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Hosea Chapter 10 scripturally documents The End Time Judgment Upon Israel.

Hosea Chapter 10 - verse 12.
In Hosea Chapter 10, we read about The End Time Judgment Upon Israel - known collectively as: " The Baptism By Fire ", or [ even ]: " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble ". Which, of course, applies specifically to The Houses Of: Judah [ The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ], Israel [ The Ten Tribes In America's Bible Belt ], and Joseph [ The Tribe Living Within Egypt ]... and, indirectly, with respect towards: The Wild Olive Branches [ Living Among Those Very Same Nations ]. All of whom shall then be regathered prior to: " The Much Greater Gathering " - that will come at The Sixth Seal Of Revelation.

Since each of these Old Testament Prophets lend us ever increasing insight into these Upcoming Historical Events, I feel that it is very important for us to properly study them... and, after all, The Mighty One himself wouldn't have faithfully provided them, if they didn't offer us Far Greater Spiritual Understanding! In that light, therefore, let's carefully examine Hosea Chapter 10 - The End Time Judgment Upon Israel....

Hosea Chapter 10, Says:
" Israel empties his vine [ Scatters His Own Sheep ]; and He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] brings forth fruit For Himself [ From Among All Of His Flocks ].
According to the multitude of his fruit He [ Israel ] has increased The Altars [ His Highly Numerous Denominations And Fellowships ]; According to the bounty of His Land [ His Greatly Accumulated Wealth ] They have embellished His Sacred Pillars [ Building: Massive Buildings, Christian Schools, And Activity Centers; Rather Than Humbly: Studying And Obeying His Own Words ].
Their Heart Is Divided [ Between: Their Service To Yahweh And Babylonian Paganism ]; Now they are held guilty [ For Their Reformation Has Never Been Properly Completed ]. He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will break down Their Altars [ Their Religious Denominations ]; He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will ruin Their Sacred Pillars [ Completely Destroying All Of Their False Churches ].
For now they say: ' We have no King, Because we did not fear The Mighty One. And as for a King, what would He do for us? '
They [ These Children Of Israel ] have spoken words, Swearing Falsely [ Lying To Others ] in making A Covenant [ That I, Myself, Have Never Sanctioned ]. Thus judgment springs up [ At The Appointed Time ] like Hemlock [ A Highly Poisonous Plant ] in the furrows of the field [ Where It Is Certainly Unwanted By The Planter ].
The Inhabitants Of Samaria [ The America Bible Belt ] fear because of The Calves Of Beth Aven [ There Are Accursed Things Within Their Own Midst ]. For its people mourn for it [ In Refusing To Let These Things Go ], And its priests shriek for it [ As If It Were Something Of Significant Value ] - Because its glory has departed from it [ The Holy Spirit Has Already Disclosed These Erroneous Teachings ].
The Idol [ All Of Their Magnificent Technology ] also shall be carried to Assyria [ That Nation Of Germany ] As a present for King Jareb [ The True Ruler Of The Aryans ]. Ephraim [ Who Has Attached Himself To Egypt ] shall receive shame [ At The Hands Of His Own Chosen Rulers ], And Israel [ Living Within America's Bible Belt ] shall be ashamed of his own counsel [ In Foolishly Trusting His Own Rulers ].
As For Samaria [ America's Bible Belt ], her king is cut off [ During The Coming Invasion ] Like a twig upon the water [ Since, America's Great Navies Cannot Protect Her ].
Also The High Places Of Aven [ Those Steeples To Ba'al ], The Sin Of Israel [ In Serving Lucifer, Rather Than Me ], Shall be destroyed [ In Order To Purify Them ]. The thorn and thistle shall grow upon their altars [ After I Have Done This ]; They [ These False Ones Of Israel ] shall say to the mountains, ' Cover us! ' And to the hills, ' Fall upon us! [ So Great, Shall Their Fear Of Me Be ] '.
O Israel [ My Wayward Children ], you have sinned [ Turned Away From Me ] from the days of Gibeah [ *** See: Judges Chapter 19-20 ]; There they stood [ Even Then ]. The Battle In Gibeah [ From Within Israel Itself ] against The Children Of Iniquity [ Those Who Committed Such Lewd Abominations Before Me ] did not overtake them [ For They Still Continue To Dwell Among You ].
When It Is My Desire [ After Your Own Spiritual Chastening ], I will chasten them [ Once And For All ]. Peoples [ From Other Great Nations ] shall be gathered against them [ In Overwhelming Numbers ], When I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] Bind Them [ Shall Send Them Into Slavery ] for their Two Transgressions [ Living Within These Two Different Habitations ].
Ephraim is a trained heifer [ Doing Whatever He Is Told ] that loves to thresh grain [ In His Service To Egypt ]; But I harnessed her fair neck [ To Do My Own Work ], I will make Ephraim to pull a plow [ In My Own Vineyard ]. Judah shall plow [ Guiding This Brute Animal ]; And Jacob [ Israel ] shall break his clods [ While Walking Behind Them ].
Sow for yourselves righteousness [ By Learning My Ways ]; Reap in mercy [ For I Will Gladly Forgive Your Past Mistakes ]; Break up [ Fully Prepare ] your fallow ground [ Your Own Un-Tilled Spiritual Gardens ], For it is The Time To Seek The Mighty One [ Your Baptism By Fire Is Now Upon You ], Until He [ Yahweh, Himself ] comes and rains righteousness upon you [ You Haven't Much Time To Now Wait ].
You [ O Israel ] have plowed wickedness [ Up Until This Point ]; You [ O Israel ] have reaped iniquity [ As The Inescapable Result ]. You [ O Israel ] have eaten the fruit of lies [ In Following After Babylon ], Because You [ O Israel ] trusted in your own way [ The Devices Of Your Own Hearts ], And in the multitude of your mighty men [ Your Own Magnificent Armies ].
Therefore [ I Can Fully Assure You ], tumult shall arise among your people [ The Nations That You Have Placed Your Trust In ], And All Your Fortresses [ The Nations Of: Israel, America, and Egypt ] shall be plundered - As Shalman plundered Beth Arbel in the day of battle [ None Shall Escape My Own Judgment ] - A mother dashed in pieces upon her own children.
Thus it shall be done to you, O Bethel, because of Your Great Wickedness [ In Following After Spiritual Babylon ]. In a morning The King Of Israel [ Your Great And Trusted Ruler ] shall be cut off utterly [ By Those Who'll Soon Invade You ]. " - Hosea 10:1-15.

