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Who are The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel

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Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Who are ' The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel '? Where do they [ The Israelites ] currently live? And when will they [ These Genetic Seeds ] finally awaken? These are all Very Important Questions to ask... and particularly, for those living inside of America!

How so? Because, The United States of America is ' Babylon's False Prophet ' - The Latter Day Nation of Tyre. You see, Babylon The Great has concealed herself - by using another nation: "The Beast From The Land" - as her: ' End Time Spokesperson ' and/or ' Latter Day Political Champion ' [ *** Read: Revelation chapter 13 ] - just as long prophesied that she would. That Yahweh's Prophecy might be fulfilled:
" The Beast [ Babylon The Great ] that you saw: Was [ In The Very Beginning At Babel ], And Is Not [ Throughout Most Of Earth's History ] and Will Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit [ At The Time Of The End ] and Will Go To Perdition [ In Yahweh's Day Of Destruction ]. And those who dwell upon the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in The Book Of Life from the foundation of the world, when they see The Beast [ That Most Powerful Nation ] That Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is. " - Revelation 17:8.

America In Prophecy

The Nation that: Was, Is Not, and Yet Is!

Even Now, many: " Whose names are not written in The Book Of Life - from the foundation of the world " are marveling at this Amazing Revelation! Aren't you, also?

America In Prophecy

The European Leaders - know who they are!

Apparently, Their Plan Worked! After all, the vast majority of you still believe that: " America Is Babylon... " and are Greatly Unprepared for What's Coming! Of course, it's now the predetermined closing time for Her Own False Prophet.... As The Scriptures so clearly state:
" Behold, The Land Of The Chaldeans [ Which They Themselves Have Created ], This people which was not [ But, Rather, The Assyrians Brought Them Together ]; Assyria founded it [ The Assyrians Built It ] for wild beasts of the desert [ The Tribes Of: Tyre, Edom, Moab, Canaan, and Israel ]. They set up its towers [ They Funded All Of Its Cities ], They raised up its palaces [ They Controlled All Of Its Governments ], And brought it to ruin [ Preplanned Its Eventual Destruction ]. " - Isaiah 23:13.

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Judah P. Benjamin CS Attorney General
Isn't that what it says? Or, am I wrong? You tell me.... But before you do, study all of the prophesies about The Latter Day Nation Of Tyre... and pay very close attention to all of its prophetical descriptions! They can be found in: Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Micah, Zechariah, and The Book Of Revelation. Hopefully, however, you'll have enough: " Oil In Your Lamps " - to heed this, " Midnight Cry "! Because, I can't spare any of my own....

However, The United States Of America is still very important - in ' End Time Prophecy '! Even as it now begins to dissolve, A Very Powerful Remnant shall emerge as it was also long ago prophesied. You see, Israel [ Those Ten Lost Tribes ] still exist within Tyre... and they shall return to The Promised Land, right on time, as prophetically scheduled that they would. Remember, Israel is one of those: " Wild Beasts from the desert " - for whom it was founded!

But, where in America are they? Where can we look for such a: " Stiff-Necked And Stubborn " People? A race of people: Somewhat Shorter Than Average, and Generally Bearded? A highly-spiritual nation of ' True Believers '? O Israel, where can you be? Well, let me introduce you....

America In Prophecy

The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel!

And, how do I know these things? Because, Yahweh showed me; and I proved it to myself from The Scriptures! Just read, for yourself....

Isaiah 18:
" In that time, A Present will be brought to Yahweh The Mighty One - from a people tall and smooth of skin [ The Assyrians ], And from a people terrible from their beginning onward [ That Race Of Dominant Men ], A nation powerful and treading down [ A Military Superpower ], Whose land the rivers divide [ A Continent Divided By A Massive River System ] -  To the place of the name of Yahweh The Mighty One [ To The Promised Land ], To Mount Zion [ To Jerusalem ]. " - Isaiah 18:7.

Isaiah 23:
" And it shall be, at the end of seventy years [ 2520 Prophetic Days - 573 BC + 2520 = 1945AD ], that The Mighty One will again visit Tyre. She will return to her pay, and commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world - on the face of the earth. Her gain and her pay will be set apart for Yahweh; it will not be treasured nor laid up - for her gain will be for those who dwell before The Might One, to eat sufficiently, and for fine clothing. " - Isaiah 23:17-18.

