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Those False Prophets were called: " Ravenous Wolves " - for a reason!

False Prophet - wolf in sheep's clothing.
Throughout our studies into The Biblical Scriptures, we find that there has always been a great number of False Prophets. Not those being sent by Yahweh Himself, attesting to ' The Scriptural Truth ' as they themselves have been [ personally ] given it; but people of: " A Lesser: Character, Nature, And Stature " - that: " Having Once Deluded Themselves " - would: " Openly Lie And Teach Falsehoods In The Name Of The Mighty One ". In fact, In Times Of Real Trouble, they seem to [ quite-honestly ] come out of the woodwork - just in time, to deceptively obfuscate Every True Messenger! And, so it is, even today....

While, thanks to The Internet, I can freely proclaim ' The Truth ' to you, at virtually no cost to myself - which is, indeed, a good thing; since I possess very few resources to honestly work with - Alas, however, its wonderful equalizing effect will also ensure A Multitude Of Other Clamoring Voices... the majority of whom, who shall provide you [ as always ] with their own Cleverly Crafted Fabrications that somehow ' Seemingly Approximate The Truth ' - if one doesn't study The Scriptures. After all, as they say in that clever cell-phone commercial: " That's How They Getcha! " So, why not: Wake Up, Study The Scriptures, and Begin To Pay Attention? You might just learn something.

According to The Scriptures themselves, these: " False Prophets " - have always shared certain Common Characteristics....

There are many False Prophets.
For one thing, these False Prophets never seem to teach ' The Whole Truth '! Instead, they prefer to mix together equal parts: Truth and Deception - into something that reasonably resembles neither; while simultaneously approximating both of them. Indeed, it is an: " Untempered Mortar " - that could never actually form: " A True And Rock Solid Foundation ". But, on top of this ' Curious Spiritual Concoction ', they'll sprinkle an ample covering of The True Scriptures - in [ seeming ] support of it. After all, if it didn't look good, then nobody would invariably try it.

In Ezekiel Chapter 13, We Clearly Read:
" And the word of The Mighty One came to me [ Ezekiel, The Prophet ], saying:
Son of man, prophesy against The Prophets Of Israel Who Prophesy [ Warn All Of Them, Both: Good And Bad ], and say to those Who Prophesy Out Of Their Own Heart [ Those Whom I Have Not Sent ], ' Hear The Word Of The Mighty One! '
Thus says Yahweh The Mighty One: ' Woe To The Foolish Prophets [ These Ignorant Ones ], who follow after their own spirit [ Interjecting Their Own Speculative Opinions ] and have seen nothing [ Since, I Have Not Spoken With Them In Any Fashion ]!
O Israel [ Be Warned ], Your Prophets [ Those Who Currently Serve You ] are like foxes in the deserts [ They Are Constantly Preying Upon The Weak And Inexperienced Among You ].
You [ Evil Shepherds ] have not gone up into the gaps to build a wall [ Hedging In My Own Sheep With The Bulwark Of My Scriptural Truths ] for The House Of Israel [ Whom I Have Given Unto You ] to stand in battle [ The One That's Assuredly Now Coming ] On The Day Of The Mighty One [ His Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth ].
They [ These False Prophets ] have Envisioned Futility [ Things That Are Totally Unnecessary And Unhelpful ] and False Divination [ Just Making It Up As They Go Along ], saying, ' Thus says The Mighty One! ' But The Mighty One has not sent them [ So They Have Done You A Very Great Disservice ]; yet they hope that their words may be confirmed [ Thinking That: Hey, Maybe We'll Just Get Lucky ].
Have you not seen A Futile Vision [ With Absolutely Nothing At All To Confirm It ], and have you not spoken False Divination [ That Which Shall Cause Great Personal Harm ]? You say, ' The Mighty One says ', but I have not spoken [ You Have Totally Lied Regarding Me ]. Therefore [ Because Of This Fact ], thus says Yahweh The Mighty One: Because you have Spoken Nonsense [ To My Own Children ] and Envisioned Lies [ That Are Patently Untrue ], therefore [ Because Of This ] I am indeed against you [ And Will Totally Confound You ], says Yahweh The Mighty One.
My hand will be against The Prophets [ I Shall, Personally, Strike Them Down ] who Envision Futility and who Divine Lies [ All Of Them Whom I Have Not Sent ]; they shall not be in The Assembly Of My People [ They Shall Be Cut Off In The Time Of My Own Regathering ], nor be written into The Record Of The House Of Israel [ For My Future Day Of Resurrection ], nor shall they Enter Into The Land Of Israel [ When My Own Children Are Finally Taken Home ].
Then You [ Evil Shepherds ] shall know that I am Yahweh The Mighty One. " - Ezekiel 13:1-9.

Do you see what I mean, about those False Prophets; and all of their: " Untempered Mortars "? It's all there, and clearly spelled out ' In Black And White ', for anyone to read! But, have you: Actually Read It and Properly Understood It - before today? And, why not? Could it be, that [ perhaps ] all of those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles [ of Spiritual Babylon ] " - Get Highly-Uncomfortable, when it comes to studying from These Particular Passages?

Tithing Sermons are quite popular.
Considering: Who and What - ' They Truly Are ' - it's quite understandable that they like to frequently focus upon subjects like: " The Spiritual Necessity Of Tithing "... and, The Potential Benefits to doing so... while, completely ignoring such weightier matters of True Pastoral Accountability! After all, we mustn't tip off The Sheep to our own personal shenanigans; and such passages could [ conceivably ] do that... but, more-importantly however, A Guilty Conscience is extremely hard for The False Prophet to realistically placate, when confronted with such Alarming Scriptural References to personally deal with. In fact, it almost goes without saying.

