Thursday, November 17, 2011

A [ reasonably short ] 44 minute video providing The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation.

Adam and Eve in The Garden Of Eden.
Having found this amazing 44 Minute Video upon ' The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation ', I thought that I might upload it on America In Prophecy, for the apparent benefit of my own well-educated readership. The video clearly explains The Important Informational Argument that so clearly refutes The Evolutionary Theory being both so: Religiously and Dogmatically - pontificated upon by these hard-core Atheists. For a group of people that constantly claim that they aren't [ in any way ] religious, they sure do exhibit all of the classic: Philosophical and Theological Symptoms... very strange, isn't it?

Anyway, here's The 44 Minute Video - ' Proving The Absolute Necessity Of Creation ' - that I was telling you about. Please, enjoy it!

America In Prophecy

The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation - based upon The Informational Argument.

This is just one avenue of obvious exploration into the subject of The Divine Creation Theory; and was not intended to be all inclusive upon the topic... nor, is even it entirely correct either: Scientifically or Biblically - like the majority of such videos, regardless of which side has ultimately presented them. However, its overall premises are [ indeed ]: Substantially and Verifiably Correct! Consequently, I find it to be the very best of its kind that is currently available....

In the future, we shall also look at: The Prophetical Argument [ The 2500 Year Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 ], The Physicists Argument [ The 11 Dimensional Macroverse Theory ], The Archaeological Arguments [ Recently Discovered Cities From The Bible, That Ancient But Highly-Advanced Technology, Fossilized Proof Of The Giants, Etc... ], and other such Verifiable Proofs Of Creation. Since all of them are [ quite honestly ]: Highly Important and Easily Determined individual pieces of this ' Ongoing Universal Testament ' for everyone.

In this monumental war between: Creation and Evolution - the battle is now [ substantially ] heating up... The Factual Evidence is becoming [ increasingly ] clear to everyone... and The Theory Of Evolution [ honestly ] isn't fairing so well, after all! Go figure....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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