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The Last Airbender is [ actually ] a prophetical film... while, M. Night Shyamalan simply means: " Love Springs From The Intellect; And The Moon Is My Beloved Supplanter ".

The Last Airbender - 2010.
In The Popular 2010 Movie: " The Last Airbender " - originally created by Michael Dante DiMartino [ that means: " The True Voice Of God - The Steadfast, Unswerving, And Enduring One - The Angel Of Mars " ] and directed by Manoj Night Shyamalan [ which means: " Love Springs From The Intellect; And The Moon Is My Beloved Supplanter " ] - we are witnessing yet another Prophetical Allegory of our own: Fast Approaching and Future Events. You see, dear brothers and sisters, Aang Is Actually Quite Different From The Rest Of You... after all, He's: " The Peaceful And Soaring One " - having been provided to all of you, by YAO. Alas, There Are So Few With The Wisdom To Listen; and Even Fewer With The Right Spirit To See.

Cal El - is : " The True Voice Of God "!
Fortunately, however, ' A True Watchman Shall Never Give Up '... since, to do so means to fail in his mission... and, Failure Is Totally Unacceptable - especially, When The Truth Is Currently All Around You! So please, I very sincerely beg of you, just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " The Last Airbender "; and consider The Messages hidden securely within it. After all, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

The Last Airbender [ 2010 ] - by: M. Night Shyamalan.

The Last Airbender: A Prophetical Allegory

Muad'Dib - is: " The All-Seeing Eye "!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, There Can Only Be One At The Top Of Any Pyramid... and, Lucifer has proven himself both: Wholly Unfit and Glaringly Ill-Suited - to the task. In fact, according to The True Mighty One, it's [ now ] ' The Time For A Change '... and, there is absolutely nothing that any of you can do about it! Why not, just read it for yourselves....

After All, Psalm 2 [ very plainly says ]:
" Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain [ Since, There Is Nothing That They Can Do ]? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Their Creator ] and against his anointed [ Michael, His Son ], saying:
' Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.'
The One enthroned in heaven laughs [ With Utter Derision ]; The Mighty One scoffs at them [ As They, Previously, Scoffed At Him ]. He [ The Prince Of My Own Spiritual Covenant ] rebukes them in His Anger and terrifies them in His Wrath [ For, He Is Completely Unstoppable ], saying:
' I have installed My King [ Yahshua, The Savior ] upon Zion [ In Jerusalem ], My Holy Mountain [ As, So Long Ago, Prophesied ]. I will proclaim The Mighty One’s Decree:
He [ Yahweh ] said to Me [ Michael, The Archangel ], ' You Are My Son; Today I Have Become Your Father. Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession [ There Is Absolutely Nothing, That I Will Not Lovingly Provide You ]. You will break them with a rod of iron [ For You Are My Own Physical Hammer ]; you will dash them to pieces like pottery [ Since, None Of Them Could Stand Against You In Battle ]. '
Therefore, you kings, be wise [ Turn Away From Your Own Service To Lucifer ]; be warned [ Michael Is Completely Unstoppable ], you rulers of the earth [ Lest, He Should Grow Angered Against You ]. Serve The Mighty One with fear [ In Proper Spiritual Humility ] and celebrate his rule with trembling [ For, He Is A True God Among Men ].
Kiss The Son [ Whom I Have Provided To You ], Or He Will Be Angry [ And, That Isn't The Wisest Of Options ] and your way will lead to your destruction [ He Is My Own: Military Champion And Army Commander ], for his wrath can flare up in a moment [ And, His Own Patience Isn't Unlimited ]. Blessed are all who take refuge in him [ Since, They Will Never Be Shaken ]. " - Psalm 2:1-12.