These False Prophets Are Only Human:

Interior of Creflo Dollar's Mansion.
While we can certainly experience: " A Righteous Indignation " - at what they have done; and indeed are continuing to do; we must never forget that these False Prophets are only human. Like us, they have: Wants, Needs, and Personal Desires... they, too, suffer from: Selfishness, Pride, and Other Collective Baggage... and they, also, possess: Incomplete Knowledge, Certain Organizational Preconceptions, and Limited Spiritual Experience - to draw upon. In essence, they are merely a small cross section of our own Semi-Enlightened Humanity.

But, this is not to make excuses for them. Because, what they have done [ and continue to do ] is Totally Inexcusable! I just wanted you to reasonably understand What Truly Motivates Them, so that you'll properly comprehend ' Exactly How Big This Problem Truly Is '... and, I'm very sad to report that, It's Gargantuan. In fact, I honestly doubt that: Even 1 Percent Of You have experienced The Protestant Reformation to its: Final and Necessary Completion... and, consequently, there are now: " Very Huge Gaps In Your Own Spiritual Walls " - just as Ezekiel Chapter 13, has prophetically spoken.
{ *** NOTE: Unlike, so many others, I don't: " Sugar-Coat " - The Truth. I always try to speak very plainly. Meanwhile, There's Real Trouble Ahead, for most of us - thanks to those Numerous False Prophets!  }

The Exodus from bondage in Egypt.
Just as The People Of Ancient Israel were brought out of Egypt, with a very firm hand, by Yahweh Himself to: Protect Them, Cultivate Them, and Educate Them - as to whom they shall serve - The People Of Modern Day Israel were brought out of The Aryan Nations Of Europe for the very same reasons. Indeed, The United States Of America has been our ongoing: " Modern Day Wilderness Experience "... though, few of us [ ever ] Truly Understood It - as such!

In Ezekiel Chapter 20, We Can Read:
" As I live, says Yahweh The Mighty One, surely with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out, I will rule over you.
I will bring you out from The Peoples [ To Whom I Have Earlier Given You ] and gather you out of The Countries [ Those Assyrian Nations ] where you are scattered, with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out.
And I will bring you into The Wilderness Of The Peoples [ A Place Where Few Others Already Dwell ], and there I will plead My case with you face to face [ To Educate You Into My Own True Form Of Worship ]. Just as I pleaded My case with your fathers in The Wilderness Of The Land Of Egypt [ That First Time, So Very Long Ago ], so I will plead My case with you [ Their Descendants, A Second Time, At The Time Of The End ], says Yahweh The Mighty One. " - Ezekiel 20:33-36.

They Came To America by the millions.
I bet you never heard that one - from those: " Evil Shepherds " - in your own Sunday Schools! Of course, not... they, themselves, don't even know it. And, why don't they know it? Because, just like you and almost every other human being around you, They Didn't Study Their Own Bibles... but, merely listened to what others were constantly telling them... who themselves, not so surprisingly, Didn't Study Their Bibles either... and on, and on, it went. Generations Of Yahweh's Own Israelites, that had been: Painstakingly gathered from all of those other nations, and Carefully cultivated to produce a magnificent crop, Continued to fail in producing any real fruits to speak of....

Moreover, Yahweh Himself already knew that These Exact Spiritual Events were factually going to happen... and, He then instructed The Prophet Ezekiel to write ' The Inevitable Results ' down - for our own Spiritual Edification.

Ezekiel Chapter 20, Then Continues:

I will make You [ O Israel ] pass under The Rod [ The Rod Of Affliction ], and I will bring you into the bond of The Covenant [ My Everlasting Covenant With Abraham ]; I will purge The Rebels [ The Lawbreakers ] from among you, and Those Who Transgress Against Me [ Those Sun Worshipers ]; I will bring them out of The Country Where They Sojourn [ The Lands Of Assyria ], but they shall not enter The Land Of Israel [ The Promised Land ]. Then you will know that I am The Mighty One [ For, In This New Land, I Shall Purify You ].
As for you, O House Of Israel, thus says Yahweh The Mighty One: ' Go, serve every one of you his idols [ Enjoy Your Religious Freedom For A Time ] - and hereafter [ But, In A Little While, After Reaping The Results ] - if you will not obey Me [ By Keeping My: Commandments, Judgments, And Statutes ]; but [ Understand This ] profane My holy name no more with your gifts and your idols [ Or, I Shall Utterly Destroy You, Rather Than Bringing You Back ].
For upon My Holy Mountain [ Mount Zion ], upon the mountain height of Israel [ The Promised Land ], says Yahweh The Mighty One ' There [ When I Bring Them Back ] All The House Of Israel [ All Those Being Regathered ], All Of Them In The Land [ And Everyone That Shall Factually Return ], Shall Serve Me [ I Will No Longer Accept A False Form Of Worship ]; there I will accept them [ Those Whom I Have Refined In The Fire ], and there I will require your offerings [ As You Have Been Commanded To Bring ] and the first fruits of your sacrifices [ Your Worship In Spirit And In Truth ], together with all your holy things [ As You Have Been, So Long Ago, Properly Instructed To Do ]. " - Ezekiel 20:37-40.

As you can now see, brothers and sisters, those False Prophets have done us A Very Grave Disservice! Our great American Nation is now: " Passing Under The Rod Of Affliction "; and virtually no one is Properly Prepared for it. In fact, Most Americans don't even know who they are... and, The Majority Of Them never will! Why? Because, they placed their trust [ completely ] in their own: Self-Deluded and Charismatic Leaders - rather than, properly trusting in: Yahweh and His Sacred Scriptures [ alone ]! They forgot, that their own False Prophets were ' Merely Human ', just like them... and, The Wilderness Of North America will be littered with their own physical remains.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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