Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lana Del Rey is The Lioness - to The King of Hip Hop Prophecies....

Lana Del Rey - Lioness To The King.
When it comes to Hip Hop Prophecy, one has to be truly impressed by the pop star Lana Del Rey [ originally born: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant - which meant: " God Is My Vow - Atop The Shepherd's Ridge I Have Found Favor " ]. After all, the sheer volume of Hip Hop Prophecies, that she herself has produced in such a short lifespan, is simply incredible. But of course, according to Her Own Satanic Theology, she was: " Born To Die ", as the one true: " China Doll ", in our impending: " Summertime Of Sadness " - that is even now being: Carefully Scripted and Calculatingly Choreographed by: Lucifer and His Own Satanic Followers.

Lana Del Rey - An Anti-Christian Icon.
Indeed, the aptly named ' Lana Del Rey ' has truly become: " The Lioness To The King " - if we consider that The King being clearly referenced within her own name is [ truthfully ]: " El Diablo ". Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey successfully utilizes her Stunningly Good Looks and Uninhibited Sexuality to readily distract her listeners from both: The Satanic Symbolism, and The Underlying Meanings - of her lyrics.  After all, it's very important to These Satanists, that their fully-intended victims don't wake up to Their Own Hidden Messages - until their carefully scripted events are already within The Process Of Actual Completion... and, consequently, they obtain Their Maximum Possible Effect!

Lana Del Rey: Lioness To The King

Lana Del Rey - Illuminati One Eyed Salute.
Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey's careful placement of American Flags and Other Iconic Symbols throughout all of her: Satanically Inspired and Sacrifice Oriented Music Videos - make it very clear, to the spiritually observant viewer, precisely who Their Intended Victims Are...  and, The Roman Catholic Symbolism equally establishes the factual identity of The Priestly Organization providing for its covert direction.

Lana Del Rey - American Symbolism.
However, the fact that her own audience can't seem to notice these things, actually says more about them than her. One has to be extremely blind to anything spiritual, in order to [ frankly ] not perceive that something is amiss! Alas, however, Two Entire Generations Of Americans have received virtually no spiritual instruction of any true significance. Consequently, deviant artists such as Lana Del Rey can produce almost anything with: Political and Spiritual Impunity. There are no adverse consequences, when their own highly receptive audiences are themselves completely debased.

America - The Sacrifice To Satan.
The reason, that I invested the time in writing this intro to Lana Del Rey's numerous satanic videos, is simply because Many Of Them Are Symbolically Interlinked to actually form One Cohesive Satanic Vision Of America's Now Impending Destruction. Therefore, please invest the necessary time to examine all of them - as they fully relate to one another. I will be adding the appropriate links, as each new article is eventually produced.

Hip Hop Prophecies Of Lana Del Rey:
{ *** NOTE: Personally, The Spirit within me is seriously revolted by studying such Satanic Lyrics as these... but, in order to necessarily wake others up, we both know that it has to be done. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!