The Characters Of Last Airbender [ include ]:
Aang [ " The Peaceful And Soaring One " ]
Prince Zuko [ " The Prince Of The Desert " ]
Katara [ " The: Hopeful One, Or One Expecting A Change " ]
Sokka [ " The One Who Both: Sees And Understands " ]
Uncle Iroh [ " Adam's Own Brother - From Hogwarts " ]
Commander Zhao [ " The Military Leader Of YAO " ]
Princess Yue [ " The Princess Is: Happy Or Joyful " ]
Fire Lord Ozai [ " The Master Of Knowledge Who Possesses A Vast Wealth " ]
Princess Azula [ " The Princess: Arrayed All In Blue, Or The Royal One " ]
Master Pakku [ " The Teacher Of The Nail Has Shown His Own Favor " ]
The Old Man In The Temple { No Explanation Is Necessary! }

The Earth Bending Boy No Explanation Is Necessary! }
The Earth Bending Father No Explanation Is Necessary! }
The Spirit Of The Dragon No Explanation Is Necessary! }

The Cast Of Last Airbender [ includes ]:
Noah Ringer [ " The: Resting Place Or Peaceful Rest - Is The One That Rings True " ]
Dev Patel [ " The Divine One - Is The Head Man In The Village " ]
Nicola Peltz [ " The Victory To The People - A Clothier In The Richest Of Fur " ]
Jackson Rathbone [ " God Has Provided The Son From The Reeds In The Brook " ]
Shaun Toub [ " God's Own Gift - The White One:- A Prophet, Missionary, Or Emissary " ]
Aasif Mandvi [ "An Able Minister And An Able Administrator " ]
Seychelle Gabriel [ " The Weaver Of Fine Cloth: Upon The Cliff And In The Meadow - The Champion Of God " ]
Cliff Curtis [ " The One Upon: A Mountain's Edge, Or Precipice - Who Is: Polite, Courteous, And Well-Bred " ]
Summer Bishil [ " A:  Lush, Vibrant, And Newly Green Growth - For The Cooking Pot Or Cauldron " ]
Francis Guinan [ " The Free Man - The: Chieftan, Or Whelp - From Conn " ]
Randall Duk Kim [ " The: Ruler Over Everything, Greatest Of All Wolves, And Only Strong Shield - The Grandest Of Dukes And Most Regal Hill " ]
Isaac Jin Solstein [ " The: Son Of My Laughter, An Angel In Human Form, And The Keeper Of Souls " ]
Keong Sim [ " The Facilitator Who Listens " ]
John Noble [ " The Nobleman Whom God Has Provided " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Peaceful And Soaring One is: The Resting Place [ or, the provider oyour own peaceful rest ], and The One That Rings True. He is [ both ]: The Prince Of The Desert and The Divine One - The Head Man In Your Own Village! He is [ also ]: The Hopeful One and The One Expecting A Change - a victory to the people; and their clothier in the very richest of furs.

The one who both: Sees and Understands - that ' God Has Provided The Son From The Reeds In The Brook ' and that, He is [ actually ]: ' Adam's Own Brother From Hogwarts '. In fact, he's God's own gift ' The White One '; and His own: Prophet, Missionary, and Emissary - The Military Leader Of YAO! After all, He is [ both ]: An Able Minister and An Able Administrator.

The Princess Is Happy [ or, joyful ], thanks to the weaver of fine cloth: Upon The Cliff and In The Meadow - this champion of God. After all, He is ' A Master Of Knowledge Who Possesses An Extremely Vast Wealth '; the one upon: The Mountain's Edge, or Precipice - who is also: polite, courteous, and well-bred. She Is The Princess arrayed all in blue [ or, The Royal One ] - a: Lush, Vibrant, and Newly Green Growth - for, ' The Cooking Pot [ or, cauldron ] '.

The Teacher Who Was Nailed [ or, Yahweh-Hushua ]  has shown His own favor to ' The Free Man And Chieftan From Conn ' - His own whelp He [ Yahweh-Hushua ] is The Old Man Of The Temple. In fact, He is: The Ruler Over Everything, The Greatest Of All Wolves, and The Only Strong Shield... The Grandest Of All Dukes and The Most Regal Hill!
The Earth Bending Boy is: The Son Of My Own Laughter, An Angel In Human Form, and The Keeper Of Souls... while, The Earth Bending Father is The Facilitator Who Listens... and consequently, therefore, The Spirit Of The Dragon is found entirely within ' The Nobleman Whom God Has Provided '!

The Foolishness of: Israel and Judah!
And, if you don't believe me, Then Look It All Up For Yourselves. That's, what I did... and, it might just do you some good. After all, You're Far Too Reliant Upon Others To Constantly Spoon Feed You. In fact, let's just honestly face it, ' The Rest Of Them Are Either: Clearly Mistaken, Or Intentionally Lying '! There's, literally, no way around it....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continuously, upon you!


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