Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lana Del Rey is The Lioness - to The King of Hip Hop Prophecies....

Lana Del Rey - Lioness To The King.
When it comes to Hip Hop Prophecy, one has to be truly impressed by the pop star Lana Del Rey [ originally born: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant - which meant: " God Is My Vow - Atop The Shepherd's Ridge I Have Found Favor " ]. After all, the sheer volume of Hip Hop Prophecies, that she herself has produced in such a short lifespan, is simply incredible. But of course, according to Her Own Satanic Theology, she was: " Born To Die ", as the one true: " China Doll ", in our impending: " Summertime Of Sadness " - that is even now being: Carefully Scripted and Calculatingly Choreographed by: Lucifer and His Own Satanic Followers.

Lana Del Rey - An Anti-Christian Icon.
Indeed, the aptly named ' Lana Del Rey ' has truly become: " The Lioness To The King " - if we consider that The King being clearly referenced within her own name is [ truthfully ]: " El Diablo ". Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey successfully utilizes her Stunningly Good Looks and Uninhibited Sexuality to readily distract her listeners from both: The Satanic Symbolism, and The Underlying Meanings - of her lyrics.  After all, it's very important to These Satanists, that their fully-intended victims don't wake up to Their Own Hidden Messages - until their carefully scripted events are already within The Process Of Actual Completion... and, consequently, they obtain Their Maximum Possible Effect!

Lana Del Rey: Lioness To The King

Lana Del Rey - Illuminati One Eyed Salute.
Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey's careful placement of American Flags and Other Iconic Symbols throughout all of her: Satanically Inspired and Sacrifice Oriented Music Videos - make it very clear, to the spiritually observant viewer, precisely who Their Intended Victims Are...  and, The Roman Catholic Symbolism equally establishes the factual identity of The Priestly Organization providing for its covert direction.

Lana Del Rey - American Symbolism.
However, the fact that her own audience can't seem to notice these things, actually says more about them than her. One has to be extremely blind to anything spiritual, in order to [ frankly ] not perceive that something is amiss! Alas, however, Two Entire Generations Of Americans have received virtually no spiritual instruction of any true significance. Consequently, deviant artists such as Lana Del Rey can produce almost anything with: Political and Spiritual Impunity. There are no adverse consequences, when their own highly receptive audiences are themselves completely debased.

America - The Sacrifice To Satan.
The reason, that I invested the time in writing this intro to Lana Del Rey's numerous satanic videos, is simply because Many Of Them Are Symbolically Interlinked to actually form One Cohesive Satanic Vision Of America's Now Impending Destruction. Therefore, please invest the necessary time to examine all of them - as they fully relate to one another. I will be adding the appropriate links, as each new article is eventually produced.

Hip Hop Prophecies Of Lana Del Rey:
{ *** NOTE: Personally, The Spirit within me is seriously revolted by studying such Satanic Lyrics as these... but, in order to necessarily wake others up, we both know that it has to be done. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. what kind of person makes these kinds of interpretation?

    if her songs are satanic, i would have been joining a cult by now

    get a life and stop ruining somebody else's life!

    you sir, are the devil in this situation!

    1. You dont understand how right this is though. America has always used sybolism to carry out plans. It is a way that they finish what they started. Being subliminal and sneaky is part of the religion of illumination. This is a known fact. So either this is one of two things...They are openly doing this to scare people for publicity and money...or they are gonna carry out what is being potrayed. Open your eyes. It is no longer a conspirecy theory....People have died because of this stuff....kennedy, Elvis ( The song jailhouse rock was subliminally about an orgy in jail) martin luther king, brittany murphy, heath ledger, whitney houstan was the most recent sacrifice you the godess isis and the sun god horus on the spring equinox...part of the ritual is to celibrate around the dead sacrifice and whitney was dead above the pre grammy party while they partied hard all night. Clive davis told them not to remove the body until it was over....why?? I am a recording hip hop artist in memphis. My music has alot of effort in it to try and discredit this satanic hip hop scene. Look me up on soundcloud or youtube my artist name is Di$counT Joe


    2. Indeed, Di$count Joe is exactly what he himself claims to be! But, since his own link doesn't seem to be working, I [ myself ] have included a good one below. Be sure and listen to his song entitled: " Kingdom Of Darkness "... it's, actually, quite good!

