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America Is Headed For Martial Law; and The Biblical Prophecies fully confirm this....

US Martial Law is coming soon....
While Millions Of Americans are now waking up to ' The Most Blatantly Obvious Realities Now Surrounding Us ', the overall majority still hasn't. Consequently, I have decided to provide some of The Numerously Available Resources - from upon The Internet - upon this site as well. For instance, the following: " Martial Law Video Compilation " - providing The Much-Needed Information, that should already be widespread public knowledge among everyone. If you yourself are already aware of these things, then just proceed to another one of my own articles. Not Everyone Has Seen This Coming, so please bear with me....

Meanwhile, however, if you think that Martial Law can't [ or won't ] happen within America very soon; then this Excellent 6 Minute Video, entitled: " Martial Law Is Coming To America " - by LibertyorDeath84 is definitely for you.

America In Prophecy

America Is Headed For Martial Law - by: LibertyorDeath84.

Martial Law Is Now Imminent!

Before, I get into The Biblical References of what's now coming, I'd like to just quite-simply state:
" No Executive Branch actually embezzles More Than 1 Trillion Dollars over the course of decades from its own National Legislature - by [ factually ] Claiming To Purchase: $4000.00 Coffee Pots, $400.00 Toilet Seats, and $300.00 Hammers - to covertly build more than 1600 Unfunded FEMA Detention Facilities; unless they Fully-Intended To Use Them! "
Or, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, himself, once succinctly put it:
" In Politics, and In Government, absolutely nothing happens by accident! If it has happened, then you can be sure, that there was - indeed - a reason behind it. In fact, you can bank on it.... "
Satan is at The Top Of The Pyramid.
Meanwhile, there's indeed A Very Good Reason that our own National Government is [ now ] singling out: People Of Faith, All Students Of Prophecy, Strict Constitutionalists, Militia Members, Ex-Military, and Third Party Members - as their Future Targets Of Political Internment. Because, all of these groups are [ now ] finally waking up; and Lucifer's Own: " All Seeing Eye " - doesn't adequately control them any longer! Therefore, they decided long-ago, based upon Their Own Knowledge Of These Prophecies, to simply clean house... at the appointed time... and, from their own Satanic Perspective, they've already prepared for This Period Of Martial Law appropriately.

However, unbeknownst to them, Their Own Leader Within Babylon itself [ The Roman Pontiff ], has already planned his own ' Political Double-Cross '... and, fully intends to destroy all of them, as well! The Entire Continent Of North America is slated for Human De-Population - through: Martial Law, Military Invasion, and Genocidal Warfare - in the midst of America's Own Internal Trouble. Just, read it for yourself - from The Scriptures.

After all, Isaiah Chapter 23, Clearly Says:
" Be ashamed O Sidon [ O United Kingdom ]; For The Sea [ The Papal See, Or True Babylonian Kingdom ] has spoken [ From Its Capital In Rome ]; The strength of the sea [ With Germany And The Rest Of Europe In Agreement ], saying: ' I do not labor [ In Producing Children For Myself ], nor bring forth child(ren) [ To Permanently Join With Us ]; neither do I rear young (men) [ That Might Trouble Me Later ], nor bring up virgin(s) [ Those Who Aren't A Part Of My Own Church ]. " - Isaiah 23:4.
{ *** NOTE: While This Particular Biblical Prophecy is directly referencing The United States Of America, it is also referencing all of Those Other Children Of England - such as: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc... - by obvious extension as well! After all, its speaking pluralistically; in every single reference having been honestly given. Just so you: Canadians, and Others - are truthfully aware of this prophetical certainty.... }
Moreover, had The Average American Freemason [ merely ] listened to their own Publicly Encoded Messages, they would already very clearly know this... but, most of them still - honestly - don't! After all, the music great, Don Mclean, openly proclaimed this - to everyone actually listening - In His 1972 Classic Hit: " Bye Bye American Pie ".

The American Pie Lyrics, Clearly State:
Oh, and there we were all in one place[ None Of Them Had Their Eyes Open ]
A generation lost in space [ They Were Oblivious To Everything Going On Around Them ]
With no time left to start again [ While America Was Now Running Out Of Time ]
So come on Jack be nimble, Jack be quick [ You Had Better Wake Up Very Quick ]
Jack Flash sat on a candlestick [ For, All Of You Will Honestly Get Burned ]
Cause fire is the devil's only friend [ Lucifer Doesn't Protect His Own Servants ]
And as I watched him on the stage [ And As I Saw These Events Then Unfolding ]
My hands were clenched in fists of rage [ I Was Angry, For Having Faithfully Served Him ]
No angel born in Hell [ None Of Those Pagan Religions Could Assist Any Of Them Either ]
Could break that Satan's spell [ For, They All Served Satan Himself ]
And as the flames climbed high into the night [ Her Destruction Growing More Fierce Each Day ]
To Light The Sacrificial Rite [ As Our World Paid Its Homage To Satan ]
I saw Satan laughing with delight [ Lucifer Was Well Pleased With His Own Plans ]
The day the music died [ As ' All Of  America ' Is Finally Destroyed ]
You see, brothers and sisters, Both: The Red Pill and The Blue Pill - lead to their own respective controls by The Matrix... even, The Masons [ themselves ] are being consistently lied to. And, that's why: " NEO [ ' The Prophesied ONE ' ] " - couldn't win; until: " The Trinity " - died; and until he [ finally ] ignored: " The False Leaders Within Zion "! Never forget, folks, we actually serve: " The Mighty One "... while, The Trinity - just like Sun-Worship itself - is honestly An Institutional Trademark Of: " Spiritual Babylon ".

Meanwhile, however, Yahweh Himself has His own plan ' To Utilize This Period ' - for your own Spiritual Benefit... as His long-ago prophesied: " Baptism By Fire "... and, rather than merely focusing upon your own physical protections, you should be focusing upon Your Spiritual Relationship Towards Him. Because that, dear brothers and sister, shall be ' The True Key ' to your own: Physical and Spiritual Survival - during this upcoming Martial Law Period!

As It Was Written:
" Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Sins; And Lest You Receive Of Her Plagues.... " - Revelation 18:4.
After which, we'll be [ truthfully ] headed for Israel: " The Promised Land "....

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Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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