My Own Personal Vision

Have you ever experienced A Frequently Recurrent Dream and wondered - to yourself - if it might just be more than that? A dream that showed you the exact same and coherent plot, but it was as if the true meaning has continually escaped you.... Have you ever thought, that it might be ' A Vision ' and inquired into it from others?

Well, I have! I have had Just Such A Dream - which continued over a period of ten years - during my twenties. And around six months ago, I had it again....

A Vision From Yahweh:
" I walk into the front door of A Two Story White Antebellum Mansion. It is furnished with many Beautiful Furnishings and Magnificent Antiques. As I walk through the house, I wonder at all of the lovely things which are found within it... even as I [somehow] instinctually know and fully understand that this house and all of these things are actually mine.
In My Wonderment,  I stop and ponder these questions: ' What is this place... ', ' Where did it come from... ', and more importantly, ' How did I come to be in possession of it '? I have neither: built, nor purchased - anything, at all, like this magnificent mansion....
As I walk out onto the back porch - a beautiful veranda - I notice that A Lavish And Catered Lawn Party is already well-underway. There are many people there, all of them dressed up In Fine Garments and many other attendants are waiting upon them. The people are all pleasantly conversing with one another, to pass the time, and are [obviously] having a great time at the party.
But the very moment that they notice me, Everyone Stops And Looks At Me with [undue]: Reverence, Expectation, and Hopefulness. In fact, I can hardly navigate the party without everyone wanting to earnestly shake my hand and thank me - for something that I have unknowingly done. But exactly what, I honestly don't have a clue.
Again, I'm seriously puzzled.... It is now obvious that this is ' My Party ' and was given in honor of ' Me '. But, why would anyone throw ' Me ' a party? I have spent my entire life as a complete nobody... haven't I?
As I finally move past them, I walk across An Absolutely Perfect Manicured Lawn. In fact, it's startlingly Lush And Green - beyond all human comprehension. I look very closely at it, and then all around me... and I notice that There Aren't Any Weeds - of any type, or description, anywhere upon the entire property - not even off in the distance.
This too, deeply puzzles me.... After all, I've been to many exquisite homes in my own lifetime; but I've never seen any property like this one!
As I walk further, I approach A Beautiful River and A Boathouse. A young child of mine is happily playing upon the lawn... and, as I see the child playing, my heart fills with utter joy within me! After all, there are very few things that matter more than our own children.
I then continue onward to The Boathouse and inspect it.... Surprisingly, there's no boat of any type to be found within it.  I can't help but wonder, ' Exactly what's the point of a boathouse, without some kind of boat? ' So, very strange....
Afterwards, I leave - having decided to simply return back to the party. But in my path is ' An Extremely Large, Red, And Scaly Serpent ', which blocks my travel. I judge it to be: around two feet in diameter and perhaps thirty or forty feet long. I fully realize that he is extremely dangerous and doesn't belong here. And yet, for some unexplainable reason, I myself feel absolutely no real fear of him at all!
For a moment, we just stare at one another. He, coiling up, as if to strike... and I, picking up Three Small Stones, while carefully and quietly observing him. Three separate times, I throw these stones at him... and all three times, I strike him directly on his head. It was like something, other than myself, was craftily guiding them to their target... and each time that I hit him: He Hisses, Rears Up, and Grows Angrier. But, he never strikes back against me... and after The Third Stone, he quickly and quietly slithers away.
Having finally run off The Serpent, I then realize where I am now standing. It is the very same area where my child had been playing a little earlier. In a frenzied panic, I desperately look all around for my child. But, he and/or she is no where to be found... and my own heart breaks uncontrollably!
I then, look once again for The Serpent. But, he has utterly disappeared from my sight. "

I have recounted This Particular Dream thousands of times, to so many people, that I cannot begin to count them... and yet, no one could give me The Correct Interpretation - to what it truthfully means! But six months ago, the spirit of Yahweh gave me the meaning of This Fantastical Dream... and since that time, I have have been receiving all sorts of Other Visions. And on certain occasions, I have even recognized His voice speaking to me.

Frequently, These Ongoing Visions include, the appropriate: New Testament and Old Testament Scriptures already within them. Upon waking up, I can look at The Exact Same Passages within the Bible and they are always there - Exactly Where He Has Shown Me, and every single word is Exactly The Same As Shown  - within the written scriptures.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!