Isaiah 27:
" And it shall come to pass, in that day, That The Mighty One will thresh, From the channel of The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ] to The Brook Of Egypt [ The Nile ]; And you will be gathered one by one, O You Children Of Israel. So it shall be, in that day. That The Great Trumpet will be blown; They Will Come, who are about to perish In That Land Of Assyria [ Latter Day Tyre ], And they who are outcasts In That Land Of Egypt [ Ephraim And Manasseh ], And shall worship The Mighty One in the holy mount at Jerusalem. " - Isaiah 27:12-13.

Isaiah 60:
" Who are these who fly like a cloud [ In Commercial Aircraft ], and like doves to their roosts [ In Single Engine Planes ]? Surely The Coastlands [ The Southern States Of Tyre ] shall wait for Me; And the ships of Tarshish [ The Ships Of: Tyre And Sidon ] will come first, To bring your sons [ The Tribes Of Israel ] from afar [ From That Nation Of Tyre ], Their Silver and Their Gold with them, To the name of Yahweh Your Mighty One, And to The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahweh-Hushua ], Because He [ Yahweh ] has glorified you. " - Isaiah 60:8-9.

Who Is It:
  • That Stands Up For ' His [ Yahweh's ] Commandments '?
  • That Stands Up For ' Prayer [ To Yahweh ] In Schools '?
  • That Exhorts ' America To Spiritual Repentance '?
  • That Reverences And Honors ' The Covenant Of Brotherhood '?
  • And That Fully Supports 'The Nation Of Israel '?

- The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel!

And that, my friends, is: " The Bible Belt. " Need I, honestly, say anymore?

{ *** NOTE: If you want to know how they got here, then read: Ezekiel Chapter 20, and Revelation Chapter 12! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Somebody has done his homework. This is NEW to me. Interesting.

  2. Thanks for the compliments! Undoubtedly, I have expended a great deal of time and energy in preparing for this site. However, I couldn't have done it, without Yahweh's assistance.

    Be sure and check back, because I have a lot more to say in these matters. There's far too much misinformation out there!

    Ahava and Shalom.

  3. Great post, well researched. Thanks for the valuable information. God bless.

  4. Thanks! The problem with: Scientists, Historians, and [yes] even Biblical Scholars - is that they absolutely refuse to allow The Scriptures to speak for themselves.

  5. I missed something because I don't see where you get to all the tribes of Israel being in the southeast from what you have written here. All I see mention of is the Mississippi signifying the U.S. as the country of Tyre.

    How do you conclude that "The Coastlands" means the southeast when it would more likely mean the coastal lands, ie. the east coast?

    As for bearded men, beards have always been most common in the northeast as well as amongst various religions such as the Amish and Jewish, etc. and not at all common in the southeast.

  6. If 'The Mississippi River' is the only thing signifying The United States of America as being Latter Day Tyre, then you had better re-read this article.

    Let's see what I can find:

    * Tyre is - A Nation Of: Tall, Clean Shaven Aryans. A Military Superpower, whose land The Rivers Divide. - Isaiah 18:7.

    * It commits Political Fornication with all of the other nations of the earth: United Nations, NATO, SEATO, Marshall Plan, Breton-Woods, World's Policeman, etc - beginning in 1945 AD [573 BC + 2520 years ] - Isaiah 23:17-18.

    * It is divided by The Mighty River [ The Mississippi ]... and is planning on killing the children of Israel and Judah who are living among them. - Those FEMA Death Camps? You Decide. - Isaiah 27:12-13.

    However, the point wasn't these snippets of text... It was to draw your attention to The Actual Chapters [ Isaiah 17, 23, 27 and 60 ] in which these very small paragraphs were taken from!

    I have no intention of writing entire books - for blog postings - because others are simply too lazy to put the food given to them into their own mouths.... As a watchman, it's my job to draw your own attention to The Truth from Yahweh's Scriptures; not to spoon feed each and every one of you!

    Moreover, I have included even more related information in my various other postings regarding this very same subject - from the perspectives of the other prophets: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, Obadiah, Micah, etc....

    Feel Free to [ actually ] do the research yourself, from the intellectual and spiritual bounty, which has already been provided. That way, I can actually get more writing done which will significantly benefit everyone!

    Remember, that I'm not: A Church, A Large Fellowship, or [even] A Religious Organization... I am one person, working alone, and doing it without any form of payment! Not even my own personal living-expenses....

