Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knowing The Satanic Handsigns can factually assist you in spotting those Devil Worshipers.

The Foolishly: " Sleeping Bride "
While The Mighty One's Brides have been: " Fast Asleep, For Well Over A Century "; The Forces Of Spiritual Darkness have, indeed, been quite busy. They've been: Studying The Scriptures, Wrestling For Political Control, Manipulating Our Major Media, Indoctrinating Our Children, Leading Our Churches, and Preparing For The Upcoming Battle. After all, The Satanists truly believe in their own god; since, they're [ also ] the ones that have been ' Doctoring All Of The Scientific Evidences ' - that, Irrefutably Prove The Scriptures!

Consequently, As These Brides Are Now Beginning To Awaken, they're finding that something is terribly wrong with the entire world, that is fully surrounding them... and, they can't [ quite ] put their fingers on it. Therefore, let's be extremely blunt: " The Satanists Already Control The Entire Planet "! What, you don't believe me? Then, just watch The Following 12 Minute Video, entitled: " Signs Of Satan " - by DaveE9th.

America In Prophecy

Signs Of Satan - by: DaveE9th.

{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, that I can vouch for this particular video, having watched it myself; but, I cannot vouch for any of DaveE9th's other: Videos, Teachings, or Doctrines. Based simply upon this video, Dave is still part of Sun Worshiping Babylon - despite his own formative awareness, of certain political aspects. }

You see, brothers and sisters, Satanists are very easy to spot and identify - when you know what to truthfully look for... but, you: " Sleeping Brides " - have never taken anything seriously! Meanwhile: Yahshua and His Sacred Scriptures - have warned you repeatedly, regarding all of these things. They clearly advised you:
" Be Ye Wise As Serpents [ Study These People Of My Adversary ]; And Yet, Harmless As Doves [ But, Don't Interfere With Them ]. "
Had you studied them, you would have known their: Satanic Handsigns, Political Organizations, Financial Power Structures, and Interconnected Religious Affiliations! Thus, you could have readily escaped from their carefully crafted nets - in: " Our Upcoming Time Of Trouble ". But, you didn't... and, now, Millions Of You Will Honestly Suffer... and, many of you, won't ever escape!

Devil Worship is alive and well in America; and, indeed, all around The Entire World. Those Satanists are factually everywhere; and they wield a tremendous amount of: Economic, Scientific, Political, Educational, and [ even ] Religious Power. If you have [ honestly ] watched this entire video upon: Satanic Handsigns and The People Who Utilize Them - then you should be fully aware that, The Following United States Presidents have all been Satanists....

Satanic US Presidents, In This Video:
  • Barrack H. Obama      (44) - D
  • George W. Bush          (43) - R
  • William J. Clinton        (42) - D
  • George H. W. Bush     (41) - R

Did You Know That, The List Also Includes:
  • Ronald W. Reagan       (40) - R
  • James E. Carter           (39) - D
  • Gerald R. Ford             (38) - R
  • Richard M. Nixon        (37) - R
  • Lyndon B. Johnson      (36) - D
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (34) - R
  • Harry S. Truman          (33) - D

In fact, Since 1945 AD [ When America Became Babylon's False Prophet ], we have only had One United States President, that wasn't a: Freemason, Rockefeller Puppet, and/or Satanist... and, they murdered John F. Kennedy, right in front of your own eyes! And, to our own shame, they got away with it too. Meanwhile, this is ' The Very Last 5 Minute Speech, That He Faithfully Provided You '....

America In Prophecy

Kennedy's Last Speech - by: Youtube.

You should notice, that The Official Designations of: Democrat and Republican - mean absolutely nothing to These Satanic Freemasons. Nor, do The Religious Affiliations, that they themselves profess - in order to get your own votes. In fact, their own True Loyalty is ' To Only One Cause '; and, sadly, that cause is not us! Brothers and sisters, stop watching their Silver-Tongued Lips; and start watching those Satanic Handsigns.

We have now [ already ] had 11 Satanic US Presidents! But, don't worry, about who you're now going to vote for. I can fully assure you, according to The Scriptures, we'll never elect another one. Because, Barrack H. Obama is already, The Very Last United States President! After all, The 2012 Election will [ factually ] be canceled before Summer. Indeed, Martial Law will be soon coming to America... and, those long-rumored: " FEMA Camps " - will, then, almost magically start opening. Indeed, we can now all start singing along with the rock legend Don Mclean: " Bye Bye Miss America Pie ".

But, The Question still remains to be answered: " Will You Sleepy-Headed-Ones, Honestly, Wake Up In Time "? My guess is ' NO ' - for most of you... but, then again, I could be wrong.... What do you, honestly, think? After all, the issue has never been about: Understanding Satanic Handsigns, Discerning Hip Hop Prophecies, or even, Noticing Prophetical Events; rather, it has always been about Cementing A True Spiritual Relationship With Yahweh Himself!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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  1. victoria griffithsAugust 4, 2016 at 5:25 PM

    This may not be the most intelligent comment, but I totally believe that Lana Del Rey is a High Priestess of Satan and, in relation to what you say about Kennedy and Lana's own Illuminati/Masonic connections etc etc, her song or rap National Anthem now makes sense. She's mocking us. They're mocking us. The song is as close as we'll ever get to an out right confession! Thanks for everything.


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