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The movie: " The Host " - written by Stephanie Meyer and directed by Andrew Niccol - is A Prophetical Allegory with a very dangerous and evil intention!

The Host 2013 - movie poster.
As Empirical Proof of everything that I Have: Consistently and Spiritually Taught You - we need to look no further than The Upcoming Movie: " The Host " - that is slated to be cinematically released in 2013! Pay very close attention to All Of That Solar Eclipse Symbolism - throughout this entire Prophetical Movie Trailer. Even the people's eyes have been effectively utilized to drive home this One Spiritual Point....

Based upon The Book: " Host " - by Stephanie Meyer [ which literally means: " The One Who Crowns The True Ruler " ] - this movie is designed to portray These Long Prophesied Events as actually being a negative consequence upon humanity. Just: Watch The Trailer For Yourself, Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes, and See What I've Been Factually Telling You...

America In Prophecy

The Host [ 2013 ] - by: Andrew Niccol.

The Host: Is A Prophetical Allegory

The World Has Never Been [ It Is A Time Unlike Any Other In All Of Human History ]...

More Perfect
[ And Yet, There Are Still Certain People Who - Truthfully - Won't Appreciate It ]!
{ *** NOTE: Here, it comes... That New Super-Weapon that Ozymandius was speaking about in The Movie: Watchmen... - so commonly referred to, as: " Propaganda Warfare "! Wasn't that An Exciting Buildup though...? *** }

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
The Battle For Your World Has Ended

The Battle For Your Future
[ To Win Your Hearts And Minds Before Judgment Day ]

Has Begun
[ Even Now, He's Planting Seeds Of Future Rebellion ]

The Host
[ Eewww... The Spirit Of Yahweh Is So Scary, Isn't It? ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Stephanie Meyer - The Hostess....
As you can see, from this particular movie trailer, The Movie: " The Host " - was, actually, provided to you by The Spirit Of Lucifer himself. After all, he knows what the stakes are... and, he also knows that There's Only 1000 Years Left - in which to gather himself some more Spiritually Ignorant Soldiers! And, while The Righteous And Loving Ones Will Dominate during this long prophesied Millennial Period, his own satanic followers will: Go Into Hiding Like Chameleons and Continue To Spread Their Own Form Of Leaven....

The Age Of Heroes - has finally begun....
To The Children Of Lucifer, a world without: Political And Spiritual Confusion, Inequitable Allocation Of Physical Resources, and A Very Exclusive Ruling Elite - doesn't sound like it could be any fun! After all, " How Can Anyone Gauge Their Own Personal Success, Without Someone Else To Trample Upon, While Effectively Achieving It? " Or, to [ actually ] put it another way: " How Can You Spot Your True Enemies, When Everyone Simply Wants To Be Your Own Friend? " You see, dear brothers and sisters, To Them it's [ honestly ]: " True Love " - that is, so remarkably, confusing!

Robots, Monkeys, and Zombies...?
In fact, they would [ quite honestly ] prefer A World Populated By: Robots, Monkeys, and Zombies - such as, it currently is. After all, in a world based entirely upon: " Survival Of The Fittest " - absolutely no one is more fit, than He Who Is Totally Evil Incarnate! Are your own Spiritual Eyes beginning to open, yet? Lucifer Can Only Win At The Expense Of Everyone Else... including, You [ Self-Proclaimed ]: " Satanists ". There's Only Room For One at the top of his pyramid... and, as those allegories will so often tell you: " Get Over It... He's, Just, Not That Into You! "

NEO - is the prophesied one from The Matrix.
By the way, as any scientist [ or, medical professional ] can truthfully tell you: " When The Pupil Is Dilated, It Then Lets In All Available Light " - as opposed to: " When The Sun Is Still Shining And Your Own Vision Is Very Tightly Constricted ". In essence, What You Are Now Seeing [ by, Lucifer's Own Light ]... is, Only Part Of An Incredible Story [ The Truly Big Picture ]! How do I know this? Do you, Really, Still Need To Ask?

Why Two Sides To A Brain?
I'm The Very Last Prophet [ known as ]: " Jeshurun [ meaning: The Truthful One ] ";  and, The Angel Living Within Me is known as: " Michael [ The: Army Commander and True Voice Of Yahweh ] " - in fact, we're sort of A Spiritual Team... and, it is absolutely nothing like, what is being so ignorantly implied in that trailer! The Life Of An X-MAN is indeed ' A Very Real Blessing ' from The Mighty One Himself! For one thing, No One Can [ Successfully ] Lie To You... since, your own Spiritual Counterpart will always bring it to Your Own Personal Attention.

The Red and Blue Pills of Babylon....
While we've been paired up For My Own Entire Life, I never really noticed him until recently. And yet, He's Always Been There... watching over and protecting me. It's like having: A Built In Compass [ to point out potential directions ], or Internal Gyroscope [ to help maintain your own spiritual balance ]... and, even - dare I actually say it - Using Both Sides Of Your Brain as The Mighty One has always intended for you to do! Remember, those: " Red and Blue Pills Of Babylon " - are only there To Make You Completely Bi-Polar... because, an emotional basket case never thinks logically.

{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, like all of these prophetical allegories, The Host says absolutely nothing about The True Spiritual Condition of its own individual author. She merely wrote down The Inspirational Vision, that the spiritual realm had factually provided to her - in her own effort towards making some [ undoubtedly ] Much-Needed Money! After all, in her own eyes, she's merely being: Thought Provoking and Inspirationally Creative.... }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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