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Why do The Scriptures declare: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees "?

2011 Occupy Wall Street Protesters.
With our: Financial Markets Tumbling, Banking Systems Insolvent, Currencies De-Valuated, Governments Unstable, and Societies Coming Unglued - many of us are [ finally ] asking ourselves, " What on earth, is now going on... and how can: so many different problems, in so many different countries, all be happening at once? ". After all, The Entire Western World seems to be completely crumbling, all at one single time; and how is that even possible - without: Significant Pre-Planning, Obvious International Coordination, and/or Blatant Political Collusion?

Meanwhile, according to The Scriptures: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees....  "

The 2011 Tea Party Protesters.
Consequently, " The Tea Partiers [ Of The Right ] ", and " The Occupy Wall Street Protesters" [ Of The Left ] - have begun to finally vocalize ' The Guardedly Unspoken Thoughts ' of millions of our politically frustrated citizens... and, each of them, has framed their own personal arguments based upon ' The Carefully Scripted Worldview ' subtly and subconsciously foisted upon them - by their own leaderships. Therefore, The Tea Partiers view everything as: " A Socialist Conspiracy "... and The Occupiers view everything as: " The Inevitable Results Of Unrestrained Capitalism "; and yet, neither of them is factually correct!

Meanwhile, according to The Scriptures: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees.... "

So, what [ exactly ] is going on... and, precisely, where are All Of These Current Historical Events now headed? And, more importantly, what do The Sacred Scriptures have to tell us about it?

In Jeremiah Chapter 51, We Read:
" Thus says The Mighty One:
Behold [ Pay Attention To Me ],  I will raise up against Babylon [ Both: Physical And Spiritual ], And against those who dwell in Leb Kamai [ That Nation Set Up By Chaldea ], A Destroying Wind [ Both: Physically And Spiritually ].
And I [ The Mighty One ] will send winnowers to Babylon [ Her City Of Confusion ], Who shall winnow her [ Of The Spiritually-Minded Ones ] and empty her land [ And Destroy All Of The Others ]. For In The Day Of Doom [ My Judgment Upon The World's Nations ], They shall be against her [ That: One World Government Agenda And Universalist Sun-Worshiping Religion ] all around [ In Every Nation Upon The Earth ].
Against her [ Babylon The Great ] let the archer bend his bow [ In Preparation To Firing His Arrows ], And lift himself up against her [ Her Various: Political And Spiritual Manifestations ] in his armor [ So That She Cannot Readily Silence Him ]. Do not spare her young men [ Those Who Are Ignorant To Her Schemes ]; And utterly destroy all of her army [ Everyone Who Actively Chooses To Serve Her ].
Thus [ In This Manner ], the slain shall fall [ At The Appointed Time ] in The Land Of The Chaldeans [ That Nation Of Rome ], And those thrust through in her streets [ Shall Be Exceptionally Numerous ].
For Israel [ My Own: Ten Tribes, The House Of Joseph, And Those Wild Olive Branches ] is not forsaken [ Have Not Been Forgotten ], nor Judah [ My Own Royal Priesthood ], By his Mighty One [ Yahweh ], The Mighty One of Heaven; Though their land [ That Modern Day Nation Of Israel ] was filled with sin [ Their: High Places, Sun Gods, Idols, Pre-Flood Technology, And Establishments Of Utter Dissipation ] against The Holy One Of Israel.
Flee from the midst of Babylon [ *** SEE: Revelation Chapter 18 ], And everyone [ Who Understands This Message ] save his own life [ By Doing, Exactly, What You Have Been Told ]! Do not be cut off [ Like, Those Spiritually Blinded Ones ] in her iniquity [ By Involving Yourselves In Her Pre-Determined Destruction ], For this is The Time Of The Mighty One's Vengeance [ His Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth ]; He [ The Mighty One ] shall recompense her [ For All Of Her Fornications ].
Babylon [ That Land Of Confusion ] was a golden cup [ That The Entire Earth Coveted ] in The Mighty One's hand [ To Separate: His Sheep From The Goats ], That made all of the earth drunk [ With Its Highly Numerous Deceptions ]. The nations drank her wine [ Those Lies And False Teachings ]; Therefore [ Because Of This Fact ] the nations are deranged [ From All Of Her Ongoing Confusions ]. " - Jeremiah 51:1-7.