      >>> Di$count Joe's Sound Cloud Page <<<

  2. This is The Second Time, that you have offered your own comment, while choosing to remain Anonymous. Why, exactly, is that? Yahweh Himself knows who, and what, you are.... Can you not - yet - perceive this?

    In any case, If: " Lana [ The Lioness ] Del [ Of The ] Rey [ King ] " - doesn't intend such Satanic Visions, then why does she keep repeating them over and over within her own lyrics?

    Why not, let her explain herself? After all, I suspect that you aren't: " A Mind Reader " - anyway....

  3. I'd like to see you write your own album without having to repeat some lyrics. Beyond that, I see the point of the lyric repetition to be for the cohesiveness of each song to one another. In fact, it is THAT cohesiveness that has me believe that this album is the first to be flawlessly crafted and put together.

    What exactly were the redundant lyrics?

    Quite actually, she explains that her lyrics spoke of her life and a lover when she was a trouble-making teenager. All her lyrics point to this theme.

    I'd like to see a response worthy of my time - as if anything respectable can come out of you.

    1. Your wrong....This "Lover" is a portrayal of the american dream. She lived for it...it now controls her and her every move. The guy that portrays her boyfreind in all these videos is how america wants us to look. As many peircings and tattoos as possible...they want us to look like savages...because that is exactly what we are to them. Look beyond what the song obviously says. This american dream that they have layed out is going to be the destruction of us. It is meant to blind us so we cant see whats really going on....This is nothing new in america. Please look into the likeliness of all this and study what actually is going on before you just write it off and make fun of people. Because by this summer when prophesies are fufilled your going to be feeling quite dumb. most people do not want to hear the truth...it scares them. Well...it scares me too. But when you accept it you have a peace come about you

  4. @ Berns.

    What's the beef? I'm in total agreement, when you [ yourself ] have truthfully stated:

    " Beyond that, I see the point of the lyric repetition to be for the cohesiveness of each song to one another. In fact, it is THAT cohesiveness that has me believe that this album is the first to be flawlessly crafted and put together. "

    In Fact, in my own articles, I have clearly stated the very same things!

    " Many Of Them Are Symbolically Interlinked to actually form One Cohesive Satanic Vision Of America's Now Impending Destruction. "

    But, as for their True And Blatantly Obvious Meaning, I do believe that ' Her Own Carefully Chosen Words Clearly Speak For Themselves! '

  5. I totally agree with the creator of this website, that Born To Die is a music-visual commemorating the impending destruction of the United States of America (the constitution, the economy, the people... ). It's totally creepy. Please educate yourself: Bill Still, Ron Paul, Alex Jones and so many others now - research what all these folks have to say. And demand a re-investigation of the crime of 9/11. Demand an audit and end to the Federal Reserve private central bank. And above all, never fall out of love with life and let anyone imply to you, that you were Born to Die and have the audacity to suggest to you, however subliminally or outspokenly, that your premature demise was somehow rightfully so.

    1. While I appreciate Your Own: Personal Opinions, Patriotic Sentiment, and [ indeed ] Dedication To America - I cannot truthfully join you in this Very Fruitless Enterprise. I have my own appointment with destiny; and I would caution you to honestly read a whole lot more articles upon this particular site!

      America cannot be saved; since Yahweh Himself is taking His Own Children home with Him - after having finally: " Shaken The Dust Off His Own Feet! "

      Why not study The Scriptures, with us, as well....

  6. Her youth, those stunning looks and lips, the siren songstress even has a jaded old man like me tempted.
    If there are more like her to come from satan's corps he must be holding some great parties.

    1. The Physical Beauty of Satan's Own Children is honestly intentional. Would you desire their own personal: Adoration, Acceptance, and/or Companionship - near as much - if they were: Financially Impoverished, Poorly Attired, and Physically Ugly? Of course, not!

      However, none of them possess ' The Real Inner Beauty ' of: A Kind, Considerate, Loving, And Merciful Nature... and, while A Black Widow is also quite beautiful, its own nature makes it unworthy of Functional Human Companionship!

