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Isaiah Chapter 10 - The Judgment Against The Aryans within The Fourth Seal Of Revelation.

A medieval Aryan Knight.
Having been given ' The True Identities Of The Latter Day Nations ' by The Mighty One, I truly stand in awe regarding the appropriate nature of His End Time Prophecies! He truly intends to: " Debase The Haughty ", and: " Raise Up The Humbled Ones "... and such is the case, with The Latter Day Descendants Of The Assyrians [ The Aryan Peoples Of The Earth ]. In Isaiah Chapter 10, we can read all about His End Time Judgments Against Them....

{ *** NOTE: The Name: " Aryan ", or " Arian " - is derived from The More Ancient Name of:  " Assyrian " - which means: " An Original Inhabitant Of Assyria, Or Lebanon ". They are ' A Semitic People ' characterized by: Paleness Of Skin Color, Tall Physical Stature, An Affinity For Horses, and Historically Fierce Militaristic Abilities - with respect towards all other peoples and nations... and, they have [ always ] historically sworn their own services to The Ancient Babylonians and/or actively lived amongst them. }

Let's just see, what The Prophet Isaiah had to say about ' The End Time Judgment Upon The Aryans ' - known [ elsewhere in the scriptures ] as merely: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation "....

In Isaiah Chapter 10, We Read:
" Woe to those who decree unrighteous decrees [ Creating Policies And Laws That Are: Immoral, Unethical, Unfair, Unreasonable, Unjust, and Ungodly ], Who write misfortune [ Intentionally Create Suffering Among The Others ], Which they [ The Aryans ] have prescribed [ Unsuspectingly To The World's Masses ]
To rob the needy of justice [ While Making Themselves Disproportionately Wealthy ], And to take what is right [ Their Own Reasonable Wages ] from the poor of My people [ Whom I Have Given To Serve Them ], That widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless [ These Things That Should Never Happen ].
What will you [ The Aryans ] do in the day of punishment [ My Own Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth ], And in the desolation which will come from afar [ In That End Times Period ]? To whom will you [ The Aryans ] flee for help [ Having Burned All Of Your Own Bridges ]? And where will you [ The Aryans ] leave your glory [ Your Own Posterity, That Comes Afterwards ]?
Without Me [ Strengthening Them, For My Own Prophesied Service ] they [ The Aryans ] shall bow down [ Will Be Greatly Winnowed And Humbled ] among the prisoners [ Taken By Others In The End Times ], And they [ The Aryans ] shall fall among the slain [ In The Day That I Do This ].
For all this [ The Destruction, That He Shall Visit Upon You ] His anger is not turned away [ Will Still Not Be Completed ], But His hand [ His Ongoing Punitive Judgment ] is stretched out still [ For Your Sins Were/Are Very Great ]. " - Isaiah 10:1-4.

The European Union - is Babylon!
Wow... what an opening to Isaiah Chapter 10! Bear in mind, that The Aryan Nations fully include: All Of The Germanic Peoples [ Germany, Austria, Holland, Denmark, etc... ], The Sidonians [ Normandy, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales ], The Phillistines [ The English Commonwealth of: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc... ], and The Descendants Of: Tyre [ New England ], Edom [ America's Heartland ], Moab [ Its Desert Southwest ], Ammon [ Its Pacific Northwest ], and Samaria [ The American Bible Belt ]. What a far ranging prophecy of societal destruction!

The Roman Pope - is Her King....
However, this particular End Time Prophecy doesn't apply directly to: The Greek States [ Of The Aegean ], or The Chaldean People [ Who All Speak Some Variation Of Latin ] such as the: Italians, French, Spanish, and Portuguese - who comprise The Actual People Of Babylon. They have their own problems to deal with... and, are also clearly spoken of in other closely related: " Fourth Seal Of Revelation Prophecies"! After all, Babylon The Great - consists of All Of These Nations... and, none of them shall escape their own personal judgments from Yahweh.

