Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why are the other nations of Earth becoming increasingly Anti-American?

Jeremiah Wright and The World's Perspective.
So, why does Yahweh proclaim that, ' The Nations Of Earth will greatly despise Edom [The United States of America] ' - in The Book of Obadiah [ verse 2 ]? According to the scriptures, America was created - in: " The Wilderness Of Canaan [ The New World ] " - for only one purpose; To provide: " Babylon The Great ", and " The Mother Of Harlots "A False Prophet and Political Scapegoat - at ' The Time Of The End '. Lest, their: True Spiritual Nature, and Necessary Political Purposes - be readily-discerned and revealed!

Occupy Wall Street is just one of the symptoms.
At the appropriate time, when the worldwide pressures are at their greatest and the entire world is groaning under their new yoke, the blame for what's been happening shall be totally shifted onto: Their False Prophet and Political Scapegoat. Thus, dissipating all of these pressures; by providing the entire world A Suitable Villain And Enemy. Not, that America's Own Leadership has the prerequisite brains to fully figure it out. They honestly believe that: The Leaders Of The European Union are their own magnanimous friends!

What are the: "Birds Of Prey", and the: "Beasts Of The Earth" - found in Isaiah Chapter 18?

The Old Testament Prophecy - as written.
The Books Of Old Testament Biblical Prophecy contain some of the most beautiful and descriptive imagery that one is likely to ever read within their own lifetime. However, it is the: Extremely Accurate, Highly Relevant, and Timely Meaning - of these Prophetical Terms - that astounds us today! Such is the case, for example, with the writings of the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 18, which clearly describes: " The End Time Destruction of Latter Day Canaan [ or Tyre ] " - by those ' Mountain Birds Of Prey ' and the ' Beasts Of The Earth '.

So what do: " The Mountain Birds of Prey " - actually refer to... and what is the actual meaning of: " The Beasts Of The Earth "? In The Book of Obadiah, we can read another prophecy against ' The Wilderness Of Canaan ', which references The Nation Of Edomites - who also dwell there. Meanwhile, it offers us a very clear Biblical Definition of what those: " Mountain Birds Of Prey " - actually refer to.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prophecy News Watch - In Review: How well do they 'Really' stack up against America In Prophecy?

A slightly modified graphic from ' Prophecy News Watch '.
While searching The Internet for other online information sources about ' America In Prophecy ', I stumbled across Prophecy News Watch - directly below our own listing - at Google.com. Always interested in the scholarly opinion of others, I decided to check it out, and see: " What New Information They Offered? " The Following Exact Quotation is just a snippet, from their own available information....
" Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy?
One of the most common questions regarding Bible prophecy is where is the United States in scripture?   Many nations of the world are not mentioned in scripture, however it is hard to understand how the world's most powerful nation would not be.  At least not in a way that we recognize it clearly.
There are many theories and ideas as to why this is but here are three of the most common:
  • The United States is no longer relevant
  • The United States is destroyed
  • The United States is no longer its own country - but part of a larger union of nations - possibly controlled by the Antichrist.
All of these responses are based on speculation.  We simply do not know the answer but it is very possible there may be some symbolism that the United States may fit into.  We must simply watch and wait to see what God's plan for America is. "
- A Direct Quotation, from Prophecy News Watch - one of many Highly-Ranked Online Information Sources

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 1: An End Time Message for Judah [ The Jews ] and Israel [ The Christians ].

Isaiah Chapter 1.
While most Judeo-Christian Believers have yet to realize it, Isaiah Chapter 1 is ' An End Time Message ' to both: Judah [ The Jews ] and Israel [ The Christians ]! Like many of the things that are written within The Old Testament, Christianity continues to blatantly ignore it... with the sole exception of Verse 18, which says:
" Come now, and let us reason together, Says The Mighty One, Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be white as snow, Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool. " - Isaiah 1:18.
 After all, everyone likes to hear these: " Smooth Things " - from the scriptures... and The: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles [ of Spiritual Babylon ] " - have a magnificent propensity for efficiently finding them; and then selectively removing them, from all of their surrounding Spiritual Contexts. Like their counterparts - The Politicians Of Political Babylon - they too, understand The Miracle Of Selective Editing! Meanwhile, the prophet Isaiah is only one of these numerous casualties.

