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The Book Of Genesis [ or, Bereshith ] is The Book Of Beginnings... and, the very first sentence is extremely important!

Genesis: The Truth Behind Creation.
In this first study of The Book Of Genesis [ or, Bereshith - in Hebrew ], I am hoping to provide you with a very specific outline into the [ factually true ] Book Of Beginnings. After all, there have been numerous: Seriously Incorrect Interpretations, Extremely Blatant Misunderstandings, and Patently False Teachings - invariably surrounding: The True Spiritual Implications and [ even ] Subtly Hidden Meanings of this remarkably consistent book! And yet, there are very few good reasons for this having actually happened - other than The Intentional Misdirection of our own Biblical Scholars. After all, Yahshua referred to them as: " Ravenous Wolves " - for a reason.

For Instance:
  • What Exactly Is The Mighty One?
  • What Kind Of Light Could Pre-Exist Stars?
  • What Exactly Are The Angels?
  • When Were They Created?
  • From Where Do They Derive Their Own Power?

Genesis Chapter 1In The Beginning.
All of these questions, and more, Are Well Within Our Own Human Grasp... since, The Answers To All Of Them are truthfully found within: " Genesis " - The Book Of Beginnings! In fact, that's exactly what makes The History Of Genesis to be [ by far ] the most interesting of all the books actually found within The Scriptures. Consequently, without further buildup or fanfare, let's now begin our own very important Theological Study. After all, everyone should know: Exactly What They Believe In and Possess A True Knowledge Of Why....

Genesis [ Bereshith ] 1: In The Beginning

The very first statement from within The Scriptures is simply:
" In The Beginning [ At The Start Of Time ], The Mighty One [ The One True God ] created: The Heavens [ The Universe Itself ] and The Earth [ The Planet That We Factually Live Upon ]. " - Genesis 1:1.

Human Brain Cell and A Galactic Pulsar.
By itself, this Purely Narrative Statement doesn't [ seemingly ] explain very much. Nor, was it ever intended to. It was merely intended to: State The Blatantly Obvious, Proclaim The Book's Agenda, and To Simply Declare The Truth - as everyone can equally agree. Because, All Of Us Believe In A God... while, our own continuing disagreements all revolve around: Precisely Who, or Factually What - That God Inevitably Is!

While Believers: Declare And Extol
  • His Incredible Intelligence 
  • His Amazing Forethought In Creation
  • His Immense Power And Magnificent Glory

Non-Believers: Proclaim And State
  • His Utter Lack Of Intelligence
  • His Totally Randomized Selections
  • His Utter Powerlessness To Effect Dramatic Change

Atomic Structure and The Solar System.
You see, dear brothers and sisters, This Is The True Issue confronting all of us! In fact: " The True Faith " - has absolutely nothing to do with Belief In God... but rather, do we: Honestly Appreciate, Truthfully Respect, and Spiritually Reverence - The Mighty One, whom We Already Know Factually Exists? In fact, contrary to what those [ self-proclaimed ]: " Atheists " - will Semantically tell you:

  • Evolution Is Indeed A Religious System
  • They Believe In A Factual God
  • They Will Viciously Defend Him
  • They're Always Seeking New Converts
  • All Claims Otherwise Are Strictly Intentional

The War Over Evolution.
While This Blatantly Obvious Statement will come as a shock to many of you, and truthfully anger some in the [ so-called ]: " Scientific Community " - it is, indeed, The Objective Truth as being properly understood. Because, The Mighty One is: " Yahweh [ aka: , Eywa, Allah, and YAO - The God Of: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ] "; and His Own Intelligence is truly exceptional! In fact, it dramatically exceeds The Combined Intelligence Of Everything Else... since, we are all [ merely ]: The Individual and Subjective Parts - of His Own Physical Body!

Consequently, The First Two Chapters Of Genesis are merely relevant explanations of precisely how This Remarkable Event [ factually ] came about... in the very same way, that those Self-Proclaimed Scientists have explained their own Unverifiable Theories - after presenting their so-called: " Non-Binding Hypotheses "! In fact, believe it or not, The Book Of Beginnings is actually being presented within ' A Strictly Scientific Format ' - meaning: First Sentence [ A Declarative Statement ], Chapter 1 [ Specific Outline ], and Chapter 2 [ And, Further Relevant Detail ] - for the ultimate benefit of its own Spiritually Led Readership.

