Monday, August 29, 2016

Is God ( Really ) Still Blessing America... and, come on people, Let's Truthfully Be Honest?

Who ( actually ) is: " Yahweh Tunes Inc. "?
As we currently look around our own country, you can't help but notice that ' The Majority Of Americans Today Are Quite Obviously And Clinically Insane '... since, all we ever hear about is: " How God Is Still Blessing America " - despite America Rejecting Everything Connected With Him; and, while, There Is A Growing Mountain Of Evidence Entirely To The Contrary!

In fact, we should ( quite honestly ) be asking ourselves: " In What Way Is God Now Blessing America "?

Seriously, folks, Take An Honest Look All Around You... and, indeed, What Do We Actually Now See?
  • Our Own Economic Engine Is Now Broken...
  • The American Economy Is Now Stagnant At Best...
  • The Standard Of Living For Most Is Seriously Abysmal...
  • Our Own Infrastructure Is Now Crumbling...
  • The Government Is Now Honestly Bankrupt...
  • We Have Historic Floods In The East...
  • We Have Historic Fires In The West...
  • Sinkholes Are Opening Up Everywhere...
  • Our Leaders Are Unusually Dysfunctional...
  • Our Own Children Are Totally Stressed Out...
  • And, Our Society Is Fast Becoming Seriously Unglued....

" You Can't Claim One / Without The Other "....
These are ( quite honestly ) not: " The Blessings That Have Been Faithfully Assured To The Righteous "... but, rather, they are irrefutably: " The Curses That God Has Always Utilized To Open Those Eyes Of The Wicked "!

The fact, that: ' The Majority Of Us Cannot Spiritually Perceive Any True Difference Between Them Is The Most Damning Piece Of Evidence Of It All '... in a nation, that truthfully claims to be: Predominantly Christian and ( indeed ) Biblically Oriented.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Message From The Watchman.....

Ozzy Ozbourne - Crazy Train ( 1980 ).
As of August 8th 2016, all of our embedded videos - at both: America In Prophecy and ( it's sister site ) The All Seeing Eye - have stopped working; due to some unexpected changes from within either: Youtube, or ( even perhaps ) Blogger.

Never fear, however, ' Now That I've Figured It All Out, I'll Soon Have Everything Back Up And Running '... but, please be patient, since I now have literally thousands of articles to go back and update!

In the meantime: You Can Still Read All Of Those Interesting Articles, Click On All Of The Informational Links, and Study All Of Those Accompanying Scriptures... because, the only thing affected is The Embedded Video Player In Each Of Those Postings.

Sorry, about all of the inconvenience....

That's right: " Welcome To My House ".....
The Question, that I have for you: " My Own Interested Readers "... is, which particular blog should I truthfully focus upon first?

I'm, just saying... folks, I Honestly Need Some Valuable Input Here....

So, Why Not Leave A Comment Expressing Your Own Useful Opinion!
*** NOTE: After re-writing the video embedding code and spending an entire week repairing around a hundred of my own articles... I woke up this morning to find that [ lo and behold ]: " The Powers That Be Have Now Fixed Whatever The Problem Was In The First Place "... and, while I should be overjoyed at this unusual development, I Can't Help But Feel Like I Have Now Wasted A Great Deal Of Extremely Precious Time! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!

Friday, August 12, 2016

He who controls: " The Common Everyday Language " - ultimately, controls all of the people who use it!

Are Words really being utilized as Weapons?
One of the first things that I learned, was the fact that people can often be quite passionately motivated by The Words That Others Choose... and, most frequently of all, It Is Just Eloquent Doublespeak!

Take, for instance, the statement: " At [ CompanyX ], Our Most Valuable Assets Have Always Been Our Own Hard Working Employees " - which, most frequently, engenders a strong positive reaction from those hardworking and underpaid associates who do all of the work for those companies.

The Best Deceptions are Always Very Subtle!
Now, most of us would never notice anything wrong with this statement... because, our own understanding of The English Language is pretty much limited to our own time spent utilizing it since grade school.

However, whether we realize it or not, The Carefully Chosen Word Of Asset has a very specific meaning that many of us have ( quite honestly ) never even considered.

According to
" Asset:
An Item Of Ownership [ or, valuable property ] that is convertible into cash; the total resources of a person ( or business ) as in: Real Property, Buildings, EquipmentMachinery, Fixtures, Inventory, Cash, Promissory Notes, and Accounts Receivable - as, opposed to liabilities. "

And, whether we believe it or not, ' The Average Hourly Employee Really Is Their Own Valuable Asset '... since: Those Wages Have Remained Relatively Flat Over The Last 40 Years while Their Corporate Profitability Has Soared To New Record Heights.

In fact, thanks to something called Monetary Inflation, ' The Average American Blue Collar Worker Is Now Earning Around 50 Cents Per Hour In 1975 Dollars '... and, that is precisely why, The Economy Is Now So Seriously Broken!

Friday, August 5, 2016

How come, it is so hard to prove The Verifiable Existence Of God?

Do you know: " Your Own Logical Fallacies "?
You wouldn't believe how many times that I've been asked The Following Loaded Questions ( such as ): " If God Wants Everyone To Believe In Him, Then Why Does He Make It So Obviously Difficult? " or, ( to simply put another way ): " Why Does An Entirely Good God Conceal Himself From Those Who, Quite Honestly Do, Need Him The Most? ".

And, whether: Their Own True And Personal Intentions Are To Quite Artfully Obfuscate or ( in fact ): They Are Simply Framing It That Way Due To The Ongoing Manipulation Of Another Who Is, As Yet, Still Remaining Currently Unseen - we can be absolutely certain, by The Tactics That Are So Logically Being Employed, that - ' There Is Indeed A Spiritual Agenda Behind That Which Is Now ( So Thoroughly And Repetitiously ) Being Questioned By Everyone '?

What is now wrong with: " That Feed Box "?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, Barack Hussein Obama was truthfully right about one thing ( when he, then, quite factually stated ): " You, Folks... Haven't Been Reading Your Bible "... but rather, instead, You Have Been Following All Of Those Extremely Ignorant Shepherds!

Now, be completely honest with yourselves: " Isn't That Actually True "?