Isaiah Chapter 10, Then Continues:
" Woe to Assyria [ The Combined Aryan Nations ], the rod of My anger [ Whom I Have Used To Subdue The Other Nations ] And the staff in whose hand is My indignation [ And, Whom I Have Fully Utilized To Execute My Own Judgments ].
I will send him [ The Aryan ] against an ungodly nation [ That Latter Day Nation Of Tyre ], And against the people of My wrath [ The Kingdom(s) Of Egypt ] I will give him charge [ Irrefutable Control ], to seize the spoil [ That Pharoah Possesses ], to take the prey [ His People In Chains ], And to tread them down like the mire of the streets [ In That Hour Of Judgment ].
Yet he does not mean so [ Since, It Will Ruin All Of His Plans, At World Domination ], Nor does his heart think so [ Since, He Thoroughly Believes, That He Can Restrain Himself ]; But it is in his heart to destroy [ Everything That He Has Worked Towards ], And cut off not a few nations [ In The Process Of Doing So ].
For he [ The True King Of Babylon ] says [ To Himself, In Utter Arrogance ]: ' Are not my princes [ The Nations Of Europe ] altogether kings [ Who Can Come Out Against Anyone Mightily In Battle ]?
Is not Calno like Carchemish? Is not Hamath like Arpad? Is not Samaria like Damascus?
{ *** Has Not, My Nation Of Babylon Defeated All Of These Nations - In The Far Ancient Past? Sure, It Has! }
As my hand has found the kingdoms of the idols [ All Of Those Ancient Nations ] - whose carved images excelled those of: Jerusalem [ The Ancient Nation Of Judah ] and Samaria [ The Ancient Nation Of Israel ] - And as I have done to Samaria [ In Its Latter Day Bible Belt ] and her idols [ Her Fallen Churches Of Ba'al, Or Sun, Worship ], shall I not do also to Jerusalem [ That Modern Day Nation Of Israel ] and her idols [ The Synagogues Of Those Kabbalists ]? ' " - Isaiah 10:5-11.

The Foolishness of: Israel and Judah!
You see, brothers and sisters, whether we are: Sun Worshiping Christians, or [ even ] Kabbalistic Jews - our sins against Yahweh do not ever go unnoticed; and, nor will they go unpunished! In fact, that's the ultimate purpose of: " Our Long-Awaited Baptism By Fire ". It has been, equally, described as: " The Furnace Of Our Affliction ", " The Winnowing Of The Wheat ", " The Threshing Of The Grain ", " The Separation Of The Sheep And The Goats ", or [ just ] " Passing Under The Rod "... but, its purpose is abundantly clear. Yahweh fully intends to produce A Sanctified And Holy People For Himself; and His True Spiritual Objective will be achieved - one way, or the other!

But as The Scriptures [ themselves ] fully declare: " These things must come to pass; and yet, woe unto those who must bring them forth. "Babylon The Great and His Multitude Of Satanic Aryans are headed for their own physical destruction! Just, read on....

Isaiah Chapter 10, Shows Us Their Destruction:
" Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], it shall come to pass - when The Mighty One has performed All Of His Work [ In Threshing His Own House ] upon: Mount Zion [ The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ] and upon Jerusalem [ The Tribes Of Israel ], that He will say:
I will punish the fruit [ These Aryan Nations ] of the arrogant heart of The King Of Assyria [ Who Has Pledged His Service To Babylon ], and the glory of his haughty looks [ The Armies That He Wields ], For he [ The King Of Assyria ] says:
' By the strength of my hand I have done it [ I Have Conquered These Peoples ], And by my wisdom [ The Pre-Flood Technology That I Fully Possess ], For I am prudent [ In Cultivating This Magnificent Knowledge ]; Also I have removed the boundaries of the people [ And Replaced Them With Continental Unions ], And robbed their treasuries [ Through Unfair And Non-Equitable Practices Of Trade ]; So I have put down the inhabitants [ All Of The Earth's Nations ] like a valiant man [ None Of Them At All Could Stand Against Me ].
My hand [ And The Individual Fingers Upon It ] has found Like A Nest the riches of the people [ And I Have Secretly Pillaged Them ], And as one gathers eggs that are left [ Placing Them All Into One Physical Basket ], I have gathered All Of The Earth [ Under My Own Political Control ]; And there was no one [ Among All Of These Nations ] who moved his wing [ In Defense Of Their Own Nest ], Nor opened his mouth [ To Protest My Own Actions ] with even a peep [ From Within The United Nations ]. '
Shall The Axe [ The Implement Of The Harvest ] boast itself against Him Who Chops With It [ The Woodsman Who Wields It ]? Or, shall The Saw [ The Tool Of Cutting ] magnify itself against Him Who Saws With It [ The Cutter Who Uses It ]? As if, A Rod could wield itself against Those Who Lift It Up [ In The Day Of Its Use ]; Or as if, A Staff could lift up [ Upon Its Own Physical Efforts ], as if it were not wood [ A Mere Object Without Any Self-Direction ]!
{ *** O Assyria, How Foolish You Have Invariably Become.... Yahweh, Shall Certainly Judge You! }
Therefore [ Because Of This Arrogance Upon Assyria's Part ], Yahweh, The Mighty One of Heaven, will send leanness among His fat ones [ Those Nations Of The Aryans ]; And under his glory [ The Nations Of The West ] He will kindle a burning [ An Internal Resentment Among His Own People ] Like the burning of a fire [ Which Shall Set His Own Nations Ablaze ].
So The Light Of Israel [ Jeshurun My Own Watchman ] will be for a fire [ To Awaken His Own Aryan People To The Truth ], And His Holy One [ The Pontiff In Rome ] for a flame [ Enraging His Own People Against Him, Through All Of His Lies ]; It will burn and devour [ Throughout All Of His Kingdoms ] His thorns and his briers [ Shall Be Utterly Destroyed ] in one day [ When I, Myself, Shall Awaken Both Sides To These Very Real Issues ].
And it will consume the glory of his forest [ All Of The Nations, That He Controls ] and of his fruitful field [ The Earth Which, Even Now, Follows After Him ], Both: Soul [ Spiritually ] and Body [ Politically ]; And they [ All Of These Aryans ] will be [ When I Have Done This ] as when a sick man wastes away [ Unable To Help, Even, Themselves ].
Then [ After I Have Done This ], The Rest Of The Trees Of His Forest [ The Nations Of The King Of Babylon, Who Is Sitting In Rome ] Will be so few in number That a child may write them. " - Isaiah 10:12-19.

