Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is The Truth about those: FEMA Deathcamps, Guillotines, and RFID Chips - that we've been hearing so much about?

FEMA Prisons, or Deathcamps?
While " The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " of Spiritual Babylon are saying: " Peace and Safety ", and preaching their own: " Gospels Of Greed ", and " Blatant Licentiousness "- I'm not anything like them. Why, you ask? Because, they are - flat out - lying to you! Take, for instance, those increasing rumors of: " FEMA Deathcamps ", " RFID Chips ", and " Governmental Guillotines " - that are now all over The Internet... and: " The Ongoing Preparations For Martial Law " - that most of us are now increasingly aware of - thanks, mainly, to CSPAN. Are these rumors, in fact, true... and, even more importantly, are they referenced somewhere within The Scriptures themselves?

As much as it pains me to say it, " Yes, these rumors are True; and are, indeed, quite scriptural! " In fact, those: FEMA Deathcamps, RFID Chips, and Governmental Guillotines - are fully intended for those who would stand in the way of their One World Government Agenda... and, that includes: All True Believers [ Both: Israelite and Jew ], All Militia Members [ Veterans, Or Otherwise ], All Constitutionalists [ Law Abiding, Or Not ], and Anyone Else Who'll Stand In Their Way [ Those Untermensch And Social Undesirables ]. These aren't just ' Conspiracy Theories '... they are ' Conspiracy Facts '!

The Prophet Isaiah, made the following statement:
" The Mighty One spoke thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people [ The Spiritually Ignorant And Unknowing Ones ], saying:
Do not say, ' A Conspiracy Theory, ' concerning all that this people [ The Deceived Ones ] call a conspiracy theory [ In Their Time Of Trouble ], Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled [ For They Shall Be Perishing Soon Enough ].
The Mighty One of Heaven, Him [ Yahweh ] you shall hallow [ Hold In Reverence ]; Let Him [ Yahweh ] be your fear [ When This Time Comes ], And let Him [ Yahweh ] be your dread [ When They So Foolishly Threaten You ].
He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will be as a sanctuary [ To Those Who Faithfully Trust In Him ], But a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense to both of The Houses Of Israel [ The Israelite Christians, And Kabbalist Jews ]. As a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And many among them shall stumble [ For, They Are Spiritually Blinded ]; They shall fall and be broken, Be snared and be taken [ And Caught Completely Unaware ]. " - Isaiah 8:11-15.

Nazi Concentration Camp - Dachau.
If Yahweh, Himself, told the prophet Isaiah that: " These End Time Conspiracies Are Factual " - then shouldn't we - who are now, factually, living within this darkest of times - begin paying attention to them? Or, should we then remain totally blinded [ by Spiritual Babylon ]; and just perish? It sure didn't work out very well for our own: Genetic and Spiritual Brothers - The Jews, living during World War II! Do you honestly believe, that we ' The Descendants Of Israel ' will fare any better [ within these, FEMA Deathcamps ], than they ' The Descendants Of Judah ' did [ within those, NAZI Deathcamps ]?

Oh yes, dear brothers and sisters, The Scriptures [ indeed ] prophesied those: " NAZI Deathcamps " - as well.... In fact, The Prophecy Of Jeremiah Chapter 16 thoroughly applies to All The Descendants Of Jacob - both: Christians and Jews. Those so-called: " FEMA Camps " - are merely the very next occurrence of its inevitable and prophetical fulfillment.

In Jeremiah Chapter 16, We Read:
" Behold [ Please Understand This ], I will send for Many Fishermen, says The Mighty One, and they shall fish them [ These Jewish And Israelite Zionists ]; and afterward [ Because, They Won't Be Spiritually Listening ] I will send for Many Hunters [ The NAZIS, And Their Other Latter Day Governments ], and they shall hunt them [ These Hard-Headed Children Of Jacob ] from every mountain [ In All Of The Earth's Great Cities ] and every hill [ The Smaller Towns Surrounding Them ], And out of the holes within the rocks [ And Wherever They Attempt To Hide Themselves ].
For My eyes are upon all of their ways [ I, Yahweh, Know Who They Are ]; they are not hidden from My face [ Though You Might Not Know Them ], nor is their iniquity [ Blatantly Disobedient Behavior ] hidden from My eyes [ In Fact, I See Everything That They Do ].
And first [ Before I, Finally, Regather Them ] I will repay them double for their iniquity [ Their Spiritual Disobedience ] and their sin [ Following After Spiritual Babylon ], because they have defiled My Land [ The Promised Land To All Of Israel ]; and they have filled My Inheritance [ The Entire Planet Earth ] with the carcasses [ The No-Longer Working Refuse ] of their detestable and abominable idols [ That Pre-Flood Technology ]. " - Jeremiah 16:16-18.

Spanking is necessary.
One of the greatest problems being continually faced by The Majority Of Believers, is that they cannot seem to understand that both: Love and Discipline - have always gone [ equally ] hand in hand! When your own child is behaving quite badly, do you just happily accept it... or, do you actually give them a swift whack - where it hurts? And what, honestly, makes us think that Yahweh: " Our Heavenly Father " - should, actually, be any different? Have you learned nothing over a lifetime of human experiences? You had better wake up!

While those: FEMA Deathcamps, Governmental Guillotines, and RFID Chips - are indeed very scary to think about... Who is it that has [ honestly ] sent them; and why did He [ The Mighty One ] have to do so? Because, few if any of His People are now listening! And, what has He told you... do you, even know? Of course not, your own ' Evil Shepherds ' won't, honestly, tell you... and absolutely none of you are reading The Scriptures for yourselves!

He, Yahweh, Said:
" Come Out Of Babylon [ Both: Political And Spiritual ], My People [ All Of You ], Lest You Share In Her Sins [ Their False Teachings Of Sun Worship And Idolatry ], And Lest You Receive Of Her Plagues [ That Which I, Already, Have Stored Up For Her ] -
For Her Sins [ Of Destroying My Physical And Spiritual Inheritance ] Have Reached Up To Heaven [ Through The Cries Of Undue Human Suffering ], And The Mighty One Has Remembered Her Iniquities [ Therefore, He Will Finally Destroy Her ]. " - Revelation 18:4-5.

If it's gonna take: FEMA Deathcamps, Guillotines, and RFID Chips - to finally wake you up... then, that's exactly what He will send to you. Why? Because, He has to... you have left Him no choice, as Your Own Spiritual Father... and, He is going to wake you up! After all, His Judgment Upon The Nations is [ now ] very rapidly approaching....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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