A not-so-funny social commentary.
Have you begun to gain ' Any True Understanding ' into what's now [ factually ] going on? Yes, dear brothers and sisters, all of these: Financial Troubles, Collapsed Economies, International Riots, Worldwide Uprisings, Toppled Governments, Church Desecrations, Attacks Upon The Clergy, and [ even ] Church Burnings - are the ultimate result of: " Her Own Political And Spiritual Fornication "... and, indeed, they shall continue to grow increasingly worse - from here on out!

Contrary to the thinking of all of those [so-called ]: " Tea Partiers " and " Occupy Protesters " - The Fundamental Issues are Spiritual; and Not Political, at all. Meanwhile, In The Summer Of 2012, these long prophesied: " Sparks In The Wood Pile " - will be: " Fanned Into The Flames Of A Raging Inferno " - by Yahweh Himself...just as, The Old Testament Prophecies are now clearly telling us. Meanwhile, He has already carefully warned us: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues! "

So, what does That Statement Truly Mean?
  1. Come Out Of Political Babylon! Do not be involved with any of her: Governmental Agencies, Military Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Manipulative Political Parties, and/or Societal Movements... depart, completely, from All Of The Confusions Within Political Babylon.
  2. And, Come Out Of Spiritual Babylon! Do not be involved with any of her: Utterly Fallen Churches, Cult Like Religious Orders, Self-Deceptive Spiritual Fellowships, and/or Overtly Zealous Religious Movements... remove yourself, completely, from All Of Their Spiritual Clutches.
  3. Start Studying The Scriptures - For Yourselves - " To See, Whether It Is So! "
  4. Otherwise, You Shall Suffer Immensely For It! 

Why Does He Say,
" Come Out Of Babylon, My People! "?

" The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees... "

*** Please Understand, This Is Very Important! All Of These Alarming Worldwide Events Have Been Intentionally Orchestrated: By Our Own Human Governments and The Religious Institutions Of Spiritual Babylon - in order to force the adoption of their own pre-planned: " New World Order Agenda ".

Which Shall [ Finally ] Establish Babylon's True Goals
  • A One World Currency,
  • A One World Financial System,
  • The Continental Unions,
  • A One World Government,
  • And, A One World Religion - based, entirely, upon: " Sun [ or, Ba'al ] Worship ".

The controversial EU Poster.
Nor, is this [ just ]: " A Conspiracy Theory " - like the blinded ones so foolishly tell you. Consequently, your own: Political and Religious Demonstrations - will be used as their own ' Propagandist Justifications Against You ' - in order to lock you up in those FEMA Camps [ miraculously completed, so far in advance ]... because, that has been their Political Endgame from the very beginning. Don't participate in any of these ongoing demonstrations; and thereby make it any easier for them! There are plenty of: " Spiritually Blinded Ones " - now volunteering to finish that particular job.

They forgot one very important detail, however. They forgot about Yahweh, The Mighty One; and He's Been Opening The World's Eyes - before they're [ actually ] ready to handle all of these overwhelming political consequences! Severe Troubles are now brewing for All The Composite Nations Of Babylon; and it has, only now, just started....

" The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees... "

Jeremiah Chapter 51, Then Continues:
" Babylon [ All Of Her Various Manifestations ] has Suddenly Fallen [ The People Are Now Openly Opposed To Her ] and Been Destroyed [ And My Judgment Is Swift Coming ]. Wail for her [ Those Of You Who Are Spiritually-Blinded ]! Take balm for her pain [ Put A Bandage Upon Her Obvious Death Wounds ]; Perhaps she may be healed [ Indeed, You Are Blinded ].
We would have healed Babylon [ By Our Own Protestant Reformation ], But she is not healed [ Because, She Has No Intentions Of Changing ]. Forsake Her [ Leave Her To Her Own Rising Troubles ], and Let Us Go [ In Total Departure From Her ] - everyone to his own country [ Returning To Those Forgotten Tribes That Produced Us ]; For her judgment reaches up to heaven [ In All Of The Cries Coming Before Me ], And is lifted up to the skies [ In Their Heavenward Prayers ].
The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Himself ] has revealed our righteousness [ Through His Own Carefully Chosen Watchman ]. Come [ Gather Together, You Spiritual Ones ] and let us declare in Zion [ The Land Promised To Our Ancestors ] The work of Yahweh our Mighty One [ Who Has Done This Great Thing ]. " - Jeremiah 51:8-10.