Our Mighty One never intended to create ' A Feel Good System of Religion '; but rather, to effect a: Real, Inward, and Spiritual Change - from deep within us. Consequently, by editing out The True Context from these Highly Important Scriptural Passages, they have allowed us to perpetuate Our Own Ongoing Lies. In essence, they have butchered The Word Of Yahweh for mere pursuit of profit; and the result - all around us - is what All The Prophets have referred to, as: " Spiritual Babylon [ Religious Confusion ] "!

But what does Isaiah Chapter 1, truly, have to teach us? Shouldn't we, all, honestly desire to know? Let's just study it, and see....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Proverbs Chapter 1 tells us that The Foundation of All Knowledge begins with reverence for Yahweh.

Proverbs 13:22 is needed today.
While few believers study The Book of Proverbs anymore, the accumulated wisdom contained within it would greatly benefit all of mankind. The Inerrant Principles hidden within their pages would factually solve many of Earth's current problems. Rather than reading The New Testament Scriptures over and over, yet again, why not broaden your mind; and graze amidst the verdant lushness of ' The Seldom Touched Pasture '? Unlike The Gospels of Yahshua, the: " Streams of Living Water " - within this less trodden pasture - have seldom been muddied by the feet of others.

Who knows, you might even find that the True Knowledge and Biblical Wisdom to be found there will assist in your own studies elsewhere. After all, that's exactly what is claimed within the first seven verses of The Proverbs... and one of its plainly stated purposes is to teach us Scriptural Understanding!

Proverbs Chapter 1, Begins:
" The Proverbs of Solomon, the son of David, king of Israel:
To know Wisdom and Instruction, To perceive The Words Of Understanding, To receive the instruction of: Wisdom, Justice, Judgment, and Equity; To give Prudence to the simple, To the young man Knowledge and Discretion -
A Wise Man will hear and increase learning, And A Man Of Understanding will attain wise counsel, To understand A Proverb and An Enigma, The Words Of The Wise and their Riddles.
The Fear [ Reverence and Holy Respect ] of Yahweh is The Beginning Of Knowledge, But Fools despise: Wisdom and Instruction. " - Proverbs 1:1-7.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 8 warns us to heed The Very Real Warnings of those so-called: " Conspiracy Theories. "

The Rock Of Offense and Of Stumbling.
While the majority of Earth's Planetary Citizens consider such topics as: " The New World Order ", " One World Government ", and those [ so-called ]: " FEMA Death Camps " - to be Mere Conspiracy Theories, I myself don't! After all, The Scriptures themselves declare it, to be, Completely True.... In Isaiah Chapter 8, verses 11-18, we read the following:
" Do not say, ' A Conspiracy Theory ', Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy theory, Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. The Mighty One of Heaven, Him [ Yahweh ] you shall hallow; Let Him be your fear, And let Him be your dread.
He will be as A Sanctuary [ to those who place their trust in Him ], But A Stone Of Stumbling [ which causes them to stumble ] and A Rock Of Offense [ that trips them up ] To Both The Houses Of Israel [ those self-proclaimed Christians and Jews ], As A Trap [ which they shall fall into ] and A Snare [ that shall grab at them and hold them securely ] To The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem [ those Freemasons and Kabbalists who are now dwelling there ].
And Many Among Them [ all of these groups ] shall Stumble [ because, they do not know Me ]; They shall Fall [ from their dizzying heights ] and Be Broken [ because, they ignore My words ], Be Snared [ by the events of their own creation ] and Taken [ by the circumstances, which they themselves have created ].
Bind up The Testimony [ Seal This Word, until The Time Of The End ], Seal The Law [ My: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes ] Among My Disciples [ those sheep, who will actively listen ].
And I Will Wait [ as my fathers did before me ] Upon The Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ], Who Hides His face [ until That Appointed Time ] from The House Of Jacob [ Both: Judah and Israel ]; And I Will Hope In Him [ firmly believing in His Promises ].
[ Then I Shall Say ] Here am I [ Isaiah, the prophet ] and The Children [ His True Believers ] whom The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] has given me [ through the sharing of these words ]! We [ the servants of Yahweh ] are for Signs and Wonders In Israel [ An Ever Living Testimony To All Of The Nations ] From The Mighty One of Heaven - Who dwells in Mount Zion. " - Isaiah 8:12-18.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Baptism By Fire is The Impending Judgment, which shall come upon The Nations of this Earth.