  7. Hi, i found this website after googling Lana Del Rey iluminatti and it is very interesting your view about her. To be honest, I know that there is something very odd going on about this singer, yet I can't stop liking her songs and her videos, her image, her voice. Seriously it's like an obssession, can't get out of my head. Born to die is on repeat all the time on my mp3player and the video has some hidden symbolism but i don't think it has anything to do with USA or satanism. I'm agnostic and I'm not american so I really can't see any connection to religion or politics. I do see some masonic symbolism and her odd mannerisms seem very well thought and some iluminatti stuff, what I do see for sure is that there is an invitation to suicide, death, drugs, sex and I cry everytime I listen to Born to Die. Yet I can't stop listening and watch the video. I never like mainstream artists, I hate Lady Gaga, kate perry etc all that crap that are in the charts so I feel pretty ashamed that I love this Lana Del Rey. I mostly listen to post-punk, old gothrock, shoegazer and 80s music, rock in general so it is truly strange that I feel so attracted to a manufactured product like Lana Del rey. I don't believe in satan or god, but I can't prove either that they don't exist, so I feel afraid about what is going on in the music industry, I mean there is something strange going on right? why all artists are all using the same strange gimmick and symbols? yet Lana del rey is the only one that I enjoy listening that reached the mainstream? Maybe she was created to reach those that doesn't enjoy all the dancing and crotch showing artists of nowaday?
    I hear your plead yet I still going to listen to her music and hopeful I will watch her live sometime, but I am still very aware about the odd side of this product. Thank you for your post

    1. I would caution you to honestly read more of these song analysis. Contrary to popular opinion, this isn't some kind of Coincidental Fluke. Open your mind to The Truth; and just see where it inescapably leads you!

      Just, Think About This:

      Every: Writer, Author, Poet, Lyricist, Musician, Artist, Illustrator, and Movie Director - must draw their own inspiration from something, or somewhere. Consequently: If The Spirits Are Real, If They Possess A Human Agenda, and If They Have Access To Our Own Minds - just as, The Scriptures [ themselves ] have so clearly told us - then, we would truthfully experience a tremendous amount of ' Ongoing Consistency In All Of These Inspirational Art Forms '! And, isn't that, indeed, The True Case?

  8. Di$count Joe,

    Absolutely Anyone Can Change Sides... as long, as they're still living... Michael Jackson did it; and, you can do it too! But, be careful in everything that you do... because, they'll always make it look like some kind of an accident.

    And, don't let anyone lie to you, The Mighty One loves: " All Of His Prodigals " - too!

  9. Wow, well you have all the answers.
    For a second I thought you were god.

  10. so you are all still debating about whether she is or she isn't . let me cite you some of this sad rich girl's lyrics. they are from 'Of Gods and Monsters'
    she confesses there the spleen the boredom of a "female" angel, though any Christian won't think for sure of angels as having sexuality concerns.
    "You got that medicine I need
    Fame, Liquor, Love give it to me slowly
    Put your hands on my waist, do it softly
    Me and God, we don't get along so now I sing"
    At her age, her social status, her physical status is all too common to rebel against any God. She should drink that water(Fame,Liquor,Love) till nausea. They do not quench Thirst as per Scripture.
    This Angelic girl is living an Immitatio Christi of her own: "I'm living like Jim Morrison"
    "I was an Angel
    Looking to get fucked hard"
    and yearning for the One Medicine:
    "Dope, shoot it up, straight to the heart please"
    This should be in the school textbooks.
    cause "Its innocence lost".

  11. if you'd actually listen to her songs though she sings about how "jesus is my bestest friend" and "i even think i found god" among other religious references. not everything is against god, or part of some illuminati thoery. it might be true that there are celebrities that are a part of the illuminati because some celebrities have come clean about being a part of it but i really don't think lana is. her music is pretty straight forward, i don't think there's any underlying meaning at all.

    1. Actually Lana is a literary artist so as she claims Jesus as her "bestest" friend she also states whom is her father and mother and Elvis, Marilyn and quite frankly Jesus are American staples of icons, if you have seen her video Tropico surely you know she has new age deception plaguing her belief in Jesus. There are many spiritual aspects heavy within her music and now her blatant use of witch craft has given the public spiritual eye an understanding of the spell binding curses of her musis. Not intentional maybe but definitely happening. She has a spirit of idolatry as we see she place people, nature, and love as her objects of devotion to, glorifying them in song. I was gracefully removed from her heavy spells which took an act of the Holy Spirit because I love this woman and she crafts sonically pleasing melodies. Only the truth shall set you free, and whom the son sets free is free indeed. Peace be with you darling.

  12. As I am aware everything is true as he has said. Its a on going prophesy. This girl has been ritualised beaten and destroyed through brain washing media. Call it a government experiment. They are devil worshipers and do sacrifices on behalf of him. They like to crucify the innocence and purist.


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