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Is America: Babylon The Great, or Her False Prophet? The Answer is tremendously important.

America's Increasing Protests - historic.
Is The United States of America: " Babylon The Great " - as so many others will so quickly and easily tell you? Or, could it just be: Her False Prophet, Political Spokesman, and Military Champion - whom she is cleverly using to protect Her True Identity? While the majority will, rashly, label her the former - I [myself] cannot. The Truth, in this matter, is far too important to everyone. While both of these nations are indeed: " Harlots " - just like the church, that has corrupted them - Babylon is, by far, the more dangerous of the two!

What causes so much Spiritual Confusion - apart from the obvious deceptions, being so cleverly perpetuated by The Satanists fully in control - is that: " Babylon The Great " and " Her False Prophet " are both very similar nations. They are both: Confederated Nations - comprising numerous Constituent States. And whereas, Babylon The Great is a much older nation, its openly unified existence doesn't physically re-occur until: " The Very End ". See for yourself....
"But the angel said to me, ' Why did you marvel? I will tell you The Mystery Of The Woman [ The Church ] And Of The Beast [ The Nation ] That Carries Her, which has the seven heads [ The Seven Kings ] and the ten horns [ The Ten Foundational Kingdoms ].
The Beast [ The Nation ] that you saw: Was [ In Existence At The Very Beginning ], And Is Not [ During Most Of Earth's History ] And Will Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit [ From Its Grave ] And Will Go To Perdition [ At The Time Of The End ]
And those who dwell upon the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in The Book Of Life - from the foundation of the world - when they see The Beast that: Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is." - Revelation 17:7-8.

You see, Babylon The Great is clearly being described as: ' An Ancient Nation ' - which returns from its own physical, or political grave, at: " The Time Of The End. " And while America, indeed, has a much earlier beginning than anyone ever suspected; there is one which is still far away older. In fact, its Historical Roots stretch all the way back, to: ' The Original Nation Of Babylon! ' See, for yourself....

America In Prophecy

' Babylon The Great, ' Then and Now....

As most of us are aware, The Original Babylonian Empire was a: " Semitic Nation " [ A White Nation ] consisting of: Assyrians, Chaldeans, Sumerians, Phillistines, Canaanites, and Ninevites, etc... and held a very diverse culture, or multiculture, within it! When Yahweh confused their human languages and scattered them across the earth, they looked for new locations to settle... and Europe was then ripe for the taking. More importantly, King Nimrod [ Babylon's Original Founder ] had already founded a city there... and Today, we call that city Rome. Which, simply means: " The City Of Seven Hills ."

Original European Union Poster.
The Germanic People: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Holland - consider themselves to be: " Aryans ", or " Assyrians... " The Latin People: Italy, Greece, and Macedonia - are all: " Chaldeans... " The English People are: " Sidonians... " and The Commonwealth Of Nations consists of both: " Phillistines, " and " Canaanites." But, of course, you needn't take my word for it. Just, examine Your Own World History and The Scriptures.

Babylon The Great is also: " The Beast From The Sea " - spoken of in Revelation Chapter 13 - with ' The Sea ' defined in the scripture, as being representative of: " Many: Nations, Tribes, Kindreds, Tongues, and Peoples. "

After all, Revelation 17, says:
"And he [ the angel ] said to me, ' The waters which you saw, where The Harlot [ That False Church ] sits, are: Peoples, Multitudes, Nations, and Tongues. And The Ten Horns [ The Ten Kingdoms ] which you saw on The Beast [ That End Time Nation ], these will hate The Harlot [ will grow to deeply resent her ], make her desolate [ abandon her houses of worship ] and naked [ expose her numerous duplicities ], eat her flesh [ murder her clergymen ] and burn her with fire [ and burn down her high places of false worship ]." - Revelation 17:15-16.

And there we have it, Babylon The Great is an empire which consists of numerous Highly Distinct: Languages, Cultures, and Nations... and while this does fit with The European Union; it doesn't fit with The United States of America! After all, America is: " The Great Melting Pot " - where the majority of us have always tried to just simply blend in.... Meanwhile, The European Union takes a certain amount of preternatural pride in its truly remarkable diversity of language and culture.

But why is this, fact, so very important? For, several reasons. For one thing, Babylon The Great will very soon destroy ' Her Own False Prophet ' - in her effort to further conceal her past Political and Spiritual Duplicities... for another, The Ongoing Judgments of Yahweh are currently assisting her... and when America is gone, she'll implement her: " Satanically Inspired Plan " - toward its final completion! Meanwhile, few will be honestly aware, if they truly believe that Babylon The Great has already been destroyed....

No friends, The European Union is: " Babylon The Great "... and America is: " The Latter Day Nation of Tyre ". Meanwhile: ' The True Power, behind the throne ', also known as, " The Mother Of All Harlots " - sits exclusively in Rome!

In Isaiah Chapter 23, We Read:
"Behold [ Tyre ], the land of The Chaldeans [ The Land Of The Romans ], This people which was not [ until they were cleverly brought together by others ]; Assyria [ Those Assyrian People ] founded it for wild beasts of the desert  [ The Nations of: Tyre, Edom, Moab, Canaan, and Israel ]. They set up its towers [ Rome - funded its construction ], They raised up its palaces [ Rome - controlled its governments ], And brought it to ruin [ and - Rome - destroyed it, right upon schedule ]. Wail, you ships of Tarshish [ Latter Day Tyre ]! For your strength is laid waste." - Isaiah 23:13-14.

And, By The End Of 2016, this Biblical Prophecy will be completely fulfilled! You can bank on it.... The test of: ' A True Prophet ', or ' Watchman ' - is whether [ or not ] his prophesies come true! Just, remember that....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!
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