Saturday, November 26, 2011

We all must make A Conscious Choice - for either: Freedom, or Slavery!

The abject image of Bondage.
Although it might not seem Politically Correct to say it, there is absolutely No Fundamental Difference Between: Freedom and Bondage. In fact, our entire human history has never [ factually ] recorded ' One Single Instance Of True Freedom '. Everyone, since Adam and Eve were first created - within: " The Garden Of Eden " - has always had: " A Master "... and, any illusions to the contrary have been purely self-delusional! While some serve Righteousness [ The Mighty One's Sheep ]; others serve Wickedness [ Lucifer's Own Goats ]; but everyone serves somebody....

Take, For Instance:
  • The Poor Man is servant to The Rich Man.
  • The Rich Man is servant to The Powerful Man.
  • The Powerful Man is servant to The One Who Controls The Source Of His Power.
  • The Renter is servant to The Landlord.
  • The Mortgage Holder is servant to The Banker.
  • The Property Owner is servant to The Government.
  • The Employee is servant to The Company Owner.
  • The Company Owner is servant to His Investors.
  • The Righteous Man is servant to The Mighty One.
  • And, The Wicked Man is servant to The Devil.

Shackles Of Slavery, or Bondage?
In Essence, No Man Is Truly Free! Because,  ' Actual Freedom ' is based upon the concept of complete: Self-Determination, Self-Direction, Self-Control, and Self-Sufficiency...  and absolutely no-one possesses all four of these necessary qualities, within every single aspect of their own personal lives. Nor, could they, ever! You see, All Humans were created as: " Interdependent and Symbiotic Beings " - working within ' One Solitary, Commonly Constructed, And Fundamental Reality '. In fact, we are all [ merely ] Individual Cells working within One Common Body for the eventual benefit of The Whole; and our own factual inability to understand ' This Universal Principle ' is not-with-standing....

According to The Scriptures, however, there is actually something far better than Freedom... Our Total Surrender and Outright Self-Less Servitude to: " The Unyielding Principles Of Love "! In fact, the: Ten Commandment Moral Law, Yahweh's Own Judgments, and [ even ] His Statutes - are all based upon These Obvious Principles Of Love... and, through the application of Spiritual Self-Regulation, we can all enjoy ' True Liberty ' - in the absence of Individual Freedom - through own service to Our Creator [ The Rightful King ]!

For, Thus, It Was [ Equally ] Written:
  • " And you shall know The Truth; and The Truth shall set you At Liberty! "
  • " So speak, and so do, as those who will be judged by The Law Of Liberty. "
  • " For You, bretheren, have been called To Liberty; only do not use that Liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, But Through Love To Serve One Another. "
  • " So I shall keep Your Law continually, Forever and ever. And I will walk At Liberty, For I seek Your Precepts. "
  • " Because The Creation itself [ also ] will be delivered from The Bondage Of Corruption into The Glorious Liberty of The Children Of The Mighty One. "

The Sons Of Liberty in battle.
You see, while Liberty and Freedom are [ indeed ] very similar words; and are frequently used quite interchangeably by many of us; their own ' Actual Meanings ' are still fundamentally different! While the concept of Freedom denotes A Man's Own Individual License To Choose, the far-greater principles of Liberty are based upon A Man's Ability Towards Responsible Self-Regulation. Meanwhile, however, The Actual Key To Individual Self-Regulation has always been Our Ongoing Ability To Love Others: " In Spirit And In Truth [ or, In Actual True Practice ] "!

Conversely, Slavery and Bondage are also very similar words; and are also frequently used quite interchangeably by others; but, they [ too ] possess ' Entirely Different Meanings '! While Slavery is [ indeed ] Complete And Total Servitude, it can actually be: Quite Voluntary; and [ even ] Factually Consensual... whereas, Bondage can never be: Voluntary, or Consensual - since its very nature is based upon: Ignorance, Manipulation, Extortion, Blackmail, Coercion, Oppression, and/or [ even ] Brutal Force. And, while neither of these concepts is philosophically rectifiable with True Freedom, the concept of Slavery - when practiced out of True Love - is: " The Very Definition Of Liberty "!

Meanwhile, The Biggest Problem In The World Today is the fact that so very few of us ' Honestly Know These Differences '....

If We Did, Then: 
  1. We'd All Be Slaves To The Mighty One!
  2. Love One Another In True Spiritual Practice!
  3. And, Fully Appreciate The Obvious Benefits Of Our Own Adoptive Liberty!

Brothers and sisters, may ' The Truth ', indeed: " Set You At Liberty "... because, our own: Political and Spiritual Bondage to -
The Mere Illusion Of Freedom
- is Factually Killing Us... and, we had better [ honestly ] Wake Up! In Fact, it is ' This One Solitary Choice ' that shall one day determine all of our own spiritual futures... upon, That Final Day Of Judgment.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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