Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What does it mean, that: " The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth "?

The Meek understand what is important.
For thousands of years, we have repeatedly heard The Oft Spoken Statement: " The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. " We've heard it: in Our Churches from The Laity... in Our Schools from The Educators... in Our Streets from The Wealthy... and, in Our Media from The Powerful Ones... and yet, Nothing Has Ever Truthfully Come Of It! Why, exactly, is that? What's holding back, The Actual Beginning Of This Process? Could it be Our Own Spiritual Understanding, that's standing in the way?

In Fact, Exactly Who Are The Meek?

The Real Question, that we need to ask ourselves, is whether [ or not ] The Dictionaries Are Factually Correct!

Yahshua: Resisted The Proud Ones!
Are: " The Meek " - that, The Mighty One was referring to - merely: Submissive, Spineless, Fearful, Weak, Cowering, Sniveling, Gutless, and even Pitiful Human Beings - as these cleverly devised books will so readily tell us? You see, to my knowledge, Yahweh-Hushua: Lived The Perfect Life and Set The Proper Spiritual Example... and, that isn't [ in any way ] How He Lived His Life! In fact, interestingly enough, He Was Defiant To The End....

What Did Yahshua Know, That We Don't?

The Love Between: Father and Son....
Yahshua, honestly, understood The True Nature Of Love! For instance: He knew it's Factual Purpose: " To Always Promote The Ongoing Social Harmony Of Everyone "... He knew it's Practical Methodology: " To Always Maintain A Properly Balanced: Understanding, Outlook, And Perspective - Upon All Things; Both: Physical And Spiritual "... and, He knew it's Actual Foundation: " The All Encompassing Spirit Of Yahweh Himself; Expressed Plainly As True And Unconditional Love ". In fact, He Didn't Obey [ either ]: The Rabbis, The Pharisees, The Priesthood, The Romans, or [ even ] The Letter Of The Written Law... but, instead, He Obeyed The Mighty One - by simply: Following His Own God-Given Conscience and Operating Solely Upon The Principles Of Love....

The Follies: Israel and Judah....
In fact, There's No Other Way To Factually Please Yahweh... and, through actually doing this, We Are Honestly Rendering Him True Worship: " In Spirit [ By Relying Upon Him, Dwelling Within Us ] And In Truth [ By Actually Doing, As He Desires Us To Do  ]! " How hard is that, for us, To Truthfully Conceptualize? It isn't any form of: " Religious Legalism " - to Obey One's Own Human Conscience... and, it doesn't promote: " Spiritual Licentiousness " - to truthfully Observe Yahweh's Own Commandments, as the proper foundational structure - for factually doing so!

So, What Is Meekness?

Meekness may be properly defined as: " Humble Obedience To Yahweh, Reverential Respect For His Laws [ Both: Physical And Spiritual ], And Love For Our Own Fellow Human Beings ". Consequently, when our own: Neighbors, Leaders, and [ yes ] even Governments - are being Openly Defiant [ towards ]: The Mighty One, His Own Laws, and/or Our Fellow Human Beings - then we are, factually, required To Stand Up Against Them [ in all meekness ]! Meek isn't Weak... in fact, Meek is Vastly Stronger Than Steel....

The Real Trouble with both: The House Of Israel [ The Christians ] and The House Of Judah [ The Jews ] - is that, Neither Of Them Truly Understands [ any of the following ]...

The Seven Complete Aspects Of Yahweh:
But, They All Soon Shall... because, That's Why I'm Here... I am: The Very Last Prophet Of Yahweh and The Prince Of His Own End Time Covenant! I'm here to [ finally ]: Wake All Of You Up, and Lead You Home To The Promised Land... and, the sooner that you begin listening, the fewer problems that you'll [ truthfully ] have. But, It's All Up To You!

After All, It Was Written, A Long Time Ago:
" Behold [ Pay Close Attention, You Obstinate Ones ], the days are coming, says The Mighty One, ' When I shall make A New Covenant with: The House Of Israel [ The Christians ] and The House Of Judah [ The Jews ] -
Not according to The Covenant That I Made With Their Fathers [ So Long Before ] in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt [ Utilizing Moses, My Own Chosen Servant, For That One Sole Purpose ], My Covenant Which They Broke, though I was a husband to them, says The Mighty One.
But [ I Shall Do Something Entirely New ], This Is The Covenant That I Will Make With The House Of Israel:
After Those Days [ Their Own Time Of Trouble ], says The Mighty One, I Will Put My Law In Their Minds [ Make It: A Serious And Conscious Priority ], And Write It Upon Their Hearts [ And, Deeply Ingrain It Within Them ]; and I will be Their Mighty One, and they shall be My People.
No More [ From That Time Forth ], shall every man teach his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying ' Know The Mighty One ', for They Shall All Know Me [ Through What I have Shown Them ] from the least of them to the greatest of them [ They Shall All, Finally, Know Me ] ', says The Mighty One. ' For I shall forgive their iniquity [ After Their Own Baptism By Fire ], and their sin [ Prior To That Day ] I will remember no more. ' " - Jeremiah 31:31-34.
And yet, None Of You, still seem to get it....

America In Prophecy

This Is: True Humility And Meekness - from: The Dictator.

And, that's why it was written [ so long ago ]:
" The Axe [ You, The People, Whom I Have Created ] Lies At The Base Of Trees [ The Political Nations Of Earth ].... "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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