Bear in mind also, that while: The Scientific Community was [ itself ] teaching An Entirely Flat Earth, Held Up By Atlas, Upon The Back Of A Turtle... The Biblical Scriptures [ themselves ] were - long before then - blatantly stating:

1. The Earth Is A Sphere.
" To whom will you liken Yahweh? Or what likeness will you compare to Him? Have you not known? Have you not heard? Has it not been told to you from the beginning? Have you not understood from the foundation of the earth? It is He who sits above The Circle Of The Earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers.... " - Isaiah 40:18-22.
2. It's Suspended Upon Nothing. 
" He stretches out the north over empty space; And He Hangs The Earth Upon Nothing. He binds up the water in His thick clouds, Yet the clouds are not broken under the weight of it. " - Job 26:7-8. 
 3. The Universe Is Actually Expanding.
" Thus says Yahweh The Mighty One, who created the heavens And Stretches Them Out.... " - Isaiah 42:5.

Cartoon Mocks: " Bible's Flat Earth ".
Meanwhile, of course, they went to very great personal efforts To Teach You The Exact Opposite - when it was [ factually ] A Well Pre-Planned And Intentionally Perpetrated Lie - regarding The Scriptures! Now, why would our own Scientific Community - those [ self-proclaimed ]: " Champions Of Absolute Truth " - Willfully and Intentionally Deceive Everyone? And, more importantly, Why Did Our Own Religious Clergy Factually Assist Them? Could there be: " A Carefully Conceived Agenda " - or, even, An Outright Factual Conspiracy - behind all of this Ongoing Subterfuge?

The Story Of Genesis: Is Highly Important

YHWH means: " I Am The Eternal One. "
While most of us are unaware of it, The Power Of Conscious Thought  is factually incredible! As All Of Our Physicists have now become aware, Our Own Macroverse Consists Of Nothing... or, to put it bluntly, It Consists Of Only One Thing: " The All Powerful Expression Of Conscious And Self-Aware Thought " - meaning, quite simply, The Mighty One [ or, Our Own Macroverse ] is functionally aware of Himself; and of Every Individual Existence, within His Own Entire Body....

In fact, The Sacred Name Of Yahweh [ YHWH ] simply means: " I Am ", or can be equally understood as Any Of The Following:
  • " I Am Everything "
  • " I Am All That Exists "
  • " I Am The Eternal One "
  • " I Am The Solitary Existence "
  • " I Am All That You See "
  • " I Am The Primary One "
  • " My Existence Is Your Only True Foundation "
  • " Destroy Me And You Would Cease To Exist "

That's Why, Scriptures State The Following:
" Thus Says Yahweh [ The True Mighty One Of Heaven ], The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahweh-Hushua ], and His Maker [ The Macroverse Himself ]; Ask Me [ YHWH ] of things to come [ These Future Events ] concerning My Sons [ Lucifer and Michael ]; and concerning The Work Of My Hands [ Everything Around You ], you command Me [ Seriously... Demand It From Me? ].
I have made the earth, And created man upon it. It was I [ The Mighty One ] - My Own Hands that stretched out the heavens, and all their host [ The: Stars, Planets, and Other Heavenly Bodies - That Are Known Spiritually As Angels ] I have commanded [ Since, The Very Beginning Of Time ].
I have raised Him [ My Own Son Michael ] up in righteousness [ To Fulfill My Own Pre-Determined Plan ] And I will direct all His ways [ When That Time, Finally, Arrives ]; He [ My Very Own Son ] shall build My City [ That New City Of Jerusalem ] And let My Exiles [ Held Captive By Spiritual Babylon ] go free [ Just As I Have Always Promised To You ], Not for price [ Like Your Own Evil Shepherds ] nor reward [ Like The Kabbalists Amidst Judah ], Says The Mighty One Of Heaven. " - Isaiah 45:11-13.

Our Universe: Is Immense Beyond Belief.
You see, dear brothers and sisters, It Requires An Immense Application Of Thought to hold The Universe together; and The Mighty One must constantly exert His Own Concentrated Belief - with respect towards every individual part of His Own Personal Body! Meanwhile, our own Individual Thoughts [ albeit: Less Significant and Individually Powerful ] Exert Equivalent Forces Of Their Own... which, If: Specifically Channeled, Collectively Focused, and Singularly Directed - Can Effectively Rival His Own... and, invariably, deplete His Own Available Resources.