The Water Baptism: is A Profession Of Faith.
While most Judeo-Christian Believers accept the concept of: " A Water Baptism " - for the symbolic profession of their own simple faith - very few of them realize that Yahweh, The Mighty One, fully intends to forge that faith into something far greater and even stronger within: " The Furnace Of Spiritual Affliction. " In fact, according to All Of The Prophets, the people of Earth are going to undergo: " A Baptism By Fire " - just prior to Yahshua's Imminent Return.

For Instance, In Zechariah Chapter 13, We Read:
" 'Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd [ Yahshua, The Messiah ], Against The Man [ The Body, That I Have Provided Myself ] who is My Companion ', Says The Mighty One of Heaven. ' Strike The Shepherd [ Whom I Have Given To Them ], And The Sheep will be scattered [ By Those Wolves, That I Warned Them About ]; Then I will turn My Hand against These Little Ones [ To Strike and To Heal Them ].
' And it shall come to pass [ Just As I Have Spoken ] in all the land [ Within Every Nation Of The Earth ] ', says Yahweh, ' That two-thirds [ Of The Human Population ] in it shall be cut off [ Winnowed From Out Of The Fields ] and die [ Within The Fires, That I Myself Have Kindled ], But one-third [ My Own Spiritual Wheat ] shall be left in it:
I will bring [ Protect ] the one-third [ These Spiritual Ones ] through The Fire [ The Maelstrom Which Is Now Coming ], Will refine them [ I Will Purify Them ] as Silver [ Israel ] is refined [ By Removing The Dross ], And test them [ By These Prophesied Circumstances ] as Gold [ Judah ] is tested [ By The Harshness Of Acid ].
They [ That Holy Remnant ] will call upon My Name [ Shall Pray Only To Yahweh ], And I will answer Them [ My Own Faithful Ones ]. I will say, ' This is My People '; And each one will say, ' Yahweh is My Mighty One. '" - Zechariah 13:7-9.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is The True Meaning of Psalm 82?

The 82nd Psalm is very controversial....
The 82nd Psalm may be only eight verses long, but it provides one of the most controversial subject materials within the pages of The Bible! Some believe, that it's talking about The Fallen Angels living upon earth... while others believe, that it's talking about Us Human Beings being elevated - one day - to the actual status of gods... but, what is it really talking about? What is, ' The True Meaning of Psalm 82 '?

Like most things within the scriptures, Psalm 82 has been utilized by: "The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles of Babylon " - to: Confuse, Obstruct, and Obfuscate, The True Intentions of Yahweh. Consequently, there are many differing ' Traditional Opinions ' - as to, precisely, what this passage refers to. However, we need not blindly trust in the opinions of others; since all of us are equally capable of reading The Scripture for ourselves. Therefore, let's more closely examine the passage from Psalm 82....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The God of: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has a name; and it is Yahweh, The Mighty One.

The Sacred Name of The Mighty One.
While the majority of Judeo-Christian Believers have been taught to utilize the terms: " God ", " Lord ", and " Lord Almighty " - when speaking of, or addressing, The Mighty One; these particular titles, or names, actually belong to another! Does that statement surprise you? Well, it shouldn't....

According to The Scriptures, " Who is The Prince of this Earth? " I'm talking, of course, about The Evil One - who controls all of the: " Principalities and Powers... " and the: " Forces of Spiritual Darkness... " which currently govern our entire planet. Who is: " The Light Bearer of Occultic-Knowledge and of Paganism "? His own name is: " Lucifer, The Bright and Morning Star ", and/or: " Ba'al, The Lord "... and his Satanic Worshipers have always reverenced, his own celestial symbol of ' The Sun ' - through their keeping of: " The Venerable Day Of The Sun " and his other [ Sun-Related ] High Days of Worship!

Friday, August 12, 2011

America In Prophecy has been blessed by Yahweh, The Mighty One.

