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Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fully admits, during CNN Interview, that she indeed Knows Something....

Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.
In one of the most interesting turn of political events recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked about: The 2012 Presidential Election and Newt Gingrich's Own Political Chances. Meanwhile, The Response That She Gave was both: Very Cryptic and Highly Revealing! In fact, it has fueled a tremendous amount of Political Speculation into precisely what she herself knows. Sadly, however, it has been spun into precisely ' The Wrong Political Trajectory ' by the major media.

Please take the time to watch The Following 41 Second Video Clip of: " Nancy Pelosi's Actual Interview "... and, Pay Special Attention to her: Exact Wording and Facial Expressions. Then we'll honestly discuss that Highly Interesting Dialog....

America In Prophecy

I Know Something - by: Nancy Pelosi

There's Something I Know 
- Dialog Between: Nancy Pelosi And A CNN Interviewer.

CNN Interviewer [ Question ]:
" Because of your history, with speaker Gingrich, what goes through your mind when you think about the possibility... which is more real today, than it was: A Week, or [ even ] A Month Ago - that he would be The Republican Nominee; and that you could come back here Next January, or Next February with A President Gingrich? "
Nancy Pelosi [ Response ]:
 " Well let me just say this: [ Holding Back Her Own Joy ] ' That Will Never Happen! ' "
CNN Interviewer [ Question ]:
" Why? "
Nancy Pelosi [ Response ]:
 " He's Not Going To Be President Of The United States! [ Grinning Ear To Ear ] That's not going to happen... let, let me just make my prediction; and stand by it; it isn't going to happen. [ Quite Happy With Herself ] "
CNN Interviewer [ Question ]:
" Why are you so sure? "
Nancy Pelosi [ Response ]:
" [ Shaking Head Side To Side, As If Talking To An Ignorant Child ] There's Something I Know.... [ An: I've Got A Secret, Snicker, Snicker - Pause ] The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him [ At The Republican National Convention - On August 12th ], that's their prerogative... I Don't Even Think, That's Going To Happen.... "

While The CNN Interviewer rapidly draws your attention, that perhaps Nancy Pelosi knows something very important About Newt Gingrich Himself - that might preclude His Own Presidential Nomination - he never hints at the more important nature of ' The True Information ', that Nancy Pelosi honestly possesses. That [ in fact ]: The Entire Election Is A Fraud... Has Been From The Very Beginning... and, Is Solely Being Perpetrated To: " Run Out The Clock " - prior to them imposing A Federalized Martial Law, in the upcoming Summer!

Ron Paul - Corna Handsign.
All of the candidates, During This Entire 2012 Election Season, have always been theirs... with, Ron Paul [ himself ] clearly included. They, even, offered us: " A True Constitutionalist Candidate " - At Least Outwardly - to gauge, precisely, how ignorant we all truly are. Just, read ' Her Last Sentence ' again... and then, seriously consider These Prophetical Song Lyrics - by the music legend Don McLean.

Bye Bye American Pie, Says:
Oh, and there we were all in one place
[ None Of Us Had Our Own Eyes Open ]
A generation lost in space
[ We Were Unaware Of Everything Going On Around Us ]
With no time left to start again
[ While America, Was Quickly Running Out Of Time ]
{ *** These Verses, Then Continue.... }
So come on Jack be nimble [ Get Ready To Bail... ]
Jack be quick [ You Had Better Wake Up Very Quick ]
Jack Flash sat on a candlestick [ For, The Majority Of You Will Honestly Get Burned ]
Cause fire is the devil's only friend [ Because Lucifer Doesn't Protect His Own Servants ]
And as I watched him upon the stage [ And As I Saw These Events Then Unfolding ]
My hands were clenched in fists of rage [ I Was Angry, For Having Myself So Faithfully Served Him ]
No angel born in Hell [ None Of The Pagan Religions Could Assist Any Of Us Either ]
Could break that Satan's spell [ For, They All Served Satan Himself ]
And as the flames climbed high into the night [ Her Destruction Growing More Fierce Each Day ]
To light the sacrificial rite [ As Our World Paid Its Homage To Satan ]
I saw Satan laughing with delight [ Lucifer Was Well Pleased With His Own Plans ]
The day the music died [ As America Is Finally Destroyed ]

The Modern Nation Of Babel.
You see, brothers and sisters, Nancy Pelosi is one of those Highly Numerous Satanists; and she already knows The Events Now Currently Unfolding! In fact, she's well aware, that None Of These: " Republican Candidates " - are actually ' True Candidates For Presidential Office '. Their entire purpose has been to: Simply Delay, Further Fragment, and Ultimately Destroy - the political apparatus necessary to forming A Legitimate Government - in opposition to The Currently Sitting President....

After all: " Babylon The Great [ The European Union ] " - has already given ' Its Final Orders To Politically Destroy America '... in preparation for, Its Eventual Military Invasion... just as, The Scriptures have already warned us. For instance, in Isaiah Chapter 23, we can clearly read:
" Be ashamed O Sidon [ O United Kingdom ]; For The Sea [ The Papal See, Or True Babylonian Kingdom ] has spoken [ From Its Capital In Rome ]; The strength of the sea [ With Germany And The Rest Of Europe In Agreement ], saying: ' I do not labor [ In Producing Children For Myself ], nor bring forth child(ren) [ To Permanently Join With Us ]; neither do I rear young (men) [ That Might Trouble Me Later ], nor bring up virgin(s) [ Those Who Aren't A Part Of My Own Church ]. " - Isaiah 23:4.
 And again, In Verse 13, it also then states: 
" Behold, The Land Of The Chaldeans [ That Nation created by The Order Of Rome ], This people which was not [ for they no longer possessed a land of their own ]; Assyria [ The Aryan Nations ] founded it for Wild Beasts Of The Desert [ The Nations From Within Canaan ]. They set up its Towers [ they constructed all of its cities ], They raised up its Palaces [ they controlled all of its governments ], And brought it to Ruin [ And Then, Destroyed It, At The Appointed Time ]. " - Isaiah 23:13.

Meanwhile, the only reason that Minority Leader Pelosi was honestly tripped up on CNN is simply because:
  • She expected The Interviewer to be already well aware of this...
  • She assumed that he, himself, was also An Illuminati Insider...
  • and, She never expected ' That Part Of The Interview ' to air!

Nancy Pelosi - Corna Handsign.
Considering their control over The Mainstream Media, these seemingly foolish assumptions were probably quite accurate. However, The Truth Is, that there are many within The Media Itself who have come to enjoy entertaining themselves by making their own: " Political Puppet Masters " - squirm in front of the cameras... and, I personally suspect that, this was [ indeed ] the case here. After all, Without The Personal Benefit Of: " Reporting Real News " - they have to find something, for their own personal amusement!

Bear in mind, that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi [ herself ] has already very plainly told you:
" I don't even think that ' The Republican Convention Will Ever Happen '! After all, Our Own Plans, will [ most likely ] happen, before then.... "
- and, thereby, Confirming My Own Personal Predictions For 2012. Let's face it, she ought to know!

Anti-Christ Pope Ratzinger.
Meanwhile, representative Pelosi was so factually ecstatic over it, as to [ almost ]: " Cackle, With Glee.... " Maybe, she is indeed: " The Witch " - that many of us have so long suspected? In any case, She's Definitely Some Form Of Satanist... that, Corna Hand Sign above is [ honestly ]: " A Dead Giveaway "!

{ *** NOTE: Now, maybe, you should [ honestly ]: " Wake Up ", and " Come Out Of Babylon.... " - before, its too late... The Ball's in your own court. *** }
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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