The Book Of Genesis: Provides Key Understanding

Monkeys - Don't Believe In God...!
Now, why would: Lucifer and His Own Children - want you to [ ever ] Believe In Atheism? Because, by doing so, We Are Assisting Him in destroying The Mighty One - his own spiritual opponent! Since Satan cannot possibly defeat Him, he'll gladly settle for Destroying Everyone. In fact, he would rather die, than live under The Mighty One's Own Rule! The problem, however, is that: If He Wins, We're All Going To Die With Him....
{ *** NOTE: Just watch the following trailer for The 2012 Movie: " Wrath Of The Titans "; and see if you can catch it.... *** }

America In Prophecy

Wrath Of The Titans [ 2012 ] - by: Jonathan Liebesman .

What Did He Say?
" Perseus [ Michael, My Son ]... ' We Gods [ The Heavenly Host ] Are Losing Our Power [ The Mighty One Is Now Weakening ]! ' We Believed The Titans [ Those Fallen Angels ] To Be Imprisoned Forever [ Where We Had Trapped Them ]... But, Now, They Are Breaking Free [ And, Escaping From The Abyss ]. It Will Mean Chaos [ Upon The Earth, When They Do ].... "

The Foolishness of: Israel and Judah.
Could that be: Because, It's Taking All That He's Got: Just To Hold Us and Everything Else Together? After all: Our Churches Have Lied To Us [ To Weaken Our Own Faith ], Our Scientists Have Lied To Us [ To Break Our Own Grasp ], and The Governments Have Been Pushing Satan's Agenda [ To Topple The Little Bit Remaining ]. Honestly, think about that... and, while you're doing so, just remember that: ' Genesis 1:1 Is The Single Most Important Statement Found Within The Scriptures! ' After all, The Scripture clearly states:
" You Exist, O Sons Of Jacob;
Because I AM! "

Genesis: Has Stood The Tests Of Time

Contrary to Lucifer's often repeated lies, The Real Issue Has Never Been One Of Vanity... it's really, A Matter Of: Life and Death - for everyone! According to those scriptures: There Is A War Going On, and The Battles Have Been Raging A Very Long Time. Meanwhile, the majority of its own human combatants have merely gotten lost in All Of The Ongoing Confusion. If you're one of them, then why not:

  • Stop In And Rest For Awhile
  • Study The Battle Lines With Us
  • Decide Which Side You're Factually On
  • Plan Your Own Strategy Among Friends

 The Eclipse Is Coming - Are You Ready?
Because, It's Only Going To Get Worse From Here On Out! Remember, it's like The Scriptures have already told you: " It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn... " and, The Book Of Genesis [ or, Bereshith ] will provide you some: Very Important and Necessary Answers... meanwhile, Even Those [ so-called ]: " Scientists Of Babylon " - Are Already Proven Liars!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. One thing that has always puzzled me about the Biblical account of creation is that the trees had fruit and the herbs had seeds. On the fourth day the sun, the moon and the stars were created. Obviously that can't be. What is you take on this?

    1. The Light that was factually created: " Upon The Very First Day " - was The Mighty One's Own Body. You see, His First Creation Was Himself - when He [ Yahweh ]: Became Self-Aware, and Then Determined I AM!

      Upon The Fourth Day, He Created The Stars And Planets [ which are: The Actual and Physical Bodies - of The Heavenly Angels, or The Eternal Ones]... and, He Created: Lucifer [ Our Own Sun ], and Michael [ The Planet Mars ] - Last... denoting their own personal sovereignty Over All Of The Other Angels.

      These Two Archangels were to be His Own Sons! First Lucifer [ The Priest Of Heaven ]... and Then, Michael [ The Army Commander ]. But, Lucifer wanted to govern it all!

    2. And yes, You understood me correctly... Every Heavenly Body In The Universe is actually representative of An Angelic Being - with commensurate abilities and powers!

      Hence, the implied threat within The Movie: " Star Wars " - was that: Given Enough Time [ That Prophesied 6000 years ], Careful Organization [ His Own: Illuminated Ones, Freemasons, and Satanic Followers - to lead them ], Specific Indoctrination [ symbolized by those Imperial Clone Armies ], Advanced Human Technology [ A Pre-Flood Development ], and The Addition Of Meta-Magic [ Focused, channeled, and Concentrated Human Thought ] - even An Infinite Army Of Ants can overcome An Entire Planet!

      Consequently, " The Death Star destroying the ice planet Hoth " - symbolized that ' He Would Eventually Get His Own Way... Even If He Had To Destroy: Everyone And Everything - To Get It! ' After all, if you destroy The Planet, then The Angel that it truthfully represents will [ also ] die as well....

    3. You see: Lucifer and His Own Followers - are, indeed, A True Form Of Cancer; by every relevant meaning of the word!


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