Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Is Hip Hop Prophecy - according to our own personal definition?

Music - Evolutionary and Revolutionary.
In my Five Most Recent Postings, I have been writing upon some of the more popular Hip Hop Prophecies - that have invariably climbed to The Top Of The Musical Charts worldwide - over The Past 40+ Years. Bear in mind, that I have utilized the term: " Hip Hop " - very loosely... since, these Highly Popular Hit Songs don't have anything to do with The Actual Musical Genre of ' Hip Hop ' [ itself ]. But, they are merely modern day Popular Music; and no other particular combination of words sounds nearly as appropriate. Meanwhile, as this blog's author, I'm fully entitled to exercise my own ' Poetic License ' in the matter. ;@)

So Far, These Hip Hop Prophecies Have Included:

    Considering The Wide Diversity of their: More Numerous and Spiritually Enlightening Forms - we must honestly ask ourselves: " What Is Hip Hop Prophecy "? My own personal definition of Hip Hop Prophecy is basically as follows....

    Hip Hop Prophecy (hip-hop, prof-uh-see) n.

    1. Any popular: Rap, Song, or Musical Score - that is produced by our big city subculture, that does any one [ or more ] of the following:
    • 1. Provides some form of lyrical prose, that is: Directly Prophetical, Biblically Based, and/or Scripturally Accurate - in its overall nature. 
    • 2. Provides some form of lyrical prose, that: Teaches, Instructs, or Correctly Explains - scripturally accurate Prophetical Truths.
    • 3. Provides some form of lyrical prose, that factually: Provides, Includes, and/or Reveals - hidden messages for the purpose of mentally programming, or otherwise manipulating, its listeners - as explicitly referenced within The Prophetical Scriptures themselves.
    • 4. Provides some form of lyrical prose, that: References, Includes, or Factually Conceals - a direct message of prophetical nature within its overall written, or spoken, text.
    • 5. Provides some form of lyrical prose, that: Clearly Points Out, Historically Proves, or Actually Fulfills - the scriptural prophecies found within The Bible.

    Based Upon These Very Simple Definitions, we can quite easily categorize the previous Hip Hop Prophecies in the following manner:
    • Bye Bye American Pie - both categories: 1 and 4.
    • Walk Like An Egyptian - categories: 2, 3, and 5.
    • Land Of Confusion - categories: 1, 2, 5.
    • The End Of The World As We Know It - category 5.
    • I Saw The Sign - categories: 1, 2, and 4.
    You will notice, that Hip Hop Prophecies will almost never actually include elements of All Five Given Categories. That's, because some of these elements are naturally exclusive towards some of the others! This is to be, honestly, expected. However, it is conceivable that a Hip Hop Prophecy could actually meet All Five Categories - under an extremely rare circumstance. Therefore, it cannot be [ truthfully ] ruled out.

    Why not, See If You Can Spot One yourself; and bring it to my own attention, in the comments box, so that others can also examine it? If You Actually Find One - that I am currently unaware of - then I'll undoubtedly write an article upon it in the near foreseeable future... and, when I do, you'll get: Total Credit For Finding It, First Crack At Deciphering It, and A Link Back To Your Own Blog Page - if you have one!
    { *** NOTE: While I fully intend to write more of these types of articles, in the not so distant future, I wrote these first five to properly demonstrate The Five Different Categories that such Hip Hop Prophecies invariably fall under. Never fear, however; from here on out, I shall intermix them among my other various postings. }
     Ahava and Shalom.

    May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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