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Like His disciples, many of us still want to know: " Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? "

Yahshua Loves His Children.
In the middle of Yahshua's Earthly Ministry, the disciples came, and asked Him a [ seemingly ] simple question: " Who Is Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? ". In fact, by now, we should all know this particular story - which is quite readily found in Mathew Chapter 18. But, do we ' Truly Understand ' this Timely Message, as He fully-intended that we should? Considering, what we've done to our own children, I personally don't think so! But, why don't you tell me?

In the meantime, however, let's just take a good hard look at these passages from The Scripture. After all, we should all be aspiring towards Personal Greatness; and this [ seemingly ] simple question is, indeed, quite relevant to all of us....
" Who Is Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? "

 In Mathew Chapter 18, We Read:
" At that time the disciples came to Yahshua, saying:
' Who Then Is Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? '
And Yahshua called a little child over to Him [ Hugged Him Quite Lovingly ], set him [ This Same Little Child ] in the midst of them [ His Own Subservient Disciples ], and then said:
' Assuredly [ You Can Count Upon This ], I say to you [ Who Have Asked Me This Question ]: unless you are converted [ Through The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit ] and become like this little child [ That I Am Now Holding ], you will by no means [ No Matter What Else You Do ] enter into The Kingdom Of Heaven [ At All, Ever ]. '
' Therefore [ Listen Up, Very Closely ], whoever humbles himself [ By Surrendering All Control Over To Your Father ], as this little child [ Who Is: Truly Loving, Totally Trusting, And Wholly Obedient ], is the greatest in The Kingdom Of Heaven [ That, Dear Children, Is What The Father Is Looking For ].
And whoever receives one little child like this [ Into Their Own Personal Care ], in My name [ Simply, Because You Love Me ] receives Me [ There Is Absolutely No Difference, In My Own Eyes ]. '
' But [ I Am Now Clearly Warning You ], whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me [ And Have Placed Their Own Trust In You ] to sin [ By Any Possible Means ], it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea [ For My Own Wrath, Shall Be Exceedingly Great ]. " - Mathew 18:1-6

Fathers, Remember Your Children....
If we don't actually: " Abort Them " - before they're even born; we'll start deceiving, and lying to them, almost immediately! We teach them about: Atheism, Ba'al Worship, and Paganism... we carelessly dump them upon: Unscrupulous Babysitters, Those Fallen Churches, and Masonically Controlled Schools... and, we then [ also ] provide them: Unwholesome Television Programming, Satanically Inspired Entertainment, and Virtually No Other Human Attention. Meanwhile, we go about the more important business of: Spending Their Inheritance, Bankrupting Their Nations, and Generating More Problems - for them to, invariably, deal with.

Let's, truthfully, ask ourselves: " Might These Things Actually Cause Them To Sin "? Undoubtedly.... So, what should we - honestly - be doing about it? Perhaps, we should be: " Standing In The Gaps ", " Repairing The Breaches ", and [ even ]: " Buttressing Its Walls " - as The Scriptures have earnestly pleaded with us to do? Interestingly enough, that's The Exact ' End Time Message ' clearly found in Malachi Chapter 4! Let's, read it for ourselves....

Malachi  Chapter 4, Says:
The Law Of Moses [ That You, So Very Long Ago, Forgot ], My servant [ You Do Remember Him, Don't You ], Which I [ The Mighty One ] commanded him in Horeb [ When You Were In The Desert ] for ALL ISRAEL [ Every Last One Of You ], With: The Statutes [ My Full Commandments ] and Judgments [ Their Clearly Spelled Out Practical Applications ].
Behold [ I'm Now, Clearly Telling You, In Advance ], I will send you Elijah The Prophet [ My Own Personal Servant ] Before the coming of The Great And Dreadful Day Of The Mighty One [ My Own Severe Judgments Upon The Earth's Nations ].
And He [ This Prophesied Messenger ] will turn The Hearts Of The Fathers to Their Children [ Reminding You Of This Spiritual Requirement ], And The Hearts Of The Children to Their Fathers [ The Fifth Actual Commandment ], Lest I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] come and strike the earth with a curse [ And, No One Should Survive What's Coming ]. - Malachi 4:4-6.
{ *** NOTE:  Let's face it folks, He knows: " The End, From The Very Beginning "... and, that's why He said: " Remember "... because, indeed, you have [ long ago ] completely forgotten it! *** }

You see, brothers and sisters ' The Eternal Covenant ' was made with: " ALL ISRAEL " - not just, The Jews. In fact, The House Of Judah is merely: " One Branch " - among many, upon this particular tree of Abraham! There are, actually, The Houses Of: Judah, Israel, Joseph, and [ even ] Those Wild Olive Branches - to all equally consider... and, indeed, The Wild Olive Branches themselves consist of Two Entirely Different Houses: In North America [ The First Wave - That Returns Onboard Ship With Israel Itself ] and The Rest Of The Earth [ The Second Wave - That Only Comes Later By Air ].

Meanwhile, contrary to The False Teachings Of Spiritual Babylon, we have always been required to: Truly Love, Totally Trust, and Wholly Obey - Yahweh Alone... no matter, what Those Fallen Churches have so foolishly told you. After all, their own purpose is to Fully Deceive You; and they've been doing a really good job at Actually Accomplishing It. The fact is, that Satan is acquiring ' His Own Army Of Rebellious Ones '; for The Time Of The Second Resurrection; and he's [ factually ] been utilizing: " Spiritual Babylon " - to do it!

The Scriptures Clearly State: 

You will honestly find that: " The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven " - will be found doing All Of These Necessary Things... " In Spirit And In Truth " - with: An Earnest Desire To Be Perfect Before Him, and Factually Performing Their Very Best For Him... while, The Rest Of Humanity is [ actually ] going ' The Exact Opposite Direction '!

Meanwhile, by this point, The Majority Of Us: " Won't Even Get In "! After all, isn't that ' What Yahshua Truthfully Said '? You, decide....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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