Yahweh - has provided The Stone!
You see, brothers and sisters, none of these Prophesied End Time Events are occurring within a political vacuum! There are already many people - who some would [ still ] very foolishly call: " Conspiracy Theorists " - that have begun to figure it all out... and, as ' These Very Real Events ' are being further revealed, by their own personal actions, those among The Aryans who have been: Reading, Studying, and Verifying Such Things - will increasingly awaken to what is [ now ] happening all around them... and, even more importantly, they shall soon realize that The Sacred Scriptures had already told them these things - long before they ever happened!

As this awareness finally begins to grow and becomes [ increasingly ] viral among: " The So-Called Christian Nations Of Europe " - its own Aryan Populations will explode; and their own wrath against these ' Satanically-Led Human Governments ' will be an amazing sight to behold. In all of human history, we have never seen an uprising as: Large, Powerful, or Extremely Violent - as that which is [ even now ] coming! For, they have been intentionally deceived in: " Both: Soul [ The False Religions Of Ba'al ] and Body [ The Illusion Of Social Democracy ]; "... and you can bet, someone is going to pay for it! 

The Bible - Has Always Been True!
No friends, The Bible isn't just another book written by men. It is ' The Book ' given by the inspiration of Yahweh Himself... and there is no other like it, anywhere upon the entire Earth. Everything invariably comes to pass, just as He has - so long ago - promised it! Perhaps, you should: Actually Read It and Honestly Study It - for yourselves; rather than simply trusting in: " Spiritual Babylon " - like the ones who are soon to be perishing among The Latter Day Aryans?

{ *** Note: Isaiah Chapter 10 [ also ] includes information upon: " The Holy Remnant Of Israel " - that shall return, at that time, to The Promised Land... not, just, A Proclamation Against The Aryans... and, I shall continue that part of the study - Israel's End Time Restoration - in my very next posting. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. I agree with everything you've said here with the exception of "the illusion of social democracy". It isn't social democracy that is trying to destroy the victims of the corrupt Aryan race. Look at today's politics. Bernie Sanders calls himself "a social democrat". His politics are NOT the politics causing suffering among the masses. The group causing the most suffering among the masses are big industry which owns government and conservative republicans leaders and business owning capitalists. They have all of the money and power. So I FIERCELY believe in the last sentences, you have seriously contradicted your own point.

    1. Please understand, that I have nothing personal against either: Social Democrats or Conservative Republicans - as far as that goes. In fact, the vast majorities in both political parties are merely ignorant sheep that are being manipulated for the slaughter that their own leaders have been planning for quite some time.

      The simple truth is that The Entire Demo-Cratic System [ which literally means: " To Be Governed By Demons " or equally " To Be Led Through A Manipulation Of Your Own Emotional Passions " ] is controlled by the very same people a the top!

      The fact that you cannot truthfully perceive this isn't actually surprising, since you do not study the scriptures.
      After all, it has long been written:

      " For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. " - Ephesians 6:12.


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