    Serious questions will always be promptly answered! If you get hung up on something, then I'll gladly assist you. However, If you're expecting your own personal handholder, then you'll be greatly disappointed.

  7. @ Vulcan420,

    If I come across somewhat harshly, then I apologize. However, knowing you personally and what you are honestly capable of intellectually - your own true level of interest must only be minimal at best. Otherwise, you would probably be instructing me! The fact that you can't, is very revealing.

    Why, the real differences between our own personal interests? I can't honestly say. But, they are most certainly present.

    We had very similar experiences and personal backgrounds growing up.... Perhaps, you could tell me sometime in an email.

  8. EPHRAIM AND MANASSEH,WHERE ARE THEY,OR WHO ARE THEY? a question. if you are saved, can you ever repent again?

  9. According to The Sacred Scriptures, Ephraim and Manasseh [ The Full House Of Joseph ] is primarily living within The Kingdom(s) Of Egypt.

    In fact, the overall majority of them are living within Egypt proper; and many of them comprise the ones we know as: " The Coptic Christians " - who are so naturally supportive of Israel. Just as: " The Israelites Of The Bible Belt " - [ equally ] support their own Genetic brothers.

    Meanwhile, of course, Egypt is once again rising to its own political preeminence... and The New Pharoah will be: " A Cruel Master " - for a very short period of time!

    The full details surrounding: The New Pharoah's Rise, His Attacks Upon The Children Of Joseph, and His Inevitable Destruction By The European Union - are all found in Isaiah Chapter 19.

  10. You also asked: " If you are saved, can you ever repent again? "

    Of course, you can! As long as you're still breathing there is always the splendid hope of True Spiritual Repentance....

    In fact, The Scriptures say quite clearly: " If we stumble, we have an advocate - Yahweh Hushua - always standing before The Father up in heaven. "

    Each and every single day, stands upon its own merit! We can: Repent, or Turn Away - until we [ invariably ] take that last breath. Then [ and only then ], our own probation is closed!

  11. Brother Barbour, with all due respect, have you read the research of Jonathan Cahn, in his book "The Harbinger"? Isaiah 9:10 is the basis for his research, beginning with 9/11, but in verses 8 and 9 just preceding this, it says: 8 The Lord sent a word into JACOB,
    and it hath lighted upon ISRAEL.

    9 And all the people shall know,
    even EPHRAIM and the inhabitant of SAMARIA,
    that say in the pride and stoutness of heart,

    10 The bricks are fallen down,
    but we will build with hewn stones:
    the sycamores are cut down,
    but we will change them into cedars.

    Since all of the things mentioned in vs 10 actually America, that suggests that Ephraim as the leader of the 10 lost tribes is America.

    Further, if you lay out a diagram of the Wildernes Tabernacle on top of a map of the continental US, every geographical feature found in the US matches exactly with that tabernacle...INCLUDING the angels over the mercy seat (Port Angeles in Washington State, and Los Angeles in Southern California, with the Rocky Mountains as the "Veil".

    I think it's bigger than just the Bible belt. Just asking you to look into it.

    1. If you'll take the time to do the necessary research, you will find that All Five Nations of: Edom [ Esau ], Tyre, Ammon, Moab, and Israel - are factually related by Their Own Genetic Bloodlines!

      Moreover, The Scripture very clearly says: " Those Who Remain Shall Be Grafted In Among Israel; And Israel Shall Blossom And Bud! " America will not be spared... since, as they also clearly state: " This Is Not The Land Of Your Own Promise! "

      Meanwhile, of course, Israel is [ factually ] going back to: " Their Own Promised Land "!

    2. However, in answer to your own previous question, My Own Answer Must Be No! I have never read anything by Jonathan Cahn. Why should I? What are his own credentials... and, from where did they come?

      Meanwhile, I Already Know Where My Own Have Come From! Can he, say the same?

    3. hard to reply to this...but to answer the question Mr Cahn is actually jewish. maybe it would be a good idea to check his credentials which would be easy to do with all the internet sources. not exactly a fan of his mind you but just remember someone said nathaniel was an ISRAELITE indeed and Anna the prophetess was from the tribe of ASHER. Paul was a Benjamite fron Asia Minor (Tarsus) so the tribes kept their identities and at the time of Paul were never lost. unless you were born jewish you are not jewish. this ends up being another replacement theory. the jews are jews and unless you were born a jew or converted you are a gentile.


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