Brothers and sisters, The Message Of Hosea Chapter 10 is abundantly clear. Regardless of what they have called themselves, The Children Of Israel have continually trusted in the: Babylonians, Assyrians, and Egyptians - including their: Charismatic Leaders, Technological Marvels, Continual Diet Of Lies, and [ even ] Magnificent Armies... rather than, properly seeking Their Own Mighty One! Therefore, The End Time Judgment Of Israel - or: " The Baptism By Fire " - has now invariably come upon them.

If they [ themselves ] shall continue to teach: Kabbalism, Luciferian Sun-Worship, and Egyptian Mysticism - then The True Mighty One shall allow them to experience The Resultant Consequences... and, their own Personally Chosen Masters shall [ actually ] provide it for them... since, it was their own spiritual responsibility: To Complete The Reformation and To Properly Educate Them.

But, woe to those foolish nations, that have then [ fatally ] done so... for they, themselves, shall be judged for Their Own Unwarranted Actions! After all, Yahweh desires: The True Wake Up and Ultimate Repentance Of Israel; not their physical destruction... but, these Extremely Wicked Nations have their own Satanic Agendas to faithfully accomplish; and they just don't know when to stop. Consequently, The Mighty One shall utterly destroy them - when the proper time comes! Thus, completing The End Time Judgment Upon Israel....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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