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The Beginning Of Sorrows, found in Mathew Chapter 24, is [ now ] nearing Its Final Completion!

911 - The Beginning Of The End?
According to Mathew Chapter 24, there is A Specific Historical Time Period known as: " The Beginning Of Sorrows ". According to Yahshua, this historical time period will immediately precede The Time Of The End - that has also been referred to, as: " The Last Days ". Consequently, if we are already living within Earth's Very Last Days, then we should be able to pinpoint these ' Past Prophetical Events ' within Our Own World History! But, can we now [ factually ] do so? Or, are these still Future Events? Indeed, many of us would really like to know....

The Scriptures Clearly State:
" We also have The Prophetic Word [ The Writings Of Yahweh's True Prophets ] made more sure [ By Comparing And Cross Referencing All Of Them ], which you do well to heed [ Not Pulling Them Out Of True Context ] as A Light [ A Proper Prophetical Time Line ] that shines in A Dark Place [ The Churches Themselves Are Causing This Blindness ], until The Day Dawns [ When Everyone Can See Clearly ] and The Morning Star [ That Much Greater Light ] rises in your own hearts [ As The Holy Spirit Is Poured Out ];
Knowing This First [ Even Your Own Common Sense Will Tell You ], that No Prophecy Of Scripture [ Indeed, Not Any Of It ] is of any Private Interpretation [ Every Human Being Shall Behold These Events ],
For Prophecy [ The Clear Revelations Of Yahweh ] never came by The Will Of Man [ In Fact, His Enemies Would Have Completely Hidden Them, If They Could ] but Holy Men Of Yahweh [ His Own Hand-Picked Servants ] spoke as They [ These Spiritually-Minded Ones ] were moved by The Holy Spirit [ His Own Connection To Them ]. " - 2 Peter 1:19-21.

 The Beginning Of Sorrows

World War I was well-documented.
Therefore, considering these facts, The Beginning Of Sorrows - as given by Yahshua Himself - must be: Readily Available, Fully Understood, and Widely Taught Historical Events. Otherwise, we'd require The Explanation Of Others... and, The Scriptures clearly state that we don't truthfully need them! Mathew Chapter 24 is talking about ' World Recognized And Historical Events '; and, therefore, we need to fully understand them as such. But where, should we actually begin looking? Why don't we try Mathew Chapter 24? After all, it seems quite logical....

 Mathew Chapter 24, Says:
" Take Heed [ Now, Listen Carefully ] that no one deceives you [ For Many Will, Indeed, Try ].
For Many Will Come In My Name [ To Intentionally Deceive You ], saying: ' I Am The Christ [ They Shall Proclaim: That I Am, Indeed, The Christ '... But, They're Still Lying To You - About Many  Other Things ] ', and will deceive many [ Because You Refuse To Study My Scriptures ].
And You [ No Matter Where You Are On The Planet ] will Hear Of Wars [ Because They Shall Be Very Big Ones ] and Rumors Of Wars [ That Shall Terrify Everyone ]. See that You [ Who Are, Then, Witnessing These Things ] are not troubled [ For These Are Scripted Events ]; For All Of These Things [ The: Great Wars and Terrible Rumors ] Must Come To Pass [ Before Babylon Can Once Again Rise Up ], but The End Is Not Yet [ Until After Those Historical Events ].
For Nation Will Rise Against Nation [ The First World War ] and Kingdom Against Kingdom [ And, The Second World War Will Soon Follow ]. And There Will Be Famines [ Due To Human Activites ], Pestilences [ Caused By Your Own Foolish Decisions ], and Earthquakes [ Shall Then Follow This Sequence ] in Various Places [ Such As In: Pakistan, Haiti, Thailand, Japan, etc.... ].
All Of These [ Historical And Sequential Events ]  are The Beginning Of Sorrows [ I Have, Now, Told You Of Them - In Advance ]. " - Mathew 24:4-8.

World War II - is recognized history.
Now, call me stupid, but This Particular Passage, which is clearly about The Beginning Of Sorrows, seems extremely self-explanatory to me... once, you honestly read it, ' The Way It Was Fully Intended '! Am I wrong? You tell me.... But, of course, I myself don't belong to: " Spiritual Babylon "; and, I Haven't Been Any Part Of It - for A Considerable Amount Of Time now! After all, The Scriptures have clearly told us to: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues "; and I always listen to the scriptures. But, the question is, do you?

Nagasaki - Fire From Heaven.
Meanwhile, The Prophet John also wrote about this very same Beginning Of Sorrows - when he wrote The Book Of Revelation. In fact, they are The First Two Seals, as plainly described, in Revelation Chapter 6. Just because, he [ himself ] left out: The Rumored Wars, Famines, Pestilences, and Earthquakes - in his own Prophetical Timeline - doesn't fundamentally change anything! None Of The Prophets have described The Very Same Historical Events identically... but, rather, Each Of Them focused upon what they [ themselves ] Deemed To Be Most Significant. Just as Yahweh, Himself, fully intended that it always should be....

To Recap, The Beginning Of Sorrows:

According to Yahshua Himself, we can expect The Following Historical Events - during, " The Beginning Of Sorrows ":
  • Two World Wars - World War I and World War II.
  • Two Rumored Wars - The Cold War and The War On Terror.
  • Famines - caused by these ongoing political disruptions.
  • Pestilences - caused by our ongoing human activities.
  • Earthquakes - then happening all around the world. 

According to The Prophet John, we can expect these Historical And Sequential Events:

The Fool On The Hill - sees the sun going down.
These were, indeed, The Beginning Of Sorrows - as given to us by The Scriptures! There is absolutely no question about it. The Fact, that most of the world Has Yet To Figure It Out, doesn't change anything. After all, throughout human history, The Majority Has Always Been Wrong! You do, honestly, realize that... Don't You?

Meanwhile, It Has Been Plainly Written:
" No Prophecy Of Scripture [ Indeed, Not Any Of It ] Is Of Any Private Interpretation [ For, All Men Shall Behold These Events ].... " - 2 Peter 1:20.

Isn't, that what it [ actually ] says? Just: Take The Time and Look It Up - for Yourselves.... In the meantime, however... why not:
" Get Out Of Those Pagan Churches, You Spiritually-Blinded Ones, because I Am Going To Factually Destroy Them; And, otherwise, you will also be destroyed with them - when I do! " - ( paraphrased from ) Revelation 18:4.

The Foolishness of: Israel and Judah.
The Ongoing Lies, that they're now teaching you, are Diametrically Opposed To The True Teaching Of Scripture... and, their ongoing False Teaching about: " A Rapture " - has blinded you to ' The Truth '. Meanwhile, The Beginning Of Sorrows is [ now ] almost over... and, What Comes After It - is, indeed, far worse!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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