We're going home, to Israel, very soon.
There's a very good reason that so many of the scriptures speak repeatedly about ' The Future Restoration of Israel And Joseph ' to: " The Promised Land "! Because, we're actually going to return, just like our own genetic brothers within The House Of Judah. In fact, These Unfolding Events are more about: " Threshing The Wheat ", " Winnowing The Grain ", and/or " Separating The Sheep From The Goats " - then they are strictly about: " End Time Judgment ". Moreover, The United States of America is quite centrally located within All Of These [ Currently Unfolding ] Scriptural Prophecies!

In fact, our own ongoing failure to largely comprehend ' This Profound Spiritual Truth ' shall lead to the inescapable downfall of millions of: Self-Proclaimed Christians and Self-Professed Americans... since: " The Lord [ or, Ba'al ] " - isn't The Mighty One Of The Scriptures; and: " His True Covenant " wasn't established with The United States of America... but, rather: His Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and Those Who Would Spiritually Join Them! Bear in mind, Our Current Worldwide Financial Collapse is [ only ]: " The Third Seal Of Revelation " and The Baptism By Fire that [ now ] so rapidly approaches is [ merely ]: " The Fourth ". Consequently, as bad as this news may seem - to those who are largely unprepared - far greater turmoil is definitely coming....

After All, " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees... "

Jeremiah 51, Then Continues:
" Make The Arrows bright [ Remove The Tarnish Concealing My Words ]! Gather The Shields [ And Return To Proper Obedience ]! The Mighty One has raised up The Spirit Of The Kings Of The Medes [ The Law Of King Hammurabi - That Is Written, Only Once, Into Stone ].
For His Plan [ The Plan Of Yahweh ] is against Babylon [ Both: Physical And Spiritual ] to destroy it [ Rather Than Rectifying It ], Because it is The Vengeance Of The Mighty One [ His Judgment Upon All Of Babylon's Combined Nations ], The Vengeance For His Temple [ For Their Desecration Of His Spiritual Inheritance ].
Set up The Standard [ My Whole Truth, To Rally Around ] upon The Walls Of Babylon [ Encircle Her Cities With It ]; Make The Guard Strong [ For She Is Going To Retaliate Very Swiftly ], Set Up The Watchmen [ Report Everything That She Does From Now On ], Prepare The Ambushes [ For When She Eventually Attacks You ]. For The Mighty One has both Devised [ Planned Well In Advance ] and Done [ Painstakingly Carried Out ] What He Spoke [ Through All Of His Prophets ] against The Inhabitants Of Babylon [ Already, In His Own Past ].
O You [ False Prophet Of Babylon ] who dwell by many waters [ The: Atlantic, Pacific, Great Lakes, and Gulf Of Mexico ], Abundant in treasures [ Wealthiest Of All The Earth's Nations ], Your End Has Come [ Indeed, I Have Warned You In Advance ], The Measure Of Your Covetousness [ Has Finally Been Fulfilled ]
The Mighty One Of Heaven Has Sworn By Himself [ For, There Was None Greater ]: ' Surely [ I Can Fully Assure You ] I will fill you with men [ The World's Greatest Armies ], as with locusts [ They Shall Be So Numerous ], And They [ All Of These Great Nations ] shall lift up a shout against you [ In The Time, That I Do This ]. ' " - Jeremiah 51:11-14.

The United Nations Security Council.
Yes, brothers and sisters, The United States of America is now headed for its own Physical Destruction. But not, because it is: " Babylon The Great "; as so many of you erroneously believe; but rather it is: Her Own False Prophet, Military Champion, and Deceptive Political Spokesman - that The Scriptures so clearly reveal it to be: " The Latter Day Nation Of Tyre ". Lest we readily forget, ' The Unholy Trinity ' consists of: The Dragon [ Lucifer Himself / His Mother Of Harlots ], The Beast [ Babylon The Great / The European Union ], and The False Prophet [ The Nation Of Tyre / The United States Of America ]... and, according to these scriptures, The False Prophet is clearly destroyed first!

After All," The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Tree(s)... "

and, I mean,
' All Of Them! '

For The Continuation Of Jeremiah Chapter 51, read the next article - in this very same series - entitled: " Who is The Axe, and what are The Trees - of Jeremiah Chapter 51? ". I can assure you, that it'll be a very interesting one to study....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!


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