Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Pagan Origins Of Christmas are already clearly established....

The typical ' Christmas Tree '.
While Yahweh's Own Feast Days are still going largely uncelebrated, billions of ' Sun-Worshiping Christians ' are preparing for: " Christ's Mass ", or: " Christmas "... and, The Majority Of Them firmly believe that they are faithfully doing Him service! Nor, does it even seem to dawn upon them, that every other: " Sun-Worshiping Religion " - that has ever been derived from The Ancient Empire Of Babylon - celebrates these very same Pagan Holidays, regardless of what they factually call them....

In fact, the actual names: " Christmas ", " Yuletide ", " Saturnalia ", " Baal-Tamar ", " Baal-Berith ", " Asherah ", " Sol-Invictus ", and " Winter Solstice " - are all completely interchangeable... since, they're all celebrating The Very Same Sun-God... Utilizing The Very Same Terebinth [ or, Evergreen ] Trees... and, During The Very Same 12 Days Of December! They are all the products of: Ancient Babylon and Ba'al Worship....

As King Solomon, Once Stated: 
" That which has already been [ Prior To The Flood ] is what will eventually be [ At The Time Of The End ], That which has already been done [ By The Wisest Of The Ancients ] is what will again be done [ By Those In The Latter Days ], And There Is Nothing New Under The Sun [ Upon The Earth ].
Is there anything of which it might be said [ Among Everything That You Currently See All Around You ], ' See, This Is New '? [ Of Course Not ] It has already been done In Ancient Times [ Prior To The Flood ] Before Us [ Who Are Now Living ].
There is no remembrance of former things [ Because The Knowledge Has Been Carefully Removed By Others ], Nor will there be any remembrance of the things that are to come [ Since, It Doesn't Suit Their Own Purposes ] By those who will come after [ The Servants Of The Ba'alim - The Illuminated Ones ]. " -  Ecclesiastes 1:9-11.

The Pagan/Solar Holiday Wheel.
Meanwhile, The Prophet Jeremiah - who actually lived between 650 and 570 BC - wrote about these very same Pagan Celebrations during his own personal lifetime! Why don't we [ ourselves ] just see, how much these Pagan Celebrations Of Christmas - or, Christ's Mass - have factually changed over that intervening 2600 Year Time Period?

In Jeremiah Chapter 10, We Read:
" Hear the word which The Mighty One speaks to you, O House Of Israel. Thus says The Mighty One:
' Do not learn The Way Of The Gentiles [ Those Pagan Ones ], Do not be dismayed at The Signs Of Heaven [ By Foolishly Studying Astrology ], For The Gentiles [ Those Pagan Ones ] are dismayed at them [ Superstitiously Base Their Decisions Upon Them ]
The Customs [ Pagan Traditions And Celebrations ] of The Peoples [ These Ignorant Ones ] are futile [ Offer Them No True Benefit ]; For one Cuts A Tree From The Forest [ A Terebinth, Or Evergreen ], The work of the hands of the workman with the axe [ There's Nothing At All Mystical About It ].
They Decorate It With Silver And Gold [ Making It To Look Very Beautiful ]; They Fasten It With Nails And Hammers [ It No Longer Has Roots ] So that it will not topple [ And, They Want It To Stand Up Straight ].
They [ These: Christmas, Or Terebinth Trees ] are Upright [ To Decorate Them ], like A Palm Tree [ That The Egyptians Use, For The Very Same Purposes ], and They [ These Worthless Pagan Idols ] cannot speak; They [ These Immobile Objects ] must be carried [ By Their Owners ], Because They [ These Idols Of A False System Of Worship ] cannot go by themselves.
Do not be afraid of Them [ These Symbols Of Ignorance ], for They [ These Quickly Dying Trees ] cannot do any evil [ Against Anyone ], Nor can They [ The Product Of Human Tradition ] do any good [ For Those Who Decorate Them ]. " - Jeremiah 10:1-5.

A typical ' Pagan Saturnalia Card '.
Hopefully, you can now see, that there is absolutely nothing: " Christ Centered " - at all, about Christmas... since, the celebration predates His own life by more than 700 years... and, in fact, It Is An Abomination Before Yahweh! He doesn't want us to learn: " The Way Of The Gentiles " - through The Spiritual Double-Mindedness of [ a so-called ]: " Christ's Mass "- but, rather, He wants us to learn: Factual Obedience To Him and His Own Holy Days....

Yahweh's Own Holy Days Are:
  • The Weekly Sabbath - That Reminds Us Of Our Own Creator.
  • The Feast Of Unleavened Bread / Passover - Which Displays What He Has Done For Us.
  • The Feast Of Trumpets - That Heralds His First And Second Comings.
  • The Feast Of Booths - Which Symbolizes Yahweh Living Among Us.
  • The Day Of Atonement - That Afflicts Us To Be Of One Mentality With Him.
  • The Day Of Pentecost - Which Directs Our Attention To The Source Of All True Power.
  • The Feast Of First Fruits - That Makes Us Look Upward Towards Him.

More importantly, however, The Pagan Celebration Of Christmas is now passing away... as will everyone who continually Refuses To Acknowledge Him: " In Spirit And In Truth "! The Sheep will be separated from The Goats - even, if it [ factually ] kills them... and, there's very little time left, to make these necessary adjustments. We are already living within The Third Seal Of Revelation; and The Fourth Seal is now rapidly approaching.... It's time to finally grow up: " Into The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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