won't, tell you... and I take such personal responsibilities quite seriously. Therefore, pay very close attention to ' This Message '... for, it is Your Message from Eli'Yah [ the messenger of Yahweh ]!

In Malachi Chapter 4, It Says:
" For behold, the day is coming [ The Threshing Of His Grain ], Burning like an oven [ Their Baptism By Fire ], And all the proud [ those who refuse to accept His Ruler-Ship ], yes, all who do wickedly [ choosing, for themselves, The Foundation Of Sand ] will be stubble [ perishing like Grass Within The Flames ], And the day which is coming [ His Winnowing Judgment ] shall burn them up [ Effortlessly ], says The Mighty One of Heaven [ Yahweh ], It shall leave them neither: Root, nor Branch [ for they rejected My Eternal Covenant With Abraham; and grafted themselves into A Pagan Rootstock - one other than Mine ]. " - Malachi 4:1.
Whether we are discussing: The Pagan Ba'al Worship [ that masquerades as Christianity ], or The Kabbalistic Judaism [ that has high jacked The Synagogues Of Judah ] - all of these roads lead consistently to Rome [ The Chaldean Gatekeepers of Spiritual Babylon ]. But, Yahweh never made a covenant with Nimrod... ' The Everlasting Covenant ' was made only through Abraham!

" But to you who fear My name [ for those of you Who Reverence Me ] The Sun [ The Blinding Light ] of Righteousness [ Worship, ' In Spirit and In Truth ' ] shall arise [ shall openly display itself ] With healing in His wings [ For You Shall Fully Understand The Message Of Yahshua ]; And you shall go out [ from among The Spiritual Babylonians, as I have long since commanded you ] And grow fat [ Taking Upon Yourselves A New Spiritual Flesh ] like stall-fed calves [ Who've Benefited From My Own Spiritual Attention ]. " - Malachi 4:2.
Those who reverence Yahweh, The Mighty One, will take the time to Study His Scriptures for themselves... they won't accept the words of any other, without verifying it for themselves... and they will not remain in fellowship with liars and slanderers! The Scriptures say: " Two cannot walk together, unless they are in agreement. ", and again: " What agreement has The Mighty One with Ba'al? " Do they not? Why then, do you still remain firmly rooted in Babylon?

" You shall trample the wicked [ they shall no longer afflict you ], For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet [ offering no hindrance whatsoever ] On the day that I do this [ and In The Hour Of My Judgment ], says The Mighty One of Heaven. " - Malachi 4:3.
Those branches, not truly grafted into Abraham, shall be broken off and cast into the piles to be burned... while His Wheat is being threshed and gathered into His Barn [ The Promised Land of Mount Zion ]. This is ' The True Choice ', that has always confronted us all! Which side will you ultimately be on?

" Remember The Law of Moses [ Don't Forget Any Of The Ten Commandments ], My servant [ The Elijah Of His Day ], Which I commanded him in Horeb [ which you call Mt. Sinai ] for All Of Israel [ All The Children Of My Covenant ], With The Statutes and The Judgments [ that if you'll dutifully walk in them, I have promised you life ]. " - Malachi 4:4.
The Ten Commandments are still binding... for, Grace is meaningless without Law! In Exodus 20:5, it says: " For I, Yahweh Your Mighty One, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy [ providing grace ] to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments. " You see, Grace has always been at The Heart Of The Law....

" Behold [ Pay Attention ], I will send you Eli'Yah [ My Own Chosen Messenger ] the prophet [ the one who serves Me, as I have truly called him ] Before the coming of The Great And Dreadful Day Of The Mighty One [ prior to The Hour Of My Judgment ]. " - Malachi 4:5.
 ' Eli ' means: " Messenger ", and  ' Yah ' means: " Yahweh "... thus, ' Eli'Yah ' simply means: " The Messenger of Yahweh ". How shall you know, the one who is coming? The Answer is ' The Message ' that he brings! And, what is that ' End Time Message '?
" And he will turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To Their Children [ reminding you of your Sacred Trust And Obligation ], And The Hearts Of The Children To Their Fathers [ reminding them of The Fifth Commandment ], Lest I come and strike The Earth with a curse [ that I might utterly afflict it ]. " - Malachi 4:6.
O You Wicked Generation, how long will display Your Utter Contempt and, yes, even Hatred towards your own children? Your Own Selfishness condemns you, beyond all measure - of those who have honestly come before you! Have you no shame at all?
  • You have lied to your children about Me!
  • You have taught them the ways of The Pagans!
  • You have totally ignored them!
  • You have failed to give them necessary discipline!
  • You have defiled the earth, that I have given to them!
  • You have robbed and stolen their rightful inheritance!
  • You have heaped up great wealth for yourselves, at their personal expense!
  • And you threaten them: " To Take It All With You "!

Because of this: ' The Troubles Shall Begin In Your Time... for, I shall not allow you to escape it! ' While there is yet time, remember your duty as Parents... repair The Damage, that you have done... and relent in This Detestable Thing which you now do. For, if not, your overdue punishment will be even more severe....

Young People, do not treat your own parents So Coldly and Harshly... for, they are not entirely to blame! There are Many Deep and Troublesome Things, of which very few of you are even aware. Work these issues out together, for the trouble now upon us is already sufficient to the hour... and remember The Fifth Commandment, to: " Honor your Father and your Mother, that your days may be long upon the land [ The Promised Land ] which Yahweh Your Mighty One is going to give you. "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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