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If The Watchman is called: " A Voice Of One, Calling From The Wilderness " - then why are most people just following the crowd?

The Watchman blowing His Shofar.
Throughout The Biblical Scriptures, Yahweh's True Watchmen have always been called: " The Voice Of One [ A Singular Voice ], calling from The Wilderness [ Coming From The: Unschooled, Unlettered, Untrained, and Un-Endorsed Masses ]... " but, here we are in the twenty-first century, still looking towards: " Spiritual Babylon " - for our very next instructions; as if they somehow have gotten any better at Delineating His Words! Why is that? Haven't we learned anything yet? If The Traditional Clergy - those: " Ravenous Wolves " - have always gotten it wrong in the past, why do we still continue to listen to them - without checking from The Scriptures for ourselves?

We really are just as dumb as: " The Sheep " - that Yahweh has consistently called us! And yet, He doesn't want us to remain that way. It is written: " Be Ye Wise As Serpents [ The Children Of The Devil ]; But Also Harmless As Doves [ While Practicing Only Goodness ]... " and who was this written for, if not for His Own Children [ Those Sheep ]? It certainly wasn't for: " The Goats [ Those Servants Of Bahomet, Or The Ba'alim ] ". Can you not see this?

The Majority Has Always Been Wrong!
  • Billions [ Yes Billions ] of people drowned in The Flood; but Eight got into The Ark.
  • Millions flocked to King Nimrod and built His Tower Of Babel; but Yahweh rebuked them all.
  • Thousands left Egypt with Moses; but only Two of them crossed The River Jordan.
  • Millions served The Prophets Of Ba'al; but Elijah stood in the valley alone.
  • While millions stood Against The Prophet Isaiah; only Four Thousand had not not bended their own knees to Ba'al.
  • The Vast Majority Of The Priesthood and Their Dogmatic Followers Rejected Yahshua; while a few thousand quietly cried out in their own spiritual anguish.

At what point, in our entire human history, has the majority ever been correct? Ask yourself this one valid question: " Have they ever been? "
  • Who is in favor of Socialism? The Majority.
  • Who is the favor of heaping up great wealth? The Majority.
  • Who is in favor of This Constant Warfare? The Majority.
  • Who is in favor of Seeking Bribes? The Majority.
  • Who says, ' We Can Print Unlimited Currency Without Consequences '? The Majority.
  • And Who [ Even ] Elected Hitler - By Popular Vote? The Majority.

Meanwhile: " Spiritual Babylon " - is The Great Majority; and for all their calls of: " Peace And Safety " - their own: " Sudden Destruction is now coming upon them "- as so clearly prophesied that it would! They shall not escape it... do not fool yourselves into believing any otherwise. For everything that Yahweh says, comes to pass, just as His Previous Watchmen have all written upon it!

The Watchman isn't anything like ' Spiritual Babylon '... for he knows where-to-fore he speaks! Yahweh Himself has instructed him in these things - without any assistance of: ' The Leaders Within Babylon '. His only teachers have been: The Holy Spirit and The Sacred Word... and nothing else has been needed. He is: " The Voice Of One [ A Lone Spiritually-Minded Individual ], calling in the desert [ Where No One Else Has Staked Their True Claim ] ".

Why? Because, " Yahweh Himself created him for just such a purpose as this. ", " Spoke of him from The Matrix of his own mother's womb. ", and [ even ]: " Ordered his steps, in the way that he should go, all the days of his life. " Though he may try to run away from it, like The Prophet Jonah, he cannot ignore the true purposes for his own life!  

The Watchman doesn't care about what's popular!
  • Popularity doesn't satisfy his deep longing for ' The Knowledge Of The Truth '.
  • Popularity doesn't provide any sure protection in times of trouble.
  • Popularity doesn't make the walls any more reliable; or their foundations any more sure.
  • And Popularity is just another deception that blows away, before the wind, like The Chaff who continually seek it out.

Listen To Him or Ignore Him, Love Him or Hate Him, and Respect Him or Spit Upon Him - do what you must... but, The Watchman must speak out! For, that is his own nature.... Deep within him, these things well up - only to come bursting forth - even often unexpectedly... and whether, or not, he chooses to hold his tongue - it comes forth and sometimes even dramatically! For he is: " The Watchman of Yahweh "; and though he be a mountain, "  The Rocks [ which he himself consists of ] Shall Cry Out! " That, dear brothers and sisters, is The Truth... and thus, my own personal predicament....

Nor, do I say this [ at all ] lightly... for: " Every idle word shall be brought up in The Day Of Judgment! " I have fought against it, all of my life... but, I cannot continue running any longer... for, I need some spiritual rest... and Yahweh will not give it me, until I truly accept, that which I was always intended to be. I am: " Jeshurun [ Yeshurun ] The Watchman "; for better, or worse... and though it scares me, at times to think upon it, I will do whatever He tells me to: Do, Say, or Write!

What other choice is there left to me? I have searched everywhere, for others, to lift this burden from me. Thinking that, perhaps, I could just blend into The Crowd - like so many others. But, there isn't anyone, anywhere, teaching what Yahweh Himself has shown me... and my own inner conscience has invariably defeated me! If I don't speak up, many others shall very soon perish; and I cannot remain silent any longer. Yes, I am A Watchman To Israel.... 

Isaiah Chapter 44, Reads:
" Yet hear now [ In This Latter Day Period ], O Jacob My Servant [ The Combined Houses Of Jacob ], And Israel [ The House Of This Message ] - whom I have chosen [ Long Before Any Of You Were Ever Created ].
Thus says The Mighty One who made you [ Your Creator ] And formed you from the womb [ And Who Has Been Leading You In All Of Your Growth ], who will help you [ In The Times Just Ahead ]: ' Fear not, O Jacob My Servant [ For I Am With You ]; And You Jeshurun [ My Own Watchman ], whom I have chosen [ Before There Was Any Man ].
For I will pour out water [ My Own Holy Spirit ] on him who is thirsty [ In The Time Of Your Spiritual Refreshing ], And floods [ Great Spiritual Knowledge ] upon the dry ground [ In That Day Of Great Spiritual Darkness ]; I will pour out My Spirit upon your descendants [ Your Latter Day House ], And My Blessing upon your offspring [ All Those Who Would Keep My Everlasting Covenant ];
They will spring up among the grass [ The Whole World Will Be Watching ], Like willows by the watercourses [ And They Shall Be Well Provided For ]. '
One will say, ' I am The Mighty One's '; Another will call himself by the name of Jacob; Another will write with his hand, ' The Mighty One's ', And name himself by the name of Israel. " - Isaiah 44:1-5.

Babylon's Human Churches will undoubtedly label me: " A Heretic "; and Babylon's Human Governments will accuse me of: " Committing Sedition "; but The Truth Of His Words shall inevitably bear out! Let the tempest begin all around me... and may The Mighty One Himself strengthen my hand - for what's now coming.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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  1. Very well said. I am going to have to remember this one.


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