Current Statistics for America In Prophecy.
First off, I would like to thank our Four Loyal Followers and Eight Current Subscribers for reading and subscribing to this End Time Prophecy Website. Although America In Prophecy is still quite new, and without much of a track record up to this point, you have stuck by me through thick and thin... and I very much appreciate it. Thank you, very much!

Since I started America In Prophecy - just three months ago - it has gone from receiving no traffic at all, to virtually quadrupling its readership every single month. Nor, is this just visitors from Entrecard looking for a few easy credits; but genuine readers searching for The Truth of Yahweh's Scriptures. Meanwhile, one of my greatest surprises has been our recent upgrade to a Page Rank of 2 from Google. For all these blessings and more, " May Yahweh, The Mighty One, be praised! "

While I cover some Very Sensitive and Controversial Topics at America In Prophecy, as many of you have noted in your own comments, The Sacred Scriptures are what they are; and I, myself, didn't write them. It has been written, that: " The Word Of Yahweh cuts sharper than any double-edged sword... " and this is literally true. Particularly, for those, who've ordered their own spiritual lives by living in complete opposition to Him! As you all know, I will neither: apologize, nor make excuses for This Very Simple Truth.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The meaning of: " Babylon " - is confusion.

Pope John XXIII wearing The Papal Tiara.
Before I start digging more-deeply into The Scriptures surrounding The Various Manifestations of: " Babylon ", I feel that it's appropriate to explain some [ seemingly difficult ] terminology. After all, there seems to be considerable confusion regarding the concept that almost every single word ever created possesses: Multiple Meanings, Divergent Applications, and Differing Connotations - depending solely upon The Proper Context of how it is used.

Some Very Simple Examples:
  1. He entered The House [ A Dwelling, or An Abode ].
  2. The Whole House of Israel [ The Entire Tribe, including every single human descendant ].
  3. He is called House [ The Proper Name of a doctor on tv ].

As amazing as this sounds, many people cannot seem to distinguish between: The Physical Nation Of Babylon [ The European Union ], The Nations Who Are Collectively Called Babylon [ The Illuminati and Masonically Controlled Western Nations ], The Churches Of Babylon [ Sun-Worshiping Christianity ], The Numerous Competing Religious Systems Of Babylon [ Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc....], and The Mother Of Harlots - who: Politically, Financially, and [ even ] Spiritually controls all of them, by pulling their strings and manipulating them at her will.

The English Riots of 2011 - according to Ezekiel Chapter 28 - they are only the beginning for Sidon.

England Rioting, August 2011.
While I have been writing a great deal about The United States of America, I haven't forgotten about the many other nations mentioned within these very same: " End Time Prophecies ". As you know, I have written about: Tyre's Stronghold [ The Empire of Japan ], The King Of South [ Pharoah rising within The Kingdom(s) of Egypt ], Babylon The Great [ The Newly Established European Union and The King Of The North ] - a nation that: Was [ In The Beginning ], Is Not [ throughout most of world history ], And Yet Is [ once-again, In The End Times ]. But now, I must move on to Sidon [ The Nation Of England ]....

Remember this particular Biblical Verse?
" And He [ Yahweh ] said, ' You will rejoice no more [ speaking to Latter Day Tyre ], O you oppressed [ thoroughly manipulated and controlled ] virgin [ unmarried to any particular: Church, Religious Faith, or Belief System ] daughter of [ female child of ] Sidon [ The Nation of England ]. Arise [ get yourself up from The Empire of Japan ], cross over to The West [ to your own physical homeland ]; There also you will have no rest [ because Yahweh's Proclamation is now coming upon you ]. " - Isaiah 23:12.

Well, if The United States of America is The Nation of Tyre, then The United Kingdom absolutely has to be ' Sidon '. It only stands to reason. Everyone knows precisely who: " America's Mother " is... and, more importantly, The Ancient City-States of: Tyre and Sidon held the exact-same Familial Relationship, all throughout history! Tyre has always been: The Best Friend, Trading Partner, Hired Underling, and Political Harlot - of Sidon. After all, they're family, and family always sticks together....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

As Watchman To Israel, I am asking for some reasonable assistance with America In Prophecy.

The Ox - a beast of burden.
As ' A Watchman To Israel ', I am currently in need of some assistance. While I have willingly invested thousands of hours in: Personally Developing This Site, Researching Its Content, Developing Its Articles, and Building Its Presence Online - I am only one man; with extremely limited and finite personal resources. Through Yahweh's Magnificent Blessings, I have overcome many of these personal difficulties! Albeit, not all of them....

For Instance:
  • Blogger has provided me with ' An Entirely Free Platform ' to write upon.
  • The Internet provides ' Totally Free Access ' to corresponding historical information.
  • Entrecard and My Own Social Commentary offers me ' The Means ' to actually get noticed.
  • Yahweh has shown me ' The Prophecies ' that are being fulfilled today - as you currently read this.
  • And My Current Unemployment has provided me with ' Ample Free Time ' to expend upon it.

However, I am not: A Graphics Designer, An SEO Technician, or An Independently Wealthy Human Being. Thus, America In Prophecy is [ quite honestly ] suffering from: An Amateur Design, Poor Internet Rankings, and Virtually Non-Existent Advertising. Moreover, I can't help it. I lack the personal skills to do any better upon my own... I have no real budget to work with... and my own personal time must be realistically divided up among: Job Hunting, Seeking Out Financial Assistance, and Dealing With A Host Of Other Domestic Responsibilities.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Immoral Woman of Proverbs Chapter 7 is none other, than ' The Mother Of Harlots '.

The ' Immoral Woman ', or: "Mother Of Harlots."
In Proverbs Chapter 7, we read about: " The Immoral Woman ", " The Seductress ", " The Whore ", and/or " The Crafty Harlot " - of Spiritual Babylon. While The Scripture has described her with many different names and spiritual metaphors, The Mother Of Harlots is ' A False Religious System ', whose: Houses Of Worship and False Teachings - span the entire globe.

The Mother Of Harlots has continually existed - in somewhat different forms - since the beginning of time... but, the fundamental: Symbols, Teachings, and Spiritual Tactics of that ' Immoral Woman [ or, Fallen Church ]' are remarkably consistent overall. Thus, what was written by King Solomon - over 3000 years ago - is equally true of The Seductress today. 

In Proverbs 7:1-5, We Read ' His Admonition ':
" My son [ My Child ], keep my words [ Pay Attention and Listen To Them ], And treasure my commands within you [ Incorporate Them Into Your Heart ].
Keep my commands and live [ Follow My Instructions To Avoid The Second Death ], And my law as the apple of your eye [ Rightly Discern Their True Value ].
Bind them upon your fingers [ Set Your Hands Toward Doing Them ]; Write them upon the tablet of your heart [ And Think Upon Them Continually ].
Say to wisdom, ' You are my sister, ' And call understanding your nearest kin [ Trust In The Truths That I Give To You ], That they may keep you from The Immoral Woman [ The Ungodly Church ], and from The Seductress [ That Spiritual Deceiver ] who flatters with Her Words [ Warping And Twisting You, Through Her Own Comfortable Logic ]. " - Proverbs 7:1-5.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Elijah Message of Malachi Chapter 4 for All Israel.

The Book of Malachi, the prophet.
The writings of The Prophet Malachi are frequently overlooked, by students of ' End Time Prophecy '... and yet, every single verse of its four short chapters was written for those living in this: " Latter Day Time Period ". What a great tragedy, that Yahweh's Own People have long forgotten the valued spiritual injunction:
" All Scripture is given by the inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for: Doctrine, Reproof, Correction, and Instruction In Righteousness, that The Man Of Yahweh may be complete, and thoroughly equipped for every good work. " - 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

Moreover, while billions of Judeo-Christian Believers can strain a gnat from The New Testament, they give virtually no thought at all to The Old Testament - from which Yahshua and His Apostles constantly quoted... and to which, This New Testament Verse [ 2 Timothy 3:16-17 ] specifically referred! One must remember, that The New Testament hadn't even been compiled, when ' The Second Epistle To Timothy ' was then being written. It is for this reason alone, that The Scriptures solemnly state: " My People Perish, For The Lack Of Knowledge. "